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P360 Launches ZING Engagement Suite to Help Pharma Sales Teams Improve HCP Engagement


TOWNSHIP OF PISCATAWAY, NJ–(BUSINESS WIRE)–P360leader in technology developers for the life sciences industry, today announced the launch of its ZING Engagement Suite, which helps pharmaceutical sales teams seamlessly engage with today’s hard-to-reach healthcare professionals at scale. The ZING Engagement Suite is a comprehensive digital-first solution that enables compliant omnichannel HCP engagement by enhancing existing communication channels with features such as text messaging, two-way voice and video calling, on-screen collaboration, and form sharing, incoming communications with QR code reading, artificial intelligent assistance (AI), signature capture, easy access integrations and more. The announcement comes as pharmaceutical sales, marketing and business operations teams grapple with how best to engage with prescribers and other stakeholders amid the pandemic and increasingly stringent regulations and policies.

“The ZING Engagement Suite is the only platform available that gives pharmaceutical sales and marketing teams everything they need to engage with healthcare professionals in a streamlined and digital way; which is fast becoming the norm,” said CEO and Founder of P360, Anupam Nandwana. “ZING integrates with leading CRMs and is packed with powerful features that enhance any sales enablement strategy or workflow. But for healthcare professionals, ZING offers a seamless and hassle-free experience that is seen as nothing different from their normal mobile method of communication. There are no apps to download or sign-ins and subscriptions for end users.

The extended ZING Engagement Suite is the next generation of the previously announced ZING P360 communications module. Enhanced with several enterprise features, the ZING Engagement Suite is a robust Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) platform that enables pharmaceutical sales teams to engage with healthcare professionals through multiple modalities without barriers. . It’s something doctors ask for.

The ZING Engagement Suite addresses all of the issues associated with traditional HCP engagement methods by enabling pharmaceutical sales and marketing teams to:

  • Exchange SMS messages with healthcare professionals: Two-way text messaging between pharmaceutical reps and healthcare professionals in support of logical and promotional messages, including digital media and attachments. Healthcare professionals receive messages on their mobile devices via SMS or WhatsApp. Reps receive compliance-approved templates and content.
  • Make two-way voice calls: ZING enables 1:1 calls between reps and healthcare professionals from the same platform as SMS messaging. Representatives are equipped with personalized phone numbers with area codes for each territory. No special application is required; users talk on their standard cell phones and can separate business calls from personal calls.
  • Start an instant video call: No installation is required for the guest or host and invitations can be sent via SMS. Includes full video conferencing features compatible with any device or browser. The User Interface (UI) can be customized.
  • Embed video anywhere: Enables instant video calls from any digital channel. Call buttons can be integrated into presentations, IVAs, branding materials, websites and CRM systems with no installation required.
  • Deploy intelligent bots: Pharma reps can be powered with automated responses to incoming requests (e.g. co-pay card requests). And if needed, reps can seamlessly redirect the conversation back to themselves. Bots can even be customized for each territory, rep, and brand.
  • Capture signatures instantly: Standard forms can be downloaded from the platform and then sent by SMS for electronic signature. The platform also facilitates the integration of data and documents into registration systems.
  • Make communication easier with QR codes: Representatives can provide healthcare professionals with QR codes that enable instant communication via text, call or video. They can be personalized for each brand, with codes programmed to connect directly to the appropriate representatives.
  • Co-browse and share forms: Representatives can work collaboratively with healthcare professionals and staff, sharing forms and other important documents. Teams can collect, validate and process information instantly with no additional software required on the healthcare professional’s side.
  • Easy planning: A smart scheduling engine makes it easy to book multi-party appointments. Healthcare professionals can accept or suggest available schedules instantly. Integrates with MS Office.
  • AI-based content moderation: AI-powered content moderator for outgoing messages. Helps representatives avoid inappropriate language related to social or professional relationships.

The ZING Engagement Suite enables 1:1 personalized communication using native text messaging on an iOS or Android device from HCP with pre-built integrations with leading CRMs. This makes it easier for pharma IT teams to manage and maintain data integrity for things like territory alignments, list changes, and other specific data integration needs. Compliance can track every communication, end-to-end. And managers can measure activity and results with ZING’s powerful dashboards.

For more information, visit P360.com.

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Based in Piscataway Township, New Jersey, P360 is a leading technology developer for the life science industry. We specialize in technology that improves operational efficiency, enables end-to-end visibility, streamlines workflows, and drives physician engagement. Product offerings include ZING Engagement Suite, BirdzAI, PatientJourney360, Data360 and Swittons. To learn more about P360, visit P360.com.