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Create QR codes to better interact with your customers


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If you doubt the world will go fully digital, just go to your favorite restaurant. Chances are they use QR codes to provide access to their menu. Menus are just one way for businesses to use QR codes to connect customers to your products or marketing materials. There are myriad opportunities with QR codes, you just need a way to generate them. This is where PERSA QR code generator Between.


PERSA offers industry-leading universal QR code generation to simplify the way you interact with your customers. Creating dynamic, trackable and customizable QR codes has never been easier.

With PERSA, you can access over 12 use cases in industries ranging from restaurants and hospitality to events, app development, and more. You can create them for Text, URL, Phone, SMS, Email, WhatsApp, FaceTime, etc. Choose between static and dynamic QR codes based on your medium so customers can interact with your brand without leaving the physical map or display they’re viewing. With static QR codes the destination link cannot be changed, but with dynamic QR codes you will have only one code no matter how many times the destination link is changed, giving you more flexibility and control.

With a Persian plan PERSA, you will have access to ten types of QR codes, can save up to 30 QR codes and support one project and one pixel. You’ll also get access to analytics, 180-day stats retention, and a custom back URL for your QR codes.

Even the real world is going completely digital, and you owe it to your customers to keep up. For a limited time, you can get a lifetime subscription to PERSA QR Code Generator Persian Plan for 92% off $499. only $34.99.

Prices subject to change.