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Loan and Credit banks – List of the year 2018 you can find here! Important!

Advise banks? Which banks does E-Money cooperate with? So which banks do I get compared to when I submit an application with E-Money? Yes, which banks does E-Money cooperate with and compare for you? Do they have the same banks as Lendo and Good Finance? In this guide, we intend to continuously update which banks E-Money has partnered with.

As co-operatives often change our loan brokers, we look through the co-operation of loan brokers in Sweden each week and create lists that our visitors can take part in.

Which banks we think E-Money has partnered with


Then we update them as soon as we find out about any changes. Since most of the loan intermediaries do not sign with exactly which banks they are compared with because of agreements they have with the banks which means that they cannot say exactly all, it becomes difficult for us to constantly ensure that they are exactly the banks we lists that are the ones they collaborate with just that second.

But we do everything we can to keep ourselves updated on which banks it is anyway. Therefore, we have also created a list where we list the banks that they themselves go out with and then a list where we think we know the other banks.

About loan brokers E-Money

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E-Money is a loan broker where you can compare over 20 banks with just one application and with just one UC. You want as few UCs as possible as too many can make it harder for you to borrow money or lower interest rates.

So therefore you do not want to apply to more than 20 banks yourself, but can then take the help of a loan broker who looks at what interest rate and terms you get at over 20 banks and that with only one UC and one application.