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Nebraska cat lover warns of Cash App scam


BELLEVUE, Neb. (WOWT) – A 6 On Your Side investigation into a new twist on an old scam. A victim hopes her story will alert others.

Loco lived nine lives, then some as Carmen Carter’s beloved pet for 21 years.

“He was my soul mate, we went through it all together,” Carter said.

When Loco passed away, Carmen looked for another cat online.

“But this little girl caught my eye,” Carter said.

Only $600 Paid Through Phone Cash App.

“They said there were no other fees except a $45 home delivery fee,” Carter said.

But then came a requirement for an electronic thermal shipping crate for almost $900 more and Carmen paid for it.

“The breeder stopped messaging me and they never returned my calls so I knew I had been scammed out of $1500 by a fake breeder,” said Carter.

Fake cats offered online add another animal to the ark of pet scams.

“The lion’s share of pet scams are dogs, but the rest of them are birds, iguanas and cats so clearly it applies to everyone,” said Jim Hegarty, Better Business Bureau .

And scammers always come up with an excuse why you can’t meet the animal in person.

Here at the Nebraska Humane Society, they adopt about 4,000 cats a year and they say it’s better to come and meet your new pet than to fall in love with a picture.

Before becoming an animal owner, you must be in touch with the personality of the animal.

“You should be able to go meet this animal before you catch it and you should do that to make sure it has the type of temperament, it seems to be very responsive and it doesn’t seem sick,” Pam said. Wiese. , Nebraska Humane Society.

Carmen learned that she was too anxious to find a pet online.

“Make sure you talk to them in person rather than via email and text,” Carter said.

Carmen says to watch for the warning signs that can be revealed in a chat scam.

Once you’ve paid for the pet, scammers believe you’re addicted and charge you unexpected fees. These include shipping in special cases and then insurance to ensure delivery.

When we searched online for thermal e-crates, several scam warnings came up.

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