Home Message service Crystal Coast sees increase in water rescues over holiday weekend

Crystal Coast sees increase in water rescues over holiday weekend



ATLANTIC BEACH, NC (WNCT) – Authorities along the Crystal Coast have seen an increase in water rescues over the July 4th bank holiday weekend.

At Atlantic Beach, 13 water rescues as well as a drowning patient and a lost child have been taken care of by sea rescue and fire service personnel, said deputy chief Casey Arthur of the service. Atlantic Beach fire.

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William Matthias, sea rescue coordinator at Emerald Isle, said 26 people had been pulled from the water. He also said that 500 messages had been sent to visitors regarding surfing conditions and 200 warnings regarding swimming safety.

Everyone came out safe and sound on the shore of the beach, I know a few of them were rushed to hospital just for precautionary measures and Emerald Isle EMS recommendations.

William Matthias, Emerald Isle Sea Rescue Coordinator

Both officials said the increase was handled well by their trained teams. They want to remind people to follow warnings from emergency services, sea rescue teams and the National Weather Service.

We are warning anyone not to swim in the ocean if you are uncomfortable anyway, but especially on a red flag day and our double red flags mean do not enter the water, this is an ordinance of the city and is enforced by the police.

Deputy Chief Casey Arthur, Atlantic Beach Fire Department



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