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LastPass Review – Forbes Advisor


LastPass has an intuitive interface that makes it one of the most user-friendly password managers. Getting started with LastPass is as easy as subscribing to a LastPass plan, downloading the LastPass browser extension or the mobile app of your choice, and then creating a strong master password that you will use to access your vault. credentials.

The basic version of LastPass is free and allows you to store an unlimited number of passwords which can be auto-filled when you visit the associated website. It also provides you with a password generator, individual password sharing, and multi-factor authentication (MFA). However, you will only be able to access your safe on one type of device (desktop or mobile), so choose carefully when setting up your account.

Single user and family plans

LastPass offers single-user and family plans. While the free plan only supports one device type, the $ 3 per month Premium plan lets you sync your password vault across all of your devices. The Families plan costs $ 4 per month and allows up to six users.

Premium and Family plans include 1 GB of file storage, one-to-many password sharing, emergency access, a security dashboard that manages your individual accounts for security breaches, and options Advanced MFAs such as fingerprint authentication and YubiKey.

At $ 4 per month, the Families plan is excellent value for money. You get all the benefits of the Free and Premium plans, plus unlimited share folders and up to six personal password vaults for your family. Plus, you get a family manager dashboard with synchronous sharing between accounts.

Business plans

For teams of 50 or less, LastPass offers a Teams plan that costs $ 4 per user per month. Larger teams will need the LastPass Business plan, which costs $ 6 per user per month.

All LastPass business plans include an administrator console, a password vault for each employee, a password generator, password saving and autofill functions, shared folders, a dark web monitoring and standard two-factor and MFA options.

LastPass Business plans also benefit from advanced reporting, customizable user management, API access, and advanced single sign-on (SSO) with advanced MFA capabilities. Business plan users can create up to 100 customizable security policies, while Teams plan users can create up to ten.

Device compatibility and browser plugins

LastPass offers extensions for most browsers, including Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. The LastPass apps are available for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices.


When it comes to protecting your password vault, no one does it better than LastPass, which uses 256-bit AES encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salt hashes. Simply put: this is such a strong level of encryption that it has yet to be broken.

If you are wondering if LastPass staff can access your vault, the answer is no. LastPass uses local device-level encryption, which means your master password and the keys used to encrypt and decrypt your data are inaccessible even to LastPass staff.

Another way that LastPass protects your passwords and other sensitive files that you store on its platform is through MFA. Multi-factor authentication is accomplished through your choice of SMS codes, fingerprint verification or one-click mobile notifications.

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