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Over 10 million Android phones infected with GriftHorse malware


A very successful new Android malware has been discovered that has successfully infected over 10 million devices in over 70 countries.

As Registration reports, the malware is called GriftHorse and it was discovered by researchers to the mobile security company Zimperium. The scale of infected devices that have gone under the radar so far is due to the method of distribution, which relies on “benign-looking apps” available for download through the Google Play Store. It is also helpful that no antivirus vendor detected the malware they contained.

Once installed, these apps display pop-ups and user notifications for specials and prices. If one of them is tapped, the user is prompted to enter their phone number to get the offer or price. In doing so, they are subconsciously signed up for a premium SMS service that charges $ 35 or more each month. Of course, that money is directed into the hands of the gang behind GriftHorse.

With more than 10 million infected devices, the gang is estimated to generate revenues of between $ 1.5 million and $ 4 million per month. According to Zimperium researchers Aazim Yaswant and Nipun Gupta, GriftHorse’s success is due to “the quality of the malware code, using a wide range of websites (194 domains), malicious applications and developer characters to infect users and avoid detection until possible. “

The scale of the infected app ecosystem is also impressive, spanning over 200 apps across 18 different categories, including tools, puzzles, communication, dating, lifestyle, finance, shopping, entertainment, music and audio, health and fitness, productivity, simulation, food. and drink, sport, education, board, action and personalization. Fortunately, these apps were removed after Zimperium contacted Google about the malware, but it has been running since at least November 2020, raising questions about the completeness of app reviews on the Play Store.


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