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How to Take a Fast Credit Card Cash Advance in ACFA Cashflow

How to Take a Fast Credit Card Cash Advance in ACFA Cashflow

How to Take a Credit Card Cash Advance

Each credit business has its own guidelines for making a cash advance. The first step to take any advance, is to review the fine print in the credit card contract, but with ACFA Cashflow the requirements and application of cash advance is fast and easy.

Your contract for the card should state:

  • What is the maximum amount of cash advances that are permissible on the card.
  • What are the options to take a cash advance.
  • What costs, if any are applicable to cash advances.
  • Annual percentage rates that you’ll be charged for cash advances.
  • What is the rate of interest on balances of cash advances.

Chase For instance has a list of the cash advance APR as well as charges on the very first page of its cardmember agreement. It also provides guidelines on the manner in which cardholders can avail an advance , as well as how interest accrues on the subsequent pages.

Another step to take is to figure out how much money you can take out. It is usually possible to determine this by looking through your most recent statement or by accessing your account online. There, you will be able to choose the method you prefer to obtain a cash loan.

The majority of the card issuers who allow you to use an advance will give you three ways to get one using cash withdrawals at an ATM, or withdrawing cash from your account in the branch of your bank in person or by using the cash advance check convenience.

If you’re cashing out through an ATM you’ll need be able to set up a PIN to the credit card. It’s possible to establish one by calling the customer service number. If you’ve got a personal identification number you are able to go to an ATM where you can use your card in the same as you would with use a debit card. Then, search for the option to advance cash on the menu of your account. Select the amount you wish to withdraw up to the limits for cash advances. Be aware that the ATM could set a daily limit on the amount you are able to withdraw.

If you’re applying for an advance on you credit account at a branch of a bank you’ll need to present a photo ID as proof of your identity. It is also necessary to have the card with you. A teller will assist you in completing the advance as well as filling in the necessary paperwork.

Certain credit card companies regularly send convenience checks to customers for cash advances. You can write the check depending on the way you intend to utilize it. If you’re required to pay a medical bill that is unexpectedly due such as a medical bill you can write your check payable to the office of your doctor. You could also make it cashable then deposit it in your bank. It’s no different than writing a check, but instead of withdrawing funds from your checking account, you’re withdrawing it from your credit card account.

If you don’t have convenience checks they can be requested through the credit provider. Based on the card you have you can choose to make a request for convenience checks via the internet or by phone. This is, for instance, an option Discover provides to its card holders.

What Does a Credit Card Cash Advance Cost?

There are two expenses to be considered when taking the credit cash advance on a credit card the cash advance charge as well as the annual percentage rate.

“There are different terms, depending on the card you’re using,” says Jun Lee, customer retention manager at credit repair website ScoreShuttle. “Some come with high cash advance fees, which end up costing you more than a purchase or withdrawal would have with your debit card.”

A cash advance charge typically ranges from 2% to 8%, and can be charged a minimum of $5-10. If your cash advance charge is at 4%, you’ll be charged $40 for a $1000 advance.

In addition to the price to add on the cost, the ATM will also charge fees for transactions made in advance.

The most important aspect of this is the interest that you can get for a cash advance. The APR for cash advances generally higher than the typical purchase APR, however, interest charges could begin instantly.

“Most cash advances have no grace period, meaning your card company begins charging you interest the same day as the cash advance,” Christensen states.

It’s good to know that that your credit card balance generally thought of as being separate from the balance of your purchase. So the higher APR for cash advances and the immediate accrual of interest will only apply to cash advances.

Another thing to be aware of is how your payment will be made when you have cash advance balance and the balance of your purchase. When you pay the minimum amount it will be used towards the purchase balance first. Any amount you pay more than the minimum amount is added to the account with the highest interest rate.

The cash advance should be paid off in full as quickly as feasible is the most efficient option to avoid the cost of interest. If that’s not possible the cash advance can be expensive ways to pay for expenses.

Credit Card Cash Advance Alternatives

A cash advance with an credit card might be something you consider as a last resort if you require extra cash. Some alternative possibilities you might consider include:

  • Personal loan from a bank or an online lender.
  • Peer-to-peer loans.
  • 401(k) credit or early withdrawals of an account for retirement savings.
  • Lines of credit.
  • Credit lines for personal use. credit.
  • The borrowing of money from friends and family.

Similar to credit cash advances on cards each of these have advantages as well as disadvantages. For the 401(k) loan for instance the money you take out does not have the chance to increase in value for retirement. In addition, withdrawing money from an IRA could result in penalties for early withdrawal, in addition to regular tax.

If you are unable to take advantage of one of these cash advance options, there are alternatives. You could, for instance, get payday loans, cash advances or car title loan. However, they can be very costly as Christensen mentions. These kinds of loan “can carry annualized interest rates equivalent to 50% to 400%,” Christensen declares. A cash advance could be a better option in such a situation.

Investigating every loan option will help you determine if an advance in cash makes the most sense. If you choose to apply for an advance, look over your budget and devise a an action plan to pay the loan off as fast as you can in order to cut down the amount of interest that is paid.

Don’t ignore this SMS, urge local authorities


Hundreds, if not thousands, of Nanjingers have received a text message in recent days alerting them that their travels may have crossed paths with a positive COVID case. Municipal authorities are keen to get the message across; these messages are not spam.

With the number of local COVID cases rising again like in many regions, vigilance is back on the agenda. More tests, more mask-wearing and now, more messages.

The text message in question is specifically for the period of November 15-20 and (theoretically) will only be sent to those who have been near two key areas of Nanjing.

First, they are those who used subway line 3, and specifically to or from Liuzhou Dong Lu subway station in Jiangbei New Area. The other is downtown; the Panda Valley Financial Technology Center (熊猫万谷金融科技中心) near the junction of Zhongshan Dong Lu and Longpan Lu.

To paraphrase the message in Chinese only, its contents indicate that according to big data analysis, the recipient may have had direct or indirect contact with someone infected with COVID. The recipient must perform a series of five COVID tests beginning immediately and on the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th days thereafter. The recipient must also wear a mask and avoid taking public transport.

For readers of The Nanjinger who received such a message and actually went to one of the above-mentioned two places within the given time, the advice from our city’s epidemic prevention and control headquarters is as follows.

Try to avoid going out, do not participate in gathering activities. If going out is absolutely necessary, wear a mask and socially distance more than one meter, reduce conversations and perform timely hand sanitization.

For anyone who develops a fever, sore throat, dry cough and other symptoms, they should go to the nearest fever clinic and avoid taking public transport along the way.

For those who weren’t in either locale during the specified time period, but still received the message, don’t panic and remember that errors do happen. Even China’s anti-COVID efforts aren’t foolproof.

Therefore, the instructions contained therein can probably be safely ignored, except in the event that the health code subsequently turns yellow.

For non-Chinese readers, the message is easy to spot. Just search for “1、2、3、5、7”, while the full content of the message can be viewed in this article by Nanjing Daily.

But things are changing rapidly in the world of Dynamic-Zero-Covid China. Now, with most of Nanjing’s population once again undergoing COVID tests every day, the question of instructions in the SMS is really becoming rather moot.

After I-95 Collapses, Virginia Agencies Brace for Winter



Virginia agencies say they are preparing for the winter season armed with lessons learned from a snowstorm in January that wreaked havoc across the state and paralyzed 48 miles of Interstate 95 south of the capital. national.

New tools and strategies are being put in place, transportation and emergency officials said, in an effort to avert the missteps that occurred during the Jan. 3 storm that stranded hundreds overnight without food, water or gas. Plans include altering the staging of snow removal and towing crews, new police drones to assess conditions from the air, and improved communications with the public, including a new text messaging system.

The debacle along the East Coast’s busiest highway has raised questions about the state’s disaster preparedness while prompting two investigations and calls for changes to emergency protocols. It was one of the region’s worst travel slumps since a 2011 snowstorm created a prolonged traffic jam around Washington during the evening rush.

The three main agencies that respond to weather-related emergencies on state roads – the Virginia Department of Transportation, the Virginia State Police and the Virginia Emergency Management Department – said they have stepped up training and revised policies while working on corrective actions issued by the Inspector General of Virginia in the aftermath.

“VDOT is committed to continually improving our practices to achieve our mission during snowstorms – to keep travelers and workers safe,” said VDOT spokesperson Marshall Herman.

How the East Coast’s Busiest Freeway Turned Out: 36 Hours of Confusion and Misery on I-95

As heavy rain fell in the early hours of January 3, tractor-trailers jackknifed on hilly sections, snow removal crews were overwhelmed and motorists were left trapped without help. Road traffic cameras blacked out and overhead signs did not clearly instruct drivers to avoid the freeway ahead, even though it became impassable. It wasn’t until early the next morning that Virginia leaders officially closed the road.

State officials blamed the incident on harsh conditions from a storm that hit much of the state with more snow than expected. Traffic camera outages and erratic cellphone service prevented responders from assessing road conditions that quickly turned treacherous amid heavy commercial traffic and travelers moving down the hall after the weekend of the New Year.

“Sometimes you can have all the plans in the world, but Mother Nature will throw you a curveball. And in this case, it was just the worst possible situation,” said Sen. David W. Marsden (D-Fairfax), who chairs the Senate Transportation Committee. “It was a lesson to learn.”

After those freezing 36 hours in January, Virginia was quicker to declare a state of emergency ahead of the storms, resulting in a quicker response to resource deployment. State transportation officials said the approach also helps streamline communications between transportation, police and emergency management agencies responsible for storm response.

Plans this winter call for more “clear and actionable” messaging to the public, and where warranted, Herman said, “more aggressive messaging encouraging motorists to avoid travel.”

Audit: Virginia Didn’t Use Lessons From Previous Blizzard To Avoid I-95 Collapse

An August report from the state inspector general’s office criticized VDOT’s communications with the public as ineffective, noting that the messages did not clearly state the need to avoid traveling on the I- 95 or, in some cases, provided inaccurate information.

The IG report issued 18 corrective actions to state agencies, intended to improve response protocols that could alleviate problems in future storms. VDOT, VDEM and state police officials said they are working to finalize the recommendations, some of which have a year-end deadline.

“We have always and will continue to promote emergency preparedness messages for all hazards, including snow events,” said Lauren Opett, spokesperson for VDEM, which is responsible for providing resources to localities and to state agencies during and after an emergency.

Opett said the agency was working to complete “a comprehensive assessment of our plans, policies and procedures.” She declined to provide further details, citing work underway to implement the inspector general’s corrective actions.

6 Reasons Conditions on I-95 Worse in the Jan. 3 Snowstorm

Driver advocates say it’s also important for residents to be prepared for such scenarios in winter weather. When traveling by road, experts recommend drivers stay aware of the weather throughout the route and be flexible about taking a detour or waiting out storms.

Experts also recommend that drivers keep an emergency kit available in all seasons, which can be useful if traffic is stuck after a serious collision. According to the AAA, 40% of American drivers do not have an emergency kit in their vehicle.

In winter, an emergency kit should include first aid supplies, drinking water, snacks, a flashlight with extra batteries, jumper cables, warm gloves, clothing, hats and blankets. Gas tanks should not fall below a quarter full and a cell phone and charger should be accessible.

“It’s important to be prepared,” said AAA Mid-Atlantic spokeswoman Ragina Ali. “I hope incidents like this have caused people to carry an emergency kit in their vehicle. Unfortunately, these are painful reminders of the importance of having one with you.

Ali said travelers should follow the social media accounts or websites of the state transportation departments where they are traveling. In turn, she said agencies should “do their best to advise motorists of what is expected regarding the weather…and also advise motorists to stay off the roads,” if necessary.

VDOT said it is conducting a “multipronged review” of its state, district and local messaging systems, while employees have received readiness training that focuses on improving the messaging. The state’s 511 system, a key source of traffic information that remained relatively quiet during the January storm, is receiving an upgrade that is expected to be completed next year, Herman said.

The state also purchased a new system to allow two-way communication between drivers and VDOT crews in the event of an emergency. A new service to be launched in December will allow commercial vehicles to issue in-cab safety alerts during weather events. The state has also partnered with Waze to provide emergency updates, officials said.

New from VDOT districts have also identified additional locations to stage tow trucks and snowplows, particularly where work zones affect movement in the region.

Virginia agencies failed to see full extent of I-95 collapse, report says

VDOT also plans to have more staff available to drive routes and report conditions, prioritizing areas where traffic cameras become unavailable. On the recommendation of the Inspector General, the VDOT is also investigating the use of backup power for road cameras, although these plans are in their infancy.

Virginia State Police said they have acquired several camera-equipped drones that can be used to assess traffic incidents and identify traffic choke points and diversion routes, especially in locations where cameras VDOT are not available.

The VDOT said each of its districts will set up its own “district command” during major weather events, putting local leaders in a position to better report to the agency’s central office. in Richmond.

State police are reviewing emergency response policies and procedures to ensure they comply with recommendations from two storm investigations. Spokeswoman Corinne Geller said the agency also changed its communications policy so that its superintendent’s office is kept informed of critical incidents and “significant unusual events.”

The three agencies continue to work on a plan to manage long-term closures and assist stranded motorists, officials said, with guidelines to coordinate wellness checks and, if necessary, message motorists via a SMS software already in use in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. More immediately, police began tagging agencies in neighboring states when posting information about conditions on social media.

Marsden said he was confident that state agencies and leaders in Virginia would be prepared for severe storms and that they had learned from January’s problems along I-95.

“What you’re probably going to see from the administration this winter is hyper-vigilance,” he said. “We learned from it. I think we will do better.

After coach’s postgame DUI charge, NFL must send a strong message


The NFL should not have sent the memo reminding its 32 teams of its alcohol restriction on team properties and flights.

On November 1, former Chiefs assistant coach Britt Reid, the son of Andy Reid, was sentenced to three years in prison for seriously injuring a young girl while driving drunk 21 years ago. month. Reid, 37, was driving home from work and was intoxicated when he rammed his car into a vehicle parked on the shoulder of a Kansas City-area freeway. So the dangers of drunk driving should have been fresh on the minds of most members of the NFL community, right?

Apparently not fresh enough, as two incidents in the same week prompted a league response.

First, a social media post has surfaced showing Washington Commanders quarterback Taylor Heinicke drinking a beer on the team’s plane while celebrating his team’s Monday night victory over Philadelphia. .

Then, early Friday morning, Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Todd Downing was arrested and charged with driving under the influence and speeding just minutes after his team’s return flight landed from Green Bay after the Tennessee victory over the Packers.

Perhaps Heinicke’s social media post only reflected poor judgment and immaturity; a break from the “act as if you’ve been there before” code. But the league condemns such behavior because it itself can lead to Downing’s transgression, which is much more serious. The coach was lucky to have been arrested before he killed someone.


Titans OC Todd Downing arrested, charged with DUI, speeding

So, why could occurred, the NFL reminded the teams of the policy.

The statement released by the league said:

“In light of recent events, clubs are reminded that league policy prohibits alcoholic beverages, including beer, in dressing rooms, training or office facilities, or when traveling on buses or team aircraft at any time during the pre-season, regular season or playoffs. This applies to all players, coaches, club staff and guests traveling with your team. This policy has been in place since many years. The provision of alcohol on club facilities or while traveling creates significant and unnecessary risks to the league, its players, coaches and others. Violations of this important policy will be taken seriously and will result in important discipline.

“Each club must ensure that its travel arrangements do not at any time include the provision of alcohol service and must also take appropriate steps to confirm that alcohol (whether beer or any other alcoholic beverage) is not available in his establishment. Please direct any further questions on this matter to the Football Operations Management Board.

Downing, 42, was driving a vehicle in a dangerous manner and could have experienced a repeat of the Britt Reid situation, or worse.

Titans coach Mike Vrabel spoke to reporters on Friday and declined to go into specifics due to ongoing legal proceedings, but said: “We all have a great responsibility as members of this community, as coaches and players in this organization, as fathers and husbands and teammates to make good decisions, and we understand that.

It’s unclear what kind of discipline Downing — one of Vrabel’s top assistants and someone previously seen by some in the league as a future head coaching candidate — might receive from the Titans and the NFL.

But it is important that league and Titans officials send a strong message because although Downing erred and has no known similar offences, he is in a position of authority and influence as a coach, who should set a good example for his players. and members of the Nashville community.

The league also needs to send a strong message because, for some reason, drunk driving remains a problem in the NFL, just like in America, where more than 10,000 people are killed each year by drunk drivers, according to the National. Highway Traffic. Administration of security.

A year ago, Raiders catcher Henry Ruggs, allegedly while driving under the influence and driving at 150 mph, struck and killed fellow motorist, 23-year-old Las Vegas resident Tina Tintor. Tintor and his dog were burned to death following the crash, which took place at 3.39am on November 2, 2021.

At least four NFL players over the past 25 years have been involved in drunk driving incidents that have killed others. Meanwhile, others, including figures in positions of power like Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay and Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim, have each pleaded guilty to driving under the influence over the course of of the past eight years. NFL punishments have varied in severity.

Ruggs, who faces up to 20 years in prison, was cut by the Raiders, but the league has yet to issue an additional sentence pending court proceedings.

In 2014, the NFL suspended Cowboys defensive lineman Josh Brent for 10 games after he lost control of his car while driving with a blood alcohol level over twice the Texas legal limit and killed his passenger. and teammate Jerry Brown.

Browns wide receiver Donte Stallworth was suspended the entire 2009 season for pleading guilty to impaired manslaughter. Before him, former Rams defensive end Leonard Little in 1998 served an eight-game suspension after hitting and killing a woman.

Penalties also varied for those found guilty of impaired driving that did not result in death. There were repeat offenders like Aldon Smith and Michael Floyd, who also received several redemption shots. And we’ve seen non-gamers get leniency after DUIs. Irsay, expected to be held at the highest level, served a six-game suspension and paid a $500,000 fine. Keim, who should also have been held high, served a five-week suspension, paid a $200,000 fine and kept his job.

It’s still unclear what type of punishment Downing could receive, but under NFL drug policy, discipline for players guilty of a first-time DUI offense, absent aggravating circumstances, is a three-day suspension. games without pay. A second offense results in an eight-game ban. Those guidelines apply to players, but Downing might consider a punishment more like Keim’s. The when also remains unknown. The NFL generally awaits the completion of the legal process. But should the Titans act quickly or wait for a decision from the NFL?

Downing could very well have hurt his job prospects as a head coach in the near future, and with good reason. You can’t lead effectively with such poor judgment. But not only should Downing have known better, his decision was also totally unnecessary because all NFL teams offer free chauffeur service at all hours of the day for any player or coach who has been drinking.

Now the Titans, instead of being able to focus on building momentum after Thursday night’s win over Green Bay, will likely have to scramble for a temporary contingency plan at the offensive coordinator. This could threaten their chances of winning games. But because Downing chose to put himself in front of the team and anyone sharing the road with him on Friday morning, he and the Titans will rightly face the repercussions.

The coach should consider himself lucky that he did not seriously injure or kill someone else. And he will likely have to work hard to regain confidence while helping his players learn from their mistakes.

Hopefully Downing’s arrest serves as a wake-up call for all NFL players, coaches and fans, and the league’s memo helps save employees and fans from future alcohol-related transgressions. But history suggests he may soon fade into a distant memory.

The NFL must do what it can to prevent this, however. League officials like to see its organizations and teams as leaders in their communities. Now here’s another chance for the league to do the right thing by handling the Downing situation in a way that sends a clear message against drunk driving while hopefully helping save its employees. and its fans of similar life-threatening errors.

(Photo by Todd Downing: Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

Overwatch 2’s Controversial SMS Protection System Finally Supports Prepaid Phone Numbers


Blizzard has rolled out a new Monitor 2 patch that includes balance changes for several heroes, a Mei bug fix that allows her to return to the game, and much more.

One of the biggest updates, and one that isn’t mentioned in the patch notes, is to the SMS Protect system, a controversial aspect of Blizzard’s plan to prevent banned cheaters and toxic players from return to free play. Starting today, players who have not purchased Monitoring 1 will be able to use a prepaid mobile phone to access Monitor 2.

“Starting today, Blizzard is expanding global access to SMS Protect to prepaid phones, welcoming more players to Overwatch 2, and continuing its commitment to combating disruptive behavior and protecting the integrity of the user experience. players,” a Blizzard spokesperson said. “This update may take several hours to fully roll out.”

Snow storm provided more details in a forum post. Not all prepaid phone services will be supported, although Blizzard expects most to be. “While we expect most prepaid service plans to be eligible now, mobile carriers sometimes define their plans differently,” wrote community manager Andy Belford. VOIP, Wi-Fi, text, and Internet phone services are still not supported, and each phone number can only be registered to one Battle.net account.

MORE FORBES‘Overwatch 2’ Drops SMS-Protected Phone Number Requirement for Most ‘Overwatch 1’ Players

This is the latest development in a major shift from the original stance of requiring all players to connect a post-paid mobile number to their Battle.net account. Snow storm quickly dropped this requirement for most people who came from Monitoring 1 — veteran players do not need to connect a phone to their account. However, the system still prevented many potential new players from checking out. Monitor 2.

Blizzard has other ways to detect cheaters and toxic players, as well as measures designed to protect the game and decent players from these jerks (though you may still encounter some jerks on occasion). There’s a new system, for example, that allows Blizzard to review voice chat transcripts after a player has been reported. Allowing new accounts to register a prepaid phone won’t necessarily open the floodgates to more toxicity, although smurfing might be more problematic. In any case, as Belford noted, “since the introduction of Defense Matrix, our new initiative to stop disruptive actors in Overwatch 2, we’ve successfully taken action on thousands of accounts that we believe violate Blizzard’s in-game code of conduct.

Ultimately, one of Overwatch’s core principles is inclusiveness. Lowering the barrier to entry for new players, especially those without access to a post-paid phone, is a positive measure for accessibility after many people have been left behind. Hopefully this will fix the issue that Cricket Wireless and Metro by T-Mobile users are having when linking their phones. Additionally, it could help Blizzard increase those an already impressive number of players.

MORE FORBES‘Overwatch 2’ hit 35 million players in its first month

For more news and updates on Monitor 2 and other games, follow my Forbes blog! You will receive a weekly digest email that includes everything I post. You would do me good too – it’s a great way to support me and my work at no cost.

If you have questions about Monitor 2 or any other topic I write about, follow me on twitter and ask me there.

In an effort to educate, Tulane sends fake phishing emails • The Tulane Hullabaloo

Fraudulent emails are a growing threat to Tulane’s cybersecurity. (Courtesy of Tulane University)

Tulane University’s Office of Information Security recently introduced new measures to thwart phishing, including a fake scam attempt designed to educate students.

Robert Tompkins, senior cybersecurity engineer at the Office of Information Security, said phishing is any attempt to maliciously trick a user into logging into a certain website, clicking a link or downloading a part. attached – and it’s becoming a growing security threat to Tulane.

In an interview, Tompkins said phishing has become the primary way online attackers gain access to personal information.

Recently, Tulane’s Information Security Office used a Microsoft-based service to send a fake phishing scam to college students.

“The intent was just to show how easy it is for an attacker to try to trick you into clicking on a link,” said information security officer Jeremy Pelegrin.

The email encouraged students to click on a link to change their school passwords, but its sender was “tulane.com” – a giveaway to its illegitimacy.

The exercise also aimed to encourage students to use SLAM – an acronym used by the Office of Information Security – to help students and staff recognize phishing by reviewing the sender, links, attachments and messages of an email or a message. The office urges caution regarding all messages with unknown senders, unusual grammar or spelling, or strange requests.

Phishing doesn’t just happen through email – it shows up in text messages or messaging systems like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Tulane students or staff who believe they have received a phishing email can forward the message to [email protected] to help you determine its validity. Microsoft Outlook also offers options to report an email for phishing.

Pelegrins and Thompkins said anyone who thinks they’ve fallen for a phishing scam should immediately reset all Tulane-related passwords as well as other passwords, including bank and social media accounts. .

The Office of Information Security has also deployed a multi-factor authentication service to combat phishing attempts.

“Who is the sender? Is there a link? Does the link or attachment look funny and what about the messages? said Tompkins. “These are a bit like gifts with malicious intent.”

What is the difference between a watch, a warning and a winter storm advisory?


MINNEAPOLIS – It’s almost poetic that Winter Weather Awareness Week started with snowy drives.

The National Weather Service has issued alerts to help us prepare. But what is the difference between a watch, a warning and a winter storm advisory? And how does WCCO ensure that you know this message quickly?

It was a bad awakening Monday morning. The first measurable snowfall of the season was also measured by its dangerous timing, with the Minnesota State Patrol reporting nearly 700 crashes and traffic jams that day.

The constant snow at a time when thousands of people were hitting the road led to a specific alert from the National Weather Service: Winter Weather Advisory.

Between watches, warnings and advisories, which alert occurs first? WCCO spoke with Caleb Grunzke, an NWS Twin Cities meteorologist.

“Watches come first,” said Caleb Grunzke.

Weather events like what happened on Monday could lead to a winter storm watch in the days before. This means that in the next 48 hours, dangerous winter weather conditions are possible, as are travel problems.

When the system gets closer, about a day, it may change to a winter storm warning or a winter weather advisory.



“The difference between a winter weather advisory and a winter storm warning is basically how much snow or sleet is expected,” Grunzke said.

Winter storm warnings are of greatest concern. That means treacherous weather with at least a half foot of snow coming in, often in a short amount of time. There could be 6 inches of snow in 12 hours or 8 inches of snow in 24 hours, and the roads will be of particular concern.

“Probably don’t travel or do anything outside if you can help it because the conditions are going to be dangerous,” Grunzke said.

A winter weather advisory will result in less precipitation than a warning, but travel will likely still be difficult.

What are some other key warnings people need to be aware of this winter?

“Wind chill warning, definitely,” he said.

Strong winds accompanied by freezing cold intensify in January. A wind chill warning means dangerous cold, strong winds are occurring.

Those same gusts could potentially cause blizzard warnings, which is when visibility drops below a quarter mile for several hours due to blowing snow.

Before an alert comes from the NWS, WCCO’s NEXT Weather team often issues its own alerts.

“It’s been kind of fun now, when the National Weather Service issues advisories or watches or warnings, a lot of our viewers are like, ‘Yeah, we know,'” WCCO Chief Meteorologist Chris Shaffer said.

WCCO’s NEXT Weather Alert System promises that you’ll be notified of significant weather changes as soon as we learn about them.

“And then as it happens, we alert you to what we’ve already alerted you to,” Shaffer said.

These NEXT weather alerts will be shared live, online and at your fingertips via the WCCO weather app.

Shakhtar Donetsk judge who died fighting for Ukraine


“Away from Home” is a six-part podcast series that follows the tragedy and triumph of Shakhtar Donetsk’s Champions League odyssey as Russia wages war in Ukraine.

You can listen to the series for free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Listen to the series here and subscribe to the stream so as not to miss an episode when it drops. Episodes 1-3 of the series were released last week and Episodes 4-6 are now live. The interview below is a written excerpt from an interview featured in the series.

As a little boy, Vitaliy Sapylo lived a life of simple innocence. In the words of his mother, Maryana, he was a “joyful child”.

Vitaliy spent time with his friends, he loved his football, and father-son bonding trips took the family to local lakes, where they went fishing together. “This time it was sacred,” smiles Maryana.

Speaking from her family home, located just outside the city of Lviv in the far west of Ukraine, Maryana takes refuge in nostalgia for her son’s childhood. But while Vitaliy will always be her baby boy, Maryana chose to do this interview because she wants the world to know Vitaliy the man, Vitaliy the soldier, Vitaliy the hero of Ukraine.

Vitaliy started playing football at the age of nine and he had a knack for it – he stood out as a young teenager in a local sports-oriented school team. He performed well enough to catch the eye of young scouts at Ukrainian football club Shakhtar Donetsk, the eastern-based side that have won 12 of the last 16 Ukrainian top-flight titles. At Shakhtar, he made a strong impression playing as a central defender. He was noted to be quick, strong in the tackle and dominant in the air, although not the tallest. But the competition was high.

Vitaliy, in the foreground of this photo holding a bottle of Coca-Cola, was the captain of his youth team

“He was a little deflated,” his mother says of her son’s experience. “But later, when about six months passed, he was invited to FC Lviv.”

As a teenager, his mother foresaw a future for Vitaliy in football. He planned to attend a specific sports school when he turned 16, with the paperwork about to be formalized.

But about five years ago, the direction of his life changed in a fatal way.

“One day he came home and said, ‘I want to join the army. We tried to discourage him. I said, ‘How can you change your mind so strongly?’ He said, ‘No, now is the time for me to go, to serve.’ He chose this path for himself.

Vitaliy, like so many others across Ukraine, had sensed the growing threat to his country’s freedom and security after Russian forces annexed Crimea and made inroads into the Donbass region in 2014.

Almost immediately after signing up for military training, Vitaliy made his ambitions clear. He told his parents he wanted to command a tank. Maryana sends photos of her son in military uniform. His boyish features are immediately striking, a baby face living the most adult life.

Vitaliy, left, with his mother Maryana and younger brother Yuri

In 2021, as intelligence services warned of Russian intentions, the training of Ukrainian troops intensified. Maryana explains how, from August, he spent time at military training schools in the northwest of the country in Rivne. At the age of 21, Maryana says her son served as a commander in her unit.

“He said to me, ‘Mom, they’re preparing us, because right now it’s a difficult time’.”

At the turn of 2022, Vitaliy returned home for a week during the winter break. “After that,” Maryana said, “He wasn’t released.”

She would never see her son again in person.

At 4:30 a.m. on February 24, Maryana woke up with a start. His phone started ringing, as messages arrived from friends in Kyiv. Russian President Vladimir Putin had launched his “special operation”, which meant a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

As Maryana scrolled through her phone, she saw a text message from Vitaliy, which landed shortly before midnight after she had fallen asleep.

“He was like, ‘Mom, I really love you,'” she recalled. And then another one came, who said, “Together with my younger brother, I will talk to him too, so that he will always be polite and listen to you.”

During a Zoom call, Maryana is visibly distressed. She sobs while reading the text messages. But she insists she wants to continue.

“At first, I didn’t understand why he was writing this to me. But our friends started sending us messages telling us that in Kyiv there were explosions. So I understood that some kind of situation was happening with us, which was not supposed to happen.

“At 11 a.m. the next morning, he made contact. He said, ‘Mom, don’t worry, we’re fine. We hold the defense, we are left in Rivne, we will start from the Belarusian border (rather than from Kyiv)”. As a result, it became a bit easier for me (mentally), because we realized that maybe it wasn’t as critical there, from that position.

But as Ukraine fought for its existence, more support was needed in Kyiv.

“The next evening, at 7 p.m., he got back in touch and said, ‘Mom, don’t worry, but we’re an hour away from Kyiv.’ I wondered how and why. He said, ‘With tanks we are going. In Kyiv there are problems and all our units have been diverted to Kyiv. At 7 p.m. I still had contact with him, the 24th.”

This was warfare in the modern age, where military loved ones can, in some ways, keep a constant eye on the well-being of their loved ones. They check messaging services, they see when their child, partner or sibling last went online or posted on social media. On some occasions, this triggers relief. At other times, it should only bring fear and paranoia. Vitaliy, proud of his role in repelling the Russians, provided an update.

Maryana continues: “On February 25, around 10 am, he managed to call me and he seemed so happy. He said, ‘Mom, you can’t imagine. We fought off a group of tanks coming right at us, in groups, but we took care of them. We crushed them all. They (the Russians) destroyed a village here and destroyed houses. It was a calamity, but we faced it. It’s fine, don’t worry.

He told his mother that in the evening they would return to the Rivne base, as their tanks needed repairs. He said he would call back in the evening, to confirm his safe return.

Maryana stops, dabbing her eyes. “But he wasn’t getting in touch at the time. At first I didn’t understand why.

She waited by the phone, a call, a message, anything to tell her that her little boy was still alive.

“On the morning of the 26th, around 7 am – we can’t sleep, because Vitaliy doesn’t communicate – I called one of the mechanics (in Rivne) on the phone. The guy picked up the phone and remained silent. He was also injured, he had a concussion, he couldn’t hear me well. He said to me, “I don’t know how to tell you, but our vitality is gone.”

The phone line is silent. Maryana, her husband and her youngest son started crying.

By the end of August alone, the Ukrainian armed forces had confirmed that almost 9,000 servicemen had been lost in the war effort. Those deprived of loved ones try to accept these losses with stoic patriotism, acknowledging the larger cause. In Vitaliy’s case, the country’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, later bestowed on him the title “Hero of Ukraine.” But even a national hero remains a mother’s son, a 21-year-old who had so much to give, so much to live.

Maryana then received a full account of her son’s death. On the return trip to the Rivne military base, Vitaliy’s unit traveled in two separate tanks and they were hit by an air attack nearby. Two of the six people traveling died.

Maryana searches for the right words. “I’m sorry, it’s a bit difficult for me,” she said. “We work, we try to live. Thank God I have work to do, which is a bit distracting. But, at the moment, we face great difficulties.

His footballing roots in Ukraine mean the Ukrainian equivalent of the Association of Professional Footballers (a footballers’ union) has helped the family, while FIFPro, the global union for professional footballers, has sent condolences.

Maryana has, at least, found her child.

“Our child has been returned to us. Their section commander contacted us. He found the keys, the phone of (Vitaliy) and as such the child was handed over to us and brought home. We buried him with dignity. There were threads, they say, where there was nothing left (of their bodies) to bury. Ours was at least whole.

Vitaliy, left, was killed by an airstrike while traveling in a tank

For Maryana, the pain does not subside. Neither does resentment towards Putin’s forces.

“For them, justice simply does not exist,” she says sternly. “Let us just be in our homes and not bother each other – just let us live our lives. What punishment for them? I think God will punish them. As long as we can, we will continue to hold on — we will hold out until the end, because how many of these children are dead, how many people? All this should not be wasted.

KFC’s apology for sending promotional message to Germans provides 7 crisis management lessons


KFC’s apology for a message it sent to German consumers provides business leaders with timely lessons on best practices for preventing, managing and communicating about a crisis.

The fried chicken company sent out a promotional message to customers in Germany last Wednesday, noting that “It’s Kristallnacht Remembrance Day! Treat yourself with softer cheese on your crispy chicken. Now at KFCeese!”

Kristallnacht is widely regarded as the beginning of the Holocaust, the BBC Explain.

KFC said it “sincerely” apologized for the “unexpected, insensitive and unacceptable message” BBC reported.

“Reaction to KFC’s error” came quickly, according to dispatches.

Daniel Sugarman, director of public affairs for the Board of Deputies of British Jews, tweeted that the promotion was “absolutely hideous”. Arsen Ostrovsky, head of the pro-Israel legal group International Legal Forum, said he was “completely speechless and repulsed.”

About Kristallnacht

“The series of Nazi-led attacks in the country in 1938 left over 90 dead and destroyed Jewish-owned businesses and places of worship,” according to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website.

“The Nazis came to call the event Kristallnacht (“Crystal Night” or “The Night of Broken Glass”), in reference to the thousands of broken windows that littered the streets [afterward]but the understatement does not convey the full brutality of the event,” the museum noted.

Crisis Management Best Practices

How and when KFC responded to the airing of its promotional message provides several lessons for business leaders.

act quickly

About an hour after the first message was sent, the company sent an apology, which assuaged the mistakenly sent communication about “an error in our system,” according to The Guardian.

The company said communications from their app have been suspended while a review of communications takes place, the BBC reported

Explain what happened

On November 9, an automated push notification was accidentally sent to KFC app users in Germany…,” a KFC spokesperson said in a statement picked up by multiple news outlets.

“We use a semi-automated content creation process tied to calendars that include national celebrations. In this case, our internal review process was not properly followed, resulting in an unapproved notification being shared,” the spokesperson explained.

Make sure the crisis does not repeat itself

“We are very sorry,” KFC said, noting that “we will check our internal processes immediately so this does not happen again. Please excuse this error.” The Guardian reported.

“We have suspended communications from the app while we review our current process to ensure that such an issue does not occur again,” according to the company’s statement.

Be sincere

“We understand and respect the gravity and history of this day and remain committed to fairness, inclusion and belonging for all,” KFC said.

“There’s a lot to be said for the value of a heartfelt and heartfelt apology, but KFC’s response was not an example [of] that,” said Irina Tsukerman, president of Scarab Rising, a crisis communications company, via email.

“On the contrary, it was an obvious effort to avoid accountability by blaming the tone-deaf and offensive messages bordering on an unspecified ‘error in their system’, which nevertheless clearly required human intervention due to the specificity of the occasion,” she said. observed.

“It is unlikely that KFC globally will suffer serious consequences, such as boycotts, from such an incident. But even if the problematic communication is unintentional, it leaves (excuse the pun) a bad taste in the mouth and denotes a nonchalant approach to communication in [general]which poorly reflects the corporate culture as a whole.

Take care of your communications and your audience

“What business management at KFC and elsewhere should take away from this incident is that the best way to avoid even accidentally offensive messages is to be mindful of communications in general and your audience,” Tsukerman advised. .

“When you think deeply about what your target market cares about, you’ll be inspired to deliver well-thought-out, clear messaging that connects and works without having to worry about getting your foot in your mouth opportunistically jumping at every opportunity to push your product or service.

“In the end, genuine mistakes can be forgiven, but opportunistic insensitivity will sooner or later become a pattern and damage the reputation of the company,” she concluded.

Use social media

“The company should also have posted a video of a senior channel executive apologizing across all social media platforms. Walk out on the issue, but tackle it head-on,” said Greg Linnelli, a publicist at Otter Public Relations, by e-mail.

Don’t return the ball

“Point the finger internally and say steps have been taken to ensure this never happens again. Don’t blame a “system error”. Errors occur. Own. Show compassion and remorse in apologies and most people will forgive,” Linnelli advised.

“This was an unforgivable sin committed by Kentucky Fried Chicken in Germany. Blaming a ‘semi-automated calendar-related content creation process’ wrongly absolves management,” Robert Wynne, owner of Wynne Communications and Wynne Events, said per E-mail.

“Knowing Germany’s history and the horrors of the Holocaust, everyone at KFC should have known that not all historical memorabilia would be appropriate to promote fried chicken sales.

“The other tragedy is that with anti-Semitism on the rise in Europe and globally, this flawed promotion could inadvertently increase sales. Senior management needs to do more than apologize; they need to step down,” a- he recommended.

Don’t abuse history

Diane Saltzman, director of survivor affairs at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, said in a statement to the Washington Job “Today, recent incidents misusing Holocaust history have increased in frequency and intensity.

“Holocaust survivors, and anyone – especially in Germany – concerned about historical truth, should never have to see such a blatant attempt to minimize and capitalize on their pain. We hope people will remember, learn and study this story, and refrain from misusing it.

Instagram does not send SMS codes? 7 ways to solve problems

  • If you’re having trouble receiving an SMS code from Instagram, you may need to try another form of two-factor authentication.
  • You also need to make sure your phone is not in Do Not Disturb mode and Instagram service is not offline.
  • Here are seven of the best ways to troubleshoot Instagram when it’s not sending SMS codes.

In an arms race to stay ahead of hackers and cybercriminals, instagram uses a variety of tools to guarantee your identity and ensure that only authorized users have access to their accounts. One of these tools is to send a code by SMS in the form of two-factor authentication.

But if Instagram doesn’t send an SMS code when you need it, you may get locked out and banned from your account. Don’t panic: here are seven ways to find Instagram when it won’t send you an SMS code.

Make sure you’re using the right phone

If you’re waiting for an SMS code and you don’t receive it, one of the most common problems is that you’re using a different phone or have changed your phone number since setting up two-factor authentication. It’s easy to lose track of all the devices and apps that depend on an old number when you switch phones. But all is not lost; When you set up two-factor authentication, Instagram also asked you to set up an email address as well. You may also have enabled two-factor authentication with an authenticator app.

Either way, you should have at least one other method available to you to log in. After regaining access to your account, remember to change your two-factor authentication settings and update your phone number. To do this, run the instagram app and press your account icon basically. Press the three line menu up and choose Settings. Faucet Security and finally choose Two-factor authentication to make the necessary changes.

Instagram settings page on iPhone.

You need to make sure your two-factor authentication methods are up to date so that you can access your phone when needed.

david johnson

Make sure you have a reliable internet and cellular connection

You won’t be able to get a code from Instagram if your cellular connection is bad or you’re out of service area. This isn’t usually a serious concern, but if you’re camping in the woods for the weekend, you might be out of luck until you get back to civilization. Find your cell strength at the top of the home page and move to another area if needed.

Check that you can receive text messages

This is a fairly obscure issue, but it’s not inconceivable that you might have a problem with your mobile carrier, a problem with your plan, or a bug in the Messages app. Either way, get someone else to text you to make sure you are receiving text messages.

Make sure your phone is not set to Do Not Disturb

This one’s easy to miss: you might not see the text messages coming in because your phone is in do not disturb mode. On iPhone, swipe down from the top right corner of the screen and check the To concentrate button. If it says anything other than “Focus”, tap it to turn on all notifications.

Control Center on iPhone.

If your phone is set to Do Not Disturb, you may miss SMS messages.

david johnson

If you have an Android device, the process is quite similar. Swipe down from the top of the screen and find the Do not disturb Shortcut icon. If it’s on, tap it to turn it off. Now, you may find that you have already received one or more SMS messages.

Check if Instagram is offline

If you have tried more than once to recover your Instagram account but you do not receive the SMS message, it is possible that the Instagram service itself is down. To see if the problem is with Instagram rather than your app or phone, you can check the Instagram status page on Downdetector. You can also search “is Instagram down” in your web browser. If it’s offline, you’ll have to wait for the service to be restored and then try again.

Instagram status page on Downdetector.

Instagram may be experiencing a service outage.

david johnson

Clear your Instagram app cache

The app might not send a request to the Instagram server for your SMS code because your app’s data cache contains some kind of corrupted data. The solution is relatively simple. If you use Instagram on an iPhone, uninstall app then reinstall it from the App Store.

If you have an Android device, you can clear the cache without uninstalling the app. Start the Settings app and press apps. If necessary, press See all apps then press instagram. Faucet Storage and cachingand the faucet Empty the cache followed by Clear Storage.

Clear app cache on Android.

If nothing else works, be sure to try clearing the Instagram app cache.

david johnson

Try to receive the SMS message from another device

Finally, if you’ve tried everything and still can’t get an SMS code, try logging in and requesting the SMS code using another device. For example, if you were using your iPhone or Android device, try signing in with a browser on your computer. Sometimes it is enough to request a connection from another device to get the code. Be sure to stay on the same Wi-Fi network, if possible – if you send connection requests from multiple networks, this may be a red flag and Instagram may temporarily block account connections.

Senator Cramer’s Veterans Day Message


BISMARCK — U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND), a member of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, released the following video message thanking veterans for their service to the United States of America:

“Happy Veterans Day to everyone who has served our great country! Today, we honor and celebrate the millions of American veterans who answered the call to service to defend and protect our country.

“I have had the great pleasure of meeting and speaking with veterans from North Dakota throughout the past year. In fact, in August, I met Vern Otterson, WWII veteran, 96 year old from my hometown of Kindred, North Dakota His courage and dedication to our country is evident I am grateful to have had the opportunity to know him and to honor him with a flag floating above the United States Capitol. Brave soldiers like Vern Otterson embody what it means to live a life dedicated to serving a cause greater than themselves. With every story and memory we hear from our veterans , our gratitude only increases.

“As the saying goes, ‘freedom is never free.’ Our veterans know this better than anyone. It is through their sacrifice and commitment to America that we can enjoy these freedoms today. To our veterans and their families, thank you. God bless you as well as the United States of America.


Protect yourself from scammers – Forbes Advisor Australia


There was one increase in scam reports mentioning the coronavirus. Scammers hope you’ve let your guard down and often phishing for personal information, banking or pension details.

The scammers may also claim to be related to you, so it’s important that you check that a recent text message that seems strange was indeed sent by the person they claim to be.

Optus hack exposed customer names; Date of Birth; phone number; email addresses; residential address; and identity documents, such as driver’s license, health insurance numbers and passport details.

The hack was so big that the government stepped in to minimize the impact to customers, launching an investigation to figure out how the breach happened.

A few weeks later, the Medibank Private breach gave hackers access to names and addresses, date of birth, health insurance numbers, policy numbers, phone numbers and some complaint.

Scamwatch warns that other common scams include fraudulent text messages about missed calls, voicemails, deliveries and photo uploads. The message asks the recipient to tap a link to download or access something, which will download malware to your device. The government organization encourages people to learn how to identify scams and take the time to check if an offer or contact is genuine before taking action.

As scammers develop new ways to catch people, increasing our vigilance in this way can alert us that something is a scam.

Go cookie-free with permission-based mobile marketing


One-to-one marketing is a proven way for brands to grab consumers’ attention. after all, 62% of consumers expect personalized ads. However, brands should proceed with caution as consumers lose trust in brands that are not transparent about how and when they use personal information. Evidenced by the disappearance of third-party cookies, harmful data leaks, unwanted communications and marketing that seems just a little suspicious. The problem is that this lack of trust erodes the influence of marketing over the long term.

As brands continue to push the boundaries of personalization and data collection, they must seek and confirm consumer consent. Marketers need to deliver personalized messages while building consumer trust.

Enter the mobile phone. Mobile allows brands to collect and use consumer data and create a personalized experience while building trust with consumers.

The key is for mobile marketers to use permission-based marketing to build authentic and trusted relationships with their customers, one that isn’t based on advertiser IDs or other third-party data sources, but which is instead based on zero data coming directly from the consumer.

Getting permission is critical to mobile marketing success

Permission means permission. It’s a black and white problem, which means you either have it or you don’t.

Essentially, permission means that consumers must take an action that clearly reflects a willingness to receive marketing from a brand, such as checking a box on a website or answering “O” to opt in to personalized marketing.

At Vibes, we monitor SMS subscriber churn rates very closely, and we’ve learned that if a brand has a monthly churn rate of more than 1%, that’s a sure sign that the brand hasn’t gotten the consumer consent.

Only 40% of consumers say they trust brands to use data responsibly. Brands therefore cannot afford to entice people to sign up. For example, it has long been understood that pre-checked web form boxes asking users for permission to target marketing are not an accurate way to ensure permission. With pre-checked boxes, many users sign up for marketing emails without realizing it, a surefire way to erode consumer trust.

SMS marketing offers a better way because it is 100% permission-based. Brands can use a double opt-in to confirm that the customer wants mobile messaging. For example, when a customer signs up for a loyalty program or email subscription through a brand’s website, the brand might ask if the user wants to receive SMS alerts. Then the brand can send an SMS telling the user to reply to confirm. Communication is transparent and puts consumer preferences first, helping to build trust between brands and shoppers.

Paving the way for personalized communication

When brands have permission, they have more leeway to reach customers, which becomes valuable during the purchase funnel. Communications can be triggered based on key events, allowing brands to influence and measure customers down the funnel.

For example, if brands are allowed to market directly to a customer, they can send birthday messages and use the customer’s name without the customer wondering how they got that information. Data from Vibes shows that birthday-triggered posts have a 16.4% click-through rate. So it’s obvious that permission-based personalization adds value.

It can also help boost engagement and revenue. According to our data, personalized messages get more than double the engagement rates than non-personalized messages. The more personal the content, the better it performs. Retailers using personalization have an 18% higher CTR than the average marketing campaign. It’s even higher with restaurants, with a 56% higher CTR with personalization.

67% of consumers say they want personalized offers based on their individual in-store and online shopping habits. Increasingly, AI is powering this personalization and representing one of the biggest opportunities in marketing.

With their permission, brands can interact with customers using a “propensity to buy” model. With this tool, brands can anticipate what a customer will buy in the future based on purchase history. They can then send relevant messages to customers at the right time to encourage them to buy a product, knowing there’s a chance they’ve already thought about it.

Ensure loyalty throughout the pipeline

A compliance-driven mindset is necessary to increase customer loyalty in a digital world. Having permission to collect first-party data is essential for a brand to retain customers in its loyalty program.

If brands have personalization and clear permission, they will get loyal customers for years to come, leading to increased engagement and purchases. At Vibes, we’ve found this to be true: a handful of our customers have an average lifespan of over five years.

Permission-based marketing is the ultimate goal

Customers expect personalization. However, they like to control the information the company has. Marketers should embrace permission-based marketing to better engage with existing and potential customers because it builds trust, engagement, and ultimately the bottom line.

Obtaining a consumer’s permission to market them should be the primary goal of every brand. Although this is new territory, permission-based marketing should be seen as a positive step forward rather than something they need to do now that platforms are restricting cookies.

With their permission, brands can engage with active consumers who have “raised their hands” to show they want to know more about the brand. They can then use mobile to connect with consumers on the single device that accompanies them, wherever they go.

EORN completes work on three cellular service towers in North Glengarry


Content of the article

MAXVILLE – On Monday, SDG Director Carma Williams reflected on how the 2022 Maxville Highland Games participants jiggle atop the hills, waving their cell phones in the air, trying to grab a moment of cell service to send a message.

Advertisement 2

Content of the article

This is partly due to the installation of new 5G cellular service towers from Rogers Communications in North Glengarry, which now specifically serve the surrounding areas of Maxville, Glen Robertson, Greenfield and Wendover. Wendover is located in the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet, in the United Counties of Prescott-Russell.

Various local dignitaries and project partners gathered Monday to celebrate the successes of the $300 million public-private effort so far, spearheaded by the Eastern Ontario Regional Network’s Cell Gap project ( EORN). Through a partnership with the federal and provincial governments, members of the Eastern Ontario Wardens’ Caucus (EOWC) and the Eastern Ontario Mayors’ Caucus (EOMC), Rogers is building more than 300 telecommunications towers — some used as flatsharesand modernize more than 300 existing sites by 2025 to Support 5G data and LTE phones. To date, more than 260 sites have been upgraded.

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Content of the article

In May, Jim Pine, a member of the EORN team, CAO for Hastings County and Senior Aboriginal Consultant, said construction of six towers in SDG was underway. Of the four discussed and celebrated on Monday, only three fall within the boundaries of the SDGs. However, EORN Director of Communications Lisa Severson has confirmed throughout the project that 15 towers are expected to be built and 18 towers have been identified for upgrades in the United Counties of SDG.

  1. Jim Pine, a member of the Eastern Ontario Regional Network team, who is also the County of Hastings Chief Executive Officer, stands in the county council chambers in March 2021 before the announcement of the EORN agreement with Rogers Communications Inc. The company is currently upgrading 300 wireless communication towers in the region and plans to build 300 more.

    Four new cell towers being built in SDG, according to EORN

  2. Document/Cornwall Standard-Freeholder/Postmedia Network Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry MPP Jim McDonell Document Not For Resale

    MPP McDonell thrilled with rural internet ads

  3. Eastern Ontario Regional Network

    SDG Council Receives Update on EORN Gig, Cellular Gap Projects

Although there is no concrete timeline, Severson said most sites are now at the stage of ongoing archaeological and natural heritage studies before the boots hit the ground.

Advertisement 4

Content of the article

SDG contributed a total of $567,000 to the project, which also received municipal support from areas around Belleville in the west, down to SDG and Prescott-Russell.

Pine previously mentioned that the project would also benefit paramedics, local businesses and the tourism sector, by expanding current connectivity capacity. Asked about future plans, Pine said work direction was moving from east to west, while being mindful of efficiency along the way.

“Our community continues to participate in reviewing each cell tower site and visiting those with potential areas of concern, for example, habitat disturbance, rare plants, waterways, etc. I was informed by our team at Pikwakanagan that EORN representatives have been very respectful and supportive of these concerns,” said Wendy Jocko, Chief of the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan.

Advertisement 5

Content of the article

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food and Member of Parliament for Glengarry—Prescott—Russell, Francis Drouin, said, “We know that technology continues to evolve and the demand for towers continues to increase. I’m glad the Government of Canada is partnering with $70 million, and Rogers is putting a lot of money into it as well. I am happy that today is a testament to the success that so many people have worked hard to make this project a reality.

“(Rogers) is preparing us for a very bright future: the latest generation of technology capable of meeting the needs of today and the opportunities of tomorrow. Things are changing so fast, and this project allows us to keep pace,” said the EORN President. J. Murray Jones, who acknowledged the support of many in attendance, in particular the EORN Board of Directors, Drouin, and former Prince Edward—Hastings MLA, Daryl Kramp.

Advertising 6

Content of the article

Bart Nickerson, Senior Vice President, Wireless Marketing of Rogers Communications Inc. at the announcement of the Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN) cellular service infrastructure on Monday, November 7, 2022 in Maxville, in Ontario.  Shawna O'Neill/Cornwall Standard-Freeholder/Postmedia Network
Bart Nickerson, Senior Vice President, Wireless Marketing of Rogers Communications Inc. at the announcement of the Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN) cellular service infrastructure on Monday, November 7, 2022 in Maxville, in Ontario. Shawna O’Neill/Cornwall Standard-Freeholder/Postmedia Network Photo by Shawna O’Neill /Shawna O’Neill/Standard-Freeholder

Bart Nickerson, Senior Vice President, Wireless Marketing at Rogers Communications was in attendance and spoke of his enthusiasm for the project.

“It’s exciting to me that we’re bringing 5G connectivity to this region. It means farmers can monitor livestock and soil conditions in real time, and emergency services can use new tools in their communities. Starting today, as we continue to power up more new cell towers across the region, more communities will be safely connected without dead zones…to 99% of East End residents and businesses. Ontario.

[email protected]

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Deadline to apply extended to November 15


By CNBCTV18.com IST (Released)

Under this scheme, Delhi residents receive a 100% subsidy for consuming less than 200 units of electricity.

The Delhi government has extended the deadline for applying for the free electricity subsidy till November 15. Previously, the deadline for submitting applications was October 31. According to reports, more than 34 lakh of about 57 lakh consumers had applied for the subsidy. to this date. In a statement, the Delhi government said the subsidy would only be given to consumers who apply for a concession.

Under the program, consumers will receive the full energy subsidy on electricity consumption of up to 200 units per month, others who consume up to 400 units will receive a 50% subsidy. Here is how to apply for the grant via different modes.

How to register by missed call

Delhi consumers can give a missed call to 7011311111 for a link to opt for SMS subsidy.

In the next step, click on the link and it will redirect to a WhatsApp page. Enter the CA number, available in the electricity form.

A pre-filled grant application form will be sent. Confirm the details by selecting the “YES” option and the application will be submitted.

An acknowledgment will be sent to your number via WhatsApp.

How to apply via WhatsApp

Customers can also register for the grant via WhatsApp.

At first, send “Hi” to WhatsApp number 7011311111.

Then enter the 11-digit CA number.

A pre-filled application file will be sent.

Confirm the details by selecting the “YES” option and the application will be submitted.

How to apply by scanning the QR code provided on the electricity bill

Delhi residents can apply for a grant by scanning the QR code provided with the pre-filled grant application along with the electricity bill for the previous month

Scan the code and you will be redirected to their WhatsApp.

A pre-filled grant application form will be sent.

Confirm the details by selecting ‘YES’ to opt for the electricity subsidy and your application will be submitted.

How to apply offline

Consumers can complete the consent form attached to their electricity bill and submit it to the nearest billing center or the electricity board’s customer service center to receive the free subsidy.

The address of the designated or nearest center is indicated on the electricity bill.

Philadelphia Home Depot workers vote to reject unionization


PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Workers at The Home Depot in Philadelphia rejected the first storewide union at the world’s largest home improvement retailer on Saturday night, a loss to a nascent movement to organize at major American corporations. .

Workers voted 165 to 51 against forming a union representing the store’s 274 employees, WHYY-FM reported.

The National Labor Relations Board oversaw the vote. A board spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for information about the vote from The Associated Press.

The defeat of organizers, who sought to join Home Depot Workers United, could discourage militant workers who managed to form the first unions at major chains, including Amazon, Starbucks, Trader Joe’s and Apple, but who have since suffered setbacks in the collective bargaining. the field or organize more unions.

The Atlanta-based company employs approximately 500,000 people at its 2,316 stores in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Vincent Quiles, the Home Depot employee leading the organizing effort, told WHYY that the attempt to organize workers was a “big order.”

“I knew when I filed this petition we would take a $300 billion company,” Quiles said after the vote. “It would not be an easy fight to fight. But you do these things because you think they are right.

Quiles has previously said that worker dissatisfaction with working conditions, understaffing and lack of training are among the grievances that have spurred the organizing effort. He also said workers are upset they haven’t shared more of the record profits Home Depot has made during the coronavirus pandemic.

Home Depot strongly opposes unionization, saying it has an open-door policy allowing employees to bring their concerns directly to managers.

After the failed union vote, Home Depot spokeswoman Margaret Smith told WHYY, “We are pleased that associates at this store have voted to continue working directly with the company. This connection is important to our culture, and we will continue to listen to our associates and make The Home Depot a great place to work and grow.

Quiles filed an unfair labor practices complaint with the NRLB, alleging managers engaged in improper surveillance and interrogation tactics against union supporters. Quiles said officials followed him around stores and tried to disrupt any conversations he tried to have with co-workers, even if it wasn’t about the union.

Instead, Quiles said he relied on TikTok videos, group text messaging and emails to campaign for the union. Although more than 100 workers signed the petition calling for the election, Quiles said he was never able to persuade co-workers to join him in speaking out publicly.

The Home Depot is cooperating with the investigation of the complaint and “is satisfied that we did not commit the alleged violations,” company spokeswoman Sara Gorman said.

Fierce legal battles have characterized organizing efforts at other companies.

Amazon filed more than two dozen objections in an effort to overturn the Amazon Labor Union’s surprise election victory at a Staten Island warehouse last spring, the group’s only successful attempt to date to form a union. The ALU, meanwhile, has filed more than two dozen charges with the National Labor Relations Board accusing Amazon of unfair labor practices that have harmed its ability to organize.

Starbucks is negotiating contracts at a handful of the more than 250 stores where workers voted to unionize, but the company has asked the NLRB to temporarily suspend further elections over alleged misconduct.

The Labor Relations Board has filed a lawsuit against Chipotle alleging the restaurant chain unlawfully closed a store in Augusta, Maine, and fired its workers for union activity.

Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.

EPFO begins crediting interest to the PF’s accounts; Steps to check your balance in the passbook


The statutory body Organization of the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPFO) has initiated the process of crediting interest on the accounts of the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF). EPFO has assured beneficiaries that interest is fully credited and there will be no loss. That said, EPF subscribers may soon see their interests reflected in their accounts. The method of checking whether or not your interest is being credited to your PF account is by using a passbook where details of your provident fund balance are displayed. The booklet can be used online on the EPFO ​​website.

Last month, October 31, EPFO tweeted that the interest credit process is ongoing and will be reflected in your account soon. Each time interest is credited, it will be paid in full. There will be no loss of interest.

EPFO’s clarification came after the Department of Finance responded to questions about uncredited interest on employees’ PF accounts in October.

According to FinMin, on October 5, there is no loss of interest for any subscriber. Interest is credited to the accounts of all EPF subscribers. However, this is not visible in the returns due to a software upgrade implemented by EPFO ​​to reflect the change in tax incidence.

Furthermore, FinMin had stated that for all outgoing subscribers requesting settlement and for subscribers requesting withdrawal, payments are made including interest.

The government-backed EPFO ​​is one of the largest social security organizations in the world in terms of clientele and volume of financial transactions carried out. Meanwhile, the Central Board of Trustees (CBT), which is EPFO’s supreme decision-making body, operates a contributory provident fund, a pension scheme and an insurance scheme for the hired workforce. in the organized sector in India.

As a general rule, the BCT decides on the interest rate of the EPF accounts each financial year. The rate is later than observed by the Ministry of Finance. Once the FinMin gives the green signal, the rate is then processed in the PF accounts for that particular fiscal year by the CBT and EPFO. The CBT comes under the Ministry of Labor and Employment.

In March this year, the BCT declared an interest rate of 8.10% for EPF accounts – the lowest since 1977-78. However, the 8.1% rate still beats inflation. This rate will be credited to EPF accumulations in members’ accounts for the 2021-22 fiscal year.

Although interest is calculated on a monthly basis in an EPF account, it is however deposited at the end of a financial year. Transferred interest is added to the next month’s balance and is then compounded to calculate interest on that month’s balance amount.

Here’s how to check the EPFO ​​balance in the passbook:

It becomes easier to verify your passbook if the employee is a registered member/has activated their UAN. The Universal Account Number (UAN) is a 12-digit number.

Step 1: To check your booklet, a member will need to visit the official EPFO ​​website – epfindia.gov.in.

Step 2: Next, members click on the “Services” section which is mentioned at the top of the dashboard. In this section, click on the “For employees” option.

Step 3: A new page will open for employees. Click on the ‘Member Passbook’ option mentioned under ‘Services’.

Step 4: Once ‘Member Passbook’ is selected, he or she will be directed to a login page.

Step 5: Mention your UAN details with the password and answer the captcha code. Then click on ‘Login’.

Step 6: You will be directed to the main EPF account where details of employee and employer contributions, as well as interest earned, are highlighted. You can also print your booklet by clicking on ‘Download booklet’.

In particular, if your employer is more than one organization, you will need to check your balance in the passbook with different identifiers. You can get your EPFO ​​credentials from your payslips.

Another method to check your balance is to send messages. Send an SMS to 7738299899 from the registered mobile number. The format for sending the SMS will be: ‘EPFOHO UAN ENG’. The last three characters “ENG” are usually the language in which you would like to receive your balance details. Hence, you can type the language such as English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Punjabi and Bengali among others as per your choice.

Also, the balance can be used by sending a missed call to 011-22901406 or 9966044425.

However, in the SMS and call function, the details will be given on the amount of the overall balance and not on the financial year in question.

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The Truth About Key SMS and SMS Marketing Statistics and Why Radio Sales Need to Get Involved!


If you want to get your messages across, you send an SMS NOT an email. Here are the latest stats on why.

  • 1 in 3 consumers check their SMS notifications within one minute of receiving an SMS.
  • More than half of consumers (51%) respond to an SMS within 1 to 2 minutes.
  • More than half of consumers check their text messages 11 or more times a day.
  • On an average day, consumers check their text messages more than any other app on their phone.
  • In 2022, 70% of consumers have chosen to receive text messages from businesses.
  • 61% of consumers say they want to be able to text back to a business.
  • In 2022, 55% of companies send SMS to their customers.
  • The majority of companies report SMS click-through rates between 20-35%. 60% of business owners who send text messages to customers plan to increase their text message creation budget in 2022.

What are response rates like when zooming in on text versus email?

Consumers largely respond to an email within hours (35%), and for 16% of consumers, the response can take an entire day or more.

When you look at text response rates, that time drops dramatically. More than half of consumers (51%) respond to a text message within 1-2 minutes, and 33% respond within 5-10 minutes. These statistics bode very well for companies interested in using two-way messaging to build stronger relationships with customers, prospects, and employees.

Consumers open their text messages far more frequently than their emails, and 98% of those text messages aren’t just opened, they’re read..

According to the survey results, 53% of consumers check their text messages 11 or more times a day, and only 29% of consumers check their emails at the same rate. Additionally, consumers are more likely to have to push notifications enabled for both SMS and email notifications.

With digital marketing channels like social media, you might have the best marketing message in the world, but algorithms only show your content to a fraction of your followers.

And with email, you can spend a lot of time on design and copy that ends up in a spam folder or just gets ignored. This is why SMS marketing is the ultimate medium. They are easy to send and are almost always read by your audience.

Customer receptivity to SMS marketing is increasing more and more each year. In 2021, 62% of consumers subscribed to receive business text messages. In 2022, 70% of consumers subscribe to SMS marketing, indicating a 12% year-over-year growth in opt-in rates.

The majority of consumers (55%) are currently subscribed to receive text messages from 1-5 companies, primarily for things like shipping notifications, appointment/booking reminders, special offers, and promo codes.

Overall, consumers are most likely to receive text messages from businesses in e-commerce and retail (52%), followed by healthcare (49%), banking/finance (47% ) and travel (26%). E-commerce and retail work hand-in-hand with SMS for things like order notifications, shipment tracking, sales/promotions, and post-purchase reviews.

E-commerce businesses are seeing 98% open rates and 36% click-through rates because consumers can quickly and easily find special offers in their text messages.rather than sifting through websites, email inboxes, and social media feeds to find the best sellers.

Additionally, younger generations are turning to SMS shopping options with the brands they trust the most, removing the need for traditional mobile payment. 20% of Gen Z consumers say they are likely to use a text to shop feature that allows them to make a purchase from a business directly via text.

At the same time, consumers are likely to subscribe to text messages from hospitals, doctor’s offices, or medical clinics to receive helpful reminders about appointments, prescriptions, test results, and bills. The attention of healthcare staff can then shift from administrative tasks to patient care.

Majority of consumers value two-way conversations with businesses––61% of consumers say they want to be able to text a business back primarily for things like appointments, event reservations and reminders, and customer service.

Surprisingly, baby boomers want to text businesses more than any other generation! When consumers are asked “how would you like to contact a business when you have a question,” the largest proportion (41%) respond by text message, followed by 35% by email and 23% by phone.

Consumers appreciate mobile messaging support because it’s both responsive and convenient.

Where emails and phone calls can have longer than life delays, SMS allows consumers to quickly contact businesses with minimal disruption to their days. In 2021, 42% of business owners and digital marketers texted their customers using a text messaging service. By 2022, 55% of businesses are using SMS marketing with their customers, indicating a 27% annual growth in SMS adoption.

To boot, 60% of business owners who text their customers plan to increase their SMS marketing budget in 2022, in part because they see their opt-in rates increase as well as higher conversion rates. strengths related to integrated marketing campaigns that include SMS.

According to survey results, 1 in 3 consumers check their SMS notifications within one minute of receiving an SMS, and 85% of consumers check their SMS within 1-5 minutes of receiving an SMS. When it comes to age differences, younger generations are the quickest to check their text messages throughout the day.

44% of Gen Z consumers check their text notifications within one minute of receiving a text, 27% faster than the national average.

About the Author

Dave Charles, President RESULTS Media Inc.

Mobile: +1 289 242 8313.

E-mail: [email protected]


Biden rallies resistance and urges Americans not to base their votes on inflation and other trivial concerns


President Joe Biden delivered an unusual speech Wednesday night, urging Americans who don’t support his policies to vote for Democratic candidates anyway to save democracy from “extreme MAGA Republicans” and other “dark forces” threatening to destroy the country.

“We have to vote knowing what’s at stake and not just the politics of the day,” Biden said at Union Station in Washington, DC, the former site of a huge homeless encampment. “In our bones, we know that democracy is in danger.”

The president has called the upcoming midterm elections a “struggle for the very soul of America,” implicitly berating voters who may be inclined to back Republicans because they worry about the rising cost of life due to runaway inflation under Biden’s watch.

Americans shouldn’t base their votes on petty personal concerns, the president said, because this was a “watershed moment” for the country that demanded that “all Americans, regardless of party,” speak of a “unified voice” in favor of the Democrats. “This is no ordinary year,” he said. “So, I ask you to think long and hard about the moment we find ourselves. »

Biden, 79, began the speech by making a direct connection between the storming of the Capitol building on Jan. 6 and last week’s attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband (D., California), who was bludgeoned with a hammer by a deranged nudist in San Fransisco. “We don’t settle our differences in America with a riot, a mob, a bullet or a hammer, we settle them peacefully [sic] at the battle block [sic]– ballot box,” the president explained.

Both events were “the aftermath of lies” peddled by the “defeated former president” and his allies who constitute the “extreme MAGA element of the Republican Party”, which Biden described as a “minority” but also the “driving force from the GOP.

Questioning the legitimacy of an election was simply “un-American,” said Biden, who warned earlier this year that the 2022 election “would easily be illegitimate” unless Congress approved a proposed radical electoral reform law. (The legislation did not pass.) He went on to tout “record turnout” across the country, which has complicated Democratic efforts to accuse Republicans of voter suppression.

The speech, which would have been co-authored by renowned historian Jon Meacham, was peppered with clichés that probably won’t resonate with the average voter, but might inspire the handful of #Resistance crackpots to tweet passionately: “Democracies are more than a form of government, they are a means of being.” “We must vote knowing who we have been, what we risk becoming.” “It’s not about me. It’s about all of us. It’s about what makes America, America.”

When the president’s speech was announced on Tuesday, it was widely seen as a last-ditch effort to save the Democratic Party from a landslide defeat at the polls. Reports say Biden was motivated to deliver the speech in response to polling data that suggests Republicans are likely to regain control of the House and possibly the Senate as well. He was also concerned that a number of so-called election deniers — including some whom Democrats actively supported in primary elections earlier this year — were on course to win. Once the speech was over, the purpose was less clear.

Those who watched the roughly 30-minute speech could have saved time by watching Joy Reid’s MSNBC interview with failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton the night before. “I think with all the noise we’ve had this election season, I don’t think people are really able to understand [the threat Republicans pose to democracy]”Clinton said. “But more importantly, I’m not sure they really understand the threats to their way of life.”

This is the most inspiring closing message Democrats can muster at this point. That’s also what they’ve been saying non-stop for nearly two years. And when they lose, after the h20as hysteria subsides, they will inevitably lament that they failed to communicate their message effectively.

4 Key Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics Text Messaging Marketing Integration from SMS Leader TrueDialog


Partnering with an SMS text messaging provider that supports Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud-based installations opens up even more possibilities.

Logo of TrueDialog, an SMS leader

TrueDialog logo – an SMS leader

Integrating SMS text messaging into Microsoft Dynamics is important for brands looking to create better customer engagement to drive loyalty.

For businesses looking to implement an enterprise-grade MS Dynamics text messaging solution to deliver personalized customer engagement at scale, TrueDialog is an ideal solution.

—Ken Narita, Marketing Director, TrueDialog

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, November 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Integrating SMS text messaging into Microsoft Dynamics is important for brands looking to create better customer engagement to drive loyalty. TrueDialogan SMS leader, explains the benefits of true native Microsoft Dynamics SMS text messaging integration can help achieve these results faster.

The MS Dynamics integrations with the highest ROI are typically built using Microsoft developer tools and work seamlessly within existing IT infrastructure. Similarly, a true native SMS integration offers an array of enterprise-grade features designed for scalability and reliability and works inside the existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 database.

4 Benefits of Native Microsoft Dynamics Integration

1). Ease of use
With native integration, onboarding and training times are drastically reduced. Since there is no need for additional accounts or logins – users already familiar with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM The ecosystem can take full advantage of native SMS integrations from its CRM dashboard immediately.

Native integrations bypass the steep learning curve often associated with implementing third-party solutions and make the organization more efficient.

2). Enhanced security
Another benefit of native SMS integration is enhanced security and better control over data access. Designed for large organizations, enterprise-grade texting features make system administration easy. Because they use the same security protocols as other Microsoft applications, data security breaches or containment issues are minimized. Most importantly, the data never resides on questionable third-party servers.

On-premises MS Dynamics installations use local data processing and storage servers, while cloud-based setups reside on Microsoft’s ultra-secure and reliable network. Administrators have peace of mind knowing that critical data is protected and always available.

3). Improved performance
Native apps (built using Microsoft developer tools) share the same legendary performance and availability as traditional Microsoft products. Because native apps reside entirely within the user’s Dynamics 365 instance, they are naturally more efficient and less likely to encounter issues.

Businesses that use cloud-based native SMS integrations benefit from greater reliability, and because the native apps exist within their specific Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment, database updates are never needed between them and external suppliers.

If the Microsoft Dynamics database is operational, their data is accessible. However, to take full advantage of these features, one should choose a cloud-based SMS text messaging provider with native text messaging integration. Ideally, an enterprise-grade platform with availability and performance metrics similar to their Dynamics 365 database.

4). Extended Compatibility and Features
Because they are built with the same software development platforms, native MS Dynamics applications integrate seamlessly with other Microsoft products and services. With so many powerful API and customization features, the system configuration options are virtually endless.

One can freely connect with other Microsoft Core Services or create their own custom solutions knowing that compatibility will not be an issue in their CRM environment.

Partnering with an SMS text messaging provider that supports Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud-based installations opens up even more possibilities. Like leveraging Microsoft’s powerful, cloud-only custom integrations and smart reporting features (powered by machine learning).

TrueDialog – Microsoft Dynamics 365 SMS Integration Experts

TrueDialog is the ideal solution for enterprise level SMS sending capabilities. Their five-star platform includes an ISO 9001 database, direct carrier connections, 99.9% uptime, and true native Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration. For businesses looking to implement an email solution Enterprise-grade MS Dynamics text to deliver personalized customer engagement at scale, TrueDialog is an ideal solution.

One of their key features enables seamless texting with shortcodes and longcodes all combined in the same thread, so businesses can send bulk text messages and then effortlessly engage in one-on-one large-scale text conversations.

Unlike many other solutions, TrueDialog has invested in creating direct carrier connections that cut out the middleman and provide our customers with two huge benefits: 1) better deliverability by reducing potential points of failure and reliance on respect of third parties, and 2) a lower cost structure that allows TrueDialog to price its service significantly lower than the competition.

To experience TrueDialog’s native Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration and how easy it is to text customers and drive business, TrueDialog offers a free try.

About TrueDialog
Based in Austin, TX, TrueDialog is the premier messaging platform that creates better customer connections. From 1:1 SMS communications to mass text messaging or team-based multi-user customer support, TrueDialog enables all of these solutions at scale. TrueDialog is API-centric, with native implementations of SFDC and MS Dynamics. And with 99.9% uptime and direct carrier connections, TrueDialog gives businesses the reliability they need and lowers costs. For more information, visit www.TrueDialog.com.

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Philippe Sontag
[email protected]

Cloze unlocks new revenue opportunities for brokerages by leveraging existing unstructured data


NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–T3 TECH SUMMIT–Cloze, an AI-powered insights provider focused on the real estate market, today unveiled Cloze AI Insights, the latest addition to its product platform, which enables real estate brokers to increase their profitability by uncovering hidden insights in their own unstructured data. As brokerages continue to look for ways to increase their margins, Cloze AI Insights offers actionable insights that can dramatically improve business results across multiple areas of a brokerage’s operations.

According to the National Association of Realtors’ 2021 report, “Real Estate in the Digital Age,” 98% of real estate agents use email daily, while 93% “most often prefer text messaging” when communicating. with customers. Communication media such as these have led to an explosion of unstructured data within brokerages, contributing to what Gartner and IDC estimate that 80% to 90% of new data is unstructured. Cloze AI Insights can sort through all this data to find opportunities for brokerage growth and efficiency that are currently lost in millions of one-to-one emails, texts, and conversations.

Initially, Cloze AI Insights offers brokers four different opportunities to improve their profitability:

  • Mortgage capture: Cloze AI Insights increases overall capture rates by using contextual cues to automatically identify when a customer is looking for a mortgage quote or would be receptive to a competitive second opinion

  • Lead Attribution: With Cloze’s end-to-end analytics, brokerages gain visibility into where each lead is coming from, allowing them to more accurately calculate commissions and marketing ROI so that they can use marketing dollars more effectively.

  • Lead routing: Cloze AI Insights routes inbound leads to an agent they already know and trust, resulting in more immediate agent engagement, a stronger agent-customer relationship, and ultimately account, higher conversion rates.

  • Agent Recruitment: Because Cloze AI Insights can identify agents who already have strong relationships within the brokerage, Cloze increases recruiting effectiveness and efficiency by focusing efforts on top performing candidates with a higher probability of joining

“Over the years, investments in technology and tools have helped us automate processes, optimize the back office, and drive the success of every agent,” said Dean Rouso, senior vice president of Strategic Innovation and Designated Chief Broker, Baird & Warner. “Cloze allows us to multiply our investments exponentially by leveraging the collective knowledge of the organization to systematically improve catch and win rates. With Cloze, we can identify and capitalize on pre-existing relationships for more efficient lead routing and agent recruitment, track deals from lead origination to closed deal, and feed our mortgage arm with timely leads. .

Cloze AI Insights was designed to maintain agent privacy by securely isolating each agent’s data. Agents and brokers only have access to Cloze’s analysis and its associated next steps rather than the private details that feed into this information. By seamlessly integrating with a brokerage’s existing tools and technologies, Cloze eliminates disruptions to the day-to-day operations of individual agents and the brokerage as a whole. Cloze’s intelligence is served directly in the tools that the brokerage uses on a daily basis.

“One of the untapped goldmines within a brokerage is the mountain of unstructured data hidden in the organization – who knows who and how, if a deal is from a brokerage prospect, if a client needs a mortgage quote,” said Travis Saxton, EVP Technology, T3 Sixty. “Cloze AI Insights taps into the relationships of every agent within a brokerage without sacrificing their privacy or requiring universal agent adoption. By acting on the insights Cloze finds in their unstructured data, brokerages brokerage can monetize their existing relationships to increase margin and increase profitability.

To learn more about Cloze AI Insights, visit https://www.cloze.com/app/ai-insights.

About Cloze

Cloze’s real estate-focused AI (artificial intelligence) platform empowers brokers and their agents to close more deals, generate higher revenue and increase profitability. Using sophisticated artificial intelligence technology, Cloze sifts through an endless stream of historical and current communications to deliver actionable insights to agents and brokerage management.

Savvy agents rely on the Cloze CRM app to shave hours out of their day, as the AI ​​engine automatically organizes their days, contacts, and deals while popping up action items and recommended relationships to renew. Meanwhile, brokerages are capitalizing on their unstructured data to increase mortgage and customer capture rates, all without changing the way your agents work, the tools they use, or sacrificing the privacy of their sphere. To learn more, visit cloze.com.

Meet the left-leaning health group citing Boy Scouts of America as justification for excluding white people from prestigious scholarship


In 1990, the Boy Scouts of America fired James Dale, a gay rights activist and assistant scout leader, after he came out of the closet, citing the group’s longstanding opposition to homosexuality. Dale sued the scouts under New Jersey’s civil rights law, which prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation. But when the Supreme Court heard the case, Scouts of America v. Valley, in 2000, it ruled that Boy Scouts had the right to discriminate under the First Amendment.

In a 5-4 opinion that was never overturned, Chief Justice William Rehnquist linked the exclusion to free speech. The Boy Scouts had a point of view – homosexual conduct is wrong – which they were trying to convey to their members, he said; an openly gay scoutmaster would send the opposite message, which meant that forcing the group to rehire Dale would violate his freedom of speech.

The verdict infuriated liberals, who called Rehnquist’s opinion a rollback for civil rights and an affront to fundamental fairness. “The Court essentially said that freedom of expression gives an organization the right to discriminate based on an individual’s identity,” the American Civil Liberties Union said in a press release. “The case of James Dale is a clear example of why New Jersey passed a non-discrimination law in the first place – so that qualified people are not discriminated against because of who they are.”

Now, however, the tables have turned and a progressive healthcare journal cites Valley to justify its own discriminatory practices: In response to legal action, Health Affairs says he has the First Amendment right to exclude white applicants for the journal’s “health equity” fellowship – because that’s the only way to convey his position that “diverse” research is “vital to health equity”.

The scholarship’s eligibility requirements, which explicitly prohibit white people from applying, “cannot be separated from the overall expressive goals” of the program, the newspaper argued in a September court filing. “As such, criteria is a form of expression protected by the First Amendment.”

The lawsuit, filed in District Court for the District of Columbia, hints at a major shift in the political nuances of free association. In the civil rights battles of the past half-century, whether women seeking to join all-male clubs or blacks seeking to join all-white private schools, conservatives have often emphasized the right to free association and argued that it outweighed the demand for inclusion.

It was the liberals who resisted the First Amendment exceptions to the anti-discrimination law, in part out of fear that the exceptions would become the rule. Whether the Boy Scouts can exclude gay people for free speech reasons, the ACLU asked in an amicus brief in Valley, could they not also exclude the Jews? Would a company run by segregationists be allowed to exclude black people?

But with private institutions increasingly in the grip of race-conscious progressivism, the left can develop a new respect for free association — and the right for its restrictions. For example, said David Bernstein, a professor at George Mason University School of Law, if the Supreme Court bans affirmative action, some colleges could challenge the ruling, arguing that racial preferences are a form of protected speech. The logic would be that an undiverse class would make it more difficult to promote a pro-diversity message and thus undermine academic freedom.

“The left has always fought to make free association rights more limited,” Bernstein said. “Now he has a use for them.”

The Health Affairs The lawsuit offers a glimpse of how these arguments might play out in court. In September, the conservative advocacy group Do No Harm, whose chairman, Dr Stanley Goldfarb, is an avid Free Washington Beacon reader and father of Free tag President Michael Goldfarb – filed a discrimination lawsuit against the newspaper, alleging that its “health equity scholarship for interns” violated several civil rights laws. The Fellowship, which provides publishing and mentorship opportunities, accepts only “American Indian/Alaskan Native, African American/Black, Asian American, Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander, and Hispanic/Latino applicants” as per program eligibility criteria.

But just as the Boy Scouts argued that they could not convey their message about homosexuality without excluding gay people, Health Affairs argues that he cannot deliver his message on health equity without excluding white people. The record quotes a line from Rehnquist Valley opinion—the anti-discrimination law “cannot ‘justify…serious intrusion on [an organization’s] right[] to freedom of expressive association “” – to suggest that the First Amendment allows criteria for fellowship, which it calls an “integral part” of Health Affairsequity initiative.

Do No Harm, on the other hand, echoes the slippery slope argument that the ACLU made in Valleywarning that Health AffairsThe defense of will invite a radical retrenchment of civil rights.

“Under the defendants’ freedom of association theory, the First Amendment would also allow all white scholarships,” Do No Harm said in an October filing. “It flies in the face of a mountain of precedent that has accumulated over decades.

Although the Supreme Court accepted the free association argument in Valley, it has dismissed it in numerous other racial discrimination cases—mostly against African Americans—and the courts generally treat racism as a particularly heinous prejudice. In Runyon v. McCary, for example, an all-white private school claimed it had a First Amendment right to exclude black children because of its sincere belief in segregation. The Supreme Court rejected this reasoning 7-2, finding that the belief in segregation was different from its practice.

“If you allow the free speech argument to prevail in the Health Affairs case, you’ll have to let it prevail in the private school case as well,” Bernstein said. “It would undermine the enforcement of all anti-discrimination laws, so no court will buy it.”

Health Affairs declined to comment on the implications of his argument, saying only that he was “confident” of the scholarship’s legality.

Beyond the radical precedent it would create, Health Affairsit is the defense ignores a number of other differences between the Valley case and this one. For example, Bernstein noted, Dale was not just a member of the Boy Scouts, but a leader and role model responsible for instilling moral values, which meant that his open embrace of homosexuality was likely to have an impact on the group message. It is less clear how accepting white men would prevent Health Affairs to convey that diverse academics are “vital to health equity”.

Another difference, Bernstein said, is that the scouts were arguably excluding Dale because of his support for gay conduct — he was the leader of a local gay rights group — not his gay identity as a gay man. such. While Rehnquist’s opinion is somewhat hazy on this distinction, there is no corresponding ambiguity on the Health Affairs scholarship: It excludes all white applicants, regardless of their opinions or conduct.

The Boy Scouts also didn’t take federal funds, meaning they weren’t bound by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, the law that prohibits racial discrimination in government-funded entities. government. Health Affairshowever, is part of a non-profit organization, Project HOPE, which receives millions in government grants.

“On the merits, the defendants would have this Court declare a federally funded First Amendment right to racial discrimination,” Do No Harm said in its October filing. “This statement would significantly disrupt anti-discrimination efforts since the Reconstruction era.”

Eagles injury report: 2 starters look set to face Steelers on Sunday


PHILADELPHIA CREAM – Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham placed his hand in the ground, looking inward at the ball which was looking at the simulated line of scrimmage. Graham pushed down the line with a sudden flurry and appeared to be back to his usual self after an injury hampered his plan to train on Wednesday.


On Thursday, a day after being sidelined with a hamstring injury, Graham returned in limited capacity. Graham said he suffered from the disease in the Week 6 win over the Dallas Cowboys. Graham said he expects to play Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“I got hit in the game and got hit in the side of the leg,” Graham said. “It was sore and a little bruised. It was more about trying to make sure I didn’t irritate him even more, but for the most part it was just a precaution to make sure I would be able to play in the game.

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Having Graham ready to go will be important, especially when the Eagles try to pressure Steelers rookie quarterback and Oakhurst native Kenny Pickett. Graham could be joined by newly acquired defensive end Robert Quinn, giving the Eagles some edge speed to go along with the push into the middle of the pocket from defensive tackles Fletcher Cox, Javon Hargrave and Jordan Davis.

Another player who improved was right tackle Lane Johnson. Johnson, who left the game against the Cowboys with a concussion, was a full participant. Before practice, Johnson said he was cleared of concussion protocol and should be good to go. Johnson was on the court doing rehearsals and seemed to be picking up the pace as if he should be fine.

It looks like the Eagles will have their full starting offensive line intact, giving quarterback Jalen Hurts more time to throw and running back Miles Sanders to continue to succeed in the running game.

Here’s the full list of injuries from Thursday’s training:

Participant limited:

OF Brandon Graham (hamstrings)

Full Participant:

CB Josh Jobe (shoulder)

RT Lane Johnson (concussion)

RG Isaac Seumalo (ankle)

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What happened, how to prepare for next time


The calls came from within the county.

They entered, one after the other.

And every time we answered them, no one was on the other end.

What happened Sunday in Erie County was not worthy of horror movies, but it created a nightmare scenario for those who were the target of the attack.

Every 7 seconds for five hours, a disabled wireless device called and then hung up on dispatchers at the Erie County 911 center on Oliver Road in Summit Township.

Calls congested phone lines, preventing anyone in Erie County from using a cell phone to dial 911 from 8:55 p.m. to 10:40 p.m. Sunday, when a temporary fix fixed the problem. Even then, the calls continued until 2 a.m. Monday. Officials declined to say why or how the calls stopped.

The alleged attack came just two weeks after the websites of major US airports, including Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport, suffered a similar breach by the group. of pro-Russian Killnet hackers, according to the Associated Press.

After:Update: Cyberattack suspected in Erie County 911 service malfunction that lasted nearly 2 hours

After:Corry School District says ransomware attack may have exposed staff and student data

how they work

Known as “distributed denial of service attacks”, these attacks aim to disrupt and disable their target’s operations by flooding them with unwanted data or – in the case of Erie County – hundreds of calls repeated phone calls from a disabled wireless device, which connected to 911 through a cell tower in the city of Erie.

Cloudfare, a San Francisco-based content delivery network specializing in mitigating distributed denial of service attacks, released a report this week showing an increase in these types of attacks in the third quarter compared to the same period. last year. He also reported that these attacks are growing in volume – larger amounts of data moving faster – and are more complex.

They target servers, services or networks, overwhelming them with this “deluge of Internet traffic”, according to the report.

“To be effective, these attacks require threat actors to take control of online computers, routers, (Internet of Things) devices, or other endpoints to exploit as sources of attack traffic. attack,” the Cloudfare report said. “These machines are infected with malware and then weaponized into a remote-activated ‘botnet’.

“When the IP address of a targeted server or network is established, each bot sends simultaneous requests to that target with the intention of causing it to overflow, resulting in a denial of service to normal traffic,” the report says. report. “Because every bot is a legitimate device, it can be extremely difficult to separate attack traffic from legitimate traffic.”

In 2021, the FBI warned against the use of phone denial of service attacks, which specifically target phone lines.

These types of attacks, the FBI noted, have evolved. Initially, they involved individuals using social media to encourage other malicious actors to manually flood phone systems with calls, but now the attacks are mostly automated. They use malware to make hundreds of calls simultaneously or in rapid succession, the FBI reported.

“Numbers and call attributes can be easily spoofed,” the FBI said in a February 17, 2021 public service announcement, “making it difficult to differentiate legitimate calls from malicious calls.”

From left, Erie County 911 Coordinator John Durlin and Erie County Director of Public Safety John Grappy hold a news conference Oct. 24, 2022 in a conference room at the department from Erie County Public Safety to discuss a suspected cyberattack that overwhelmed the 911 system from 8:55 p.m. Oct. 23 until 2 a.m. that day.

Effect on Erie County Services

Erie County Public Safety Director John Grappy and 911 Coordinator John Durlin detailed Monday how the county’s infrastructure has helped them, along with officials from the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and the provider of 911 call answering technology, Comtech Telecommunications Corp., solve the problem.

First, even though users of cell phones and other wireless devices couldn’t reach 911 dispatchers by dialing the emergency number, they could still text for help. Landline phones also worked.

As the 911 system was overwhelmed, dispatchers answered 18 calls from landlines or to the 10-digit 911 center number. Durlin said there did not appear to be any delays or other negative impact on the ability of security service agencies to respond to these calls.

Second, the cyberattack did not disrupt the ability of police officers, firefighters, paramedics and other first responders to communicate with each other through the county’s new $26.5 million next-generation public radio system. Erie.

And third, the county’s switch on September 27 to the Next Generation 911 system of the same name was not part of the problem, but rather the solution. PEMA has been working on the new system for several years. In November 2020, PEMA awarded the $175.1 million contract to Comtech to design, install and operate the system. Erie County was among the first four counties in the state to make the transition.

Durlin said the county could have suffered a similar cyberattack under its old call-response system, but it wouldn’t have been able to isolate robocalls or increase the number of available lines capable of receiving. emergency calls.

“If you said you need 50 more phone lines, you could never get somebody to come and give you 50 more phone lines in the middle of the night,” he said of the former system. “With the Next Generation 911, the capability exists.”

Dispatcher Dan Fitzpatrick is pictured, Oct. 24, 2022, at the Erie County Department of Public Safety's 911 center on Oliver Road in Summit Township.

The public must be ready

While officials are taking steps to mitigate the risk of recurrence, there’s no way to guarantee such an attack won’t happen again, especially as technology evolves and bad actors improve their craft.

“The possibility is there,” Durlin said Monday. “This is not the first place in the country to have this type of attack.”

Durlin said the public should be prepared — rather than concerned — about the potential for a future attack.

Save in your phone contacts:

  • Local non-emergency numbers for the nearest police and fire stations.
  • The Erie County 911 Center Administrative Hotline, 814-868-7911.
  • If you don’t have a landline phone, contact the local police or fire department in case of an emergency.

On Sunday, the county sent out media advisories about the outage and PEMA then activated the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System and the Wireless Emergency Alert System to notify the public. Authorities have asked volunteer firefighters to man their stations in case anyone shows up needing help.

“It’s unfortunate,” Grappy said. “At the end of the day, someone who really needs this service who has some type of emergency…is unable to call us. That’s a concern for all of us.”

Matthew Rink can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter at @ETNRink.

HIPAA and texting: everything you need to know


SMS, which stands for short message service, was first developed in 1984, with the first text message being sent a few years later in 1992 as a continuation of radio memo pagers. The short part of the name comes from the 160-character limit on messages. This easy and simple way to communicate has grown and in 2010 it was the most used data application on phones. This method of communication has persisted, with the number of text messages sent daily running into the trillions.

HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. While portability was about individuals being able to take health insurance benefits with them when they changed jobs, HIPAA’s legacy has more to do with federal law imposing standards on preserving patient privacy. . Specifically, it established national standards for the protection of sensitive patient information, to prevent disclosure of such information without patient consent.

This sensitive health information is called protected health information, or PHI. This PHI includes a number of elements that could potentially identify a patient. The list is quite comprehensive and includes:

  • The patient’s name
  • Address (includes all geographic subdivisions smaller than state, and includes street address, city, county, and zip code)
  • All date elements related to an individual, except years (including date of birth, date of admission, date of discharge, date of death, and numerical age if over 89)
  • Phone numbers
  • Fax number
  • Email addresses
  • Social Security number
  • Health plan beneficiary number
  • Account number
  • medical file number
  • Certificate or license number
  • Vehicle identifiers and serial numbers, including license plate numbers and VIN
  • Device identifiers and serial numbers
  • Web URL
  • Internet Protocol (IP) address
  • Fingerprints or voice prints
  • Photographic image (Not limited to facial images)
  • Any other characteristic that could uniquely identify the individual

Whenever a communication is made that includes any of the above information, it is in the “Identified” category. If all of the above HIPAA identifiers are removed, then they are categorized as “Unidentified”. This results in research projects as the data needs to be analyzed only in aggregate form, without the identifiers to avoid a HIPAA violation. This HIPAA privacy rule applies even after the death of an individual, for 50 years after date of death.

However, even if the patient’s privacy is paramount, it appears in the normal course of business in the field of health that PHI must be communicated. This happens with every visit to a health care provider’s office, when the visit is sent to the insurance company for payment, for example. In addition, healthcare providers frequently have situations where they need to communicate with a patient and their family while they are under their care.

Challenges arise as healthcare providers must determine which communication methods are HIPAA compliant and which are not. Although some methods of communicating with patients are not approved, there are fortunately some options.

The first approved method is direct in-person communication between provider and patient. With this direct method, since the transfer of information is face-to-face, it is fully HIPAA compliant.

However, there are many occasions where a patient is not directly in front of the provider and information needs to be sent. Phone calls are HIPAA compliant and a common method used in healthcare. When a patient provides a phone number, it is considered authorization to receive a phone call. Another approved method is USPS mail, and certified if necessary. Sometimes called “postal mail”, it gets the job done, but isn’t fast and isn’t ideal for real-time conversation.

Sending a fax is another HIPAA-compliant method (although it gets confusing when a online fax service (opens in a new tab) is used rather than a physical fax machine), and this is commonly used to send information between doctor’s offices, and one reason why faxing has persisted in healthcare, when many other industries have discarded their Fax machines (opens in a new tab) years ago.

While direct person-to-person, phone, fax, and USPS mail are all HIPAA-compliant, more modern electronic means of communication are where things get complicated quickly. This includes SMS, instant messaging, as well as emails (opens in a new tab). In general, approved methods are also not approved, because the PHI is not secure. This is because neither is encrypted in general use.

Also, the problem is that they can both be transmitted over public Wi-Fi, which is not considered secure. Also, there is no mechanism to recall the message if it is delivered to the wrong recipient. Finally, there is further concern that these messages may remain on the servers through which they are transmitted for an indefinite period of time.

That being said, although SMS is not used, email is sometimes necessary, if only for hospitals and health care providers to communicate with insurance companies. As part of the technical security rule, there are standards for electronic communications. These include that the communication is encrypted in transit so that if intercepted, it cannot be read.

There must also be a access control (opens in a new tab), so that there is a unique username and login PIN so that the communication can be recorded and monitored. There must also be an automatic logout to prevent unauthorized access to PHI.

Although technically not impossible, these types of requirements are quite difficult to meet with SMS, which is why it is not used. Many healthcare organizations have shifted to dedicated HIPAA-compliant communication via secure messaging apps (opens in a new tab). These are designed from the ground up to meet the high standards of HIPAA and allow encrypted communication, while functioning like any other dedicated instant messaging application. An example of this type of product is TigerConnect.

In conclusion, due to dedicated login with auto-logout and encryption requirements, SMS communication is not used in healthcare to remain HIPAA compliant.

We’ve featured the best VoIP providers.

High Court says shareholders suffered unfair prejudice after they were barred from company’s unique scheme – Shareholders


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In the case of Dodsonand othersv Shieldand others [2022] EWHC 1751 (Ch)the High Court recently found that the shareholders of a company suffered unfair prejudice when they were excluded from a project which was the raison d’être of the company.

Facts. Two shareholders, Mr. Kevin Dodson and Mr. Murry Dodson (the “Applicants”), brought a claim for unjust prejudice under section 994(1) of the Companies Act 2006 (the “CA 2006”). The business of the company, International Automotive Engineering Projects Ltd (“IAEP”), has been defined in a shareholders’ agreement as “the design, sale and realization of turnkey automotive engineering projects on an international scale(the “Shareholders’ Agreement”). The initial project (and the only project ever pursued) concerned the six manufacturing lines used by BMW to manufacture its NG4 engine used in the premises of BMW 3 Series, 1 Series and Mini. The “turnkey” of the project was that the IAEP would ensure that the buyer could start manufacturing car engines immediately after installation.

The petitioners’ case was that in the latter part of 2013, they were kicked out of the project. In particular, the applicants alleged that the respondents had caused unfair hardship by:

  • divert the project to a third party, namely CGI Automotive Consulting Ltd (“CGI”) in which they had no involvement;

  • cause the technical library acquired by IAEP for the purposes of the project to be transferred from IAEP to CGI and/or other companies without payment to IAEP; and

  • fail and/or refuse to enter into good faith negotiations to sell the Product to IAEP or a third party purchaser, in breach of their obligation to do so as set forth in the Option Agreement.

Decision. The Court held that (i) the diversion of the project to CGI and (ii) the transfer of the technical library to CGI and/or other companies at no cost caused unfair prejudice to the claimants and also constituted breaches of fiduciary duty. from the first to the seventh responders (i.e. excluding the IAEP, the eighth responder). However, no unfair prejudice was caused by (iii) the failure to negotiate in accordance with the option agreement or the shareholders’ agreement.

A key issue in the case regarding the unfair hardship findings was whether the IAEP was a quasi-partnership. The Court held that the company was indeed a quasi-corporation even though clause 21 of the shareholders’ agreement provided that “the parties have expressly agreed that there is no partnership.The Court explained that a company cannot, in law, be a shareholder company. However, this does not prevent the company from being a “quasi-corporation”, within the meaning of
Ebrahimi v Westbourne Galleries Ltd [1973] AC 360. The Court clarified that “the expression quasi-partnership is more of a metaphor: the company is not a company but the relations between those interested in the company are more akin to those of associates.The Court identified the following key facts about the facts that supported the conclusion that the company was a quasi-corporation, namely:

  • all shareholders had the right to be directors;

  • there was no way of forced redemption, so if a “member [was] removed from management, he [could not] withdraw his stake and go elsewhere“;

  • all shareholders had duties of good faith to each other under the shareholders’ agreement, so there was a relationship of “mutual trust”;

  • the company’s business (as set out in the shareholders’ agreement) was the acquisition of six NG4 lines from BMW and the sale of a turnkey installation to a buyer; and

  • ·none of the shareholders could compete with the IAEP on turnkey projects; each shareholder was entitled to “participate in the conduct of business“. In addition, the shareholders were required to make reasonable efforts to promote and develop the project, in accordance with the shareholders’ agreement.

The finding that the IAEP was a quasi-corporation was not in itself sufficient to ground a claim under s. 994 of CA 2006, however. The applicants therefore relied on the judge’s conclusion, as above, that the diversion of the project in violation of the non-competition and commercial promotion provisions of the shareholders’ agreement and the transfer of the technical history out of company for no consideration amounted to unfairly prejudicial behavior towards the applicant. These also constituted a breach of the directors’ fiduciary duty given the conflict of interest that the non-conflicting directors had not waived.

Delay in presenting petition. The Defendants also argued that the Plaintiffs’ claims for breach of duty to negotiate under the option agreement, as well as breaches of fiduciary duty, were statute-barred, given the delay in bringing them. With regard to the first, the Court considered that this point was not material on the facts since any breach of the obligation to negotiate would have attracted at most nominal damages, in the light of the factual finding of the Court that, in the second half of 2013, there was no prospect of successful negotiations. As for the latter, the Court explained that breaches of fiduciary duties continued. They were therefore not prescribed. Moreover, there was nothing that would amount to an acquiescence in the shortcomings on the part of the applicants, on the facts.

Comment. The case is a useful reminder that the assessment of whether unjust prejudice has been caused to claimants is fact-sensitive. In circumstances where, the company is a quasi-partnership, claimants have been excluded from a project which is the very reason for the company’s existence and management is found to be in breach of its fiduciary duties, it is very likely that damage will be found on the facts. The case also sheds welcome light on the fact that a corporation can be a quasi-corporation even though the agreements in question expressly provide that there is no “corporation” and even though, in law, a corporation cannot be a shareholder corporation. It is clear that the “quasi-partnership” is “rather a metaphor” to designate circumstances where the shareholders maintain, among other things, a personal relationship of mutual trust.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide on the subject. Specialist advice should be sought regarding your particular situation.

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Joanna L. Huffman Obituary – Topeka Capital-Journal


Joanna L. Huffman, 88, of Topeka, passed away surrounded by her family on Saturday, October 22, 2022.

She was born March 30, 1934 in Wichita, Kansas, the daughter of James and Idawayne (Barker) Baker. She graduated from Wichita North High School.

Joanna helped educate young children at Forbes Air Force Base Preschool and enjoyed the special bond with the children over the years. She ran the kindergarten with her late friend, Freida Konowalow.

She was also employed by KPERS for 17 years as an office supervisor. Joanna was a member of the Berryton Baptist Church and enjoyed being part of Bible study groups.

Joanna married Harold D. Huffman on June 14, 1952 in Wichita, Kansas. They welcomed two daughters, Teri and Tami. Harold predeceased her on February 18, 1990.

She will be remembered as a caring and loving person who adored her family. Joanna had a special bond with her three granddaughters, Lena, Christina and Lisa.

Joanna leaves behind her daughters, Teri (Gilbert) Colpitts and Tami (Robert) Buch; three granddaughters, Lena (Christopher) Graham, Christina Shaver and Lisa Johnson; 13 great-grandchildren, seven great-great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild on the way. She was preceded in death by her parents; siblings, Vicki Hughes, James E. Baker and Janice Shipley and grandson, Dean Shaver.

An in-state will be held from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 27, 2022 at Penwell Gabel Funeral Home, 1321 SW 10th Ave., Topeka, Kansas 66604. A funeral service will follow at 4:00 p.m. A funeral service will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, October 28, 2022 at Wichita Park Cemetery in Wichita, Kansas. To leave a message for the family online, please visit www.PenwellGabelTopeka.com.

Posted on October 23, 2022

Posted in Topeka Capital Journal

service information


Penwell Gabel Funeral Home, 1321 SW 10th Ave., Topeka, Kanas 66604

October 27, 2022 at 13:00 – 16:00


Penwell Gabel Funeral Home, 1321 SW 10th Ave., Topeka, Kansas 66604

October 27, 2022 at 4:00 p.m.

Best SMS Verification Apps for Android and iOS in 2022 ⋆ Naijaknowhow


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By using one of the best SMS verification apps on your android Where iOS the device will allow you to receive verification codes from websites such as Facebook, Twitterand instagram if you do not wish to use your real telephone number for confidential reasons.

These applications are often called virtual phone number apps because if you use one of them, you won’t need to get a sim card before they can work. While some of them are best known for SMS verification services, I decided to find the best one for you to use on your smartphone.

Today’s article on NaijaKnowHow focuses on the best SMS verification apps for Android and iOS, these are apps that will let you receive verification codes from different websites and apps if you don’t want to use your real phone number.

List of Best SMS Verification Apps for Android and iOS

1. Talkatone

It is one of the best SMS verification apps for Android and iOS. Talkatone is a very good app with very useful features including text messaging, voice messages, video conferencevideo calls, group texts and more.

What’s cool is that you can use it anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access. Its free version allows 500 texts which is not much but still enough to get by if you are an average user. Otherwise, there are also other premium plans that you can upgrade according to your needs. It also has over a million users worldwide, so no problem there either.

Talkatone: SMS and calls
Talkatone: SMS and calls
‎Talkatone: Texting and Wi-Fi Calling
‎Talkatone: Texting and Wi-Fi Calling

2. Talk


It’s not a question of which smartphone you use, whether it’s iOS or Android, it works on both platforms. This is one of those SMS verification apps which can be used to verify your account by text verification.

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It also has another feature that lets you easily find nearby friends if you want to connect with new people in your locality or nearby. And all of these features are free, with no advertising interruptions at any cost. You can download its apk file from Google Play Store and AppleStore.

Second phone number - TalkU
Second phone number - TalkU
‎TalkU: Unlimited calls + texts
‎TalkU: Unlimited calls + texts

3. Text me

best sms verification apps

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TextMe is a free text messaging service and best SMS verification apps that works with your regular cell phone number. TextMe can text anyone, anywhere in the world. It’s perfect if you’re looking to replace your landline but aren’t ready to upgrade to a fully mobile solution.

And unlike other options, TextMe has no monthly fees, you only pay per premium message you receive. If you have a iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iMessage enabled, Text Me sends messages over the internet instead of your cellular carrier, saving you even more money.

Text me: second phone number
Text me: second phone number
‎Text Me - Phone Call + SMS
‎Text Me - Phone Call + SMS

4. line2

line 2

As one of the best SMS verification apps, you can use line2 to send unlimited text messages (not just calls) to any phone number in any country. Line2 isn’t restricted to any particular carrier, so if you’re looking to switch carriers at some point, this might be your best bet.

That said, it’s still an app better suited to those looking for cheap international calls. It also works with Apple Watch. It’s free on iPhone/iPad or any smartphone running Android 4.0 or above, just be sure to verify your account via phone call before signing up.

Line2 - Second phone number
Line2 - Second phone number
‎Line2 - Second phone number
‎Line2 - Second phone number

5. silent


It is one of the best second phone number apps because it is fully end-to-end encrypted. When you send an encrypted text, it’s like sending an email, only your recipient can decrypt it. The platform offers both free and premium plans.

Hushed is undoubtedly one of the best SMS verification apps for Android and iOS because of its features, it is a beautiful app and the phone numbers obtained from Hushed can work on any website and app .

Hushed - Second phone number
Hushed - Second phone number
‎Hushed - 2nd phone number
‎Hushed - 2nd phone number

6. 2nd line


2ndLine is an app that will add a second phone line to your existing phone number. This is very handy if you need to add a separate number, for example for business or personal use. Once installed, you can easily switch between two numbers without interrupting what’s happening on your main line.

If your friends want to call you but don’t have access to your new number, they can text 2ndLine instead and all messages will be sent to you, making all text messages appear to come from your phone line main. .

2ndLine - Second Phone Number
2ndLine - Second Phone Number
‎2nd Line - Second Phone Number
‎2nd Line - Second Phone Number

7. Dingtone

best sms verification apps

Dingtone is one of the best SMS verification apps for Android and iOS which will allow any of its registered users to receive SMS verification codes easily. This application is ideal for Europeans because it has many European users.

Dingtone allows users to send free text messages (SMS) between devices, which is useful for sending a code through any device of your choice, including Android and iOS devices. You can also use Dingtone as an alternative to iMessage or WhatsApp so users can chat without using too much data. If you want to verify accounts on websites or apps, Dingtone can come in handy. It works on Android and iOS devices.

Unlimited texting, calling app
Unlimited texting, calling app
‎Dingtone: Phone Calls + SMS
‎Dingtone: Phone Calls + SMS

8. eSIM number

best sms verification apps

The newest entrant to our list, Numero eSIM is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that only offers eSIM solutions. They offer very good voice plans with unlimited calls to any mobile or landline number in the world as well as low cost SMS per message.

If you want to receive SMS verification from any website or app, Numero eSIM is one of the best apps you can use. Numero eSIM is not free and expect service fees ranging from $8 per month.

eSIM Number: Virtual Number
eSIM Number: Virtual Number
‎eSIM number: virtual number
‎eSIM number: virtual number


The apps listed above have made SMS verification easy, you can download them on your Android or iOS device, if you want to verify SMS without using your primary phone number, these apps are well placed to support.

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Henrico Too Smart 2 Start Coalition (HTS2S) launches Not2Vape.org


With a grant from the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth, the Henrico Too Smart 2 Start Coalition Youth Task Force created a healthy messaging campaign to educate youth about the dangers of vaping, particularly its impact on health. youth mental health, as well as two text messaging services that have been shown to significantly help young people quit vaping.

At the center of this campaign is the Not2Vape.org web page. On this page, young people can learn more about Live Vape Free Virginia and This is Quitting text messaging services. The coalition primarily promotes Live Vape Free Virginia, as much of the information is based on Virginia youth and many posts were created by other Virginians. Additionally, his website has resources for parents of young people who vape. This is Quitting was created by the Truth Initiative and takes a more national perspective, but it’s also a great service with great messages about vaping. Both services are free, based on accurate information and feature messages from young people who are also struggling with nicotine addiction.

As the campaign develops, the youth working group will add messages, information and images to the site. Young people in Henrico will also notice advertisements promoting the site on billboards throughout the county, participating schools and social media. The campaign will also include a vaping prevention and cessation video created by the HTS2S youth task force. The campaign will culminate later this year with a social media video contest.

The Youth Task Force invites other young people to join the fight against nicotine addiction.

For more information about Not2Vape.org, stop vaping services, and/or joining the Youth Task Force, email [email protected] or call (804) 876-2785.

To download campaign flyers, go to tinyurl.com/hts2s-N2V2022.

Henrico Too Smart 2 Start Coalition is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that promotes health and wellness in Henrico County with a focus on reducing youth substance abuse through the education, advocacy and capacity building.

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This access is important because it helps readers connect with their community, helps them learn more about what’s going on around them (good and bad), fosters community conversations, and prompts meaningful action. Over 70,000 people read our coverage each month, and we believe our community is better off for it.

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Mysterious new ketamine-like drug CanKet found at CanTEST sparks call for WA fixed-site pill testing service


The discovery of a mysterious new recreational drug in Australia, unknown to major drug agencies, has prompted fresh calls for pill testing services to be made available in WA.

Drug addicts have been urged to exercise extreme caution after scientists detected a ketamine-like substance unlike anything they had ever seen before and yet to be ‘toxicologically described’ elsewhere in the world.

The worrying discovery was made by experts from the Australian National University as part of their work with Australia’s first fixed pill testing site, CanTEST, located in Canberra.

It is over there

“Someone presented a small plastic bag of crystals and powder to the testing service,” Professor Malcolm McLeod said.

“They told us they thought it was ketamine, but the effects of the drug were very different from what they expected, so they wanted us to test it.

“But when we tested the substance, it was clear that it was not ketamine, but rather a ketamine-like substance. That’s why we called it CanKet – as in ketamine from Canberra.

“Although we have a clear reading of the chemical structure of the drug, we are still not entirely sure of its effects.

“Our first reaction was ‘whoa, this is really weird’. We have no idea who made the drug or where it came from. But now we know it’s out there.

Camera icon‘CanKet’ sample tested at Australia’s premier fixed pill testing site; CanTEST (image: Malcolm McLeod/ANU). Credit: Malcom McLeod

While the drug shares similar chemical qualities to ketamine, it has a unique composition never before seen in Australia.

Ketamine is usually snorted or injected, but can also be taken by mouth. It provides a powerful high for about an hour and is related to anesthetics, including horse tranquilizers. Common side effects include nightmares, hallucinations, high blood pressure, and confusion. In recreational use, it is also associated with a phenomenon known as “k-hole” – a state of dissociation similar to an out-of-body experience.

Emergency services consultant and clinical drug expert, Associate Professor David Caldicott, said the discovery of CatKet was particularly “baffling” given that even reputable agencies such as the United Nations Office on Drugs and crime and the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction had no data on the substance.

Dr David Caldicott.
Camera iconDr David Caldicott. Credit: NT/Tracey Nearmy/ANU

“This is something quite new, which has never been reported, anywhere, by a drug control service,” he said.

“While it’s fair to say that we understand ketamine as a drug very well, we literally have no other data on the acute or chronic effects of this close cousin. And that’s baffling.

“To assume it’s ‘safe’ because it appears to be related to ketamine would be a misjudgment. “That’s why services like CanTEST are so invaluable. save lives. “

Concern around CanKet has prompted new calls for the expansion of fixed-site pill-testing clinics to other parts of Australia, including WA.

Established in July 2022 as part of a six-month pilot trial, CanTEST is the country’s only stationary drug testing center in Australia.

The ACT Health initiative was launched after analysis at a similar pop-up trial at Canberra’s Groovin’ The Moo festival in 2018 and 2019 found substances containing the potentially deadly MDMA substitute, n -ethylpentylone.

Canberra is the only home to a pill testing service.
Camera iconCanberra is the only home to a pill testing service. Credit: oudmurd – stock.adobe.com

Professor Caldicott said the stigma around pill testing had deterred ministers from establishing sites in their states and territories.

“The evidence is home and watered down. Two independent inquiries provided expertise in NSW and recommended pill testing in NSW,” he said.

“The opposition at the moment is exclusively political, so I would say it is up to our political colleagues to explain why they are right when the experts are wrong.

“We have a standing offer in WA to provide a pill testing service, but last time we visited the idea in WA we were told that pill testing sends the wrong message.

“But the real message the pill tests send is that ‘we think your life is worth watching and we want to keep you safe’.

“It also recognizes the idea that a drug-free Australia is wishful thinking and we need to focus on keeping young people alive as they go through this phase of life.

“The vast majority of young people who dabbled in drugs when they were young don’t end up using drugs for the rest of their lives.”

Pill testing is demonstrated at Australia's first fixed pill testing facility in Canberra.
Camera iconPill testing is demonstrated at Australia’s first fixed pill testing facility in Canberra. Credit: NT/Tracey Nearmy/ANU

WA Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson has been contacted to comment on the prospect of pill testing sites in WA.

A spokesperson commented that: “The McGowan government has no plans to introduce pill testing in Western Australia at this time.

“However, we continue to monitor emerging research on pill testing, including the results of the ACT’s pill testing pilot project.”

The CatTEST pilot program will end at the end of 2022.

In the meantime, Professor Caldicott urged recreational drug users not to be “guinea pigs” and to exercise extreme caution before taking any new drug.

“It’s clear from our testing that what you’re selling is often something other than what it is. Finding CanKet is another level of concern,” he said.

The scientists’ investigations into CanKet continue.

Service NSW Prepares Multi-Factor Authentication Trial – Security


Service NSW is taking its first steps towards implementing multi-factor authentication for its MyServiceNSW service.

Minister of Customer Service and Digital Administration Victor Dominello announcement the move yesterday on LinkedIn.

This follows the Optus data breach, which drew attention to the security of state-issued IDs such as driver’s licenses.

NSW led the way by agreeing to simplify the process for citizens whose driving licenses were compromised during the breach.

Initially, 2FA will be offered only via authentication codes sent as text, an approach widely considered insecure.

Dominello said SMS-based 2FA is a “first phase of testing,” with further iterations to provide “more robust and practical second-factor choices,” including push notifications and app support. ‘authentication.

He said “the initial pilot won’t be silky smooth”.

Customers who opt for the initial phase, he said, will have to use 2FA for each account login.

As the MFA driver improves, Dominello said, customers will have “the choice of how MFA can be applied (rather than each time a connection occurs).”

“After the initial pilot, Service NSW will work to apply MFA to specific scenarios and transactions in the MyServiceNSW account to protect customers,” he wrote.

“As an example, the AMF will be necessary when customers want to change their bank details.”

Sen. Mike Lee tries to distance himself from Trump in Utah debate


OREM, Utah — Fending off attacks from his independent opponent, U.S. Senator Mike Lee of Utah struggled to distinguish himself from former President Donald Trump during a contentious debate Monday night.

“I have stood against my party many times to oppose reckless spending. I will do it again and again and again. We need people who say no,” the second-term Republican said.

Lee has repeatedly said his voting record shows he is not beholden to any party or politician. Twice, he told the Utah Valley University audience that he voted less in agreement with Trump than all but two Republican senators — Rand Paul and Susan Collins.

“To suggest that I am indebted to either party, that I have been a sucker for either party is madness. And that’s contradicted by the clear facts,” Lee said.

Lee faces a challenge from Evan McMullin, a former Republican best known for his long-term bid for president six years ago, when as an independent he won 21.5% of the vote in Utah, including Lee’s. McMullin has since become a pillar of the anti-Trump movement, attacking Trump as a threat to democracy and arguing that his actions are contrary to the history of the Republican Party and what is best for the United States.

Lee’s attempts to draw a distinction with Trump reflect the particular dynamics emerging in Utah this election cycle. In the red state marquee race, one candidate runs as an independent and the other tries to emphasize his independent streak.

The race has taken shape as one of many nationwide referendums on the direction Trump has taken for the GOP. McMullin is trying to tap into the anti-Trump sentiment that has set Utah apart from other Republican strongholds. Lee’s last-minute efforts to put some space between his voting record and Trump’s positions depart from his past posts as Election Day approaches.

“I don’t think he’s trying to distance himself from Trump. What I think he’s trying to do is draw that contrast. Everyone’s like, ‘Oh, he’s a dog of guard,” Utah Republican Party Chairman Carson Jorgensen said. “No, he stood up for what he believed in every time, even when it came to Trump.”

Utah is a reliable Republican state, but its religiously steeped politics are idiosyncratic. The majority of residents belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which places a high value on good manners and avoids alcohol and foul language. Members of the Republican Faith lean, but polls have shown Trump has less strong support among them than other prominent GOP politicians.

Trump failed to win the support of a majority of Utah voters in 2016 and Joe Biden fared better with Utah voters in 2020 than any Democrat since 1964.

Lee’s emphasis on his desire to distance himself from Trump comes as McMullin attempts to cast him as one of the former president’s most loyal followers. McMullin recently ran an attack ad based on Lee’s 2020 remarks comparing Trump to Captain Moroni, a scriptural hero from the Book of Mormon.

Monday’s debate was McMullin’s first shift to directly confront Lee about the text messages he sent to Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on the eve of the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol, which he made a centerpiece of his campaign. .

The texts show Lee asking for advice on how to contribute to efforts to challenge the 2020 election results. Lee defended his actions, saying he simply intended to look into the legal arguments and rumors that swing states would submit lists of fake voters, noting that he had ultimately voted to certify the results.

On Monday, Lee demanded an apology from McMullin and said his version of events showed a “cavalier and reckless disregard for the truth.”

Although the posts suggest Lee researched the legality of alternative voter rolls prior to Jan. 6, Lee said they showed no evidence that he supported such a system. He said he would not have done so and noted that he had voted to certify the election results.

A raucous crowd of mostly Lee supporters jeered and booed when McMullin called Lee’s actions a “travesty”.

“Senator Lee, this was the most flagrant betrayal of our nation’s Constitution in its history by a United States Senator. I believe this will be your legacy,” McMullin said, waving his finger at Lee.

Message from the President-Elect: The Beginning of a New Chapter at the FIU | FIU News


Dear CRF Family,

With a humble heart and a great sense of Panther pride, I am honored to begin my journey as the sixth President of CRF, an institution that means so much to me and to our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community.

Today, as I begin this new chapter, I am grateful to all members of our CRF family for your tireless work and passion for CRF. On a personal note, thank you for your support and guidance, especially throughout my months of service as interim president. I am also grateful to the members of our CRF Board of Directors and Presidential Search Committee for entrusting me with the task of leading the CRF to new heights. I humbly look forward to meeting with the Board of Governors next month as part of the presidential confirmation process and thank its members in advance for their support of the FIU.

As a proud member of the Panther family for 13 years, I strongly believe in the strength of our college community, which for 50 years has pushed boundaries, exceeded expectations, and affected change in our city, state, nation. , and the world. Inspired by our past and propelled by the hopes and dreams of tomorrow, I am full of energy and optimistic about all that we will achieve together.

At FIU, we have a unique opportunity to continue to be a leader in solving the most complex problems of our time, while giving engaged and hard-working students in our community the chance to succeed. As President, I promise to lead the CRF with humility, honesty and integrity, always keeping an open mind and listening to you.

As I mentioned during the community sessions last week, my presidency will be based on four key pillars: student success, research excellence, sustainable resources, affinity and engagement. Guided by FIU’s Next Horizon 2025 strategic plan, I am confident that we will be among the top 50 public universities in the US News & World Report rankings by 2025.

We are on the right track. FIU has been the fastest growing university in US News’ public rankings for the past 10 years, and we’ve already achieved many “Top 50” rankings, including those focused on economic mobility, return on investment, innovation and the growth of research expenditure, which are so closely linked to our mission.

As the nation’s largest R1 Hispanic-serving institution, CRF will continue to invest in our students and their academic and career success. Additionally, we will continue to support and welcome faculty who push the boundaries of research and bring this knowledge into the classroom through evidence-based, inclusive teaching that educates students to be thinkers. criticism and problem solving.

The CRF has always had ambitious goals. As President, and with your support, I will work every day to ensure that we continue this tradition for the next 50 years.

I look forward to the continuation of this university and am grateful to all of you for joining me on this exciting new journey for CRF.


Kenneth A. Jessel

Airtel Message Center Number: List of All Airtel SMS Center Numbers by State, How to Change, More


Airtel is one of the leading mobile operators in India. However, there may be times when you cannot send SMS from your mobile phone. There can be several issues including phone issues, expired top-up plan, faulty SIM card, etc. Another reason can be an incorrect or old SMSC or Message Center number whose function is to maintain the sending and receiving processes from one device to another. This number changes frequently, so if you are unable to send or receive messages from your Airtel SIM card, here is a list of updated Airtel message center numbers for all states and how to change it.

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Airtel Message Center Numbers for All States

To get the Airtel SMS center number for your state, check the list below.

states Airtel message center number
Bihar +919831029416
delhi +919810051914
Maharashtra +919898051916
Karnataka +919845086007
AP (Andhra Pradesh) +919849087001
Madhya Pradesh +919845086020
Punjab +919815051914
Rajasthan +919815051914
assam +919818023015
Gujarat +919831029416
Telangana +919849087001
Uttar Pradesh +919810051914
Orissa +919818023015
West Bengal +919932029007
Uttarakhand +919845086020
Himachal Pradesh +919845086020
Kerala +919810051905
Jharkhand +919845086020
Jammu and Kashmir +919845086007
Tamil Nadu +919898051914

Also read: Vi message center number: list of all Vodafone Idea SMS center numbers by status, how to change etc.

How to Change Airtel SMS Center Number?

Change Airtel Message Center Number From Message Settings

An Airtel user can change the SMS center number of their SIM card through the messaging app, here is how to do it.

  1. Open the SMS app on the phone.
  2. Tap the Menu option – the three dots in the top right corner of the screen
  3. From the drop-down menu, choose Settings.
  4. Find the Advanced option and tap on it, now select SMSC. Tap on it to edit it.
  5. Copy and paste the latest Airtel message center number from the list above for your state. Now click save.
  6. Your Airtel SMS center number has changed and now you can send the SMS again.

Change Airtel Message Center Number from USSD Code

Still struggling to change Airtel SMS center number? Try using the USSD code method to change it by following the steps below.

  1. Open your phone’s dial pad and dial *#*#4636#*#*.
  2. A message will appear, tap on phone information and scroll down.
  3. Look for the SMSC option and press the refresh button to view the current SMS center number.
  4. Copy the updated Airtel SMS center number from above table for your state and paste it. Now click on Update.

That’s it, your Airtel SMS center number has changed and now you can use it to send SMS.

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What is the procedure to reset my Airtel SMS Center number?

Airtel SMS center number can only be updated from now on. It cannot be reset at this time.

How can I get SMS settings from Airtel?

To receive SMS settings from Airtel via SMS, type MO and send an SMS to 54321 via your Airtel SIM card. You will receive an SMS with Airtel APN settings, click OK and restart your phone.

How can I fix Airtel message not sent?

Airtel said in a blog post that if you are unable to send SMS, try these troubleshooters.

  1. Restart your phone
  2. Delete unnecessary text messages
  3. Empty the cache
  4. Update phone software
  5. Contact customer service

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Why First Lady Jill Biden will be at Sunday’s Eagles-Cowboys game


People who show up early at Lincoln Financial Field for Sunday’s game between the Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys will see a familiar face involved in an important initiative that includes the NFL, which deals with a serious issue.


First Lady Jill Biden will be at Sunday night’s game as part of the league’s “Crucial Catch” campaign. Biden is expected to join cancer patients, cancer survivors and their families around 7:30 p.m. to participate in activities surrounding the cause.

The “Crucial Catch” campaign is an awareness campaign led by the NFL and the American Cancer Society that focuses on early detection of cancer and reducing the risk of contracting the disease. League stadiums, including Lincoln Financial Field, painted “Crucial Catch” on the back of the end zones.

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Biden is no stranger to the Eagles, given that she has previously said that she and her husband, President Joe Biden, are Eagles fans. It may also be because she was born in Hammonton. It’s possible she’ll stay and watch the rest of the game.

The Eagles enter the game as the only undefeated team in the league, sporting a 5-0 record. Meanwhile, the Cowboys are just one game behind the Eagles in the NFC East standings, meaning the winner of the game will top the division.

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This IFS officer received a fake job offer, shares it as a cautionary tale

Many of you who receive these fake SMS and WhatsApp messages on job vacancies would be totally concerned about this.

Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Parveen Kaswan shared a screenshot of a message he received recently, apparently as part of a scam attempt

“Your CV is received in our company and salary is ₹9,700,” the post reads, adding a WhatsApp link asking him to contact for more details.

“Finally got the job offer. I don’t know what to do anymore,” the IFS officer joked.

“Dear friends, nowadays many scam people or agencies keep sending such kind of SMS and emails. Do not react and click on the links. It may lead to data theft, hacking or financial fraud. Be careful,” his next tweet warned.

Many of those who responded shared similar posts about fake job postings.

“I also got a similar message from Maharashtra State Electricity Board yesterday. Although my salary is in 5 figures,” another commented.

“Mr package Very less.. I usually got offers like 8000 rs per hour,” said a third user.

Many others have asked what to do to stop or even trap these scammers who could be part of a phishing attack.

Disclaimer Statement: This content is written by an external agency. The views expressed herein are those of the respective authors/entities and do not represent the views of Economic Times (ET). ET does not guarantee, vouch for or endorse any of its content and is not responsible for it in any way. Please take all necessary steps to ensure that the information and content provided is correct, updated and verified. ET hereby disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with respect to the report and its contents.

Take This Quiz And Win Free Tickets To The Blasters’ Next Home Game | Soccer


Kochi: Kerala Blasters, looking to win their second home match on trot in the 9th edition of the Indian Super League (ISL), will take on fearsome ATK Mohun Bagan at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium here on Sunday.

Malayala Manorama, the media partners of Kerala Blasters, has held a contest to give free tickets to its readers to watch the team’s home games.

Football fans can enter the contest and get a chance to watch the game against ATK Mohun Bagan on October 16 by providing the correct answer to an ISL-related question.

As many as 75 people will receive free tickets to the top-flight match via a raffle. The response must be sent by message in the valid format before 5 p.m. on Friday (October 14).

The winners of the raffle will be notified by text message and tickets can be claimed at the Malayala Manorama office in Panampilly Nagar, Kochi at the time stated in the text message.

Today’s question
Who scored the first goal for Kerala Blasters in their opener against ATK Mohun Bagan in the 2021-22 edition of ISL?

A. Sahal Abdul Samad

B. Adrian Luna

C. Jorge Pereyra Diaz

The SMS must be sent to 56767123 (charges apply) with the correct keyword in the format ‘FTB district code answer.

The district codes are as follows:
Thiruvananthapuram (TVM), Kollam (KLM), Pathanamthitta (PTA), Alappuzha (ALP), Kottayam (KTM), Idukki (IDK), Ernakulam (EKM), Thrissur (TCR), Palakkad (PKD), Malappuram (MPM), Kozhikode (CLT), Wayanad (WYD), Kannur (KNR) and Kasaragod (KSG).

For example, if you are from Idukki district and you think option ‘C’ is the correct answer, the format should be FTB IDK vs.

How Yankees Rain Could Mean Trouble


Even the best pitching plans…

The Yankees entered the American League Division Series hoping they would be able to mount their top three starters.

It could still happen, but Mother Nature might have thrown a curveball at them that could also affect their bullpen.

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Yankees manager Aaron Boone said he wasn’t going to think about how Thursday’s rain from Game 2 and its subsequent push through Friday at 1:07 p.m. could be a bad thing for the Bombers.

“Both teams have to live with it. You have to deal with different things that happen all the time in the regular season and certainly in the playoffs, that’s how you deal with those things,” Boone said on The Michael Kay Show on ESPN New York radio.

A few concerns:

What does this mean for Game 2? In fact, it helps. It gives scheduled starting pitcher Nestor Cortes an extra day to rest, and it gives Clay Holmes an extra day to rid himself of any pain he may have felt after pitching in Game 1. Holmes received an injection of cortisone in his right shoulder and did not pitch for the last week of the regular season.

What about the Game 5 starter? This is where it gets tricky. The Yankees were hoping to use Gerrit Cole in Game 1, Cortes in Game 2, then Luis Severino in Game 3. That’s still the plan. They wanted to bring Cole back into Game 4 on regular rest. They can do it too. But they won’t be able to start Cortes in Game 5 on Monday as he will only have two rest days instead of three. They would probably need to turn to Jameson Taillon. Boone said he would expect Taillon to still be available on Friday and then have the team adjust their bullpen for Saturday and beyond. “‘I’d like to think Nestor would be available at some level (for Game 5),'” Boone continued, “especially for some of the southpaws in their roster to give you another southpaw even if it’s for a round. important or something like that. .” Cortes has experience coming out of the bullpen. On the good side of the Yankees, that will also mean Cleveland ace Shane Bieber can’t start with a short rest in Game 5.


What about the bullpen? The Guardians and Yankees could play games in four straight days if there are five games. That could tip the scales in terms of the advantage of throwing even more to the Guardians, who have the top bullpen. The Yankees probably want nothing to do with using the last man in the bullpen Miguel Castro in key spots, but injuries to Scott Effross (Tommy John surgery) and Ron Marinaccio (stress reaction from the shin) and the absence of Aroldis Chapman put them in a tough place.

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Vonage Applauded by Frost & Sullivan for Fully Integrated API, Unified Communications and Contact Center-as-a-Service Platform and Competitive Strategy


Vonage’s VCP strategy comes at the perfect time when the industry and consumers recognize the value of programmable communications.

SAN ANTONIO, October 13, 2022 /CNW/ — Frost and Sullivan awarded Vonage, a global leader in enterprise cloud communications, the 2022 North American Competitive Strategy Leadership Award for its API-driven enterprise communications solutions. This recognition is part of Frost & Sullivan’s recent research focused on the North American API-enabled enterprise communications industry and, based on its findings, acknowledges Vonage with the 2022 North American Competitive Strategy Leadership Award for its API-driven business communication solutions. Through the Vonage Integrated Communications Platform (VCP), the company delivers enterprise cloud communications services through a unique combination of unified communications, contact center, and communications APIs.

Pandemic-related workflows, including curbside pickup, pre-appointment COVID-19 screening and telehealth visits, have underscored the need for corporate communications departments to adapt quickly to changing business environments. Every business, regardless of size or industry, needs more than a phone system or contact center to engage with customers effectively and meaningfully.

Vonage has a global community of over one million registered developers who leverage Vonage APIs to create custom, integrated and programmable solutions for an unlimited number of applications and use cases. The company also drives the organic development and innovation of its product portfolio through the single, integrated Vonage Communications Platform (VCP). The integrated platform for enterprise communication services includes Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), and CPaaS capabilities via APIs. Vonage’s open and extensible APIs allow companies to embed, integrate and program communications into the heart of their business processes.

Product and development synergies continually prove the company’s differentiated value of VCP, including:

  • Supports a wide range of communication modalities through APIs including voice, video, short message service (SMS), two-factor authentication, social media messaging channels, email and in-app notifications
  • Enables rapid development of new products and solutions in response to changing market demands and requirements
  • Enables Vonage to take a more holistic approach to consuming its platform
  • Pprovides businesses with a customized solution that exactly meets their needs and requirements.

According Michael Brandenburga senior industry analyst from Frost & Sullivan Connected Work, “Vonage has invested significantly in the development and acquisition of technologies to realize the vision of a fully integrated platform that enables a virtuous cycle for the provider and its customers and partners. As new technologies and APIs become available to developers through VCP applications, UCaaS and CCaaS deliver an enhanced employee or customer experience.”

“We are honored to be recognized by Frost & Sullivan for the strength of our API offering and strategy behind our robust Vonage Communications Platform, a differentiating combination of APIs, Unified Communications and Contact Center,” said NAME, TITLE for Vonage. “With the power of VCP, our customers are creating the kind of integrated, personalized connections that help them have more meaningful conversations with their own customers – from anywhere and on the channels of their choice for a truly unique experience. ”

VCP is a bold strategy and Vonage’s greatest strength, more strongly appealing to customers looking for fully integrated services. VCP enables the company and its customers to innovate and grow, especially when it comes to meeting the growing demand for video contact center agents. Vonage has seen significant video growth in personalized, secure, and integrated solutions that leverage video APIs to enable telehealth, social, and educational platforms. The company works closely with its customers to determine their specific needs and pricing for advanced business application integrations and embedded business applications.

“Vonage recognized that customers in different industries would need long-term programmable communication options and more traditional communication services. It aligns all of its core services on a shared platform for renewed success and growth in the UCaaS, CCaaS and CPaaS markets,” added Brandenburg. . With strong overall performance, Vonage wins Frost & Sullivan’s 2022 North American Competitive Strategy Leadership Award in the API-Driven Enterprise Communications Market.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that has leveraged competitive intelligence to successfully execute a strategy that results in stronger market share, competitive brand positioning and customer satisfaction. .

The Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Awards recognize companies in various regional and global markets for outstanding achievement and superior performance in leadership, technology innovation, customer service and strategic product development. Industry analysts benchmark market players and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis, and in-depth secondary research to identify industry best practices.

About Frost & Sullivan

For six decades, Frost & Sullivan has been recognized globally for its role in helping investors, business leaders and governments navigate economic change and identify disruptive technologies, megatrends, new business models and companies to action, resulting in a continuous stream of growth opportunities to ensure future success. Contact us: Start the discussion.


Bianca Torres
Such. :
E : [email protected]

About Vonage

Vonage, a global leader in cloud communications, helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation. Vonage’s communications platform is fully programmable and enables the integration of video, voice, chat, messaging, AI and verification into existing products, workflows and systems. Vonage’s conversational commerce app enables businesses to create AI-powered omnichannel experiences that drive sales and increase customer satisfaction. Vonage’s fully programmable Unified Communications, Contact Center and Conversational Commerce applications are built on the Vonage Platform and enable businesses to transform the way they communicate and operate from the office or remotely, delivering the flexibility needed to create meaningful commitments.

Vonage is headquartered in New Jerseywith offices everywhere United States, Europe, Israel and Asia and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ericsson. To follow Vonage on Twitter, please visit www.twitter.com/vonage. To become a fan on Facebook, visit facebook.com/vonage. To subscribe on YouTube, go to youtube.com/vonage.

Vonage Media Contact: Santina Stankevich201-407-8474, [email protected]

SOURCE Frost & Sullivan

Vi Balance Check: How to Check Vodafone Idea Balance via SMS, USSD Codes, App, Website, WhatsApp and More


The Vodafone The 2018 Idea (Vi) merger enabled consolidation in the telecom segment. Today, VI is identified as one of the largest telecom operators in India, second only to Airtel and Jio. As the company continues to grow in popularity, its prepaid subscriber base is also growing. If you have a prepaid connection from VI or any other carrier, keeping tabs on your call and data balance can be a hassle.

Vodafone Idea (Vi) has designed different ways to keep an eye on everything. These methods include information via SMS, USSD codes, app, etc.

So here is a compilation of the different methods you can use to check your balance on the Vodafone Idea (Vi) phone number.

Vodafone Idea or Vi offers free prepaid plan of Rs 49 and double benefits on plan of Rs 79 to users in low income group

How to Check Vodafone Idea Balance via SMS

One of the many ways to check your Vodafone Idea balance from your device is through the SMS service. At first it may seem very intimidating, when in reality it is child’s play if you blindly follow the steps as we mentioned:

1) Open the ‘Messaging’ application on your phone

2) SMS ‘Data Ball’ to 144 from your Vodafone Idea (VI) number

By doing this, you will instantly receive a message informing you of the data balance of your account.

How to balance Vodafone Idea (VI) via USSD code

Using USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes to check balance on VI sims is a popular and instant way. Vodafone Idea (VI) offers a multitude of short settlements to facilitate the balance checking process. Just follow the process below and you are good to go:

Open your “Dial app” > Type the USSD code > Press ‘Dial’ > You will receive a prompt message with the required information depending on the code used.

List of all USSD codes to check Vodafone Idea (VI) balance

S.No. USSD code Features
1 *199*2*1# Check main balance
2 *199*2*2# Check internet balance
3 *199*1*3# 4G/3G/2G Internet offers
4 *199*1*6# Credit Chhota
5 *199*1*7# Top-up offer
6 *199*1*8# Voice, SMS, Roaming offer
seven *199*3*1# Activate the Vodafone VAS service
8 *199*3*2# Disable Vodafone VAS service
9 *199*4# Get the Vi app
ten *199*2*3# Details of the last 3 calls and SMS
11 *199*2*4# Last 3 VAS deductions
12 *199*2*5# Emergency talk time credit loan
13 *199*3*3# Activate or change caller melody
14 *199*5*2# Unlimited charging pack offers
15 *199*5*3# Combined top-up offers
16 *1995*4# Data top up offers
17 *199*5*5# International Roaming Recharge Offers
18 *199*5*6# SMS recharge offers

How to Check Vodafone Idea (VI) Balance Using App

VI App is one of the most convenient ways to check your Vodafone Idea (VI) account balance. We assume you have downloaded the app to your device; if not, you can download the application here or follow the step-by-step guide below, and you’re good to go:

  • First, go to the Google Play Store and search for the VI app.
  • Download and install the app on your device.
  • Next, launch the app and log in using your Vodafone Idea (VI) number.
  • Enter the OTP received by SMS and confirm your account.
  • The application home page reflects the remaining data, main balance and validity.

How to check Vodafone Idea (VI) balance via website

vi website

Internet access, browser and some help from us to allow you to check your VI balance through the VI website. Here’s how:

  • Visit the website https://www.myvi.in/
  • You must log in to check the account balance.
  • To login, you can login using your VI and OTP number.
    Once logged in, you will see your prepaid/postpaid dashboard. Here you will be able to see details such as the validity of the pack, the amount of data remaining for the day, the validity of your current pack, etc.
  • Once you’ve selected your plan details, you’ll see the main balance and active services as of the last top-up dates.
  • The website also offers the direct recharge service through the website.

How to check Vodafone Idea (VI) balance via IVR

IVR stands for (Interactive Voice Response). To use the IVR to check your Vodafone Idea (VI) SIM card balance, follow the steps below:

  • Dial 199 from your dialer app.
  • Select your preferred language by pressing the corresponding number. Once you have selected your language, follow the audio instructions to find out your VI number’s main balance.

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How to check main balance via whatsapp


Vodafone Idea (VI) offers a unique and interactive service to check the main balance via WhatsApp. Let’s see how this can be done:

  • To add ‘9654297000’ to your contacts and send a first message ‘Hi’ or ‘Bonjour’ The chatbot will send an automated message.
  • If you are a first time user, you will need to select your account being prepaid or postpaid.
  • Subsequently, a menu message will appear.
  • Type ‘3’ and send the message; a menu will reappear.
  • Type “1”, which stands for “Main Balance”. A menu will be presented to confirm your Vodafone Idea (VI) number.
  • Type ‘1’ to select ‘Yes’ to confirm your number.
  • Thereafter, you will receive an OTP on your registered number. Paste the OTP in the chat and press send.
  • Once successfully verified, you will receive a message regarding the main balance, active plan, validity and remaining data.
  • You will also receive an option to top up your number.

How to Check Vodafone Idea (Vi) 4G Data Balance

Vodafone Idea (VI) offers different ways to find the 4G data balance in your account. You can easily check your data balance via USSD code or via Vodafone Idea (VI) app:

USSD Code Usage

  1. Launch your dialer app and dial *199*2*2#.
  2. You will receive a quick message regarding your 4G data balance from your Vi phone number, such as how much data is left for the day and if there is an additional data pack.

Using the app

Once you have successfully downloaded the app and signed in with your Vodafone Idea (Vi) number, you can easily check the 4G data balance on your phone number.

  1. Select “Main Scale” on the home screen.
  2. The remaining call and data balance are displayed on the screen.

You can easily track your Vi data balance through the Vi app, which is handy if you have a prepaid Vi connection.

Read also : VI top-up packages with Disney+ Hotstar subscription


i) How can I check the validity of my Vodafone balance?

Vodafone Idea allows you to check the validity of your balance using the USSD code –

  1. Launch the dialer app and dial *199*2*1#. This USSD code will allow you to check the validity of your balance and will also give you information about the main balance of your Vi phone number and existing data plans and plans.
  2. Or you can dial *199# Where *121# on your dialer app. These USSD codes will also provide you with the same information.
  3. You will receive a prompt message regarding your Vi phone number balance validity information.

ii) How can I check my Vodafone data usage?

Vodafone Idea lets you quickly check your data usage

1) Launch your dialer app and dial *199*2*2#.

2) You will receive a quick message regarding data usage information for your Vi phone number, such as how much data is left for the day and if there is an additional data pack left.

iii) How can you verify your Vodafone phone number?

Vodafone Idea lets you quickly verify your phone number using USSD codes –

1) Launch your dialer app and dial *111*2# from the Vi phone number you want to verify.
2) You will receive a quick message with your Vi phone number.

What’s next for the Giants as they head into the NFC East Thanksgiving showdown with the Cowboys?


LONDON – And now for these surprising giants?

They are 4-1 after Sunday’s shock win over the Packers, and are off to their best start since opening 5-0 in 2009.

This season perhaps serves as a cautionary tale, as the Giants closed 3-8 and missed the playoffs. Of course, at the time, they were only two years away from Eli Manning’s first Super Bowl championship. Expectations were much higher than they are now.

These Giants of 2022? Good, this the team wasn’t supposed to do this.

They showed they were real by beating the Packers in London – while matching last season’s winning tally – after beating three seemingly less impressive teams (Titans, Panthers and Bears).

So you have to wonder how high the ceiling is for rookie head coach Brian Daboll’s first team. A place in the playoffs? An NFC East title?


Right now, the Giants and Cowboys are both 4-1 — trailing the Eagles 5-0 — and on a collision course for their Thanksgiving game in Dallas.

There’s also this: Because the Jets are 3-2, they and the Giants have winning records in Week 5 for the first time since mid-2015.

Before the end of Week 9 the Giants get the Ravens (home), Jaguars (away) and Seahawks (away). Baltimore is 3-2, Jacksonville 2-3 and Seattle 2-3. The Ravens are certainly a legitimate opponent, at least.

And coming out of the bye, the Giants get the Texans (1-3-1) and Lions (1-4) — both at home — ahead of that Thanksgiving showdown with the Cowboys. (Throughout, the Giants had a relatively favorable non-split home schedule.)

At least the Giants gave themselves considerable wiggle room for five weeks, beating two teams (Titans and Packers) who were clearly seen as superior to them at the start of the season.

So is it really possible for the Giants to reach the playoffs for the first time since 2016? No one would have imagined this, after a five-season streak, 2017-21, in which the Giants were 22-59, tied with the Jets for worst in the NFL.

And the last time the Giants won a playoff game? Manning’s second Super Bowl title, in 2011. For Giants fans, that feels like an eternity. Manning, 41, hasn’t been the Giants’ full-time starting quarterback since 2018. He’s now embracing his inner ham, as a Giants ambassador and TV personality.

He was in London this weekend. But in a fun (and unintentionally) cruel moment, the game’s stadium hosts announced they were set to do an interview with a former Giants quarterback and Super Bowl winner – then brought out David Carr , which technically fits both descriptions. But come on.

For much of the last three seasons, it’s been that kind of deal for Giants fans – expecting Daniel Jones, who shares Manning’s low-key demeanor in player interviews, to thrive as its predecessor did… only to be disappointed.

But maybe things are starting to turn around for the Giants, under their new coach, although Jones might not be a long-term quarterback solution for rookie general manager Joe Schoen.

No matter how you slice it, Sunday was a game-changing win for the 2022 Giants.

Want to bet on the NFL?

See Top NJ Sports Betting Sites

It was the 32nd regular season game the NFL had hosted in London – and the first in which both teams had winning records, as the Packers were also 3-1.

It was technically – and also practically – a road game for the Giants, as Packers fans vastly outnumbered Giants fans in the crowd of 61,024 at the lavish Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The Giants – eight-point underdogs – were booed vigorously as they entered the field before the game, the Packers cheered loudly. The place went crazy when Aaron Rodgers was introduced.

The Giants felt it all. And they responded, despite pre-game attrition on offense and in-game injury issues on defense. That’s what good, well-trained teams do.

Right now, in the face of all the low preseason expectations, the Giants are both of those things. Which means the weeks ahead are suddenly all the more relevant.

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Darryl Slater can be reached at [email protected].

Tim Ryan took money from an opioid distributor whose executives mocked drug addicts by calling them ‘pills’


On the campaign trail, Ryan attacks drug companies for profiting from ‘getting Americans addicted to opiates’

Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan (D.)/Getty Images

Joseph Simonson • October 10, 2022 4:20 p.m.

During the campaign trail, Rep. Tim Ryan, a Democratic candidate for the Ohio Senate, enjoys talking to voters about his work as co-chair of the Congressional Addiction, Treatment, and Recovery Caucus and attacking drug companies for profiting from “the getting so many millions of Americans addicted to opiates.” None of this stopped him from accepting money from a political action committee funded by an opioid distributor whose leaders mocked drug addicts as “pillbillies,” a Free Washington Beacon review of campaign finance documents found.

The $1,000 donation came from AmerisourceBergen PAC in November 2019. Emails revealed in 2021 during a lawsuit against the company for its alleged role in the opioid crisis showed AmerisourceBergen executives expressing a broad contempt for poor white people suffering from addiction, which at the time was largely fueled by pharmaceuticals such as OxyContin.

In one exchange, a senior AmerisourceBergen executive circulated a parody song containing references to “hillbilly heroin”, “a crowd of Pillbillies”, and a reference to Kentucky as “OxyContinville”. Another email shared between the executives joked about how the crackdown on so-called pill mills — doctors who illegally prescribe opioids to clients — in Florida will lead to a “max [sic] the exodus of the Pillbillies to the north.”

The donation could turn out to be a political liability for Ryan, a Democrat running in a state that has been badly hit by the opioid crisis. The Associated Press reported earlier this month that opioid distributors have donated at least $27,000 to Ryan’s political campaigns since 2007.

At the same time, according to the AP, Ryan voted against bills to increase funding for anti-opioid initiatives, such as drug treatment spending programs. In a statement to PARyan’s campaign said one of the donors, Cardinal, is a big Ohio employer.

The Ryan campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

Ohio recorded more than 5,200 overdose deaths in 2020. This figure was largely attributable to the rise in the synthetic opioid fentanyl, which state data showed was implicated in 81% of deaths. by overdose in 2020.

Ryan’s Republican opponent JD Vance rose to prominence for his memoir Hillbilly Elegywhich provided insight into the drug crisis in Appalachia. Vance cited the experience of writing the book as an inspiration for seeking political office.

During the campaign trail, Vance’s message often focuses on his time in Ohio as the son of a mother who struggled with addiction. In response, Ryan attacked Vance’s dormant nonprofit, Our Ohio Renewal, which focused on solving Ohio’s opioid crisis.

Although Ryan called Our Ohio Renewal “a masquerade” created to “advance [Vance’s] political ambitions,” former employees told the Free tag they were proud of what the organization had accomplished in a short time. Among these achievements, according to former staff members, is the “Kinship Care Research Project”, which posited that state governments should focus on providing children of drug addicts with stable homes.

In December 2020, Republican Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed an executive order extending financial benefits to family caregivers – extended family members who are the legal guardians of children whose parents are absent. the next yearthe Ohio state government has established a service that allows social workers to help match adoptive children with extended family members.

The Free Washington Beacon in September reported on another donor-related headache for Ryan. Last month, Ryan flew to Los Angeles to attend a fundraiser co-hosted by a high-profile litigant who previously worked to minimize the financial damages available to young victims of sexual abuse by the former US Olympic doctor. Larry Nasar.

Downtime, SMS protection, Watchpoint pack, LC-208 error, account merge, etc.


Update: Downtime now begins at 10 p.m. ET instead of 9 p.m.

Blizzard is still working hard to fix some of the major issues Monitor 2 launch issues, and it just provided another update on where things stand. One thing to note from the jump: there will be even more downtime tonight.

Monitor 2 will go offline at 10 p.m. ET so that Blizzard can implement some fixes. He expects this downtime to last about an hour. So, make sure you’re not in the middle of a competitive game when Blizzard temporarily pulls the plug.


Blizzard also took the game offline for about four hours in total over two periods. The patches that the company used during this time fixed the account merge and login bugs. It also quadrupled the capacity, resulting in reduced overnight wait times.

After the servers resumed last night, I was able to log in in about 30 seconds on PC. Wait times were still much longer on Friday mornings for me, though. The return this afternoon took me about 20 minutes.

“We’re keeping an eye on that, especially heading into the weekend where we expect more people to tune in,” Monitor 2 community manager Jodie Grace wrote on the game’s forums. “Early signs are good, the database looks healthy, but we’ll be monitoring it constantly. Weekend playtime will be its biggest test to this day.


I could not enter Monitor 2 on console last night, and I didn’t get a chance to try again today. I saw an error code LC-208 on PS5 and Nintendo Switch. Blizzard said this issue prevents login. A hotfix is ​​being released during tonight’s downtime that will hopefully resolve this issue.

Also on the console front, some players who purchased the Watchpoint Pack may not see items from it in their collection. This problem appeared on Xbox, but it seems more prevalent on PlayStation. Blizzard also has a fix for this, which it will implement during downtime tonight. It also hopes to roll out fixes for some crashing issues.


Elsewhere, Blizzard is going through the account merge backlog and believes it has found a fix for general account merge issues. Some people who merged their accounts should now see all of their skins, stats, cosmetics, and everything else.

MORE FORBESNo, you did not lose your “Overwatch” skins, progress, and other items in “Overwatch 2”

As a reminder, your stuff hasn’t disappeared, but it may take a bit longer before your accounts are merged. The Account Merge Queue Could Grow As Blizzard Expects More People To Log In Monitor 2 for the first time this weekend. However, with the increased database capacity, it should be able to pass merges a little faster.


On top of all that, Blizzard noted that the higher capacity and number of concurrent players (wish I knew what that is) impacted matchmaking wait times, so you may need to have to wait a bit before joining a match. “We are changing the configurations of this system today and hope to shorten this wait somewhat throughout the day,” Grace wrote. “We will continue to review matchmaking queues throughout the weekend to identify any additional improvements we can make.”

Finally, there is some very, very good news. SMS Protect changes are now live.

If you’ve played Overwatch on PC before or played on console since June 9 of last year, you no longer need to add a mobile number to your account to play. Monitor 2.

However, new players will still need to enter a valid number. This is still a problem, as Blizzard’s system does not accept prepaid numbers, which prevents a significant number of potential players from playing. If you’re new to it, you can find out how to add a phone number to your Battle.net account here.



So overall, it looks like Team 4 and others at Blizzard are making progress. Here is the hope Monitor 2 can weather the storm of new players over the weekend and things are starting to go a little smoother for everyone. Still, we’ll have to be patient a bit longer before things are in more robust shape.

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If you have questions about Monitor 2 or anything else I write about, feel free to get in touch on twitter (oh, and follow me too. I’m nice, I swear).


The pros and cons of telemental health services

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Technology has made mental health services more readily available to some people. Getty Images
  • A new report says telehealth is making mental health services more accessible to people in remote communities as well as those who can’t attend in-person sessions.
  • The researchers note, however, that lack of internet access and knowledge of technology can make telehealth services more difficult for some people.
  • They also note that some people who use telemental health services are less engaged and more easily distracted than people who use in-person services.

Virtual counseling sessions for mental health disorders may be effective for some people, but the limitations of technology and other barriers to care must be overcome for “telemental” care to be more universally applicable, a new study concludes.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of telehealth services, including for mental health, say researchers from the Mental Health Policy Research Unit of the UK’s National Institute for Health & Care Research at King’s College London and University College London.

However, the researchers say that experience and research show that the effectiveness of telehealth can be greatly influenced, for good or ill, by factors such as access to private and confidential spaces, the ability to develop therapeutic relationships between physician and patient, individual preferences and circumstances, and technological issues such as internet connection quality.

“We live in an increasingly digital world, and the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the role of technology in mental health care,” Katherine Saunders, PhD, MSc, study co-lead author and mental health policy research associate at King’s College, said in a press release. “Our study found that while some groups benefit from the opportunities that telemental health can provide, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Telemental health requires access to a device, an internet connection, and an understanding of technology. If the real barriers to telemental health are ignored in favor of broader implementation, we risk further entrenching inequities in our healthcare system.

The study, published in the Interactive Journal of Medical Research, found that thethe use of telemental health has become increasingly widespread and is particularly useful for serving people in remote communities and in situations where face-to-face counseling is not possible.

“I believe telemental health care is effective with appropriate risk management strategies in place,” said Jodi Tingling, founder of the Canadian mental health counseling program Creating New Steps.

“In my experience providing internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy during the height of the pandemic, it was a great alternative to traditional face-to-face therapy when there are effective pain management strategies. risks in place,” she told Healthline.

Ideally, the researchers said, telemental health interventions delivered through video calls, telephones or text messages can increase access to care.

However, the study found that providing mental health care remotely was less beneficial for people without internet or phone access, those experiencing social and economic disadvantages, people with cognitive difficulties, hearing impairments or vision and those with serious mental health problems.

“Clients with severe paranoia or anxiety whose symptoms may worsen due to a lack of confidence in the platform or technology should work with someone in person,” said Sabrina Eads, LPC , therapist at Enteave Counseling in Austin, Texas. Health line.

“For these people, we recommend the need to ensure that face-to-face care of equivalent speed remains available,” said Sonia Johnson, MSc, director of the Center for Mental Health Policy Research at King’s College London. and lead author of the study.

A recent study published in the journal JMIR Formative Research found that telehealth can be used successfully for people with suicidal thoughts.

The study reported that patients who received both medication and counseling via text and video calls were 4 times more likely to have remission of suicidal ideation than those in a control group.

Andrea Rowell, a social worker practicing telehealth in Toronto in a family health team and private practice, told Healthline that virtual counseling has become more accepted and even preferred over traditional in-person therapy.

“Even though we now offer the choice of in-person, phone, and video calls to have our sessions, the majority of people happily choose to do sessions over the phone,” she said. “People now seem to agree with providers that a phone or video session is much more convenient.”

However, Rowell said experience has shown that people can sometimes be less committed to advice delivered via telehealth, particularly if it’s offered for free.

“Therapy is all about communication,” she said. “On the phone, part of a therapist’s role is taken away when therapists can no longer comment on their client’s body language. I recommend videotherapy because of the ability to create a face-to-face connection while enjoying the benefits of being in the comfort of your own home… Some barriers of telehealth for mental health can be lowered by the therapist setting the Expectations from the start that the space should be confidential, and that there would be a recommendation to drop by in person if the client felt more engaged that way.

Distraction can be another downside to telemental health, said Myisha Jackson, mental health counselor and owner of the Healing Journey Counseling Center in Monroe, Louisiana.

“Some patients try to get therapy at work, in the car, or while their young children are at home,” she told Healthline. “Therapists need to set boundaries and let the client know that they need to conduct the session in an environment like home or work. [where there are] no distractions.

Michelle Wagner, chief executive of virtual mental health platform Mindstrong, told Healthline that telemental health is crucial to overcoming the national shortage of mental health counselors, which often leads to long and potentially dangerous delays in accessing care. .

“Virtual platforms often improve outcomes because access to care is more immediate and engaging,” Wagner said.

“Patients are often more open and comfortable at home. Additionally, telehealth services do not maintain the traditional office hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and most offer patients the ability to communicate with their therapists between appointments. This helps therapists manage medications in real time, measure progress and intervene before a patient is in crisis,” she added.

2 Russians seek asylum after reaching remote Alaskan island


JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Two Russians who said they fled the country to avoid military service have sought asylum in the United States after landing in a small boat on a remote Alaskan island in the Bering Sea. , the office of U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski said Thursday.

Karina Borger, spokeswoman for the Republican senator from Alaska, said in an email that the office was in communication with the U.S. Coast Guard and Customs and Border Protection and that “Russian nationals have reported that ‘they had fled one of the coastal communities to the east’. coast of Russia to avoid compulsory military service.

Thousands of Russian men have fled since President Vladimir Putin announced a mobilization to reinforce Russian forces in Ukraine. While Putin said the move was aimed at calling up around 300,000 men who had previously served in the military, many Russians fear it could be broader.

Spokespeople for the U.S. Coast Guard and Customs and Border Protection referred a reporter’s questions to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s public affairs office, which provided little information Thursday. The office, in a statement, said the individuals “were transported to Anchorage for inspection, which includes a screening and vetting process, and then processed in accordance with applicable U.S. immigration laws under the Immigration Act. ‘immigration and nationality’.

The agency said the two Russians arrived on a small boat on Tuesday. He did not provide details of where they came from, their background or the asylum request. It was not immediately clear what type of boat they were on.

Alaska senators, Republicans Murkowski and Dan Sullivan, said Thursday the two Russians landed on a beach near the town of Gambell, an isolated Alaskan Native community of about 600 people on St. -Laurent. Sullivan said he was alerted to the matter by a “senior Bering Strait area community official” on Tuesday morning.

Gambell is about 200 miles (320 kilometers) from the community of Nome, the hub of western Alaska, and about 36 miles (58 kilometers) from Siberia’s Chukotka Peninsula, according to a profile of the community on a state website. The 161 kilometer long remote island, which includes Savoonga, a community of around 800 people, receives flight services from a regional air carrier. Residents rely heavily on a subsistence lifestyle, harvesting sea fish, whales and other marine species.

A person who responded to an email address listed for Gambell raised questions with federal authorities. A message seeking comment was also sent to the Russian Consulate General in San Francisco.

Sullivan, in a statement, said he encouraged federal authorities to put a plan in place in case “more Russians flee to Bering Strait communities in Alaska.”

“This incident clearly shows two things: First, the Russian people do not want to wage Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine,” Sullivan said. “Second, given Alaska’s proximity to Russia, our state has a vital role to play in ensuring the national security of the United States.”

Murkowski said the situation underscores “the need for a stronger security posture in the American Arctic.”

On Wednesday, Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy, as the first details of the situation emerged, said he did not expect a continuous flow or “flotilla” of people using the same route. He also warned that travel in the region could be dangerous as an autumn storm with high winds was expected.

It is unusual for someone to take this route in an attempt to enter the United States

In August, US authorities arrested 42 times Russians without legal status trying to enter the United States from Canada. This represented 15 times in July and nine times in August 2021.

Russians more often try to enter the United States through Mexico, which does not require a visa. Russians typically fly from Moscow to Cancun or Mexico City, entering Mexico as tourists before catching a connecting flight to the US border. Earlier this year, US authorities faced a wave of Russians hoping to seek asylum if they reached an inspection booth at an official crossing.

Some trace the spike to before Russia invaded Ukraine, attributing it to the imprisonment of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny last year.


Associated Press reporters Manuel Valdes in Seattle and Elliot Spagat in San Diego contributed to this report.

Police arrest man for texting scam


A 19-year-old Sydney man has been charged with allegedly attempting to misuse stolen Optus customer data in an SMS blackmail scam.

The Rockdale man is due to appear in Sydney Central Local Court later on to face two offenses which carry a maximum sentence of 10 and 7 years in prison.

The investigation was triggered when the AFP-led Operation Guardian became aware of a number of text messages asking some Optus customers to transfer $2,000 to a bank account or see their personal details. used for financial crimes. The data used by the alleged infringer to identify these customers came from the 10,200 stolen records published online after the Optus breach last month.

AFP identified a bank account, which was in the name of a minor, and alleges it was being used by the man.

A search warrant was executed at a Rockdale home earlier today (Thursday October 6) where a cell phone allegedly linked to the text messages was seized.

It will be alleged in court that text messages were sent to 93 Optus customers whose data was exposed on an internet forum. At this point, it appears that none of the people who received the SMS have transferred any money to the account.

The Rockdale man was charged with two offences:

a. Use of a telecommunications network with intent to commit a serious offence, contrary to Section 474.14(2) of the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth), where the serious offense is blackmail, contrary to Section 249K of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW). This offense is punishable, on conviction, by a penalty not exceeding that of the serious offence, ie a maximum penalty of imprisonment of 10 years; and

b. Dealing with identifying information contrary to Section 192K of the Crime Act 1900 (NSW). This offense carries a maximum penalty of imprisonment of 7 years.

Cyber ​​Command Deputy Commissioner Justine Gough said the man was not suspected to be the individual responsible for the Optus breach, but allegedly tried to benefit financially from the stolen data which were dumped on an online forum.

“Last week, AFP and our state and territory partners launched Operation Guardian to protect the most vulnerable customers impacted by the Optus breach and we have been absolutely clear that it there would be no tolerance for the criminal use of this stolen data,” Assistant Commissioner Gough said. said.

“I want to be very clear – and there are two messages today that I want to highlight.

“The AFP-led JPC3 has diverted significant resources to protect at-risk customers from identity fraud. We understand how concerned some members of the community are, and I want to reassure the community that AFP and our partners are working around the clock to help protect your personal information.

“Second, the warning is clear. Do not test the ability or dedication of law enforcement. AFP, our state partners and the industry relentlessly scour forums and other online sites for criminal activity related to this violation Just because there has been one arrest does not mean there will not be others.

Assistant Commissioner Gough said Operation Hurricane, AFP’s investigation into the alleged offender, was continuing.

“The hurricane investigation is a high priority for AFP and we are aggressively pursuing all avenues of investigation to identify those responsible for this attack.”

Operation Guardian is:

  • Identify the 10,000 people across Australia who are now at risk of identity theft and work with industry to enable better protection for these members of the public,
  • Monitor online forums, the internet and the dark web for other criminals trying to exploit personal information posted online,
  • Work with the financial services industry to detect criminal activity associated with the data breach, and
  • Analyze ReportCyber ​​trends to determine if there are any links between individuals who have been exploited.

The public is invited to:

  • Look for suspicious or unexpected activity in your online accounts, including your telecommunications, banking, and utility accounts. Be sure to immediately report any suspicious activity in your bank account to your financial institution;
  • Do not click on any link in an email or text message claiming to be from Optus;

State Provides Domestic Violence Hotline | News, Sports, Jobs


As noted in our 1-A photo page, October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The crosses in the photo symbolize the average number of deaths in Michigan each year from domestic violence.

But even for those who manage to survive, the effects of such abuse can be mentally crippling, sometimes long after the physical damage has healed – not only for them, but also for their children, families and friends.

In 2019, Michigan had 57,018 incidents of domestic violence reported to law enforcement — many more go unreported, officials added — and 44 domestic violence homicides, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, citing information from the Michigan State Police.

The NCADV also said that 36.1% of Michigan women and 25.8% of Michigan men “experience physical violence, rape and/or harassment from an intimate partner in their life.”

It is therefore essential to provide those who are faced with domestic violence – to themselves, a friend or a loved one – easy and immediate access to resources, even simply to someone to talk to in times of crisis.

As part of observance of Domestic Abuse Awareness Month, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Highlights New State 24/7 Hotline , which provides live one-on-one support to all victims, survivors, support persons and professionals who serve them. . The hotline number is available by calling 866-864-2338 or texting 877-861-0222.

“MDHHS joins national efforts to educate communities about the lasting trauma that domestic violence has on individuals and families,” said Elizabeth Hertel, director of MDHHS. “Providing support services to people who are victims of abuse is extremely important, and we encourage anyone in need to seek help.”

The hotline is free and provides local support tailored to each unique situation through trained advocates. Helplines are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by phone, chat, text or TTY for people who are deaf or hard of hearing:

— Call: 866-864-2338;

— Text: 877-861-0222 (standard text messaging rates apply);

— Chat: MCEDSV.org/chat;

— TTY: 517-898-5533.

Domestic violence is a pattern of behaviors used by a partner to maintain power and control in a relationship, advises the MDHHS. “Domestic violence does not discriminate and affects all races, genders, education and economic status. Multiple forms of abuse are often present. It is important to know the behaviors to look for in order to seek support for oneself or for others”, the MDHHS said in a press release.

For those suffering from domestic violence, help can be a simple phone call, text or online chat.

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Microsoft cybersecurity awareness tips to empower your teams


October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and I’m excited for what Microsoft and our industry partners have planned to help everyone stay #CyberSmart. 2022 may have offered some respite from the previous year’s rush to enable a remote and hybrid workforce, but the increased use of personal devices has also left security professionals with even more endpoints to choose from. manage and secure. As exemplified by breaches like the March 2022 attack on Shields Health Care Group1 which affected two million people and the April ransomware attack which became a national emergency for the Government of Costa Rica,2 we all need to be cyber defenders to protect what matters.

Technology can’t do much; it is the people who remain our greatest strength. That’s why Microsoft is taking this opportunity during Cybersecurity Awareness Month to help security professionals educate their employees on the core principles highlighted by the National Cybersecurity Alliance, such as protecting their identity, update their software and devices, and not fall prey to phishing schemes.3 Be sure to explore resources and skills opportunities on our Cybersecurity Awareness Month website, such as the #BeCyberSmart education kit with resources to help people protect their data at work and at home.

People have become the primary attack vector for cyber attackers around the world, so humans rather than technology now pose the greatest risk to organizations.

—SANS 2022 Security Awareness Report

Safety starts with awareness

In today’s borderless workplace, comprehensive security is essential. This kind of 360 degree protection requires education and awareness to protect identities, data and devices. Awareness programs enable security teams to effectively manage their human risk by changing the way people think about cybersecurity and helping them adopt safe behaviors. The SANS 2022 Security Awareness Report analyzed data from more than a thousand security professionals around the world to identify how organizations are managing their human risk. The report found that more than 69% of security awareness professionals work part-time, meaning they spend less than half their time on security awareness.

According to the SANS report, cybersecurity awareness professionals should strive to:

  • Engage leaders by focusing on terms that resonate with them and demonstrate your support for their strategic priorities. “Don’t talk about what you do, talk about Why you do it.
  • Consider having a 10:1 ratio of technical security professionals to human-focused security professionals.
  • Partner with other departments in the organization, such as communications, human resources, and business operations, to help engage and communicate with your staff.
  • Make training simple to understand and follow. “Just like training, it’s the frequency that’s important.” And spend time collecting information about the impact of your outreach programs.

It’s up to each of us to #BeCyberSmart

In 2022, the most common causes of cyberattacks are still malware (22%) and phishing (20%).4 Even with the rise of ransomware as a service (RaaS) and other sophisticated tools, humans remain the most reliable and cost-effective attack vector for cybercriminals around the world. For this reason, it is essential that we all stay informed about how to prevent breaches and defend ourselves, both at work and at home.

Here are some basic steps we can all follow to #BeCyberSmart:

Phishing: Deceptive emails, fake websites, fake text messages: these types of phishing scams accounted for 30% of attacks in 2021.5 During Terranova’s annual Gone Phishing tournament last year, 19.8% of participants clicked on the link in the phishing email, while 14.4% downloaded the fake document.6 So how do you avoid taking the bait?

  • Check the sender’s email address for verifiable contact information. Common phishing tips include a misspelled or unrelated sender address. If in doubt, do not answer. Instead, create a new email to reply.
  • Do not click on links or open attachments unless you have verified the sender.
  • For more tips, visit the Federal Trade Commission’s phishing site.

Devices and software: Unpatched and outdated devices and software are a major entry point for cybercriminals. That’s why it’s so important to practice good cyber hygiene to avoid destructive malware that can steal users’ personal information. To help protect your devices:

  • Activate the lock function on all your mobile devices.
  • Enable multi-factor authentication on your sensitive apps and accounts.
  • Run anti-virus software and install system updates immediately.

Scams: Criminals will often contact you to “fix” a non-existent problem. The email or text will contain a sense of urgency, such as “Act now to prevent your account from being locked out!” If you see this type of message, do not click on the link. And remember to always report any suspected scams so the organization can take action. A few tips to keep in mind:

  • Beware of unsolicited technical support calls or error messages requesting urgent action.
  • Do not follow any prompts to download software from a third-party website.
  • If in doubt, open a separate browser page and go directly to the company’s web page.

Passwords : Passwords are our first line of defense against unauthorized access to accounts, devices, and files. However, the average person now has over 150 online accounts; Password fatigue is always a danger. Here are some tips for protecting your passwords:

Fostering a More Diverse Cybersecurity Workforce

Since April 2022, there are more than 700,000 cybersecurity vacancies in the United Stateswith a forecast 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity positions worldwide by 2025.seven That’s why Microsoft continues to reach out to students, veterans, people re-entering the workforce, anyone who wants to become a cybersecurity advocate. This year, for Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we are also following up on Microsoft’s initiatives to increase access to cybersecurity training and close the workforce gap. In partnership with the Last Mile Education Fund, Microsoft aims to reach at least 25,000 students by 2025 with scholarships and additional resources related to cybersecurity pathways.

On October 7, 2022, we’re once again hosting the Microsoft Student Summit, a virtual skills event designed to inspire college students towards a career in technology. This one-day event offers students the opportunity to engage with the Microsoft student developer community, hoping they inspire and ignite a passion for innovation. We also continue to help students find real-world jobs by providing learning sessions aligned with Microsoft certifications for security, compliance, and identity. Eligible students can take up to eight free foundational certification exams this academic year.

Helping create the next generation of cybersecurity advocates is critically important, and we want to make sure the doors are open to everyone. That’s why we continue our partnership with Girl Security, helping to empower adolescent girls, women and gender minorities by demystifying cybersecurity and developing the in-demand skills needed for employment. Microsoft is also partnering with other organizations to leverage the message of this moment in October 2022 to bring more women into the industry, with a Community College Pathways to Cybersecurity Success webinar with Women in Cybersecurity (WiCys) and a virtual event with the Executive Women’s Forum focused on cybersecurity careers at Microsoft.

We’re always working on new educational initiatives, so stay tuned to our security blog and check out updates on our cybersecurity awareness and education website..

Stay cyber-smart all year round

Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month is a special time for us as we collectively come together – industry, academia and government – ​​to promote the importance of a secure online environment. We know that cybercriminals are persistent and driven, working all day, every day, with no days off. That’s why we need to work together on awareness raising and education throughout the year and build a culture of cyber advocates. Please continue to visit our Cybersecurity Awareness and Education website to learn more about Microsoft’s cybersecurity education programs and obtain our new Cybersecurity Education Kit to use in your organization. Everyone has a role to play in cybersecurity, and when we learn together, we’re safer together.

Learn more

Learn about our best practices and educational resources on our cybersecurity awareness website.

To learn more about Microsoft security solutions, visit our website. Bookmark the Security Blog to follow our expert coverage on security issues. Also, follow us on @MSFTSecurity for the latest cybersecurity news and updates.

1Shields Health Care Group data breach affects 2 million patients, Bill Toulas. June 7, 2022.

2Massive Cyberattack in Costa Rica Leaves Citizens Hurt, Carla Rosch. June 1, 2022.

3National Cybersecurity Alliance.

4Alarming cyberstats for mid-2022 you need to know, Chuck Brooks. June 3, 2022.

52021 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, Verizon. 2021.

6Gone Phishing Tournament, Terranova Security.

sevenTen Powerful Cybersecurity Statistics for 2022, Cody Cornell. August 25, 2022.

Vi message center number: list of all Vodafone Idea SMS center numbers by status, how to change etc.


SMS is still relevant in the modern era of WhatsApp and Instagram. The former requires no internet connection to work. All you need to have is a valid active top-up plan. However, sometimes the SMS does not work and the SMS is not sent. One of the reasons could be an incorrect or old SMSC or Message Center number. SMS Center manages the send and receive processes from device to device. But this changes frequently, so if you are unable to send or receive messages from your Vodafone Idea SIM card, here is a list of updated Vi Message Center numbers for all states and how to change them.

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Vi message center number for all states

To get the Vi SMS center number for your state, see the list below.

states Vi message center number
Andhra Pradesh +91 9885005444
Arunachal Pradesh +919719009998
assam +91 9706099990
Bihar +91 9706099990
Chhattisgarh +91 9713099990
Chennai +91 9843000040
delhi +91 9811009998
Goa +919823000040
Gujarat +91 9825001002
Haryana +91 9839099999
Himachal Pradesh +91 9736009911
Jammu and Kashmir +91 9796009905
Jharkhand +91 9709099990
Karnataka +91 9886005444
Kerala +91 9846000040
Madhya Pradesh +91 9713099990
Bombay +91 9820205446
Kolkata +91 9830099990
Mizoram N / A
Nagaland N / A
Odisha +91 9776099990
Punjab +91 9888009998
Rajasthan +91 9839099999
Telangana +91 9885005444
Tamil Nadu N / A
Uttar Pradesh (UP WEST) +91 9719009998
Uttar Pradesh (UPPER EAST) +91 9839099999
West Bengal +91 9732099990

How to change the Vi SMS center number?

Change Vi message center number from message settings

The Vi SMS center number can be changed from the messaging app itself, here is how to do it.

  • Open the messaging app on the phone.
  • Tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen, also called the Menu option.
  • A drop-down menu will appear, choose Settings.
  • Find the Advanced option and tap on it, now select SMSC. Tap on it to edit it.
  • Now from the list above copy the Vi SMS center number for your state. Paste it and click Save.
  • Your Vi SMS center number has changed and you can send the SMS again.

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Change Vi message center number from USSD code

If the above trick did not work and you are still having trouble changing the Vi SMS Center number, try the USSD code method by following the steps below.

  1. Open your phone’s dial pad in the call app.
  2. Dial *#*#4636#*#* on the dial pad.
  3. A pop-up will appear, tap on phone info and scroll down.
  4. Look for the SMSC option and press the refresh button to view the current SMS center number.
  5. Now grab the latest Vi SMS center number from the table above for your state and click Update.

Your Vi SMS center number has changed and you can now use it to send SMS.


What is the procedure for resetting my Vodafone SMS Center number?

From now on, you can only change the Vi SMS center number or update it, but you cannot reset it.

How do I get Vi SMS settings?

To receive Vi SMS settings via SMS, type ALL and send an SMS to 199 via your Vi SIM. You will receive an SMS with Vi APN settings, click OK and restart your phone.

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Why does outgoing SMS not work in Vi?

The most basic reason why text messages are not being sent to your Vi SIM could be the expiry of the top-up plan or you may have exhausted your daily 100 text messages. If you are still having trouble, try changing the SMS center number using the steps above.

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South to North: A former Journal staffer walks the y-axis of Lower 48 | News, Sports, Jobs


Photo submitted Richard Larson, formerly of New Ulm, stands next to a marker at the southernmost point of the continental United States in Key West, Florida last November. Since then he has covered over 5,000 miles on a self-designed route called the Snowbirds Route, which ended at the northernmost buoy at Angle Inlet, Lake of the Woods, at the border between Minnesota and Canada.

WARROAD – A former Journal correspondent, who also worked for newspapers in Minnesota and Alaska and traveled more than 30,000 miles, recently completed a 5,000-mile walk from Key West, Florida to the American buoy at Angle Minnesota Inlet, Lake of the Woods.

Why did Richard Larson walk from Key West to Lake of the Woods?

“I decided to do this hike because I wanted to make it my own,” said Larson. “I wanted a route that I designed that I don’t think anyone else has ever done.”

Before starting hiking in Key West, Larson worked for nine years leading a wilderness trail team for the US Forest Service in Washington’s North Cascade Mountains.

“I usually tell people I’m from Minnesota, but right now I really don’t have a home. Guess I live on the track,” said Larson.

Photo submitted Richard Larson, left, poses with a friend he recently made on the Gunflint Trail, north of Grand Marais, Minnesota.

After graduating from New Ulm High School in 1991, Larson moved to New Ulm in eighth grade and said his first job was working as a sports reporter at the Journal.

He doesn’t consider himself a musician, but Larson said he sang with The Menagerie in New Ulm, a young folk group that started in 1970 under the late Bob Wirtz. The musical group has spread the spirit, enthusiasm and goodwill for several decades to Europe.

“One of my fondest high school memories was traveling to Norway and Sweden with The Menagerie,” said Larson.

Since then, Larson said he has stayed in touch with many people in New Ulm, including hiking with Matt and Chris Schmidt and Matt and Kay Hillescheim.

Larson started hiking as a teenager, taking a trip to the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming and Montana with Schmidt during his high school days.

After his current hike, Larson said he would become the sports editor for the Ketchikan newspaper in Alaska, a place where he previously worked.

In his early days, Larson worked as a reporter for the Mankato Free Press and for newspapers in Fergus Falls, Ketchikan, Fairbanks and Anchorage. His longest newspaper job lasted six years in Fairbanks.

He briefly described Ketchikan.

“It’s raining a lot! But it’s a beautiful place on an island, in a tropical forest and small mountains. The fishing is great, “ added Larson. “He has most high school sports except hockey.”

Ketchikan in far southeast Alaska doesn’t freeze often and has been dubbed the salmon capital of the world.

Larson said he did not carry a weapon on his hikes.

“The worst animals are dogs walking on the road. I was bitten by a dog in Kentucky but it was nothing serious,” said Larson. “I had bears near camp at night in northern Minnesota, but they run away if you scream. I had an interesting campsite in Florida with alligators, but I had no bad encounters. I ‘ve seen grizzlies on other hikes but none were aggressive.”

Larson said he carried pepper spray to areas where there were bears.

“I have an emergency SPOT device (GPS tracking device with text messaging and GPS tracking) that I can use if I need help,” said Larson. “It also allows me to check in each night so relatives and friends can see where I’m camping overnight.”

Larson keeps a daily trail journal at trailjournals.com/journal/entry/645830. His current hike is listed as Skittles 2022 Snowbird Trail.

(Fritz Busch can be emailed to [email protected])

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Two Democrats in San Diego’s hottest council race using starkly different messaging


The two candidates in San Diego’s most competitive city council runoff are both progressive Democrats, but their campaigns have starkly different messages and their supporters represent vastly different factions of the community.

Tommy Hough, a county planning commissioner, is waging an anti-developer campaign that demonizes inner-city special interests and promises to focus on potholes, infrastructure issues and other city priorities. piece.

Kent Lee, a nonprofit arts executive, focuses on his background as a community leader who served on local boards and consistently championed small business.

The two say they would be a better representative of the newly redesigned North Central District 6, which now includes Mira Mesa, University City, Kearny Mesa and part of South Scripps Ranch. The winner will replace Chris Cate, the last remaining Republican on the board.

Lee dominated the battle for endorsements, garnering support from the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, several powerful unions and nearly every politician in City Hall, including Mayor Todd Gloria.

While support from business and labor can seem daunting, several city council members have overcome this challenge in recent years. Joe LaCava, Vivian Moreno and Monica Montgomery Steppe were all elected without this support.

Hough says Lee’s impressive list of supporters shows that Lee is backed by powerful inner-city interests that don’t care about ordinary residents of San Diego’s suburban neighborhoods.

“This race is about neighborhoods versus downtown,” Hough said this week. “Voters have to ask themselves, ‘Who is going to take care of the community?'”

Lee says Hough presents voters with a false choice, saying he has a proven track record as a community leader in District 6 and more widespread support among neighborhood and merchant groups there.

“I have a real mix of everything – traders, city councils and the Asian community,” Lee said.

Support from Asian Americans could be key to the race. New council district boundaries approved in December increased their representation in District 6 from 34% of the total population to 40%, and Lee himself is Asian American.

Despite this advantage and Hough’s spending of $138,000 to $20,000 before the June 7 primary, Lee narrowly edged Hough by only 10,390 votes to 9,461 votes – or 40.73% to 37.09. %.

Since then, Hough has focused on issues likely to resonate with suburban voters, including a ballot measure that could repeal the city’s unusual policy of providing free trash pickup to single-family homes.

Hough opposes Measure B, arguing that it would essentially levy a new tax on residents already struggling with inflation and other challenges. Lee supports the measure, saying it would eliminate an inequity; currently, owners of single-family homes have a free service that tenants and co-owners must pay for.

While Lee has a more impressive list of endorsements, including the union representing city police officers, Hough isn’t completely empty.

He’s backed by most environmental groups, including the Sierra Club, and he’s backed by several former city council members: Marti Emerald, Sherri Lightner, and Harry Mathis.

But although Hough is widely seen as more progressive than Lee, the county Democratic Party has endorsed Lee. Through Sept. 1, registered Democrats in District 6 outnumbered registered Republicans by 36,278 to 22,092.

Lee says Hough’s ardently anti-development campaign message is inappropriate at a time when the city is facing a housing crisis.

“Tommy says developers are the enemy,” Lee said. “But we have to work with the people who actually build things.”

Hough argues that the developments supported by City Hall politicians are too dense, harm the environment, and don’t come with the updates to the area’s infrastructure needed to support large numbers of new residents.

He points out that a much larger share of Lee’s campaign contributions come from developers and people outside of District 6. He says his campaign signs are in far more front yards in Mira Mesa and University City than those of Lee.

The Democrat vs. Democrat battle is a change for District 6, which has typically had partisan battles. Republican Lorie Zapf narrowly beat Democrat Howard Wayne in 2010, Cate beat Democrat Carol Kim in 2014 and Cate beat Hough in 2018.

Another big change for the district is the new boundaries approved in December, which removed Clairemont and added University City.

CUDA 12 leverages Nvidia’s faster GPU architecture


GPU maker Nvidia will soon release the next version of the CUDA parallel programming frameworkversion 12, to accompany the release of its new GPU architecture codenamed Hopper.

“This is the biggest release we’ve ever had,” said stephen jonesCUDA architect at Nvidia, during a breakout session at Nvidia’s GPU technology conference held virtually earlier this month.

CUDA started as a simple programming language in June 2007 targeting graphics, and is currently at version 11.7, with a major update, version 11.8, planned before the move to version 12.

Jones didn’t provide an exact ship date for CUDA 12, but the Past Releases timeline indicates a 12 release available for download late this year or early next year.

Nvidia usually releases a new version of CUDA with each new GPU architecture. This is the first time in two years that CUDA users will experience a major version change.

GPUs were initially popular for graphics, but the chips’ ability to compute in parallel planted the seed for Nvidia’s hardware to be used in non-graphics applications. Today, Nvidia GPUs dominate the market as accelerators for AI, simulation, graphics, and supercomputing. But the proprietary CUDA parallel programming model only works best on Nvidia’s GPUs, forcing customers to buy the company’s hardware.

Nvidia is now trying to shift gears to expand into the software sector by selling AI software applications developed in CUDA. The company sees a $1 trillion market opportunity in software, with CUDA-based applications for self-driving cars, robots, medical devices and other AI systems.

A typical CUDA program has a GPU code section, which includes code for running on the graphics cores, and a CPU code section, which sets up the runtime environment which includes memory allocation and system management. material. CUDA also has a runtime system that includes libraries and a compiler that compiles code into an executable.

CUDA binaries have CPU and GPU sections, and a separate PTX assembly code section, which acts as a backwards and to some extent backwards compatibility layer for all versions of CUDA dating back to the first edition in 2007 .

Upgrade Challenges

But CUDA 12 apps will break on CUDA 11. Starting with CUDA 11, Nvidia has included a compatibility layer so APIs won’t break in online builds, for example, a CUDA 11.5 based app will work with CUDA 11.1. But this compatibility layer does not apply to completely new versions.

“You can’t run CUDA 12 apps, for example, on a system with 11.2 installed because the API signals may have changed in a major release,” Jones said, adding, “That means two things. first of all, you need to care about which major version of CUDA is running on your [system]and second, some APIs and data structures will change.

CUDA 12 is specifically tuned for the new GPU architecture called Hopper, which replaces the two-year-old architecture called Ampere, supported by CUDA 11. The Hopper-based flagship GPU, called H100, has been measured up to five times more faster than the previous generation A100-branded Ampere flagship GPU. Speed ​​improvements in Hopper come from a slew of new features like better throughput and interconnect technologies, faster tensor cores for AI, and vector and floating point operations.

Hopper features 132 streaming multiprocessors, PCIe Gen5 support, HBM3 memory, 50MB L3 cache, and the new NVLink interconnect with 900GB/s bandwidth.

If you want the best performance from Hopper, you’ll only get it from CUDA 12. Nvidia keeps its hardware and software close to its chest, and if you’re using Khronos’ OpenCL, AMD’s ROCm, and other parallel programming, you won’t be able to harness the full power of Hopper.

The GPU Hopper H100 focuses on keeping data local and reducing the time it takes to execute code. The GPU has 132 streaming multiprocessor (SM) units in the H100, up from 15 in Kepler a decade ago. SM scaling is at the heart of CUDA 12, Jones said.

The CUDA programming model, at its core, asks users to divide work – such as processing an image – into blocks, which are arranged next to each other in a grid. Each block runs on a GPU as if it were a separate program, and Hopper can run several thousand blocks at a time. Each block, working on its own problem, is then broken down into threads.

Nvidia has broken down this grid-block-thread hierarchy even further with a new layer called “thread block cluster”. The “wire block cluster” essentially breaks down the old structure and weaves together interconnected mini-networks at the block level, all of which add to the larger network. Because of its massive scale, “we embraced the concept of a grid composition made up of completely independent work blocks,” Jones said.

SMs have been organized in this hierarchy of clusters of blocks of threads, which exchange data simultaneously in a synchronized manner. The 16 blocks run nearly 16,384 threads concurrently, which is a huge amount of concurrency, Jones said, adding that each block in a cluster can read and write the shared memory of all other blocks in the cluster.

“What we’ve created is a way to target a localized subset of your grid to a localized set of runtime resources that opens up more programmability and performance opportunities,” Jones said.

The thread block cluster feature in the programming model has a new syntax that allows developers to set the launch size and resources it needs for a task instead of relying on the CPU to do it right.

Another new Hopper feature is an asynchronous transaction barrier that reduces data back and forth for faster code execution. The asynchronous transaction barrier is more like a bedroom where waiting threads sleep until data from other threads arrives to complete a transaction. This reduces the energy, effort, and bandwidth required to move data.

“You just say ‘Wake me up when the data has arrived. I can have my thread on hold…waiting for data from lots of different places and only waking up when everything has happened,” Jones said.

In chips, work is usually divided into threads, which must coordinate with each other. With normal barriers, threads generally track where the data comes from and what source it syncs to, but that’s not the case in Hopper, which is just a one-time write operation.

“The asynchronous memory copy knows how many bytes it carries. The barrier knows how much it expects. When the data arrives, it is counted by itself. They are one-sided memory copies and they are seven times faster. [communication] because they just go one way and don’t have to go back and forth,” Jones said.

Hopper also has a new processing unit called Tensor Memory Accelerator, which the company has classified as a data movement engine. The engine allows bi-directional movement of large blocks of data between the global and shared memory hierarchy. TMA also supports asynchronous memory copying between blocks of threads in a cluster.

“You call [TMA] and it goes off to do the copying, which means the hardware takes care of calculating addresses and strides, checking limits, all that kind of stuff. It can cut out a section of data…and just drop it into shared memory or put it back the other way around. You don’t have to write a single line of code,” Jones said.

Hopper has new DPX instructions for something Nvidia calls “dynamic programming,” where one can efficiently find the solution to a larger problem by recursively solving overlapping subproblems. This could make CUDA 12 relevant for applications involved in computation that follows traces to optimize or solve problems, such as mapping or robotic path tracing.

“It’s very similar to a divide and conquer approach…. except it’s the overlapping data that’s harder to resolve,” Jones said.

Nvidia has also improved the concept of dynamic parallelism, which allows the GPU to launch a new kernel directly without using the CPU. “By adding special mechanisms to the dynamic parallel programming model, we were able to speed up launch performance by a factor of three,” Jones said.

An Nvidia moderator didn’t say whether dynamic parallelism would move to the OpenMP or OpenACC standards, saying “whether it makes it into the standards as an explicit language feature is up to the committees.”

Nvidia is actively trying to upstream certain features of the CUDA toolkit as part of standard C++ releases. CUDA has its own compiler called NVCC, which is designed for GPUs, and Runtime API with a simple C++-like interface. GPUs typically have computing elements like vector processing that are more suitable for applications like AI, and the runtime is built on top of a driver API.

Band Created with Sketch.

How confidential are your private messages?


WACO, Texas (FOX 44) — Ever wondered how private your messages are? Not just your texts, but also your Facebook and Instagram DM messages.

“You’re in someone else’s playground and they make the rules,” said social media expert Caryn Brown. “And what you have to remember as well is that they can change those rules as well. And sometimes they do.

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Almost all social media platforms have a message center where users can connect and talk with others.

But, regarding the privacy of these messages, there might be a chance that others will see what you wrote through the terms and conditions.

“Talk about it as your private information, but your private information is in their sandbox and on their playground,” Brown told FOX 44 News. “And so, again, they control the rules. Someone on Facebook will go to jail for keeping your DM a secret from law enforcement, regarding what is legally their responsibility. They will follow him.

Now, what if you get caught up in an investigation? Woodway Deputy Chief Khalil El-Halabi says there is a process police must follow to acquire information about someone’s phone or social media platforms.

“If it’s criminal cases, which we deal with, then we have to get a search warrant,” he said. “We need to show probable cause that we believe there is important information on this phone or on this computer, whether it’s text messages, pictures or something like that that we believe is will help our case.”

El-Halabi explained that the need for evidence in a case will outweigh your right to privacy.

But law enforcement officers should stick to the parts of someone’s phone or social media they are looking for that are described in this search warrant.

“So whatever we feel is the prerogative of our investigation,” he explained. “We have to tell the judge, that’s what we’re looking for, specific photos or text messages. And that’s usually the scope we stay in.

Florida 3-star DB opts out of Rutgers after home loss to Iowa Hawkeyes


Greg Schiano is down from one of 18 Class of 2023 football commitments following a 27-10 loss to the Iowa Hawkeyes at SHI Stadium on Saturday as Florida’s three-star defensive back Jason Duclona — a priority recruit who recently received offers from UCF and Mississippi State — announced his disengagement from the program on Twitter on Monday.

“The love Scarlet Nation had for me was truly amazing, but at the end of the day, I have to do what’s best for me and my future,” he wrote. “Thank you. Grateful forever.”

Rutgers has recruited Florida hard this cycle – seven players have signed up with Rutgers since June 8, when Vilay Nakkoun accepted his offer – with a dwindling recruiting year in New Jersey.

But it’s risky.

Florida players are known for being quick, which often means more college scouts, the benefit of the doubt from those coaches, and more options. Many are recruited hard throughout the year by staffs across the country, and they, more than other states, it seems, are susceptible to overthrow. But you have to be in it to earn it, so there you have it.

Rutgers’ Class of 2023 now ranks 49th on 247Sports and 53rd on Rivals.com, the two major high school football recruiting networks.

Things don’t get any easier for the Scarlet Knights who travel to Columbus to face the third-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday at 3:30 p.m.


Recruiting Black Football Players to Rutgers During America’s Polarizing Fight for Social Change

From Cameroon to Canada to Rutgers: LB Dariel Djabome took an unlikely route to Piscataway, but now he’s ‘home’

Introducing the NJ.com Top 50, January 2022, a list of New Jersey’s top football rookies (at any level)

WATCH: Hanging out in Washington Township with OL John Stone, Rutgers’ new Scarlet Knight and the face of its Class of 2023

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The Heartbreak High reboot is a global hit. This also sends a message to Australia


“In other words, the more restrictive the country, the worse the levels of investment in local content,” Muller said.

“When thinking about how to regulate investment in local content, it’s really important to pay close attention to the design of such a plan.”

According to the report, four major streaming services – Netflix, Nine Entertainment’s Stan, Disney and Amazon Prime – invested $629 million in Australian and Australia-related content for the year 2020-21. Paramount+ was not included as it had not entered Australia at this point.

The report’s consumer survey showed that 73% of Australians consider it important that their streaming, or TV, services provide Australian content, and 58% are satisfied with the amount of local content on their service. streaming. It also showed that 40% of viewing time with streaming services was local content.

The Frontier Economics report surveyed 1,107 internet users in Australia. Around 15% said these streaming services did not provide enough local content, compared to 58% who were satisfied with the amount of local content provided.

These local and international streaming services have urged the federal government to abandon plans that would require them to create a number of local programs, warning that this would have unintended consequences and make the cost of production unpleasant.


The Morrison government first proposed a scheme to encourage streaming services to invest in local content earlier this year. New Communications Minister Michelle Rowland has said she will press ahead with plans to regulate the amount of revenue from local content streaming services.

In June, Australian actors, directors, screenwriters and producers launched the Make it Australian campaign to lobby the government to ensure streaming services have minimum levels of investment in Australian content.

BSNL Message Center Number: List of all state BSNL SMS Center Numbers, how to change them, etc.


If you are unable to send or receive a message from your BSNL SIM card on your phone, there may be some reasons for this. Either your top-up plan has expired or there is a problem with your SIM card. But there could be another reason, incorrect or old, SMSC or Message Center number. Message Center manages the send and receive processes from device to device. However, it keeps changing, so if you are unable to send or receive messages from your BSNL SIM card, here is a list of updated message center numbers for all states and how can you you modify it.

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BSNL Message Center Numbers For all states

To get the BSNL SMS center number for your state, see the list below.

State names SMS BSNL

Central number

Andaman Nicobar +919434099997
Andhra Pradesh +919442099997
Arunachal Pradesh +919434099997
assam +919434099997
Bihar +919434099997
Chhattisgarh +919422099997
Goa +919422099997
Gujarat +919422099997
Haryana +919417099997
Himachal Pradesh +919417099997
Jharkhand +919434099997
Jammu and Kashmir +919417099997
Karnataka +919442099997
Kerala +919442099997
Madhya Pradesh +919422099997
Maharashtra +919422099997
Manipur +919434099997
Meghalaya +919434099997
Mizoram +919434099997
Nagaland +919434099997
Odisha +919434099997
Punjab +919417099997
Rajasthan +919417099997
Sikkim +919434099997
Tamil Nadu +919442099997
Telangana +919442099997
Tripura +919434099997
Uttar Pradesh +919417099997
Uttarakhand +919417099997
West Bengal +919434099997

How to change the BSNL SMS center number?

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Change BSNL message center number from message settings

The BSNL message center number is changeable, so if you plan to change it, follow the steps below.

  1. Launch the messaging app on your phone.
  2. In the upper right corner, there will be three dots, also called the Menu option. Press it.
  3. A drop-down menu will appear, choose Settings.
  4. Scroll down and tap Advanced. There will be an option named SMSC. Tap on it to edit it.
  5. Now copy the BSNL SMS center number for your state from the list above. Paste it and click Save.
  6. That’s it, you have changed the number of the BSNL SMS center from your phone. You can now send the SMS again.

Change BSNL message center number from USSD code

If your messaging app does not show the SMSC option, you can try changing the BSNL message center number from the USSD code on your phone.

  1. Dial *#*#4636#*#* on your phone on the dial pad.
  2. A prompt will appear, tap on phone info and scroll down.
  3. Look for the SMSC option and press the refresh button to view the current SMS center number.
  4. Now fill in the above BSNL SMS center number as per your condition and click update.

That’s it, your BSNL SMS center number has changed and you can now use it to send SMS.

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1) What are the benefits of using the BSNL Message Center/SMS Center number?

BSNL users can use the message center number to get in touch with the company on various issues. The SMS center number will respond quickly here with all the information a user needs.

2) Why is my BSNL message not sending?

BSNL messages are not being sent due to SIM card issues. Try using another SIM card or contact customer service for a better resolution.

3) How do I reset my BSNL message center number?

BSNL users can update or replace the message center number, but cannot reset it.

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Police beaten for Saturday September 24


The following people are wanted on arrest warrants, according to various sheriff’s departments. The addresses given are the last known addresses provided by the money orders and may be out of date.

• August J. Pease, 19, of 1795 N. Ebenezer Church Road is wanted on a warrant charging him with failing to appear in court on a charge of criminal trespassing.

He is a Caucasian male, 6 feet 1 inches tall and weighing 195 pounds. He has brown hair and blue eyes.

• Kenneth L. Evans, 40, address unknown, is wanted on a warrant charging him with failing to appear in court for possession of methamphetamine and driving under license suspension.

He is a Caucasian male, 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing 143 pounds. He has brown hair and brown eyes.

Submit tips anonymously at tipsubmit.com, by calling 217-243-7300 or by texting CRIMES (274637) with “payment” as the first word of the tip.


Morgan County

Jacksonville Police


• A 14-year-old boy was arrested at 11:14 a.m. on Friday for aggravated battery after being charged with pushing a staff member at Garrison Alternative School, 936 W. Michigan Ave. The boy was also charged with battery after police said he punched another student.

• Moria AR Franklin, 33, of 328 E. Walnut St. was arrested at 7:13 p.m. Thursday for theft in connection with a cell phone that was taken after being dropped off in a parking lot on Sept. 18.

• Tameka Jackson, 33, of 448 S. Mauvaisterre St. was arrested for disorderly conduct after being charged with entering Circle K, 602 N. Main St., at 10:27 p.m. Thursday and threatening a employee.

• Dareon M. Buhlig, 28, of 123 Havendale Court was arrested at 8:39 p.m. Thursday for retail theft after being charged with attempting to take concealed merchandise from Walmart, 1941 W. Morton Ave.

• Shirley F. Johnson, 63, of 7A Justin Drive was arrested at 1.50pm on Thursday for criminal trespassing after police said she was in a place where she was prohibited from.


• Someone broke into a residence on the 800 block of Illinois Avenue between 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. Thursday, but nothing was stolen.

Compiled by David CL Bauer

“We Will Succeed Because We Must” » Publications » Washington Policy Center


The Message from WPC’s Annual Dinner in Eastern Washington

The ballroom at the Davenport Grand was teeming with guests weaving around white linen-covered tables, gathering in small groups while catching up with old friends and occasionally making new ones. As the clock ended at 7 p.m., WPC’s countdown video began, playing clips of great speakers past until the end with WPC Chairman Mark Pinkowski taking the stage, welcoming guests and introducing emcee duties to WPC’s longtime outgoing director in eastern Washington. , Chris Cargill (who received a warm tribute and a standing ovation at the end of his last program).

More than 900 people had come to Spokane to support the Washington Policy Center’s mission to provide free market solutions and analysis for our state. Hundreds of people raised their hands to indicate they were joining a WPC event for the first time, showing the enthusiasm and thirst for market-based ideas and reforms.

The program began by honoring the United States with the Pledge of Allegiance and our National Anthem, memorably performed by Scotty Nicol. Many in the crowd were moved to join him in song for the final lines. With an enormous American flag serving as the backdrop to the main stage and the patriotic spirit enlivened by the anthem, guests were ready for an evening dedicated to the Northwest’s premier free market think tank.

Our two keynote speakers brought hope and warning. Acclaimed historian and author Victor Davis Hanson has warned of militarized politics, broken institutions, dangerous spending and ideological intolerance. He highlighted the growing power of China and declining US deterrence which added to the risk of war. He lamented that state legislatures change election rules at the last second to help defeat a specific candidate, and revealed a nation divided in ways unimaginable only twenty years ago, a nation that desperately needed to revive its constitution and institutions. Dr. Hanson reminded us that our constitutional republic is getting old, but ideas are timeless and worth fighting for.

Former presidential candidate and congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard remarked that “moral rot” is corrupting our civic debates and social media. She warned against the influence of big tech censorship. She challenged the idea that parents should be deprived of information about what their children are learning in classrooms. Gabbard also called for a new political leadership. Leadership that would commit to solutions that work, not just to the political parties that support them. Her vision was one of hope for a better future and a new spirit of tough debate but patriotic civility, what she called the “Aloha Spirit.” She said success is possible because it’s necessary, and she thinks a growing number of Americans understand that.

Melanie Stambaugh, the charismatic former state legislator and independent business owner from Puyallup, led the conversation with Tulsi. The two women shared an early start in their respective state legislatures, with Tulsi Gabbard being elected to the Hawaii state legislature at age 21 and Stambaugh to the Washington state legislature at 24. year.

Throughout the interrogation, Gabbard focused on the need to put service and solutions above party and politics and on the need for independent thinking. She expressed disbelief that her statement that ‘parents should raise their children, not the government’ was a controversial statement in the country today, calling the backlash she faced both ‘hilarious’ and ‘scary’ and warned against the tendency of opponents, including powerful politicians and those in big tech, to silence or suppress those with whom they disagreed.

One of the first instructions Gabbard received as the new lawmaker was not to work with Republicans – especially Republicans in swing districts. Even if a bill was good, if a problem for people could be solved, he was told to sit on the idea and wait because credit could not be given to the other side.

Gabbard saw this approach as putting politics before people. After all, those with the problem to solve will continue to suffer even as warring political factions resist solutions. Gabbard recounted how this approach conflicted with the way she was raised and her sense of duty and service.

She said that when she served in Iraq, a sign above the exit door asked “Is today the day?” It was a sobering reminder to those who left the relative safety of base that they could be called to the ultimate sacrifice at any moment. “Is today the day?” It was a reminder of the fragility of our lives, as well as what really matters. So while other political leaders worried about their invitation to the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, she felt her service kept her grounded in her work and her priorities.

When asked why she supported socialist Bernie Sanders for president in 2016, she said it was her way of making a statement to power brokers within her party, including Hillary Clinton, and her best avenue to gain a national audience for her views.

At the end of his address, Gabbard received his second standing ovation of the evening and left WPC guests inspired, motivated and hopeful.

While Gabbard laid out a host of issues facing us as a nation, his main message was one of duty, service and hope. Americans are more involved, they are aware of what is happening around them.

Above all, the Americans would succeed because we have to. We have no other choice.

And so it is in Washington State. It’s our home. It is majestic in its diverse natural beauty and it is consistent in its influence. That’s why bad ideas won’t stay in Washington, they will spread. Our state is emblematic and our influence has grown. It’s also why good ideas must take root in Washington and challenge the status quo where necessary.

The Washington Policy Center exists to make Washington a better place to live, work, and raise a family. There is no giving up or giving up. Guests at the annual Eastern Washington Dinner took this message home. It is our hope that they share it and make it grow.

Optus cyberattack could involve customers dating back to 2017 | optus


Optus customers dating as far back as 2017 could be caught up in the telecom company’s massive database hack, CEO Kelly Bayer Rosmarin has revealed.

Bayer Rosmarin told reporters Friday that the company still doesn’t know exactly how many customers had their personal information compromised in the attack, but that 9.8 million was the “worst-case scenario.”

“We have reason to believe the number is actually lower than that. But we are working to piece together exactly what the attackers received,” she said.

Personal information compromised in the attack included names, birth dates, addresses, phone numbers and, in some cases, passport or driver’s license numbers.

The intrusion is said to have taken place via the exploitation of a vulnerability in an application programming interface (API), but Bayer Rosmarin would not confirm this, saying it was “the subject of criminal proceedings” and under investigation by the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Cyber ​​Center.

Optus first became aware of the intrusion into its network on Wednesday and alerted the media less than 24 hours after shutting down unauthorized access and ensuring there were no other vulnerabilities. , said Bayer Rosmarin.

“We have worked with cyber experts from the Australian Government, privacy officers and regulators, and have proactively reached out to major financial institutions, our competitors and other businesses so that we can protect not only our own customers as much as possible, but all Australians,” she said.

Optus has relied on customer information through the media and has not yet notified individual customers directly as the company has not yet determined the number of customers affected.

Telecom companies are required by Australian law to verify the identity of their customers to prevent people from registering mobile phones or porting numbers – a growing attack method to bypass authentications two-factor that use SMS codes. The data dates back to 2017, as Optus is required to retain identity verification records for six years.

Bayer Rosmarin said once Optus determines which customers are affected, all customers, even those not directly affected, will hear from the company.

No ransom demand has been made and Optus has not yet determined whether it was a criminal or state actor attack on the company.

Bayer Rosmarin would not go into detail about how the attack happened, citing the criminal investigation.

The attacker’s IP addresses “come from various countries in Europe”, she said.

Brett Callow, Threat Analyst, posted on Twitter that the names and email addresses of 1.1 million Optus customers had been for sale online since September 17. Bayer Rosmarin could not say if this was true.

“One of the challenges when you go public with this kind of information is that there are a lot of people who can claim a lot of things. So there’s nothing validated and marketable that we know of, but the teams are looking at all the possibilities.

The CEO of the Singaporean telecommunications company said the whole country must respond to the attack together.

“We don’t yet know who these attackers are and what they want to do with this information, which is why we really need a response from the Australian team,” Bayer Rosmarin said.

She held back tears when asked what it meant that this attack happened on her watch.

“I am angry that there are people who want to do this to our customers. I’m disappointed that we couldn’t prevent it, and disappointed that it undermines all the great work we’ve done to be a pioneer in this industry.

“And I’m so sorry and sorry.”

CometChat strengthens its management team with a focus on revenue growth and finance


DENVER, September 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CometChat, the leading in-app chat provider, has announced the expansion of its leadership team with the addition of Melissa Ordway in the role of Vice President of Finance and John Hyde as Chief Revenue Officer. Following their recent Series A investment, these key hires illustrate the company’s focus on accelerating its rapid growth and continued fiscal responsibility.

“Building a world-class leadership and leadership team is a critical step in growing this business. We’ve seen incredible product-driven growth with minimal investment in sales. I am thrilled to combine our best product with a top notch sales organization to drive our growth forward in the coming year. With Melissa and John joining us, I’m thrilled to welcome some of the top finance and revenue leaders to our leadership team – I look forward to working closely with them as we evolve and support CometChat in this next phase of growth”

Anuj GargCometChat CEO

Meilssa Ordway joins the team after serving as Vice President of Finance at ANGI (NASDAQ:ANGI) where, as part of the leadership team leading FP&A, she helped drive 10x revenue growth. Her early career experience in risk management at the FDIC led her to create the FP&A function at ANGI, which was instrumental in the merger of HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List, multiple acquisitions and the public offering of ‘ANGI. Melissa’s experience building world-class FP&A functions along with her expertise in revenue growth make her a valuable addition to CometChat’s leadership team.

John Hyde Joins the team from his former role as CRO of Via Customers, a software startup in the e-commerce space, where in 2021 he grew 4x revenue, 5x transaction volume and built a revenue trajectory key to increase $70 million in venture capital funding. John brings experience in both enterprise sales and business development from previous roles at Qualtrics and Amazon Web Services.

“We’ve invested heavily in marketing over the past year, attracting some amazing brands, and the addition of a mature sales organization positions us for huge growth.”

Dan MitsnerCMO CometChat

About CometChat

CometChat allows developers to quickly integrate in-app text messaging to all mobile and web applications. Our platform provides user-to-user messaging to help your users connect with each other – marketplace sellers and buyers, healthcare providers and patients, taxi drivers and passengers, students and teachers, and many more. Moreover.

Our SDKs, APIs and Chat UI Kits are quick to launch, incredibly secure, highly scalable and well documented. Our robust library of extensions helps you easily integrate with other services and provides a configurable, feature-rich messaging experience for your users.

Over 50,000 developers around the world trust us and we serve start-ups and enterprise clients in telehealth, ed-tech, marketplaces, on-demand services, virtual events , dating apps and other sectors.


How to pay for public parking in Ajman


The Ajman Municipality and Planning Department is the government authority that oversees the public parking system in the emirate. The department allows motorists to pay for their parking in two ways:

• by text message
• via the department’s mobile application – ‘MPDA’ – which is available for Apple and Android devices.

Here is how you can pay for your parking by SMS:

Send an SMS to the number ‘5155’ with a message following this format:

For example: ‘AJM A 0123’

You will then receive an SMS confirming your parking reservation. However, it is important to note that if you choose to pay for parking by SMS, you will have to pay additional SMS charges, depending on your operator.

Additionally, when paying by SMS, you will only be allowed to pay for one hour at a time. If you only want to pay for half an hour or an hour and a half – which is possible in Ajman – you will have to pay for parking via the municipality’s application.

Dh2 for one hour of parking by SMS. This does not include SMS charges.

If you want to park your car for more than an hour, you can download the MPDA app, from Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Once you have downloaded the app, visit the app homepage and tap on “Parking Services” and select “Regular Parking”.

2. Next, select the duration of the parking reservation and press the “Credit card” button.

3. After that, you will be transferred to Ajman Municipality payment channel, where you will need to enter your credit card details.

You can also pay with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay, which saves you having to manually enter your credit card details.

4. After making the payment, you will receive a parking ticket confirmation with the reference number.

Here are the prices for public car parks in Ajman:

• Half an hour: Dh1
• One hour: Dh2
• One hour and a half: Dh3
• Two hours: Dh4
• Two and a half hours: 5 Dh
• Three o’clock: Dh6
• Three and a half hours: Dh7
• Four o’clock: Dh8
• Four and a half hours: 9 Dh
• Five hours: 10 Dh

Parking is chargeable in Ajman from Saturday to Thursday.

Schedule :

• Morning: 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.
• Evening: 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Parking is free on Fridays and holidays.

Court documents detail alleged death threats, harassment rapper Watsky suffered from Michigan man


MACOMB, Mich. – A Michigan man is accused of repeatedly threatening to kill rapper Watsky and his family.

George Virden Watsky reported the harassment to the Los Angeles Police Department on March 17 and said the threats had been going on for more than a year. They started by threatening to “shoot” a Watsky show in Detroit.

Watsky showed police numerous threatening text messages and tweets and said he also received threatening phone calls. The suspect has been identified as Jordan Gabriel Giacona of Macomb, Michigan, according to court documents.

The threats began on January 23, 2021. Watsky received a message on Twitter from @JoJollyG, an account that has since been deleted, which read, “I will be filming your show at St. Andrews Hall. And I’ll blast your first show in Texas in a style similar to V for Vendetta’s blast.

Watsky was scheduled to perform at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit on September 21, 2021, but the tour was canceled due to COVID. @JoJollyG deleted her Twitter account before police could get a search warrant and Twitter had no record of who created the account. The threats continued to pour in until at least August 2022, police say.

Watsky gets restraining order

According to court documents, Giacona began texting Watsky’s phone number and messaging his social media accounts. Giacona would continue to harass Watsky until he was suspended by Twitter for violating policies, when he was suspended he would simply create a new account to continue the harassment.

Giacona began threatening to murder Watsky and that’s when the rapper began the process of getting a restraining order.

On March 10, 2022, Watsky’s manager emailed a cease and desist letter to one of the threat-related emails. The next day, he received a reply stating, “Yeah, got you.”

After the email was served with the cease and desist letter, Watsky began receiving threats of violence via text messages to his home phone. It would block numbers, but other threats would come from other numbers.

At least 10 different phone numbers have been used to threaten Watsky since March 2022, documents show. All 10 were linked to Giacona.

A temporary restraining order was issued on March 16, 2022 and a permanent restraining order was issued on April 7, 2022, according to court documents. Giacona received the restraining orders in the mail to her address in Macomb, Michigan.

Court documents detail threatening texts received by Watsky

On March 12, 2022, at 4:38 p.m. EST, Watsky received the following text:


On March 15, 2022, at 8:04 a.m. EST, Watsky received the following text messages:



  • “F**K YOU UP”



  • “I will grab you and kill you”


On March 16, 2022, at 12:04 a.m. EST, Watsky received the following text:

  • “I’m gonna f**king kill everyone you taught anything to.”

On April 11, 2022, at 9:06 a.m. EST, Watsky received the following text:


On April 18, 2022, using the same number, Giacona texted Watsky at 2:03 p.m. EST the following:


That same day, about six hours later, Giacona sent this text:

  • “I’m going to kill you. I’m going to kill you I’m going to kl uou I’m going to kill you OM GO TO KILL YOU….

Police get search warrant for phone numbers

Police obtained a search warrant for the 10 phone numbers linked to the threats.

The search warrant helped them identify the originator of all the other phone numbers, a number that had an area code of 313.

Law enforcement knew the service provider was T-Mobile and another search warrant was issued on March 30, 2022 and sent to the provider. Giacona’s mother subscribed to this phone number.

Giacona’s mother confirmed that the number belonged to her. Giacona also used this number to call a detective from the Los Angeles Police Department.

Police also determined that all of the Twitter threats were also sent by Giacona.

Court documents detail Twitter threats

Watsky received a message on his Twitter account on January 4, 2022, which stated, “Still fucking your family @gwXXXXXX regardless. Now” “HE STREZES ME OUT. THAT’S WHAT HE DOES. MURDER. YOU. FIX IT…. »

On February 10, 2022, he received the following tweet: “There’s nothing else to keep me waiting. @gwXXXXXX that’s why I kill. Because of the accusation.

On March 27, 2022, the same account tweeted the following:




Twitter provided police information on three accounts that contacted Watsky.

One of the accounts was created on January 10, 2022, another on February 10, 2022, and the third was created on March 23, 2022. All three were linked to the same IP address and similar email addresses. This information was also directly linked to Giacona.

Comcast provided police with the results of a search warrant that linked the IP address to Giacona’s home in Macomb, Michigan.

Investigators speak with Giacona

Police spoke to Giacona on August 4, 2022.

According to court documents, Giacona confirmed where he lived, admitted to using and continues to use an email address linked to the threats, and admitted to messaging Watsky.

Police said Giacona admitted to setting up online computer applications to automatically text Watsky. He told the investigator that he contacted Watsky because he was upset that Watsky had not replied to him after sending him something he thought was interesting.

Giacona said he felt cheated because Watsky didn’t respond and wanted other people to see how Watsky treated him. Because of this, Giacona began contacting Watsky on several occasions.

The court document is available below:

Copyright 2022 by WDIV ClickOnDetroit – All Rights Reserved.

The monarchy sends a message with the funeral of Queen Elizabeth: they live on


Of all the intricate choreography of Queen Elizabeth II’s procession and funeral, the most eye-catching moment took place inside Westminster Abbey, when the issue of repositioning her heavily ornate coffin for her exit was graciously resolved.

As the organ notes sounded at the end of the service, the eight soldiers who had carried the queen’s coffin approached it again, so tightly grouped that they seemed to form one body dressed in red. Dividing into pairs, the soldiers slowly slid and hoisted the coffin onto their shoulders. Now for the hard part: rotating the coffin to point towards the door – without moving its accessories, including a flower crown, imperial crown, scepter and orb.

Taking slow, sideways steps, the soldiers smoothly walked a full circle, scooch by scooch, a single unit gently sweeping with its precious burden in a rather tight space.

The precision rotation resembled the operation of a large ticking clock. Perfectly performed, it was a curiously satisfying theatrical moment.

In all the military formations, colorful uniforms, hymn-singing and sermons, I searched for elements like this – the artistry and drama of those rare royal funerals and processions. Where was the art in the middle of the staging? Where was it as moving as it was spectacular? What was the theme of the event and how successfully was it expressed?

After all, the queen’s rites were not an end. It was a theater of power. His aim was to show unwavering continuity. The state and crown gears still turn smoothly – as they always have and always will.

Nothing is over, said all the military parades; the old legacy of the monarchy lives on.

We are a united front, the pursed-lipped royal family said, marching behind the coffin in well-choreographed order.

Indeed, the morning procession seemed so timeless and steeped in history that you half-expected all the princes and princesses to turn out like royalty from oil paintings and fairy tales, in flowing dresses. and velvet waistcoats. But the military influence dominated – the procession was a brilliant operation, with each branch represented in colorful finery. Senior members of the Queen’s family wore their military uniforms and medals, with two painful exceptions.

Outstanding in their morning suits were the veterans who were barred from appearing in uniform: Prince Harry, who walked away from royal life to protest the treatment of his wife, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and the scandal-stained Prince Andrew stripped of his military titles following a sex abuse lawsuit, which he settled while denying the allegations.

Well, Buckingham Palace wrote the script.

Iron discipline was everywhere in evidence. Nature kindly cooperated; London’s notoriously temperamental weather showed restraint. A sky of a neutral and peaceful taste offered no distractions. Streaks of pale blue appeared discreetly here and there, not distracting from the main attractions.

Occasionally, a light breeze lifted the corners of the many flags along the mall and ruffled lines of feathered plumes. In the bright, filtered light, the magnificent objects on the queen’s red and gold coffin were the stars – the jeweled crown and scepter, the golden orb.

All dazzled. The procession was a visual feast, adapted to our visual culture. Entertainment was far from the top order of the day here, but the Queen, who played a role in event planning, knew how much the TV cameras loved the royal pomp. In 1952, when her father, King George VI, died, interest in his funeral was so high that it sparked a wave of massive television purchases. (The procession was televised, although the funeral was not.) The TV bombshell moment came the following year when the Queen allowed TV cameras at her coronation.

Mindful of her own stardom as the most famous woman in the world, and as a final gesture towards the public duty so central to her life, the Queen designed her funeral as a long, long look at what was dear to her. It was a chance for the world to see the greatness, importance and power of the British monarchy, in glorious motion. With London itself transformed into one big stage.

It was a procession for an icon. But where was the woman? This matchless 96-year-old, legendary dynamo, mother of four, grandmother, great-grandmother, bereaved widow. The remarkable person bent over his cane in his drab, ordinary cardigan, and smiling so cheerfully with the new Prime Minister two days before his death. Where was she in the midst of greatness?

The most poetic — and personal — touch was the wreath of pink and purple flowers on her coffin, massed in a natural, graceful mound. Garden roses, dahlias, sprigs of rosemary and oak leaves got to soak and sway. King Charles III chose them, some from his mother’s marriage, others collected from his favorite homes. Amidst all the sharp edges of the army, these flowers were the only nod to a softer side of the queen.

Impressive as the events were, I came away feeling that we had lost something of the woman herself. Unless I missed it, there were few mentions in the sermons of her feelings for her children and grandchildren, or of any special and remarkable moments with an audience member who might have touched her, or of their own personal preferences. There were no startling or witty anecdotes (is it too American of me to seek a little levity?), no insight into the woman’s heart.

She wanted it that way, I guess – she was a woman who shared her private self with very little. The official stamp of the queen, so to speak, is felt in the sermons which praise her duty above all else. She was remembered for her work ethic – one for the ages.

Still, there were moments of intense emotion amid all the emphasis on discipline, lines and strict formations. The music was most moving when the whole gathering at Westminster Abbey sang, as in “The Day Thou Gavest, Lord, Is Ended” – that warm, full, velvety swell of collective voices.

Some of the drama may have only existed in his imagination, but who hasn’t felt a sharp pain seeing Princes William and Harry so coldly apart? It was 25 years ago almost to the day that they were united in shock at the funeral of their mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, following her excruciatingly early death. There they walked side by side behind his coffin like grieving young brothers. Now we have seen William in his Royal Air Force uniform saluting his grandmother’s coffin and the war memorial known as the Cenotaph, while next to him his brother did not. – but surely wanted to. He was forbidden to do so (see the palace script above). This moment struck me in the heart.

The bugle call “The Last Post” towards the end of the Abbey service also touched me. All I could think of was the same fanfare played at the funeral of the Queen’s husband Prince Philip a year ago when covid precautions kept attendance drastically low and the queen sat down all alone in her mask at the end of a bench.

Yet: Continuity. Order. The theme resonated from start to finish, even if it felt a little forced at times.

Fortunately, a real healing balm was present: the children. Formal debates have never seemed more honest and tender than when the cameras caught a glimpse of the young people who took part.

There were the altar boys, all with golden voices and gentle faces. And the children of William and Catherine, Princess of Wales – Prince George, 9, and Princess Charlotte, 7, attend their great-grandmother’s services fervently in tiny funeral attire. With all the spectacle in sight, it was these children who added bittersweet emotion and surprising, genuine humanity – and continuity in the fullest sense.

Sbi waives SMS fees on mobile money transfers: how to take advantage of it?


By CNBCTV18.com STI (Update)


New SBI Rule: With the removal of SMS fees, customers can now transact without paying additional fees using USSD services.

The State Bank of India (SBI), the country’s largest lender, has decided to scrap SMS charges on mobile money transfers. With the removal of SMS fees, customers can now transact without paying additional fees using USSD services, the bank said in a post on Twitter.

By using mobile banking with the code *99#, users can access basic banking services such as money transfers and account statements without a smartphone or an internet connection.

This service works on feature phones, the bank said.

Services that can be used through the Service include: send money, request money, check account balance, get mini-statement and change UPI PIN.

USSD is a service that can be used to transfer money, check account balance, generate bank statements and many more things.

In other developments, SBI raised the benchmark prime rate by 70 basis points. With the increase, the revised rate is now 13.45%.

Google has come up with new updates for Messages, its native chat app / Digital Information World


With the addition of WhatsApp and other online chat apps into our daily lives, we often don’t need to use normal messages, and giant tech companies including Apple know this. But, on the other hand, for some reason, we have Google being adamant that normal SIM messaging is the future and trying to do a lot of it and we mean a lot of developments on that .

And when we talked about the many developments we were talking about because regardless of whether investing in Messages is a good idea or not, Google continues to add all kinds of features to the app that are very similar to the ones that have us on whatsapp. Today we’re going to talk about 3 new features coming soon to the app: voice memos, emoji reactions, and more.

Well, here’s the thing. There have been some developments in the messaging app, but none of the new features are available to the public yet. This again proves that some features are in development at Google HQ and something is coming very soon.

Armed with this knowledge, let’s dig deeper into what we know about them so far. First, the transcriptions of voice memos. What are they? Well, these are just the text that the feature has automatically translated for you into a text message from a voice memo. This will make it easier for people in a hurry who don’t have time to write a proper message. Now it also works the other way around, like if you are somewhere where you can’t listen to the voicemail, say public transport, this feature will convert that message to text that you can read, instead of to listen.

Second, it’s been a few years since Google first introduced emoji reactions to its native messaging app, but now it’s making some very well-deserved and much-needed improvements to the system. Currently, if you want to send an emoji reaction, you will have to choose between a few options that are already offered, but now with this new feature, you will be able to choose from any emoji listed in your phone’s emoji section. .

Finally, the app is getting a brand new, revamped photo picker that will allow users to choose any photo they want without having to go to a new page to select recent images. Currently, this feature is only available for recent images, but will soon be available for older ones as well.

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New iPhones have Qualcomm satellite modem, new Apple radio chips


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SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., September 17 (Reuters) – iPhone 14 models from Apple Inc (AAPL.O) contain a Qualcomm Inc (QCOM.O) chip that can communicate with satellites, but have additional Apple components custom-designs used in the phone’s biggest new feature, according to an analysis of the phone by iFixit and a statement from Apple.

Apple released its iPhone 14 line on Friday. One of the major new features is the ability to connect to satellites to send emergency messages when there is no Wi-Fi or data connection. cellular.

Apple said earlier this month that the iPhone 14 models contain new hardware that makes Emergency Messaging possible, which Apple plans to enable with an upcoming software update in November. Apple didn’t give specific hardware details for the satellite.

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iFixit, a San Luis Obispo, Calif.-based company that disassembles iPhones and other consumer electronics to gauge how easily they can be repaired, disassembled a model iPhone 14 Pro Max on Friday, revealing a chip from Qualcomm X65 modem.

The Qualcomm chip provides 5G connectivity for cellular networks but is also capable of using what is known as the n53 band, the frequency band used by Globalstar (GSAT.A) satellites.

Globalstar announced an agreement earlier this month in which Apple will take up to 85% of Globalstar’s satellite network capacity to enable Apple’s new emergency messaging feature.

In a statement to Reuters on Saturday, Apple said there is additional proprietary hardware and software in the iPhone 14 for the new messaging feature.

“iPhone 14 includes custom radio frequency components and new software built entirely by Apple, which together enable emergency SOS via satellite on new iPhone 14 models,” Apple said in a statement.

Qualcomm did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Reporting by Stephen Nellis in San Luis Obispo, Calif.; Editing by Leslie Adler

Our standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

BBB: A Springfield woman hired by a fake company


SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) — A Springfield woman recently hired for a remote position on Indeed found out it was all a scam. The position was offered by a company in Texas, called Lenier Consulting Group.

“Cathy” was asked to download a messaging app to communicate with the hiring manager, and after some back and forth she was offered the job. Cathy was so excited about finding a new job that she forgot a big red flag. Cathy had only spoken to this hiring manager on a messaging app.

The second red flag was raised when the hiring manager said Cathy would need to purchase equipment as she would be working from home. She was told she would receive a check that would cover equipment costs.

Cathy received a check for $6,859.54 and was instructed to deposit the check in her bank to purchase equipment from a vendor provided by the company. Cathy started to feel skeptical about the job because when she messaged them that she had received the check, the hiring manager asked her how many minutes it would take her to get to her bank and the to deposit.

The hiring manager grew impatient when Cathy didn’t respond, so she replied, “I’m busy right now. I should be able to do it within 30 minutes, is that ok? The hiring manager said they would be on hold until it was done.

Cathy followed her instincts and she called the Better Business Bureau, and she was advised not to deposit the check. The check, with an address in Texas, was not from Lenier Consulting. It was from a children’s theater and the scammer got a check with a routing number for an actual bank account.

The theater owner told Central New England’s BBB that this bank knew about the scam and that more than 20 checks had been deposited because of it. According to Nancy Cahalen, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Central New England, people looking for a job should be careful. “These scam artists rely on you being so excited about this high-paying job that you look past all the warning signs,” she said. “Do your research. Research the company online, check BBB.org/scamtracker for similar scenarios, and beware of a company that only wants to communicate through a messaging app.

BBB researched the Lenier Consulting Group that Cathy was going to work for and discovered that the company was not real. Their website with lots of copied photos and links that don’t work.

Over the past month, BBB’s Scam Tracker has seen numerous reports of employment scams. BBB has some tips for avoiding employment scams:

  • Research the job posting. Call or go directly to the company’s website for contact information to verify the job posting.
  • Check companies on BBB.org if they claim to offer jobs.
  • Do an Internet search with the employer’s name and the word “scam” to see if there are any reports involving employment scams.
  • Examine the email address of those offering jobs to see if it matches the protocols used by a real company. Be mindful of Gmail work email addresses.
  • Consider creating a separate email address when posting a resume on job boards or applying for jobs. This can help detect “offers” from fraudulent employers that you haven’t contacted.
  • Consider setting up a second bank account just to handle pay for jobs where you’ve never met the employer in person.
  • If you’re paying for the promise of a job, it’s probably a scam.
  • Beware of mystery shopper or secret shopper positions.
  • Home jobs that involve receiving and reshipping packages are likely scams.
  • Beware of jobs that involve receiving and transferring money.
  • BBB is not aware of any legitimate job posting that sends applicants checks and asks them to send money to a third party.
  • Be careful when providing personal information such as your full address, date of birth, and financial information in your resume or to unverified recruiters and online applications. Even if you do the work, it can still be a scam.
  • Do not answer calls, texts or emails from unknown numbers or suspicious addresses.
  • Don’t click on any links in a text message from a number you don’t recognize. If a friend sends you a text message with a suspicious link that seems out of place, call them to make sure they haven’t been hacked.

NFL: Roger Goodell sends rallying cry to staff ahead of ‘historic moment’ as Prime deal begins


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell issues rallying cry to his staff ahead of ‘historic moment in NFL history’ as Amazon Prime’s $13.2 billion exclusive football deal Thursday night begins

  • Roger Goodell says league is ‘breaking new ground’ with Amazon deal
  • The media and tech giant will broadcast 15 regular season games over the next 11 years
  • The Chiefs take on the Chargers in a tantalizing divisional clash later tonight

Ahead of Thursday’s game between the Chargers and Chiefs — the first NFL game to be shown exclusively on a streaming service — NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sent a rallying message to his aides to commemorate the opportunity.

The Chargers’ trip to Kansas City is one of 15 regular-season games this season to be exclusively streamed on Amazon Prime, marking the start of an 11-year, $13.2 billion deal.

And the importance of this is not lost on Goodell.

Roger Goodell hailed the start of the exclusive partnership as a “historic moment”

“Tonight’s game between the Chargers and Chiefs airing exclusively on Amazon Prime marks a historic moment in NFL history, and you’re all a part of it,” Goodell said, according to a memo obtained by the New York Post.

“Just as we broke new ground by teaming up with cable partner ESPN in 1987, adding a fourth broadcast partner in FOX and a satellite partner in DirecTV in 1994, we are breaking new ground tonight with our first game on Amazon Prime.

“I am confident that our partnership with one of the most innovative media companies in the market will benefit our fans and our business in general.”

Amazon has partnered with the league to broadcast 11 Thursday Night games since 2017, but it took over the entire package from Fox, which had it from 2018.

The exclusive deal with Amazon was originally scheduled to start in 2023, but the company and the NFL announced in May 2021 that it would start a year earlier than planned.

Travis Kelce had 295 receiving yards and two touchdowns in two games against the Chargers last year

Travis Kelce had 295 receiving yards and two touchdowns in two games against the Chargers last year

Goodell continued his upbeat tone as he ended his post.

“Tonight’s game is also emblematic of what makes the NFL successful – our willingness to test new ideas, innovate and work to always improve,” he said.

Amazon aired a 2020 Week 16 Saturday game between the 49ers and the Cardinals that was viewed by approximately 11.2 million total viewers and had an average viewership of 4.8 million minutes.

Similar numbers could be in store for Thursday’s game, as the divisional clash between San Diego and Kansas City will feature two of the sport’s best quarterbacks, Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes.

Both teams have won their Week 1 matches and are currently 1-0.