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Loan and Credit Bank – Best in test?

The margin bank is the bank that we have in many of our top lists and where their private loans and credit cards are most popular. On this page we simply present information that they themselves have stated on their website or some other place.

We may also link to occasions Loan and Credit Bank appears in the media for some reason. To read reviews, ratings, reviews and more, you will find further information about it further down this page.



Loan and Credit Bank has its roots going back to 1979 and today Loan and Credit Bank (owned by Loan and Credit AB) has about 350 employees and about 200,000 customers. In 2013 they showed a profit after tax of about 30 million and they have a total of 15 billion in assets.

They are covered by the deposit guarantee, which is a security for you who want to get a savings account with Loan and Credit Bank. In 2014, Private Business won the prize of this year’s salary account.

Basic requirements for borrowing money from Loan and Credit Bank

Basic requirements for borrowing money from Loan and Credit Bank

To borrow money from Loan and Credit Bank you must at least fulfill these basic requirements. There is no guarantee of borrowing money, but you must at least meet these requirements.

  • You must be at least 20 years old.
  • You must have an annual income of at least USD 200,000.
  • If you two are applying, you must have an annual income of at least USD 350,000 instead. That is, USD 50,000 less than if you applied individually.

They have a restart loan

They have a restart loan

A restart loan is a loan you take with your home as collateral for the loan. We will write more about this loan later, but you can of course read more already on Loan and Credit Bank’s website. The margin bank has many credit cards to choose from that have sharp insurance and scoring systems and are designed to suit all situations of life. Read more under Restart Loans.

This is a chapter for those who want an in-depth study of Loan and Credit Bank. We hope that about 90% find what they are looking for above the shortcut menu, but for those who do not, there is obviously a continuation. The comment area is open for any questions about Loan and Credit Bank.

We answer questions as quickly as we can and our visitors tend to be much quicker to comment too. We also address the most common questions further on this page and paste them there. You can say what you think about the Loan and Credit Bank guide here. Would you like to rate Loan and Credit Bank instead and do so under Loan and Credit Bank’s rating instead.