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ICTA introduces SMS system to obtain Sinopharm vaccine doses



The Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA), along with the National Operations Center for the Prevention of the COVID-19 Outbreak (NOCPCO), the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC), announced an online and SMS appointment system for the second dose of Sinopharm vaccine administration in Western Province.

This service will be available from July 12, 2021 June.

The vaccination campaign targets those eligible to obtain the second dose of the Sinopharm vaccine in the districts of Colombo, Gampaha and Kaluthara.

“ICTA has developed the platform in close collaboration with the National Operations Center for the Prevention of the COVID-19 Outbreak (NOCPCO), the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) and mobile operators; Dialog Axiata PLC, Mobitel Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Hutchison Telecommunications Lanka and Airtel Lanka (Pvt) Ltd have played a key role in supporting this initiative, ”ICTA said in a statement.

The vaccination campaign was launched to ensure streamlined delivery of the first and second dose of the Sputnik and Sinopharm vaccine and targets people over 30 residing in the districts of Colombo, Gampaha and Kaluthara.

The program was launched to ensure streamlined delivery of the second dose of Sinopharm vaccine and targets those who obtained the 1st dose of Sinopharm vaccine in May in Colombo, Gampaha and Kaluthara districts.

“Eligible citizens can make an appointment online at https://vaccine.covid19.gov.lk or by SMS. take advantage of the facility by texting 1906 5o sign up via SMS, the following commands can be entered (without quotes) and sent to 1906, ”they said.

Commenting on the initiative, Jayantha de Silva, Director of Technology of the Information and Communications Agency of Sri Lanka, Secretary of the Ministry of Information Technology, said: “We have been working closely with NOCPCO , the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission and mobile operators to offer this initiative. We would like to thank these institutions for joining us in supporting this timely initiative and we hope that the eligible public will use this service without hassle. “

In addition, the system also facilitates the acquisition of an internationally recognized certificate for those who have received the two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Elaborating on this, Hiranya Samarasekara said: “Information obtained from the public in Covid-19 vaccination centers is referred to an information system managed by the Ministry of Health. After that, those who have received both doses of the vaccine can download a certificate through this system. “

“This will make it easier to find the person’s name, age, National Identity Card (NIC) number, date of vaccination, type of vaccine and batch number. The special thing about this is that the relevant accuracy can be verified from anywhere in the world thanks to the QR code, ”they said.


OKDHS Media Alert: SMS scam targeting Oklahomans | New




From staff reports

Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) has been made aware of a text messaging scam targeting Oklahoma residents that specifically mentions the benefits received through the OKDHS, including the Home Energy Assistance Program in low income (LIHEAP), the supplementary nutrition assistance program (SNAP, formerly known as food stamps) Temporary Assistance to Deprived Families (TANF), as well as Social Security Income (SSI).

The text message appears to come from a random number with a body content similar to the following:

Congratulations, your number is one of 150 numbers randomly selected to benefit from the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, giving 150 people $ 500 as we did yesterday. A person who participates or has family members who participate in certain other benefit programs, such as SNAP, SSI, TANF, may be automatically eligible. Click on the link to apply, it starts now …

Once an individual clicks on the hyperlink in the message, they are taken to a website that appears to phish personal household information by asking to fill out a form with household demographics including Social Security numbers and banking information “for the verification of resources”.

Oklahomans should know that the LIHEAP program requires registration on OKDHSLive.org, or customers can be enrolled automatically based on their eligibility. OKDHS will never send an SMS asking customers to request services or request to complete an online form outside of the secure and protected environments of OKDHSLive.org or OKBenefits.org.


Job offer at Expo Prado



We are looking for lively, happy, engaging and real team players to work with us at the UK Pavilion at Expo Prado.


-Good English skills

-Proven experience in customer service

-Proactive and energetic

-Enthusiastic about environmental issues

-Team player

Roles and responsibilities:

-Be the public face of the UK flag displaying excellent customer service at all times

-Welcome and greet visitors ensuring a positive and fun experience

-Provide information on the main topic of the Pavilion: climate change, waste management, offers from UK companies, etc. (A manual will be provided with key messages for you to learn).

-Inform visitors of additional online activities available in our virtual pavilion

– Encourage people to visit the pavilion and its virtual counterpart

-Assistance in the coordination of events: ie British breed awards, conferences, etc.

-Collaborate in the promotion of British culture and brands to visitors

-Ensure that the pavilion is in a good state of cleanliness, that the sanitary protocols are respected and that the music works

-Record the number of visitors to the pavilion (so that we can comply with protocols)

-Ensure lodge rest and office areas are clean and tidy

– Liaise with the UK flag project manager for rapid resolution of issues such as: technical, structural, security, etc.

Business hours:

2 AM or PM shifts:

Monday – Friday: 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. / 2:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Saturday – Sunday: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. / 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

More information:

-You will be officially employed by ARU.

-You will have time for lunch and a break.

Note: Selected candidates will be required to present the certificate of good conduct provided by the Ministry of the Interior before signing the employment contract.

How to register?

Please send your CV (1 page max), your cover letter in English (1 page max) and your position preference to: [email protected] before Sunday July 18, indicating your name in the subject.

Deadline: Sunday July 18, 2021


Police warn of online texting scams



Police on Sunday warned of online and text scams, one involving banks, the other messaging services.

Police said its electronic delinquency unit recently received complaints about an online scam involving banks.

People complained that they received messages saying their bank accounts were deactivated and were asked to confirm their account details by being referred to bogus banking websites.

People are urged not to reveal their contact details and passwords to anyone, as no bank will ever ask customers for their access codes, police said. On such occasions, before using passwords, people are advised to first make sure that they are on their bank’s actual website.

The other scam involves text messages allegedly sent by courier companies notifying people of the arrival of packages for them. The message includes a link that requests the recipients’ personal data and their credit card details for payment of a small fee so that the item can be delivered to them.

The perpetrators can use this credit card information to access available funds, police said. People are advised to first verify that the message was sent by an actual courier company. In case they have already given their credit card details, they should quickly contact their bank. In case of theft of money from their accounts, they are asked to report to the nearest police station.


The surviving candidate worked as an infiltrator “Honey Pot” targeting the demos



The love life of Michael Kolenc, a Democratic campaign worker, was finally improving.

It was July 2018, and Kolenc had just been interviewed in Houston by an amateur political podcaster named Hope Higgins. After the interview, Higgins invited him for a drink with her, writing in an email that she “would enjoy the company.”

“She was very flirtatious, she touched my arm,” Kolenc told The Daily Beast. “I definitely had a more romantic feeling than a reporter in quotes.”

Weeks of text messaging ensued after Higgins returned to Brooklyn. Kolenc, in love, flew to New York to see her.

“I’m generally not that daring or romantic,” Kolenc said.

Kolenc spent a few days in New York with Higgins, but she seemed to be looking for excuses to avoid him. And after returning to Houston, she ghosted him.

What Kolenc once considered a promising romance deteriorated more than he could have imagined months later, when he received a voicemail from Conservative Agent James O’Keefe. Higgins had secretly recorded Kolenc during their meetings. Now images of Kolenc criticizing one of his former bosses, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D), were due to be released by O’Keefe.

I hope Higgins wasn’t real. Instead, the woman Kolenc knew as Hope was Anna Khait, a former Survivor candidate working under this pseudonym for O’Keefe’s Veritas project.

“It had an impact on my mental health,” Kolenc said. “It made me less confident in people.”

Interviews with Kolenc and another man who says he was targeted by Khait, as well as emails and texts reviewed by The Daily Beast, reveal more details about his years of work as an undercover agent and the tactics used by right-wing activists. As recently as April, Khait worked for a new incognito conservative operation that is separate from Project Veritas but deploys some of its same strategies and, in Khait’s case, its staff.

Khait did not respond to requests for comment. the New York Times first reported on Khait’s work for O’Keefe’s organization in May, revealing that she was one of many women working at a rented house in Georgetown tasked with secretly recording targets on camera.

“We do not comment on the details, real or imagined, of our investigations,” wrote Project Veritas spokesman Eric Spracklen in an email to The Daily Beast.

Spracklen added that Project Veritas Action, the Project Veritas affiliate that manages many of its political undercover videos, “is proud of its investigations, including that of Oregon Governor Kate Brown.”

In Kolenc’s case, Khait posed as the co-host of a new political podcast called “Red State Blue State”. Claiming to be a Democrat, she said she was eager to discuss Beto O’Rourke’s chances in the Texas Senate race later in the year.

“I can’t wait to hear from Beto,” Khait wrote to Kolenc in an email, using Hope Higgins’ name. “I’ve heard bad things, but we have to win in 2018!

Kolenc’s brush with Khait’s “Hope Higgins” character finally became water for a video of the Veritas project about Brown, published a month before the 2018 Oregon gubernatorial election. Kolenc had been fired as Brown’s campaign manager in a special election two years earlier, in the middle of a dispute with other campaign staff.

In the secret video recorded by Khait in 2018, Kolenc criticized Brown’s handling of his campaign. After the O’Keefe video was released, Oregon Republicans used it to file an ethics complaint, while the head of the state Democratic Party called Kolenc “discontented and discredited”.

“I said [Brown] was a bad manager, and I would probably criticize some of his management skills, ”Kolenc told The Daily Beast. “But that’s nothing that deserves a hidden camera talk by someone trying to make me honey.”

Khait first appeared in the public eye in 2016 as a competitor on Survivor: Kaôh Rōng, the 32nd season of the outdoor competition show. Khait was eliminated relatively early by her cast mates and came in 13th.

At Survivor, Khait described herself as a professional poker player. Khaït Won a total of $ 12,811 in professional poker tournaments over four years, according to the Global Poker Index, a website that tracks top players.

Despite his undercover work for Project Veritas, Khait also sought a public role on the right after Survivor, shaping as a Christian-conservative activist. In 2020, she played a key role in promoting the controversial falconer conspiracy theory, later adopted by Donald Trump himself, which claimed that Barack Obama and Joe Biden had somehow murdered a Navy team. SEALs to cover up the fact that Osama Bin Laden is still alive. .

On his YouTube channel, Khait interprets his dreams and dissects biblical passages. On a recent show, she claimed she dreamed of accompanying gunmen to raid a house where former CIA Director John Brennan was, a villain to some on the right. In a june video, Khait and guest John Redenbo hinted at his undercover work for Project Veritas, justifying it by citing Bible verses about spies.

“She did undercover work, let’s say,” Redenbo said.

“Project Veritas, you guys know that,” Khait said. “For a year, in 2018.”

In March 2021, the fictional “Hope Higgins” reappeared, this time in West Virginia.

Using the same pseudonym she had used years earlier on Kolenc in Texas, Khait attempted to register union activists, this time for a conservative group called Accuracy in Media. The organization, previously known for its conservative media criticism, has recently taken an interest in Project Veritas-style undercover videos.

Accuracy in Media did not respond to a request for comment.

Impersonating Higgins, Khait texted Jay O’Neal, a labor activist and college history teacher in West Virginia who was once described as a “major voice” in that state’s 2018 teachers’ strike. Khait told O’Neal that she and her husband are looking to sell and donate a West Virginia home they’ve inherited the proceeds to a state organization.

O’Neal caught up with the person he thought was Hope Higgins and her husband – actually Accuracy in Media president Adam Guillette – at a coffee shop to discuss how they should donate the money. But O’Neal said Guillette had rather pressed him on issues such as whether members of the teachers’ union were more radical than management and whether the couple could somehow influence them. school programs with their gifts – an issue that arose as the idea that teachers indoctrinate students with “Critical Race Theory” was becoming a flashpoint of cultural warfare.

“I said, ‘I’m sure you’ll have to get it approved,'” O’Neal recalls in an interview with The Daily Beast.

At one point, according to O’Neal, Guillette punched him after the teacher said he was a member of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Thinking back to the meeting, O’Neal realized that some things were wrong about potential undercover officers. Khait didn’t seem to know where the supposed house she wanted to sell was, according to O’Neal, and apologized from the table when he offered to send her articles on the history of work in Virginia- Western. O’Neal later suspected that she was gone to create a fake email account to give him.

In April, Accuracy in Media published his video of the undercover sting on O’Neal, combined with footage of another unsuspecting teacher. The message in the video is muddled, with O’Neal appearing briefly speaking about his DSA membership and the other teacher only discussing the high salaries of principals. Three months after its publication, the Accuracy in Media video has totaled less than 3,500 views on YouTube.

“I was like ‘Holy shit, this is the strangest, craziest thing ever,’” O’Neal told The Daily Beast.

Stunned by her appearance in the package, O’Neal searched for Guillette’s name online and eventually found Khait’s photo on Project Veritas Exposed, a website devoted to identifying Project Veritas associates.

O’Neal still wonders why Khait and Guillette targeted him and the other teacher for their sting, and whether a Tory donor paid for their surgery.

“Who paid them to come here and for what purpose?” ” he said.

Khait’s double life as Higgins was not yet over. In May, local union chapters of the American Federation of Teachers in Texas began receiving emails under the pseudonym Higgins, using the same email address Khait once used during the West Virginia sting. This time Khait wrote that she was applying for a union job and wanted to learn more about “Texas public school culture.”

Suspicious union officials quickly confirmed that “Hope Higgins” was a pseudonym for a potential undercover artist, and warned union members to avoid her.

“The sense of spidey was extinguished,” AFT Texas chairman Zeph Capo told The Daily Beast.


Thruway predicts rejection of Chick-fil-A by some state lawmakers



LGBTQ members of the state legislature sent a letter calling on the Thruway Authority and Gov. Andrew Cuomo to reconsider having the restaurant at the rest areas.

BUFFALO, NY – The New York State Thruway Authority faces some setback over one of the new restaurants that may arrive in the redeveloped service areas.

LGBTQ members of the state legislature sent a letter calling on the Thruway Authority and Governor Andrew Cuomo to reconsider the possibility of having Chick-fil-A at rest areas due to its founders’ opposition to rights LGBTQ.

The $ 450 million project would involve changing the convenience store company to Applegreen, which would allow restaurants such as Chick-fil-A, Shake Shack and Popeyes to open along the Thruway.

Rochester Assembly Member Harry Bronson said the move sent the wrong message to LGBTQ people.

This isn’t the first attempt to stop Chick-fil-A from opening up because of the same type of pushback.

Two years ago, this happened at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, and plans with Delaware North to add the restaurant finally fell apart.

“A new travel experience is on the horizon for customers as this long-awaited Thruway 27 service area redevelopment project kicks off this month,” said Thruway Authority Executive Director Matthew J Driscoll, in a statement earlier this week about the project.

“This massive project will modernize buildings and amenities, provide diverse and healthy eating options with new restaurants and Taste NY products, and improve amenities for the commercial trucking industry. It is an exciting time for the Thruway Authority and we cannot wait for our customers to experience these new, modern facilities. “

Other restaurants in the project include: Shake Shack, Panera, Popeyesm Burger King, Panda Express, Starbucks, Dunkin ‘Donuts, Taste NY, and Applegreen Convenience Store.


Gasoline and diesel prices today July 10: Fuel rates have gone up again — Check out prices in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai



There is no drop in fuel prices, even though gasoline prices have crossed the Rs 100 mark in all metropolitan cities and diesel is about to cross the psychological barrier in Mumbai soon. National oil marketing companies had left rates unchanged on Friday after consecutive hikes on Wednesday and Thursday. The relief was shortlived, however, as national oil marketing companies raised prices again on Saturday July 10, the Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) website showed. According to IOCL, gasoline prices increased by 30 to 39 paise and diesel by 24 to 32 paise in the four metropolitan cities. Fuel prices are revised daily and carried out at 6 a.m. daily. Gasoline and diesel prices also vary from state to state, depending on the incidence of local taxes such as value added tax (VAT) and freight charges.

See Zee Business Live TV Streaming below:

Gasoline and diesel prices in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai on July 10, 2021 (Rates according to IOCL website)

DELHI – Gasoline: Rs 100.91 | Diesel: Rs 89.88

MUMBAI – Gasoline: Rs 106.93 | Diesel: Rs 97.46

KOLKATA – Gasoline: Rs 101.01 and Diesel: Rs 92.97

CHENNAI – Gasoline: Rs 101.67, while the price of diesel: Rs 94.39

Currently gasoline is sold for Rs 100 and above in some towns and villages in over 15 states and UT now. Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Jammu and Kashmir, Sikkim, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Bihar, Punjab and Ladakh are the states and UTs that sell gasoline above Rs 100.

To get the indicative prices of gasoline / diesel in their city / town, you can send an SMS “RSP Dealer Code of Petrol Pump “to 92249 92249. For example, SMS” RSP 102072 “to 92249 92249 for petrol and diesel prices in Delhi. You can get the dealer code from the IOCL website.


Woodland man sentenced to 8 years for child pornography



A convicted sex offender was sentenced to eight years and 10 months in prison on Friday for paying a 16-year-old girl to send him sexually explicit photos of herself on social media.

Jose Alberto Herrera Rea, 29, of Woodland pleaded guilty on June 9 to one count each of first degree trafficking of depictions of a minor engaging in sexually explicit behavior, first degree possession of depictions of a minor engaging in sexually explicit behavior and communication with a minor for immoral purposes. He originally faced another charge of commercial sexual abuse of a minor, according to court records.

Clark County Superior Court Judge David Gregerson sentenced Herrera Rea above the agreed 87-month sentence recommendation. He said he was concerned “about safety, predation and impulsiveness” because the charges in that case were months after his release from prison for a previous case.

Herrera Rea could also face a 57-month sentence in Cowlitz County for violating the terms of that conditional sentence. Court records show that in 2018, he was granted a special alternative sex offender sentence in a 2016 case, which allowed him to serve his sentence outside of detention while on a sexual deviance treatment program.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Herrera Rea has multiple convictions for third degree rape of a child and possession of representations of a minor.

Herrera Rea began communicating with a 15-year-old girl around October 2018, first via Instagram chat and then on Snapchat once he convinced her to provide her username, according to the affidavit. Investigators allege that Herrera Rea used video messaging on Snapchat to avoid having a trace of a text message.

The girl turned 16 in 2019 and spoke about it several times on Snapchat. She told investigators that it would be nearly impossible for Herrera Rea not to know her age, according to the affidavit. Herrera Rea’s attorney told Judge Gregerson on Friday that the girl told Herrera Rea she was 18.

In April 2019, Herrera Rea began asking the girl for sexually explicit photographs and videos. At first she refused, but he later offered her money, court records show. Herrera Rea told the girl “on several occasions that the videos he received were not exactly what he was looking for and that she would have to do them again to get paid,” the affidavit states.

Herrera paid the girl three times for the amounts of $ 25, $ 30 and $ 50, according to the affidavit.

Police have linked Herrera to the alleged sex crimes through payment transactions and ID photos on his social media accounts. Court documents indicate that he also admitted to police, during a registration appointment at the Department of Corrections in Longview, that he contacted the girl and asked for nude photos and videos.


WhatsApp adds ‘best quality’ setting for sending photos and videos – TechCrunch



WhatsApp is working on a setting that will make it easier for users to bypass its questionable image compression and send photos and videos with the highest fidelity available. The “best quality” option will likely join the “auto” and “data saver” choices in a future version of the application.

It looks like users will eventually have the choice of compressing photos and videos to perhaps save on their data allowance, send them in the best quality available, or let WhatsApp automatically select the optimum compression level for files.

The settings are present in a WhatsApp update submitted to the Google Play beta program, as marked by WABetaInfo. The options will likely arrive in the public Android version of the app, although it’s unclear when – they’re currently in development. It’s likely that additional image quality options will come on iOS as well, as WhatsApp generally retains the same functionality on both platforms.

This could be good news for those who don’t use the original messaging apps on iOS or Android and often share photos and videos of loved ones (Apple Messages retains the original picture quality most of the time. time). Meanwhile, support for multiple devices is also on its way to WhatsApp.

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on Engadget.


How SMS Automation Supports Digital Transformation



If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that businesses need to capitalize on digital transformation now. The world and your customers won’t be waiting for you; and, if you’re not careful, you could be left behind.

In 2021, this capitalization may mean pivoting strategies and adopting automated solutions to better serve your customers over the long term.

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital technology by several years as businesses increasingly digitize interactions with customers to stay competitive in a volatile economy.

In this vein, the use of SMS marketing in B2B strategies increased by 197% from 2015 to 2017 and remains an expansive channel that can help you gain an edge over your competition.

By nature, text messages are personal and feel human, when done right. SMS is not just a communication channel; it is also a highly strategic tool that you can implement within the company, especially when SMS is combined with automation.

SMS automation can transform businesses by increasing efficiency through personalized communication processes and workflows.

The B2B customer journey is all about nurturing relationships because it can be a complicated and time-consuming process. This is precisely why you need to adopt strategies to engage people in the buying process quickly, efficiently, and conveniently on the channels they know best.

Digital communication in a COVID economy

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have become even more dependent on the power of digital solutions. The technology that has kept us in touch with our friends and family is also the technology that has allowed us to maintain strong business relationships and connect with customers.

However, digital transformation is not just about short-term benefits; it’s also about making your business sustainable and developing a long-term sustainable strategy. Beyond COVID, businesses must continue to build momentum to support their own digital acceleration in an effort to stay relevant.

Just four years ago, 80% of B2B shoppers were using their mobile at work, 60% said they would continue to increase mobile use, and 60% said mobile played an important role in recent purchases. .

Scalable technology that grows with your business

If your buyers are integrating mobile technology into their day-to-day work processes, it makes sense that you are too.

To deliver a seamless digital experience to your customers and customers, you need to communicate and engage with them on the platforms they use the most. Customers want real-time responses through direct channels, and SMS offers the immediacy and access they want.

The integration of scalable digital solutions has been essential to the success of the company. As businesses increasingly rely on digital communication, SMS has become one of the most dynamic ways to build business relationships.

Fortunately, there are options for all kinds of budgets and tech capabilities, from flexible SMS APIs for developers to code-free apps like Zapier and HubSpot that can be integrated in minutes.

It’s about taking a personalized and conversational approach to your communications, whether in marketing, sales or support channels. By using SMS automation for various touchpoints, you can streamline communication processes and nurture customers throughout the buying journey.

How Businesses Can Start Successfully Deploying SMS Automation

Introducing new tools can be a daunting process for businesses of any size. But in my experience, it becomes easier once you start the process: after you successfully implement SMS functionality and automation in a communication process, it is easy to extend it to other parts. of the company.

Here are four things to consider when adding SMS automation to your larger communication strategy.

1. SMS and customer experience

Texting is an interactive experience that can bridge the gap between your sales team and your customers. What better way to build a relationship than to communicate through a channel that mimics human dialogue?

Delivered directly to a customer’s handset, text messages give you a direct line to prospects at any stage of the sales funnel. By facilitating a nuanced one-on-one conversation, you will ensure that your prospects feel valued as individuals and increase your chances of sustaining the business relationship.

2. Automate communication processes

Feeding leads can be a difficult process. Often there are too many leads and too many touchpoints to follow. This is where automation really shines, especially no-code integrations that work on the basis of actions and triggers.

By automating communication processes, businesses can consistently interact with recipients at the perfect time while reinvesting resources in critical tasks.

SMS automation allows businesses to send messages based on their customers’ behavior, sending them the right message at the right time. Even if a business is running out of time or resources, email automation allows them to send relevant and useful responses, such as these:

  • Tracking of form submissions
  • Appointment reminders
  • Bill notifications
  • Order confirmation
  • Personalized marketing messages
  • Resources to help you register

3. Segmentation and personalization of SMS content

As with any marketing channel, effectively segmenting your communications is essential when sending SMS campaigns. Keeping your posts as personalized and relevant as possible ensures that your click-through rates and conversions stay high; Plus, you don’t mess around with potential customers with content that isn’t relevant to them.

In today’s competitive environment, it’s not enough to personalize content with a customer’s name. For best results, you should target your SMS campaigns, whether it’s by industry niche, role within a business, specific pain points, or behavior-based segments.

There are many ways to segment your SMS messages to make sure that each campaign or notification has a particular purpose and is driving results.

4. Deliver value to your customers through SMS automation

Once you have defined your segmentation, you can begin to build your SMS communication strategy with intent.

When a customer or prospect signs up to your SMS database, you need to provide valuable information that is relevant to their specific business needs.

With only 160 characters, an SMS can convey your message and engage the recipient in a concise manner. This is easily done when every campaign, one-to-one message, or two-way conversation has a goal in mind. Ask yourself, “What actions do you want prospects to take after reading your text message?” Is this message useful for the end recipient? “

Here are a handful of informative and valuable messages you can send:

  • New Product Updates
  • Personalized discounts and offers
  • Answers to Common Questions
  • Links to new blog posts, webinars, and other content
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Market research surveys
  • Public relations announcements

Build strong business relationships

The pillars of a successful B2B sales strategy are relationships and people. Fostering strong relationships is an effective way to grow your business, and communication plays an important role in relationship building.

Throughout the buying process, focus primarily on the decision makers and communicate in a natural, human and engaging way. SMS connects you into real-time conversations and ensures that the end recipient feels spoken to as an individual. No other channel of communication can replicate this level of familiarity and immediacy.

You’re not just trying to win a business or make a sale; you win people over. Talking to their pain points, connecting with them on their level, and where they or they spending the most time, you will position your company and your team as a reliable and trusted partnership opportunity.

More resources on SMS automation

Dos and Don’ts of SMS Marketing [Infographic]

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How to get a QR code-based travel pass for Mumbai local trains amid COVID restrictions



Bombay: Recently, the government of Maharashtra announced that it will introduce a universal QR code-based pass to travel on local trains in Mumbai. The initiative will be implemented to essentially reduce the use of counterfeit banknotes while traveling among the people of Mumbai.Read also – Prime Minister Modi obtains a new cabinet: 15, of which Jyotiraditya Scindia are sworn in as Union Ministers, others as Defense Ministry

The government led by Uddhav Thackeray and the railways are working together on the five-tier strategy to travel using a QR code-based ID card, according to BMC. Read also – “Poor Dr Harsh Vardhan”: on the resignation of the Minister of Health, Jairam Ramesh said “scapegoat” for the mismanagement of Covid

Everything about the universal pass for Mumbaikars

What will the universal pass be used for? Well, through universal passes or QR code based passes, you will not only be able to travel on local trains, but also on the Mumbai metro and monorail. Basically, this travel pass will keep a check on people who have traveled with fake cards or no tickets on local trains over the years. Read also – ICC T20I ranking: Virat Kohli keeps 5th place, KL Rahul goes to sixth

How to register for the universal transport ticket based on a QR code?

In order to sign up for the Universal Travel Pass or QR Code Based Travel Pass to travel by train in Mumbai amid Covid-related sidewalks, you can simply follow the following steps. For now, according to the information, only establishments can register for this pass on the website.

  • Go to the website of the Disaster Management and Rehabilitation Department of the Maharashtra Relief Fund – msdmacov19.mahait.org.
  • Now click on the universal pass.
  • After that, click on Save your establishment.
  • From now on, the establishment authority will have to enter information such as address, registration number, contact number of the coordinator, number of employees requiring the pass, etc.
  • The request will be reviewed manually by the authorities and after obtaining the approval, the coordinator will be able to log in and enter the individual staff data.
  • Information such as name, identifier, mobile number, sex, age, department, designation must be entered.
  • Once the information is available, the staff member will receive an SMS.
  • The staff member can now log in using their mobile number.
  • Download the photo.
  • At the end, download the ticket.

Maharashtra’s Covid Unlocking Process

Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray, along with officials, has developed a five-level unlocking process amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The government has reportedly set several degrees for the QR code-based pass.

Reports suggest that holders of a degree 5 card will be allowed to travel in any case, depending on the level of restriction imposed in Mumbai. For example, currently Mumbai is subject to level 3 restrictions. Thus, a holder of a Degree 3 pass will only be allowed to travel if the restrictions in effect are level 1, 2 or 3. If you have a pass Degree 2, you will be allowed to travel, if only the restriction level is 2 or 1.

In addition, the new QR code-based ticketing system will be verified at stations in the Mumbai Metropolitan Area (MMR) using a smartphone or QR code reader.

Please note that anyone traveling without the genuine QR code will be fined Rs 500 on site, while those traveling with fake ID will be turned over to the railway police.


Gary Pettis joins Astros after cancer treatment



HOUSTON – Goosebumps started when Gary Pettis approached the Minute Maid Park clubhouse on an otherwise quiet Tuesday afternoon. He couldn’t wait to walk through those doors and see the faces on the other side – faces he had only seen on TV for nine months.

He missed everything in the job – the jokes with the players, the pre-game preparation, the excitement after a thrilling victory. And there have been so many in recent years. Pettis – third baseman, friend, cancer survivor – returned to work on Tuesday, and there wasn’t a single person who wasn’t happy to see him.

“I missed it. I did it,” said Pettis. “I watched just about every game. Baseball has been my life. It’s in my blood, and it will always be there. I plan to do this for a very long time.

Pettis, 63, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma last September and has been out of the squad since, despite being in constant communication with manager Dusty Baker and the players via text messaging and FaceTime. He won’t immediately return to the third base coach’s box – Omar Lopez will continue to fill that role for Houston – but Pettis will be in the dugout during games and active on the field before the game.

“I feel great and I feel better now that I’m at the ballpark,” Pettis said. “It’s so much fun being at the ballpark, a place where I have so many fond memories of games and celebrations. And I’m so happy, excited and hopefully that will lead to another celebration at the end of the year.

Astros owner Jim Crane came onto the field in batting practice Tuesday to say hello to Pettis, who will have his family in the stands for his return.

Pettis could have started the season with the Astros, but chose to continue his treatment, including a stem cell transplant, for the first three months of the season because he was responding so well. He didn’t want to risk a setback. His blood tests looked good, doctors told him he could return to work.

“Research showed it was the right thing to do,” Pettis said. “Although three months back then seemed like a long time to me, which I wasn’t ready to give up, but I’m glad I did now. It’s over, and I’m back here and excited and happy to be back here.

The plan is for Pettis to return to the coach of third base – where his familiar windmill arm swing helped define one of the biggest infractions in franchise history – but he’s looking forward to it. train from the shelter and help players face to face. Being back in uniform and with the guys is pretty good right now.

“I would much prefer to be in my real house, which is third base, but I’m pretty close right now,” he said. “It’s good enough for me. I am back on the ground where I rightfully belong. This is a place where I have probably been my last 50 years – did I say 50? – my last 49 years… it’s been a long time, let’s put it that way. I spent a lot of time in the field. I’m just very happy and excited to be back here.

Pettis arrived in Houston after spending eight years with the Rangers as a third baseman (’13-14) and first baseman (’07-12). He was also on the staff of the Major League Mets (’03-04) and White Sox (’01-02) and made a few coaching saves in the Minor League. Five-time Gold Glove winner, Pettis played 14 years in the major leagues with the Angels (’82 -87), Tigers (’88 -89), Rangers (’90 -91) and Padres (’92).


Crystal Coast sees increase in water rescues over holiday weekend



ATLANTIC BEACH, NC (WNCT) – Authorities along the Crystal Coast have seen an increase in water rescues over the July 4th bank holiday weekend.

At Atlantic Beach, 13 water rescues as well as a drowning patient and a lost child have been taken care of by sea rescue and fire service personnel, said deputy chief Casey Arthur of the service. Atlantic Beach fire.

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William Matthias, sea rescue coordinator at Emerald Isle, said 26 people had been pulled from the water. He also said that 500 messages had been sent to visitors regarding surfing conditions and 200 warnings regarding swimming safety.

Everyone came out safe and sound on the shore of the beach, I know a few of them were rushed to hospital just for precautionary measures and Emerald Isle EMS recommendations.

William Matthias, Emerald Isle Sea Rescue Coordinator

Both officials said the increase was handled well by their trained teams. They want to remind people to follow warnings from emergency services, sea rescue teams and the National Weather Service.

We are warning anyone not to swim in the ocean if you are uncomfortable anyway, but especially on a red flag day and our double red flags mean do not enter the water, this is an ordinance of the city and is enforced by the police.

Deputy Chief Casey Arthur, Atlantic Beach Fire Department


Punjab National Bank makes the announcement for its customers, details inside




oi-Vipul Das


Customers of Punjab National Bank should be aware of this important news. According to information provided by the Punjab National Bank, the obsolete eOBC and eUNI checkbooks are “soon to be deleted” by the bank. Alerting its customers via the Twitter account, the bank said, “Important announcement, take note. Dear e-OBC and e-UNI, the old eOBC and eUNI check books will soon be deleted by the bank. “

Punjab National Bank makes the announcement for its customers, details inside

PNB has requested customers to get a new checkbook from their local branch, or they can also request a new checkbook using ATM / IBS / PNB One. Customers should replace all post-dated checks (if any) with new checks on their eOBC / eUNI account, according to PNB. Customers can contact their local branch or call PNB customer service number 18001802222, 18001032222, they can also write to [email protected] for more information. They can also call their local branch or customer service support number 18001802222 or 18001032222 to find out their branch’s new IFSC and MICR code, according to PNB. The bank also said it had previously issued text messages with the updated IFSC.

Article first published: Tuesday, July 6, 2021, 9:24 a.m. [IST]


5 best cell phone tracker apps for tracking in 2021



How to track a phone’s location with phone trackers

If you want to secretly track a phone without detection Click here The advent of modern technological devices such as computers and smartphones has created a demand for other related applications and services such as antivirus software, VPNs, spy apps, browsers, social media apps. and many other mobile and web applications. Without these gadgets, there will be no need for these related applications and services which have now become an industry in their own right. Today, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t use at least one of these services and apps, antivirus software, spy apps, social media apps, and VPNs, on their devices. In fact, these apps as well as instant messaging apps have now become indispensable in our daily life.

Best cell phone tracker app for Android and iPhone

Since people do a lot of things on these devices, it’s quite understandable that someone or some entities are interested in what people are doing on these devices. In fact, several government programs have been exposed for spying on citizens of their country or foreign nationals of interest. For good or bad reasons, certain people or government entities might be interested in what you receive and send on your devices.

A particular group of people who are generally interested in spying on smartphones are parents, spouses, employers, or even friends. For parents, the motive is usually to protect their children from harmful content, online bullies, or bad influence from friends and peers. Many children start to abuse drugs or do very bad things at an early age and more often than not they are usually influenced by the friends and company they have. If parents can see and monitor their children’s online activities, many vices will be nipped in the bud and prevent their children’s lives from being ruined. So, it is quite timely that many parents embrace spying on their children’s phone and devices as it will help them have the right information to be able to guide their children properly as they grow into teenagers and adults.

Spouses are also increasingly interested in hacking or spying on their partner’s devices for obvious reasons. Most spouses don’t trust each other and think their partner could be cheating. To find answers or evidence, they usually go on a quest to find an app or service that can hack their husband or wife’s phone. These explain why internet searches such as How do I hack my husband’s phone? How do I hack my wife’s phone? or How can I hack my partner’s phone? have become very popular on the Internet.

Companies also strive to protect their business secrets and activities from competitors. Espionage in the corporate world remains a major threat to the survival of many organizations and a compromised employee who reveals secrets can do a lot of damage to an organization. Many organizations spend billions of dollars on research and development. Say, for example, an organization has just made a major breakthrough that will net them billions of dollars, but before they can file a patent and publish the innovation, a compromised employee discloses the information to a competitor who then steals the innovation and make it public. Such an organization will lose its intellectual property and billions of dollars in revenue. To guard against corporate espionage, many organizations might consider spying on their employees.

Top 5 cell phone trackers for GPS location tracking

If you are interested in cell phone tracking or spying, a major decision you must face is which app or program is best suited for this purpose. The current pool of spy apps and cell phone tracking apps that are existing and available is so large that it can be quite difficult to pick one. To make that decision easier, we present to you the best cell phone trackers available on the market today.
Best No Permission Phone Tracker App

  1. Flexispy
    Flexispy is the leading parental monitoring app on the market today. The app has been around for a number of years and has proven to be very reliable and efficient. Users can monitor computers, smartphones and tablets with this software. Here is a list of what flexispy has to offer:
    • Access and monitor social media and instant messaging application.
    • Monitor installed applications.
    • Recording of phone calls.
    • Location tracking.
    • View device media.
    • Listen to the environment of the phone and many more.
    You click here to purchase this app.
  2. Mspy
    Another parental monitoring app to consider is mspy. The app allows parents to monitor their children’s phone activity to make sure they are safe. The app is designed to run in the background and is not visible on the target device. Most users still share great reviews, so this is a pretty good cell tracker to consider. The application offers the following features: access to incoming and outgoing calls, access to call history, GPS monitoring, access to media files, access to text messages, access to snapchat, access to WhatsApp, facebook monitoring and much more. other unique features. Click here to download mspy.
  3. Superior mobile
    This app is intended for use by parents and employers. Employers can monitor any Originally provided devices if they have employee consent to do so. The app is compatible with Windows, iOS and Android devices. The following features are available for users: Stealth Camera Recording, Access to Browser History, Access to Call Logs and iMessages, Access to GPS Tracking and many more. Click here to download Highster Mobile.
  4. Childcare
    The app was introduced to help parents protect their children and block inappropriate content. Kids guard offers the best in digital parenting. Parents can monitor their children’s whereabouts and see the apps they are using. Here are the top things parents can do with this app: monitor online searches, filter the web, and block adult content. You can visit the official Kids Guard website using this connect.
  5. Hoverwatch
    This is another app that you can trust if you are interested in parent and employee monitoring. Hoverwatch is a hidden monitoring app that works in stealth mode and is not visible on the device you want to monitor. The following features are available on this software: SMS monitoring, location tracking, Snapchat monitoring, call tracking, call recording, social media and instant messaging app tracking and many more. You can download hoverwatch here.

Best gps phone tracker

Flexispy is the best gps phone tracker on the market, you can subscribe to flexispy through the link provided above.


3 Cathie Wood shares to buy and hold for 10 years



Nowadays, many people turn to Cathie Wood, Founder and CEO of ARK Invest, for information on stocks. Her company’s technology-driven exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have yielded impressive results, and retail investors are eager to follow where she leads.

So we asked three Motley Fool contributors to look at some of ARK Invest’s holdings and pick out a few top tech stocks from among them that they thought would be great buy and hold investments now. Their choices: Twilio (NYSE: TWLO), Shopify (NYSE: SHOP), and Roku (NASDAQ: ROKU).

Image source: Getty Images.

This customer engagement platform is just getting started

Brian Withers (Twilio): Twilio is one of the top 10 holdings of Cathie Wood’s ARK funds. In total, ARK Invest owns more than 2% of the company and its shares occupy leading positions in three of its funds, the most important of which, the ARK Innovation ETF. This tech stock seems to be one of his favorites, as it has steadily increased the number of stocks held over the past year. Let’s see why you might want to take a few stocks yourself and stick with them for the next decade.

Twilio is a developer-centric platform that empowers software engineers to integrate automated communication and messaging tools into existing platforms. This has a number of advantages. It gives businesses the ability to upgrade their customer engagement efforts with text messages, voice calls, video chats, and more. without overhauling their existing infrastructure. It allows software developers to test and learn on a small scale to understand the capabilities of the platform and see what types of messaging work best before deploying these communication tools to more customers. And while these easy-to-use messaging APIs (application programming interfaces) were already powerful, the company recently made an acquisition that will make them even smarter.

In October, Twilio announced the acquisition of Segment.io, which operates the leading customer data platform. This platform brings together all of a customer’s business customer data flows into a consolidated view. By giving them a 360-degree perspective of their customers’ digital journeys, Segment.io gives corporate customers a more detailed view of their customers and allows the messages sent to them to be more targeted and better personalized.

This acquisition got off to a good start. Last quarter, Segment contributed $ 45 million in revenue to Twilio’s revenue. In addition, its founder and CEO, Peter Reinhardt, has been chosen to lead one of Twilio’s three research and development units. Reinhardt will focus on the global data platform, including Segment, and Sendgrid’s email and marketing campaigns.

The integration of Segment has only just begun. As Twilio discovers how to unlock the potential of the customer data platform to enable smarter, more targeted messaging, it will be a powerful tool for its customers. Even more exciting for investors, the company forecasts 30% annualized organic growth over the next four years, not including the impact of the Segment acquisition. It seems like the perfect time to buy shares of this leading timber stock with a view to holding them until 2030 or beyond.

A woman using a computer.

Image source: Getty Images.

A pioneer in enabling retailers to go online

Danny Vena (Shopify): There’s no denying that Shopify is one of Cathie Wood’s favorite stocks. The e-commerce giant is a fixture in three of ARK Invest’s six flagship ETFs. This is the second largest participation in both the Next Generation ARK Internet and the ARK Fintech Innovation ETF, and the 6th asset in the ARK Innovation ETF. The three funds combined hold more than 1.1 million shares of Shopify, valued at more than $ 1.6 billion.

It’s easy to see why Wood is sold so entirely on Shopify. It provides the world’s largest platform designed to help merchants build and manage ecommerce sites. Its comprehensive set of templates and tools make it a snap for small and medium-sized businesses to offer their goods and services online, but that’s just the start.

Once a customer’s e-commerce site is up and running, Shopify offers a host of solutions to help manage day-to-day business tasks, including payment processing, advertising, fulfillment and shipping, and handling. Sales Analysis. It also simplifies the complexities of integrating a growing list of merchant sales channels, including social media apps, e-commerce sites, and physical stores. And it offers a more robust set of solutions for merchants at the enterprise level.

While it’s easy to assume that most of Shopify’s growth is already in the rearview mirror, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Shopify’s number of merchants has grown to 1.7 million, down from just 1 million two years ago.

After a 2020 blockbuster, Shopify has started 2021 on a high note. In the first quarter, total revenue increased 110% year-over-year to $ 989 million. This was an acceleration from the 94% growth rate in the fourth quarter of 2020. At the same time, adjusted net income increased more than 11 times to $ 254 million.

Shopify is riding the wave of e-commerce adoption, and this trend is expected to continue. Globally, online retail sales are expected to reach about $ 6.39 trillion by 2024, up from $ 3.35 trillion in 2019, according to a forecast from eMarketer. Not only that, but ecommerce is expected to account for 22% of total retail sales by 2024, up from just 14% in 2019. Shopify is well positioned to reap the rewards of this important and growing opportunity.

The company generated more than $ 2.9 billion in revenue in 2020, which is a drop in the bucket compared to a total addressable market that management estimates at $ 153 billion.

Considering Shopify’s leadership position in the industry, solid execution, and significant age-old tailwinds propelling its growth, it’s not hard to see why this title is a Wood favorite. Just buy Shopify and reserve it for the next decade. You will be glad you did.

Two women sitting on a sofa.

Image source: Getty Images.

You can bet on this entertainment change

Chris Neiger (Roku): You’ve probably already noticed the evolution of the entertainment industry from traditional pay TV providers to streaming services. An estimated 6.6 million people cut the cord on cable and satellite TV services in 2020, and forecasters predict that by 2024, more than a third of U.S. households will have done the same.

Cathie Wood has also noticed the change, which is why she owns Roku shares in her Ark Next Generation Internet ETF and her Ark Innovation ETF.

Roku has built one of the most popular video streaming platforms in the United States and Canada. It had 53.6 million users at the end of the first quarter, in which time users streamed more than 18 billion hours of content on its platform. So Roku’s streaming platform is popular – but how exactly is it benefiting from this development in the entertainment world?

First, whenever a viewer signs up for a paid service through Roku’s platform, either Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max or whatever – the company gets a reduction in the subscription fee. In addition, the company sells advertisements that are served on its platform. Between these two revenue streams, Roku’s platform revenue is growing at a rapid rate – it grew 101% year-over-year in the last quarter. This is great news given that the platform’s revenue represents 81% of the company’s total sales.

And not only is Roku’s user base growing and driving more sales for the company, but the amount the company earns from each of its users continues to increase. The average revenue per user (ARPU) in the first quarter was $ 32.14, up 32% year on year.

The point is, Roku is profiting from the growth of new video subscription services, and there is no indication that this trend is slowing down. Consider that the average American household now pays for four video streaming services.

With Roku’s platform already the best dog in Canada and the United States, ad spending on streaming platforms on the rise, and a continual shift in audiences to video streaming services, it is not. surprising that Wood owns Roku shares in two of his funds. Retail investors should also add some to their portfolio.

This article represents the opinion of the author, who may disagree with the “official” recommendation position of a premium Motley Fool consulting service. We are motley! Challenging an investment thesis – even one of our own – helps us all to think critically about investing and make decisions that help us become smarter, happier, and richer.


Get help with filing CA and IRB tax returns electronically on the new portal. here’s how



Get help with filing CA and IRB tax returns electronically on the new portal. here’s how


  • CAs with their accounting background are in an advantageous position to prepare returns for tax purposes
  • All deposit by a CA must be with a valid DSC
  • Portal promises multi-step support in the form of call centers, chat bots and live agents

New Delhi: The tax department unveiled the new portal for electronic filing of income tax returns earlier this month on June 7. On this new portal, taxpayers can now add a Chartered Accountant (CA), Electronic Reporting Intermediary (ERI) or any authorized representative for assistance. in the RTI repository and other related services.

You can add and assign a certification authority through the e-filing portal using the “My Certification Authority” service. You can also delete and add a CA or withdraw an already assigned CA on the e-filing portal. CAs can help you with many activities through the electronic filing portal.

Step-by-step guide to registering on the e-Filing portal: for CA

Step 1: Go to the home page of the e-Filing portal, click on Register

2nd step: Click on Others and select the category as Chartered Accountant and click on Continue

Step 3: Enter all the required details like PAN, name, date of birth, membership number and registration date on the Basic Details page and click Continue

To note: If your PAN is not registered on the e-Filing portal, an error message is displayed. You can only register as a CA if your PAN is registered. At this point, the system checks whether the DSC is bound to the specified PAN. If the DSC is not registered or if the DSC linked to the PAN has expired, an error message is displayed. Save / Update your DSC on PAN to continue.

Step 4: After successful validation with the ICAI database, the Contact Details page appears. Enter all the required details like primary mobile number, email id and address, then click Continue

Step 5: Two separate OTPs are sent to your mobile phone number and your e-mail ID (entered in step 4). Enter the 2 distinct 6-digit OTPs received on your mobile phone number and your email id and click Continue

To note: OTP will be valid for 15 minutes only. You will have 3 attempts to enter the correct OTP. The on-screen OTP expiration countdown tells you when the OTP will expire. By clicking on Resend OTP, a new OTP will be generated and sent

Step 6: Check if all the information entered is correct. Edit the details on the screen, if necessary, then click Confirm.

Step 7: On the Set Password page, enter the desired password in the two text boxes Set Password and Confirm Password, set your custom message and click Save.

To note: Do not click Refresh or Back. When entering your new password, pay attention to the password policy. Your password must be at least 8 characters long and at most 14 characters long. It must include both upper and lower case letters. It must contain a number and must have a special character.

Step 8: Click Proceed to Login to begin the login process. Your login information will be emailed to your primary email address.

To note: Log in and update your profile to access all the features available on the e-Filing portal.

How CAs can help you on the new portal:

  • Filing of statutory forms (once the person is added as a CA by the taxpayer and has accepted the request)
  • e-Check the forms assigned by the taxpayer
  • Download the Bulk Form (Form 15CB)
  • See the statutory forms filed
  • View and Submit Grievances
  • Set more secure connection options via profile
  • Save DSC

You can also get help from the e-Return Intermediary (ERI). For the uninitiated, while CAs are members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), ERIs are authorized intermediaries who can file income tax returns and perform other functions on behalf of taxpayers.

ERI assistance:

Regarding getting help from ERIs, the new e-filing portal says: “In order for an ERI to help you, you need to add an ERI through the e-filing portal (using the My ERI). In addition, you can activate, deactivate or delete an ERI added on the e-Filing portal. You can refer to the My ERI user manual for more information. Alternatively, an ERI can add you as a customer in the e-Filing portal (after obtaining your consent). If you are not registered on the e-Filing portal, an ERI can also register you before adding you as a customer. You can refer to Checking the service request and adding customer services for more information.

How ERIs can help you:

According to the new e-filing portal, an authorized representative is someone who can act on your behalf with specific authorization if you cannot handle your income tax related matters on your own.


What we know and don’t know while MLB fires Trevor Bauer from Los Angeles Dodgers



Major League Baseball placed Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer on seven-day administrative leave on Friday amid allegations of sexual assault.

Bauer, who was due to launch in Washington, DC on Sunday, denied the allegations and issued a statement that he would not appeal the MLB decision.

While we wait for the further development of this case, let’s take a closer look at Friday’s news, what it means, where the investigation is at, and what could happen next.

What is Trevor Bauer accused of?

A woman who had sex with Bauer twice got a restraining order against him in LA County Superior Court earlier this week. In her statement – made under penalty of perjury – she alleged that Bauer assaulted her by suffocating her until she repeatedly passed out, punched her in several places on her body and scratched her side. of his face. The second encounter, which took place on May 16 at Bauer’s home in Pasadena, Calif., Left her with a sharp head injury and significant head and facial trauma, according to medical notes provided as part of the declaration.

The prohibition order was obtained by decision of a judge and does not require the intervention of the other party. But Bauer’s side is expected to deny the allegations at a hearing scheduled for July 23. One of Bauer’s attorneys, John Fetterolf, released a statement saying their sex was “completely consensual”, adding that “his basis for filing a protection order is non-existent, fraudulent and deliberately omits key facts, information and its own relevant communication. ” Bauer’s side also provided text messages that show the woman inviting rough sex and explaining how she wants Bauer to “give all the pain” and “choke me” eight days before the second meeting.

What does MLB mean to put Bauer on administrative leave?

Bauer will not make his next scheduled start on Sunday. This is said to have happened in Washington, DC, the nation’s capital, on July 4.

It would have been a dreadful look for a league that has vowed to make domestic violence and sexual harassment a priority, in a year the MLB has been embroiled in controversy, with the former Mets general manager of New York Jared Porter and former Los Angeles Angels pitcher. Coach Mickey Callaway has both been sacked following sexual harassment investigations.

Administrative leave is just one way to save time. This is not considered a suspension. Bauer, in fact, will still be paid and will still accumulate shortlisted service time. MLB has the right, under the Joint Policy on Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse that was instituted in August 2015, to put a player on leave without any charges being laid. In a statement specifically dedicated to Bauer’s case, the MLB said its investigation was “ongoing.”

Bauer’s co-agents Fetterolf and Rachel Luba said in a statement that they “refute [the woman’s] allegations in the strongest possible terms ”, but will not appeal Bauer’s placement on administrative leave“ in an effort to minimize any distraction for the Dodgers organization and its teammates ”.

What if there is no resolution of his case within these seven days?

MLB may request a one-time extension of its administrative leave of an additional seven days with the consent of the MLB Players Association. The joint policy on domestic violence states that consent “shall not be unreasonably withheld”. The timeline might be relevant here. An extension of the current administrative leave would keep Bauer off the field during the all-star break, saving even more time for an ongoing investigation.

Bauer traveled to Washington with the Dodgers, and manager Dave Roberts said Thursday the plan was for him to pitch on Sunday. What changed?

MLB pulled it out of the hands of the Dodgers. Roberts alluded to it ahead of Game 1 of Thursday’s series, saying Bauer’s decision to take his regular turn in the rotation was up to the MLB. When asked why he couldn’t just make the decision to skip Bauer’s turn, given that he’s the manager of the team, Roberts said: “I am able to follow in the footsteps of Major League Baseball. Their recommendation was for us to. use our scheduled Sunday entry and go ahead and have him start this game on Sunday. So that I try to read it more outside of just follow what they advised me and us to do – I simply choose to follow the kindness of their lead. “

Where is the judicial investigation?

The Pasadena Police Department is continuing its investigation. Police have been involved since May 18, days after the second sexual encounter, when two detectives went to the woman’s home in San Diego to get a statement. The case should be sent to the Pasadena District Attorney’s Office, a source said, although the timing is unknown.

How did MLB deal with the other charges of domestic violence during the season?

In the six years since the introduction of the domestic violence policy, 13 players have been sanctioned, with suspensions ranging from 15 games (the Boston Red Sox’s Steven Wright and the Mets’ Jeurys Familia) to 162 games (l ‘free agent Sam Dyson, who is serving his suspension this season). Notable names that have also been disciplined include Dodgers starter Julio Urias (20 games in 2019), Yankees closest Aroldis Chapman (30 games in 2016), former Chicago Cubs shortstop Addison Russell. (40 games in 2018), the former closest to the Toronto Blue Jays. Roberto Osuna (75 games in 2018) and former Colorado Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes (51 games in 2016).





From the Council of Presidents of the OVC

The presidents of the 10 member institutions of the Ohio Valley Conference are proud of our membership in the OVC and are united and enthusiastic in our support of this historic, respected and leading conference in college sport.

We look forward to a new year for our schools and a vibrant future for our communities as part of this conference. Our student-athletes come to our schools knowing they have the opportunity to receive an exceptional education. They also know that they are entering a competitive sporting environment with deep and valuable rivalries, offering them the chance to compete for championships and advance their sporting careers in front of caring and supportive communities.

In its approach and operation, the OVC continues to offer these opportunities with exceptional financial strength and operational integrity, particular attention to the general well-being of all our student-athletes and leadership in academic, athletic, service and social justice. It is a combination that continues to serve our institutions well.

The landscape of varsity athletics is changing and we are more convinced that membership in OVC positions all of our institutions for continued success in the future. As OVC enters its 74th year with new coaches, exceptional competition and unique enthusiasm for our programs and schools, we invite our fans across the region to join us in this sporting future, which has provided and continues to provide exceptional benefits to everyone in our community.


Dr Michael Licari
President, Austin Peay State University

Dr Gregory Jones
President, Belmont University

Dr David Glassman
President, Eastern Illinois University

Dr Jay Morgan
President, Morehead State University

Dr Bob Jackson
President, Murray State University

Dr Carlos Vargas
President, Southeast Missouri State University

Dr Randy Pembrook
Chancellor, University of Southern Illinois at Edwardsville

Dr Glenda Glover
President, Tennessee State University

Dr Philip Oldham
President, Tennessee Tech University

Dr Keith Carver
Chancellor, University of Tennessee, Martin


Oath keeper Mark Grods turns on his friends and will cooperate



An Alabama man and Oath Keeper pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court to charges related to the Jan.6 attack on the United States Capitol.

Mark Grods, 54, has accepted the guilt of a criminal association leader and obstructing formal proceedings in a deal that will see him cooperate with the prosecution in a high-profile case that includes at least 16 members of the far-right militia.

Court documents previously showed Oath Keepers as Florida section chief Kelly Meggs trip to Washington, DC, citing former president that of Donald Trump The “will be wild” tweet as inspiration for a plan to “make it WILD”. Gods would have was the member of the group previously listed in court documents as “Person 15,” until his case was unsealed.

These papers put him at the heart of several previously reported Oath Keepers antics, including driving golf carts, communicating through the Zello encrypted walkie-talkie app, and moving through a military formation “pile.”

According to a criminal report, Grods admitted to bringing “guns” into the nation’s capital and “eventually giving them to someone else for storage in a hotel in Virginia.”

“On January 6, 2021, Grods and others known and unknown rode in a pair of golf carts towards the Capitol, sometimes bypassing law enforcement vehicles,” the information said. “At 2:33 pm, Grods and other known and unknown people parked the golf carts near the intersection of Third Street and Pennsylvania Avenue in the northwest. They then continued on foot to the Capitol.

Grods and others in the alleged conspiracy agreed to plan and participate in a military-style operation that was intended to interfere with the certification of Electoral College votes by the United States House of Representatives, the document said.

According to prosecutors, Grods and other co-conspirators took several steps to achieve their desired goal, including “[a]attend or schedule training to teach and learn paramilitary combat tactics prior to the January 6 operation ”and“[u]sing websites, social media, texting and messaging apps to recruit others to travel to Washington, DC, to support the Jan.6 operation.

Grods also reportedly coordinated in advance with other Oath Keepers and Travelers and discussed “joining forces” with these individuals and groups to stop the vote count that certified Biden’s victory over the 45th president, according to prosecutors.

The indictment document alleges that the defendant committed the following overt acts in the days leading up to the riot:

On December 31, 2020, Grods and other known and unknown people joined an invitation-only encrypted Signal group message titled “DC OP: Jan 6 21”.

On December 31, 2020, Grods participated in a four person GoToMeeting titled “SE leaders dc 1/6/21 op call”.

On January 2, 2021, Grods messaged another person on Signal and asked, “So, I guess I’m taking full gear without weapons?” I just read all the posts. I would rather have it and not need it.

Prosecutors say Grods and others eventually moved together in a military “stack” formation – where individuals moved together with their hands on each other’s shoulders – while using hand signals “to maintain peace of mind. communication and coordination while advancing towards the Capitol “on the day in question and that the group was able”[f]storm outside barricades, Capitol police and other law enforcement agents ”before making their way to the national legislative seat of government.

The information in Grods’ case was previously kept under seal until Wednesday morning. A judge accepted this request so that Grods could testify before a grand jury.

“Disclosure of these documents and this dossier would endanger other aspects of the government’s ongoing investigation, including the destruction of evidence and the safety of potential witnesses, including the accused,” wrote the accusation in a note.

According to CBS News, the judge overseeing Grods’ case said the recommended sentencing guidelines would result in jail time ranging from 51 to 63 months with a fine of $ 20,000 to $ 250,000, plus an additional $ 2,000 in agreed restitution. .

Read the full criminal information below:

[image via U.S. Department of Justice]

One tip we should know? [email protected]


5 big changes from today



As of today, several changes are underway for taxpayers, bank customers and driver’s license applicants. The State Bank of India (SBI) has revised its fees and rules for cash withdrawals from its automated teller machines (ABMs) and branches. Some taxpayers may face a withholding tax deduction (TDS) at higher rates starting next month.

Here are the main changes that will take effect from today

1) New TDS rules

As of today (July 1), non-tax filers who have no ITRs for the last two years will be subject to a higher withholding tax (TDS) for the last two tax years. . The 2021 budget introduced a provision requiring that non-filers of income tax returns for the past two years be subject to higher TDS and TCS rates if such a tax deduction were to be made. ₹50,000 or more in each of those two years.

2) SBI new ATM withdrawal rules

SBI revised the service fees for Basic Savings Deposit Account (BSBD) holders. The new fees that will come into effect from today (July 1) would apply to ATM withdrawals, branch cash withdrawals and check books, the lender said on its website. Thus, only four transactions per month would be free, whether at an ATM or in a branch. Following this, the customer will have to pay ₹15 + GST.

3) New IFSC codes and checkbooks for Syndicate Bank customers

Canara Bank has announced that customers of the former Syndicate Bank, which merged with Canara Bank, will have to use the new IFSC (Indian Financial System Code) for online transactions from July 1. As part of the onboarding process for Syndicate Bank clients, Canara Bank has notified that IFSC codes starting with SYNB will now be replaced by CNRB. “Dear customer, replace the e-syndicate checkbook and checks issued in the name of the third party as the presentation validity expires on 06/30/2021,” Canara Bank said.

4) Axis Bank new SMS alert fees

Axis Bank had recalibrated its SMS rates following the new regime introduced by the telecommunications regulatory authority. From July 1, 2021, the bank will charge customers 25 paise for each SMS alert subject to a maximum of ₹25 per month. This will not include any promotional text messages or messages sent to customer or OTP sent for transaction authentication

5) Driver’s license

To obtain your apprentice driver’s license, you will no longer need to go to your Regional Transport Office (RTO). To obtain a permanent driver’s license, it is sufficient to obtain it from a designated driving school after fulfilling the required criteria at the end of the driving course. The Highways Ministry has notified rules for licensed driver training centers where candidates will receive high quality driving lessons, and once the test is passed, they will be exempt from driving tests upon graduation. ‘a driving license. These rules will come into effect on July 1, 2021.

Meanwhile, the government reduced the basic import price of gold and silver as prices fell in the overseas market. According to the government notification, the tariff value on imported gold and silver is now $ 566 per 10 grams and $ 836 per kg. This notification is effective from July 1, 2021.

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As Covid rages on, Putin pushes Russians to get vaccinated (Russian)



MOSCOW – President Vladimir V. Putin urged Russians to get vaccinated against the coronavirus on Wednesday – his most detailed comments on the matter to date – as his country scrambles to contain another vicious wave of the disease.

Speaking on his annual TV show, Mr Putin spent the opening half hour trying to convince Russians to get one of the four snaps produced in the country. It was the latest example of a marked change in tone about the pandemic from Russian officials, who for months did little to push a vaccine-wary public into getting vaccinated, but are now starting to make vaccination compulsory for certain groups.

“It’s dangerous, dangerous for your life,” Mr Putin said of Covid-19. “The vaccine is not dangerous.

Only 23 million Russians, or about 15% of the population, have received at least one dose of the vaccine, Mr Putin said. Polls carried out this year by the independent Levada center showed that some 60 percent of Russians did not want to be vaccinated. Analysts attribute the reluctance of the Russians to widespread mistrust of the authorities combined with a drumbeat of state television reports that described the coronavirus as either mostly defeated or not very dangerous in the departure.

Mr Putin revealed that he himself received the Sputnik V vaccine this year – the Kremlin had previously refused to specify which vaccine he was given – and that he had a brief fever after the second dose. But his message remained confused, as he questioned the safety of Covid-19 vaccines in general.

“Thank goodness we haven’t had such tragic situations after vaccinations like after using AstraZeneca or Pfizer,” Putin said.

Mr Putin spoke just as his handling of the pandemic – long touted by the Kremlin as superior to the approach taken in the West – threatened to turn into a major debacle. While Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine is widely considered safe and effective, most Russians have avoided it and other vaccines available and produced in the country. As a result, the country is suffering from a heartbreaking new wave of the pandemic, with the delta variant of the coronavirus spreading rapidly.

Russia’s largest cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg, recently reported more than 100 deaths per day, setting records; Nationally, the number of new cases reported per day has doubled to more than 20,000 in recent weeks, with 669 deaths reported on Wednesday. The official toll is probably a significant undercoverage.

Regional officials in Moscow and elsewhere have resisted blockages. But, almost certainly with Mr Putin’s blessing, they have made vaccination mandatory for large groups of people in their areas, such as service workers. This sparked an uproar from many critics and Kremlin supporters.

“I do not support compulsory vaccination and I continue to have this point of view,” said Putin, handing the responsibility for these orders to regional officials.

The upsurge in the coronavirus could derail the Kremlin’s message of competence over Western dysfunction in the run-up to the September parliamentary elections. Mr. Putin’s most vocal opponents have already been jailed, exiled, or barred from running, but obvious electoral fraud or poor performance by his ruling United Russia party could further weaken the president’s national authority.

Mr. Putin’s annual show, which first aired in 2001, has become the foundation for how he communicated with the Russians during two decades of rule. More than a million questions were submitted in advance via phone, text, and smartphone app, state media reported. They covered things like the cost of airline tickets, construction regulatory issues, illegal logging, and high food prices.

The long session gives the president an opportunity to show he is responsible, understands the details of a plethora of issues, and cares about the well-being of ordinary Russians. It also allows him to blame the problems on lower-level officials, while presenting himself as the savior of the ordinary citizen.

But she also underlined the weakness of the top-down governance system chaired by Mr. Putin. To solve even the most minor problems, it seems, Mr Putin himself sometimes needs to get involved.

For example, after a sheep farmer in the Caucasus Republic of Ingushetia told Mr Putin that he was having trouble finding land to lease, the president vowed to speak to the governor of the region. .

“Sheep farming is very important,” Poutin said. “The people who do this deserve to be supported. “

Mr. Putin devoted much of the program to national issues. He shot down online rumors of new fees for farmers, pledging that “no one will impose a tax on cattle.” A smartphone video of a woman in a grocery store showed the high cost of carrots and other staples. Mr Putin pledged to address the issue, noting that this is a global problem and that “the harvest of vegetables is soon, and I hope that will have an impact on prices.”

But Mr Putin was at his peak when asked about geopolitics. Responding to a question about Ukraine, he repeated his oft-stated claim that Russians and Ukrainians were “one people” and that the country had become a puppet of the United States. He dismissed another viewer’s idea that last week’s incident involving a British warship approaching Crimea could have sparked World War III.

But he warned that any attempt by the West to bolster a military presence in Ukraine, Russia’s largest western neighbor, would pose an existential threat.

“This creates significant problems for us in the area of ​​security,” Putin said. “It affects the existential interests of the Russian Federation and the Russian people. “

Some of the questions asked during the nearly four-hour show came in the form of phone calls or live video, while others were pre-recorded videos. Mr Putin appeared at times confused as to whether or not a question was asked in real time, responding to some of the recorded videos. After some technical difficulties of about two hours, the hosts declared that the show was the subject of a denial of service cyberattack.

“Everyone’s talking about Russian hackers,” one of the hosts joked.

Oleg Matsnev contributed reporting.


Voluntary assisted dying will begin in WA this week. But a Commonwealth law could stand in the way



Voluntary assisted dying has been a legal option for Victorians since June 2019.

On July 1, it will be available in Western Australia, which was the second Australian state to legalize voluntary assisted dying.

Tasmania and South Australia have since followed and are preparing to enact laws on voluntary assistance in dying.

Read more: WA’s take on physician-assisted dying has many similarities to Victorian law – and some important differences

Unfortunately, while Victorians have the right to seek voluntary assistance in dying under Victorian law, a Commonwealth legal barrier makes it unduly difficult to access this service.

Commonwealth law criminalizes the use of a “transport service” for the purpose of transmitting “suicide-related material”.

What does it mean?

You might think of a “transport service” like letters delivered in a 19th century postal car. But it’s really about modern communication technologies, including telephone, texting, email, Internet and video conferencing.

Mailed letters and face-to-face conversations are permitted.

Commonwealth law was not designed to thwart legal aid in dying. It was adopted in 2005, long before any state legislation was enacted. Its stated intention was to prevent things such as incitement to suicide by cyber bullies or the promotion of suicide methods among vulnerable and depressed people.

But when it comes to voluntary assistance in dying, the practical effect is that the use of modern communication to respond to a patient requesting voluntary assistance in dying is a potential Commonwealth crime – although it may be. legal under state law. When laws are in conflict, federal law prevails over state law.

WA will become the second Australian state to enact voluntary assisted dying laws.

A barrier to access

A report on the operation of voluntary assisted dying in Victoria between January and June 2020 found that the risk of prosecution under this law was a complicating factor for the medical community – and became even more so during the pandemic.

Although we have not seen assisted dying practitioners willfully prosecuted under this law, they largely want to comply with Commonwealth law, to avoid the risk of breaking the law and facing to a heavy penalty. This makes the process of assessing patient voluntary assistance in dying both difficult and slow.

The Victorian Voluntary Assisted Dying Review Board has received reports on the difficulties encountered by applicants who had to attend in-person assessments. Without the option of telehealth, extremely ill patients may have to undertake long and difficult trips to have their eligibility assessed. This is particularly problematic for patients who live in rural areas and who may have to travel long distances to see a doctor willing to meet their request (few doctors are accredited to facilitate voluntary assistance in dying).

Read more: Voluntary assisted dying may soon be legal in Queensland. Here’s how his bill differs from other states

If travel is inconvenient for the patient, the only other legal option is for a busy clinician to come to the patient’s home to do the voluntary assisted dying assessment. In many cases, the doctor may decide that the assessment cannot be performed.

The restriction also makes it potentially illegal for physicians to phone their patient to inform them that a permit has been issued, for the pharmacist to respond by email or phone to an ongoing patient question about the patient. medication, or for care navigators (who help patients navigate the system) to provide advice or assistance over the phone.

A doctor using a laptop.
Doctors have reported that this Commonwealth law is frustrating.


Victoria basically accepts Commonwealth law and has discouraged doctors from corresponding with patients receiving voluntary assisted dying over the phone or the Internet.

WA’s massive size means that any restriction on modern communication will have a disproportionate effect on patients who may, as a result, have to travel several hundred kilometers for face-to-face consultations, and may have to rely on a service provider. postage that can take days.

It seems clear that the Commonwealth Criminal Code needs to be amended, but it will take time. In the meantime, the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions is to issue a directive that when a person acts in accordance with state law on voluntary assistance in dying, Commonwealth Criminal Code offenses will not be. pursued. To date, Victoria’s requests for this insurance to be provided have been unsuccessful.

As the Queensland Parliament was due to debate voluntarily assisted dying laws in September, Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk recently wrote to Prime Minister Scott Morrison asking the federal government to urgently amend the Commonwealth Criminal Code to exclude the state government’s voluntary assisted dying programs under this law. The Morrison government rejected this request.

Patients suffer

Voluntary assisted dying is now in various stages of legalization and implementation across Australia, and repeated surveys confirm that the overwhelming majority of Australians support it.

Under these laws, terminally ill patients may very well achieve the end they want, but not as effectively as they want or should reasonably be expected. Delays and inefficiency add to anxiety and frustration at a time when patients and their families are most vulnerable.

Meanwhile, doctors are frustrated, forced to choose between breaking the law and providing the care patients expect.

Australians expect government collaboration at all levels to deliver services that work as efficiently as possible. It doesn’t have to be like that.

Read more: Victoria’s Voluntary Assistance in Dying Program is difficult and complicated. Some people die while waiting


Hacking Trends You Need To Know



We are all familiar with email phishing attacks aimed at stealing personal information, credit card details, passwords, and identities. But in addition to these well-known techniques, there are also new phishing strategies that you might not notice at first glance and which are becoming more and more popular. These cyber attacks have been detected over the past two weeks in Israel, Europe and the United States, threatening users despite their regular security and anti-virus measures.

Liron Barak, CEO and co-founder of BitDam. Photo: BitDam

1. A cyberattack with late delivery: Receiving a message or email from DHL, UPS, or Israel Postal Company can be a smart trap. Hackers use this method to trick people into sharing their credit card details, claiming that paying a small fee will allow the package to be delivered as expected. In fact, that’s exactly what happened to me. I received an SMS from DHL regarding a package delayed by the Israel Tax Administration. It made sense to me because I order a lot of things online. I clicked on the link and their website looked quite normal. Because I inspect surprising phishing attacks almost every day, I was a little skeptical and decided to open the link on my laptop. It still didn’t look suspicious, but I decided to use a fake credit card number just to verify that it wasn’t a scam. When I got a message that the payment had been approved, I realized it was a phishing attack and was glad I didn’t use my real credit card.

2. A cyber attack using Slack: Hackers used Slack to break into EA Games and stole a wealth of data by tricking an employee into providing a login token through Slack. Slack, a business messaging app that connects people and enables information sharing, is widely used by Israeli startups. As employees use it to share data, assuming it is a secure environment, this incident teaches us an important lesson: This app, like many others, is vulnerable to cyber attacks and security threats. social engineering.

3. A cyber attack via your home security cameras: recently someone connected the laptop he uses to work to his security cameras to upload security footage. The cameras had a virus that infected his laptop. But that’s not all. The victim shared documents with his team members using Google Drive and Slack, infecting their computers as well.

4. Escape with one click from Captcha: It starts with what appears to be an innocent email. Here is an example subject line: “New shared file received for BRAND”. Upon opening the email, it appears that the email has multiple attachments and the user is prompted to click a button to view them saying “BRAND uses Outlook files to share documents securely” . Clicking on it would lead to a captcha page.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the attacks BitDam prevented among its customers was that most of them led to bogus Microsoft login pages. Microsoft remains the number one target for hackers to steal the credentials of Microsoft users.

What can we do about it?

Assuming you don’t want to be the next victim, checking to see if your email security provider detects such attacks is a good place to start, but it’s definitely not enough. Of course, you should never enter your credentials on unfamiliar websites, but this trick is quite outdated. Everyone knows that they shouldn’t click on suspicious links, but somehow there are more and more successful phishing scams every day. That means someone clicks on it, doesn’t it?

If you come across a URL you are unsure of and want to check for phishing before continuing, you can still use it online. phishing analyzer
which will give you a verdict in no time, letting you know if the link is a phishing scam.

Liron Barak is the CEO and co-founder of BitDam


How to Automatically Forward SMS to Email on Android



If you live in an area with good data reception, most of your day-to-day communication will likely be online. But we still get SMS from time to time.

Most of them are either security keys, delivery messages, or text messages from relatives who are not online. Unfortunately, if you are busy and focused on your work, you may miss these important messages.

To solve this problem, you can automatically forward the text messages on your Android smartphone to the email. The method is as follows.

Apps you can choose

There are many applications that can forward messages from your mobile phone to email. For example, a simple search for “Forward SMS to Email” will return hundreds or even thousands. You can also use smart apps like: IFTTT and its alternatives, Set automatic transfer order.

Without a doubt, the best application specially designed for SMS forwarding is SMS Forwarder, which automatically forwards SMS to your PC or phone. It’s easy to use, you can use multiple filters, and you can forward the message to another number. Best of all, it’s free to use.

Download: SMS forwarder (Free in-app purchase possible)

Setting for the first time

When you install the app and open it for the first time, you will see a screen explaining how the app works and what you can and cannot do. A warning will also be displayed on the next screen. If someone asks you to install the app, you have been scammed. Warnings help protect your user base and prevent fraud.

Step 1: Give permission

You need to give your permission for the app to read messages, access phone status, and read contact details. Agreement Button, you must select Give permission On the next three screens for the app to work.

Step 2: Set your email address

Once you’ve set your permissions, you’ll see an update note, followed by a key guide with general steps. Too, Configure messaging button. Add here the address used to forward the SMS.

After pressing the button, you have the option to use Nothing, Via the Gmail API, Or By SMTP.. If you don’t have a Gmail account, you can use SMTP to forward your email.

If you select the Gmail option, you will see several screens asking for permission. Send an email on your behalf.. By allowing it, the app will use your email to forward your SMS to your specified email address.

Tap to verify that the email link was successful Send a test email Check if you have received the test email.

Step 3: Turn off battery optimization

Once you’ve set up your email, you need to turn off battery optimization for your app. This will cause the app to run in the background and transfer any messages it receives. You can do it below Optimize battery usage to ignore screen.

Tap Go to settings, select All applications In the drop-down menu, find the SMS forwarder. Press it to select not allowed..Don’t forget to press Okay!!

Return to the app and tap Made.. This completes the initial settings.

Creation of the first filter

You may not want to forward all received text messages to email. The filter ensures that only messages that meet certain conditions are forwarded.

When the app home screen appears, tap filtered to see. Then press + Start creating the first SMS transfer order.

Define the recipient

At the top you need to select who will receive the text message that needs to be forwarded. This can be set for anyone or any number.

For example, if it is a work phone and you want to forward the received SMS to an email, enter your email address.

Image gallery (2 images)

Another use is when you have a team and the team needs to send a security code to your number in order to log into their account. Just provide your email address or phone number as the recipient and you’re good to go.

You can add as many recipients as you want, so you can include the whole company if you want. However, this is not recommended.

Conditions of transfer

This is the section where you set the keyword metric that triggers the SMS forwarding. Each section has a question mark that you can tap to see detailed steps, but here’s what you need to know:

  • What do you want to transfer? Refers to the type of message the application sends. SMS To forward text messages only. However, if you want to forward notifications from other apps like banking apps, Note instead of.
  • from who You can choose which numbers your app forwards messages to and which numbers you want to ignore. If you leave this section blank, the app will analyze all messages for the next set of rules.
  • Text rules Here you can set the message to forward only if it contains a specific word or phrase. If the word you define is in one box, the app must follow both rules. However, under the OR option, only one rule needs to be implemented to perform the message transfer.

Edit content

In this section you can modify the content of the SMS.[メッセージテンプレート]You can personalize your email by adding your own messages. There are also five other options for adding details.

Replace word You can edit or delete words and phrases from text messages. This is particularly useful if you want to hide certain details of a message.

Image gallery (2 images)

Other settings

In this section, you can change the filter name and the subject of the email. If you have a dual SIM phone, you can choose which SIM the filter will follow by SIM number. You can also set the SIM card used to forward the text message to another number.

under option, Check Note You want to be alerted each time the filter is activated. If selected, all instances of command execution will also be logged Save the result..

Finally, you can delay mail forwarding for up to 24 hours 59 minutes. Late delivery option.

If you don’t want to disturb the recipient on weekends, press Define working time.. This will allow the filter to operate only between the selected time and day of the week.

When you are satisfied with the result, press save.. You will be asked if you wish to receive a test message. When finished[フィルター]The filter appears below the list.

You can add as many codes as you want. Deactivating the filter is as easy as pressing the slider.

If the app is running correctly, you will see the foreground service under the notification. This ensures that you are currently monitoring the message and that it is functioning as scheduled.

Image gallery (2 images)

Support developers

SMS forwarders are great apps when you need to step away from your phone while still receiving text. Easy to configure and use while retaining powerful functionality.

Therefore, if you find this app useful, please do not hesitate to support the developers. You can do this by removing the ad with an in-app purchase. But whether you pay for it or keep it for free, you get this wonderful and lightweight app that will make your life easier.

How to transfer text on Android

Did you receive a message that you would like to share with others? Here’s how to transfer text in Android and Samsung messaging apps:

Read more

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How RVshare Saved My Campervan Road Trip in California National Parks



The plan was simple: I was driving with a girlfriend from my Colorado home in St. George, Utah, for a few days of hiking, spa and pool treatments at a desert resort. My husband would pick me up from our RV and we were off on an 18 day trip to Nevada and California while my friend was driving back to Colorado on her own.

Alas, the day before our date, my husband and I, when he was already on the road, I received this text: “Please start thinking about a plan B. [The RV] deceased. “

It quickly shook me from the happiness induced by the massage!

RVShare to the rescue

After learning that it would take at least a week before our dated but beloved Class A motorhome nicknamed ‘BB’ was repaired (the fan blade broke and drilled a hole in the radiator), I immediately went into search mode.

I did do not want to ditch my carefully designed road trip itinerary. We had booked campgrounds at coveted sites in and around a handful of different national parks, and I had little interest in canceling them and trying to book later this summer (if I could even , it’s a busy summer for our national parks!).

I started to research the websites of peer-to-peer RV rental platforms as well as commercial rental fleets. I figured if I could recoup even part of our trip with a rented campervan, I would rather pay some unforeseen charges than face the disappointment of coming home with our bags again. unpacked.

While researching available RV rentals between Green River, Utah, and Las Vegas, Nevada, I found the choices to be pretty slim. If we had a truck to tow a camping trailer we might have had more options, but I was looking for Class A and C platforms that could be driven. Interest in motorhomes has exploded since the start of the pandemic, and it shows no signs of slowing down – indeed, the inventory in my part of the country was quite low.

After messaging a few RV owners RVshare and learning that their rigs were in fact booked or out of service, I landed on one that seemed perfect for our needs: parked in St. George, a 2008 25ft C class was available on the dates we wanted to travel. I reduced our trip from 17 nights to 12 nights, cutting off some of the destinations we had planned to do a loop that started and ended in St. George, Utah.

I messaged Rob, the owner of the Class C RV, and he told me he could have the rig ready to go in 24 hours. Hooray!

Kara williams

Pick up our RVshare rental

While BB was at the mechanic, my husband moved most of our packed things from the broken down RV into the car we planned to tow on this trip (Luckily we had my Honda with us, otherwise this shot wouldn’t have worked so perfectly!). We had trash bags full of clothes, a cooler full of food and other key items that we wanted to have on hand for our trip in our rented motorhome.

In our packed little car, my husband picked me up from my hotel and we made our way to Rob and his motorhome. He and his family were still putting the finishing touches on his preparation – changing the oil, fixing a wobbly dining table and cleaning it up differently; he planned to have about a week to get it ready for the tenants once he listed it. Little did he know there would be a couple with an RV vacation emergency who needed their RV ASAP!

We were quite a sight when we got our bags and boxes of things out of our Honda and into the RV which was parked next to a house in a quiet subdivision. Luckily, we had a plan with Rob that allowed us to park our car in his RV spot next to his house while we were traveling (we didn’t have the ability or desire to tow our car).

Rob gave us the layout of the land with this motorhome: how the tanks worked, where the spare tire and jacks were stored, how to turn on the pump and water heater, and how to deploy the manual awning. We noted some of the imperfections of the motorhome so that we would not be liable for any damages afterwards, and we made sure to have information on the standard rental insurance which RVshare required that we pay.

After that, we were able to hit the road!

RVShare RV parked at a campsite in California.
Kara williams

Drive, sleep and eat in an RVshare rental

It didn’t take my husband long to adjust to driving a 25ft RV vs. our 32ft RV. After all, he reports, the C-Class is smaller and drives more like a car than our A-Class.

I will say that we are used to a bigger bedroom, where we can walk around our bed (instead of being against the side of the platform) – but we made the space work and we have slept well.

The bathroom in this class C was also tiny – my 6ft 2in husband particularly lamented the lack of elbow room! However, Rob noted in his RVshare list: “The bathroom is a smaller space that will take some getting used to on long journeys,” so we knew what we were getting into.

Rob provided us with cooking utensils which was great. In fact, this is something that I investigated from the start. Prior to making the reservation, I asked through the RVshare online message portal about what kind of kitchen items are included. Rob was kind enough to take a photo of the merchandise – everything from a frying pan and measuring cups to a can opener and spatula – so I knew what we would have on this trip.

He also let us know that bedding, towels, tea towels and silverware were stored in the motorhome, but no cups, plates or bowls – so we picked up disposables to bring with us for our meals.

Tips for renting a motorhome from RVshare

Keep the lines of communication open

I think this rental went well as I asked about the vehicle and the rental process before and during our trip. Likewise, Rob asked us in advance for our route – if we would be staying primarily in RV campgrounds or boondocking. Rob also checked in with us halfway through the trip, just to see how it went. I appreciated being able to contact Rob anytime with any concerns.

If you are new to a motorhome, ask for advice

I am thankful that my husband is an experienced RV owner who knows how to empty and fill the water and waste tanks and can fix mechanical issues along the way. But if you don’t quite feel comfortable driving a motorhome when you collect your rental, ask the owner for step-by-step directions, who can also share some of the motorhome’s peculiar quirks.

Treat your leased vehicle as if it were your own

I was a little nervous renting a motorhome from a stranger, not least because I didn’t want anything to happen to them on our 1600 mile road trip! We took care to keep it clean and of course to lock it whenever we left it parked in a place we weren’t.

View of Yosemite National Park.
Kara williams

A successful road trip with RVshare

I’m so glad we were able to recoup most of our planned summer road trip. My husband and I had a blast driving a loop that hit nights in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, Pinnacles National Park, and Yosemite National Park.

We did some spectacular hikes in the parks, and enjoyed our quiet campsites to come back at the end of busy days of sightseeing (indeed, these national parks were packed!). Some discoveries off the beaten track were just as enjoyable.

For example, while parked at our campsite outside of Kings Canyon National Park, my husband realized that there was a vineyard located just across the road. We dragged to the store Delilah Ridge Winery to sit under an awning in the owners’ courtyard for a tasting and to take full advantage of our samples by purchasing two bottles. We gorged ourselves on a plentiful and varied deli board while chatting with owners Stacey and Kirsten, originally from Colorado, where we live. I love chance encounters like that!

I am grateful for the memories created and especially grateful for the RVshare motorhome rental service for saving our summer road trip. That said, let’s hope our RV BB doesn’t break down anytime soon.

RVshare is the world’s first and largest peer-to-peer RV rental market. With thousands of satisfied customers and a large inventory ranging from travel trailers to luxury motorhomes, RVshare has the perfect RV for your vacation, tailgate, or temporary accommodation needs.


Matt Hancock, beleaguered British health secretary, apologizes after being hugged by aide



The married politician was pictured kissing and kissing his advisor, who British tabloid The Sun claims to be having an affair with. The newspaper reported that the footage was from May 6, two weeks before household-to-household contact was allowed indoors in England.

“I went to see the Prime Minister resign from his post as Secretary of State for Health and Social Affairs… Those of us who set these rules must abide by them, and that is why I must resign,” said Hancock. said in a video posted on his Twitter page.

“I am very proud of what we have done to protect the NHS at the top, to ensure the deployment of this vaccine – one of the fastest in the world – and I look forward to supporting the government and the Prime Minister of the backs, ”he added.

In a letter to Boris Johnson, he apologized, writing: “I want to reiterate my apologies for breaking the guidelines and apologize to my family and loved ones for putting them through this.”

The Sun’s report had sparked accusations of apparent cronyism – an allegation the Health Secretary has previously faced for awarding a contract to a former neighbor for Covid-19 test kits.

Hancock has been under pressure for months over his handling of Britain’s coronavirus pandemic, but has managed to hang on to his role.

Former Chancellor and Home Secretary Sajid Javid will replace Hancock, Downing Street has announced.

Hancock has been accused by former chief adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings, of botching the country’s coronavirus testing program, as well as lying about the dire situation in nursing homes and the hospital. shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE). Hancock denied the allegations.

To date, more than 128,000 people have died in the UK from Covid-19 – the highest death toll in Europe. One of the most significant early failures of the UK’s response to Covid-19 was the construction of a test and traceability system. The UK government has also been criticized for neglecting care homes, allowing many facilities to do without sufficient PPE, testing and clear guidelines.

Cummings delivered a damning account of the government’s response to the coronavirus during a seven-hour marathon hearing before Members of Parliament in Westminster last month, accusing Downing Street and Hancock of misleading the British public.

The divisive figure, who left his post last November amid the deadly second wave of the pandemic in the UK, doubled down on his criticism of Hancock last week.

“As the Prime Minister himself said, Hancock’s performance in testing, procurement, PPE [personal protective equipment], nursing homes, etc. were “totally desperate,” “Cummings said in a tweet, sharing a screenshot of what appears to be a WhatsApp exchange with Johnson just days after the UK entered its first full lockdown in the middle of a worsening of the epidemic.

On March 27, 2020, the same day Johnson and Hancock both tested positive for the coronavirus, Cummings said he texted the Prime Minister telling him the pace of coronavirus testing was too slow and that the Minister of Health had misled the government about its ability to accelerate.

According to the screenshot shared on Cummings’ blog and on Twitter, Johnson replied, “Totally desperate f ** king.”

In another text message a month later, on April 27, as National Health Service staff ran out of essential masks and gowns, Johnson said the PPE shortages were “a disaster” and suggested removing completely Hancock from purchasing the equipment.

“Wtf are we doing?” Johnson wrote.

Asked last week by Sky News if he was truly desperate, Hancock replied, “I don’t think so.” Johnson did not comment on the WhatsApp messages, and his official spokesperson said the Prime Minister did not plan to engage with every allegation made.

The chaos around Hancock had already grown to such an extent that it even caught the Queen’s attention.

The Queen alluded to the Health Secretary’s woes on Wednesday during her first in-person hearing with the Prime Minister in 15 months, informing Johnson that she had spoken to “your Health Secretary, poor man”.

It is unclear whether the comment was a reaction to the heavy burden of managing the country’s coronavirus response, or an acknowledgment of the criticisms Hancock received from Cummings.

“I just spoke to your secretary of state for health, poor man. He’s come for the privy council. He’s full of …”

“Beans,” Johnson joked.

“He thinks things are getting better,” the Queen said, to which Johnson replied, “Well, uh, they are, in the sense that we are…” before the video abruptly ended.


Gasoline prices at Rs100: HIKING! Bihar, Kerala join list – check petrol and diesel prices in Delhi Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai



Bihar and Kerala on Saturday became the new entrant in the list of states that sell gasoline for RS 100 and above. According to Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), oil prices in Patna in Bihar and Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala on Saturday June 26 are Rs 100.14 and Rs 100.09 respectively. Similarly, after the tariff revision on Saturday, the diesel is retailed at Rs 93.99 and 95.19 in Patna and Thiruvananthapuram respectively.

See Zee Business Live TV Streaming below:

The price of gasoline had already crossed the psychological barrier of Rs 100 in as many as 9 states and Union territories: Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Jammu and Kashmir, Odisha and Ladakh .

Gasoline and diesel prices are revised daily and carried out at 6 a.m. daily. Earlier this morning, the National Petroleum Marketing Companies (WTO) raised gasoline and diesel prices from 31 paise to 37 paise in the 4 metropolitan cities — Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.

Gasoline and diesel prices in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai on June 26

Delhi: Gasoline: Rs 98.11 per liter | Diesel: Rs 88.65 per liter.

Mumbai: Gasoline: Rs 104.22 per liter | Diesel: Rs 96.16 per liter

Calcutta: Gasoline: Rs 97.97 per liter | Diesel: Rs 91.50 per liter

Chennai: Gasoline: Rs 99.19 per liter | Diesel: Rs 93.23 per liter

It should be noted that gasoline and diesel prices depend on a number of factors, including taxes imposed by central and state governments and the price of crude oil in the international market.

How to check gasoline and diesel prices

Those who plan to refuel can find out the indicative prices of fuel (Gasoline / Diesel) in their city for the day. All they have to do is send an SMS “RSP Dealer Code of Petrol Pump “to 92249 92249. For example, SMS” RSP 102072 “to 92249 92249 for petrol and diesel prices in Delhi. You can get the dealer code from IOCL website.


Best Online Therapy 2021 – Forbes Health



Mary Alvord, psychologist from Maryland who teaches telehealth to mental health professionals, Jay Shore, Ph.D., psychiatrist and director of telemedicine at the Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Depression Center at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, and Lisa Henderson, a licensed professional counselor from the American Counseling Association, offers these pros and cons for online therapy. Other sources for this advice include Psychology Today and the American Psychological Association.


Bypasses mental health stigma. “For people who are stigmatized, especially if they live in a tight-knit community, parking their cars outside of a counseling center or therapy office can really violate their privacy,” says Henderson. “But online therapy is really low-key and can protect people’s privacy and confidentiality so that in person [therapy] just can’t.

Convenience and security. If you can’t travel safely in inclement weather, or can’t make time out of your workday to get to a mental health professional’s office, a virtual tour can be a good substitute.

Feeling of intimacy. Shore says some patients may prefer their familiar home environment to an “artificial clinical environment.” Henderson echoes these sentiments. “In some ways the video is more intimate than being in the same room because we’re in each other’s space,” she says. “You might be in my office, but it’s my home, so I feel like I’m at home just like I’m at your house.” It really fills a gap, instead of being on my land when you walk into my office.

Similar results. According to Shore, in-person and video tours can potentially yield similar results. Henderson agrees, “We are seeing as much, if not more, improvements in online therapy settings. From apples to apples, from in-person therapy to telehealth, there really is no difference between which is more effective.

Easier access. For people who live far from the nearest therapist’s office or counseling center, online therapy can be an easily accessible alternative.

Little or no waiting time. A virtual appointment can start on time while an office appointment can be delayed by paperwork and other bureaucratic hurdles.

The inconvenients

Non-verbal communication. A therapist may not pick up on a patient’s non-verbal cues during a virtual appointment. Alvord explains that much of our communication is non-verbal. However, Henderson points out that the proximity of the camera lens during video appointments can provide more visual communication through facial expressions than an in-person appointment where a greater physical distance exists between the therapist and the therapist. the customer.

Limited effectiveness for some. Some patients, such as some children or people with autism spectrum disorders, may not respond well to virtual therapy, notes Alvord. Patients with dementia or other cognitive problems may also not do well in virtual sessions without modifications, such as a caregiver being with the patient, Shore says.

Technology. Some patients’ homes may not be equipped with high-speed internet service, or the patient may not be comfortable with the technology, making virtual therapy difficult or impossible to perform.

Insurance cover. In some cases, your health insurance provider may cover an in-person therapy session but may not cover a virtual session. However, these policies are constantly changing, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Speak with an agent from your insurance company to confirm what your coverage currently includes.


EXCLUSIVE YouTube removes Xinjiang videos, forces rights group to seek alternative



June 25 (Reuters) – A human rights group that has attracted millions of views on YouTube to testimonies of people claiming their families disappeared in China’s Xinjiang region transfers its videos to the little-known service Odysee after some were removed by Google. owned by the streaming giant (GOOGL.O), two sources told Reuters.

The Atajurt Kazakh Human Rights channel, which has posted nearly 11,000 videos to YouTube totaling more than 120 million views since 2017, was blocked on June 15 after twelve of its videos were reported for violating its “cyberbullying” policy. and harassment ”.

The channel’s administrators had appealed the blocking of the twelve videos between April and June, with some reinstated – but YouTube did not explain why others were being kept out of public view, administrators told Reuters.

Following Reuters inquiries about the reason for the channel’s deletion, YouTube restored it, explaining that it had received several so-called “strikes” over videos of people holding up ID cards. to prove that they were related to the missing, in violation of a YouTube policy. which prohibits personally identifiable information from appearing in its content. They re-established the channel on June 18 but asked Atajurt to scramble the ID cards.

Atajurt is reluctant to comply, the channel’s administrator said, fearing it could compromise the reliability of the videos. Fearing further blockage by YouTube, they decided to save the content on Odysee, a website built on a blockchain protocol called LBRY, designed to give creators more control. Around 975 videos have been moved so far.

Even as the admins moved content, they received another round of automated messages from YouTube indicating that the videos in question had been removed from public view, this time for fear they would promote criminal organizations. violent.

“There is another excuse every day. I never trusted YouTube,” Serikzhan Bilash, one of the founders of Atajurt, told Reuters in a telephone interview. “But we are no longer afraid, because we rely on LBRY. The most important thing is the safety of our equipment.”

Bilash, who has been repeatedly arrested in Kazakhstan for his work and threatened with seven years in prison if he does not stop his activism, said Atajurt’s equipment, including hard drives and cellphones, had been repeatedly confiscated by authorities, making YouTube the only place where their entire video collection has been stored.

The Kazakh activist, born in Xinjiang, fled to Istanbul last year after threats from the Kazakh authorities. He said government advisers told him in 2017 to stop using the word “genocide” to describe the situation in Xinjiang, an order he believed came from Chinese government pressure on Kazakhstan.

YouTube said posts related to promoting violent criminal organizations were automated and unrelated to creator content, but videos were kept private to allow administrators to make edits.


UN experts and rights groups estimate that more than a million people, mostly Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities, have been detained in recent years in a vast camp system in Xinjiang. Many former detainees said they had been subjected to ideological training and abuse in the camps. China denies all accusations of abuse.

In recent years, YouTube has restricted more content amid growing surveillance of cyberbullying, disinformation and hate speech online. Politicians have ensnared many channels, including those of far-right commentators, forcing them to seek refuge on social media services such as Parler which tout more openness.

But Atajurt officials fear that pro-China groups that deny human rights abuses in Xinjiang will use YouTube’s reporting features to remove their content by reporting it en masse, triggering an automatic block. Representatives shared videos on WhatsApp and Telegram with Reuters which they say describe how to report Atajurt’s YouTube videos.

They also reported YouTube channels with videos of Serikzhan Bilash’s face superimposed on animals like monkeys and pigs which they said disparaged Bilash’s character and work.

YouTube said channels are always welcome to switch to alternatives. Its policies prohibit directing abusive attention by posting non-public personal information, such as names and addresses.

The service makes exceptions to certain rules for educational, documentary or science videos – but Atajurt’s videos did not meet those requirements to a sufficient degree, according to YouTube.

“We welcome responsible efforts to document important human rights cases around the world,” the company said. “We recognize that the intent of these videos was not to maliciously reveal PII… and are working with Atajurt Kazakh to explain our policies.”

Odysee told Reuters he welcomed and supported Atajurt.

Bilash, who was arrested several times in Kazakhstan for his work with Atajurt and eventually fled to Istanbul, said Atajurt’s equipment, including hard drives and cellphones, had been confiscated several times by the authorities, making YouTube the only place where their entire video collection was stored.

Atajurt plans to continue uploading to YouTube for as long as possible.

“We will never remove it,” Bilash said, citing the service’s importance to the general public.

“The day YouTube took our channel off, I felt like I lost everything in the world… the new channel doesn’t have that many subscribers,” he said, “but it sure is. . “

Reporting by Victoria Waldersee in Lisbon, Paresh Dave in San Francisco; edited by Kenneth Li, Vanessa O’Connell and Nick Zieminski

Our Standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.


Apoorva Pasricha ’14 solves problems at the intersection of the public, private and social sectors. – Saint-Olaf College



Apoorva Pasricha ’14 solves problems at the intersection of the public, private and social sectors.

Apoorva Pasricha ’14, photographed in San Francisco by Frederic Neema / Polaris

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and schools switched to online learning, the city of San Jos̩, California Рlike many cities across the country Рquickly realized the inequalities in access and connectivity, as she faced the challenge of bringing digital devices into the hands of children at home.

Fortunately, the San José City Mayor’s Office of Technology and Innovation (MOTI) already had Apoorva Pasricha ’14 among its employees. As a Harvard Business School Leadership Fellow and the city’s Deputy Director of Technology and Innovation, Pasricha operationalized the San José Digital Inclusion Initiative, bridging the digital divide for 4,000 households by allocating over $ 1 million in grants to community groups serving low-income residents who do not have Internet access. access, digital devices and digital literacy. Pasricha collected the money for these grants within months, developed a framework for the distribution of funds, and oversaw the launch of the initiative’s online portal. Key to her work was to engage and collaborate with partners and multiple stakeholders from the public, private and social sectors.

Pasricha says: “I believe in the power of working together in all sectors, because I believe that no group has the resources or the complete expertise to develop solutions to the biggest problems of our world. This approach makes her a tri-sector athlete, a term used to describe someone who can assess, understand and engage the needs, aspirations and motivations of people in all three sectors.

Pasricha’s work on the Digital Inclusion Initiative has contributed to her work to address the digital divide in remote schools in San José. She turned to building relationships that would provide students with quality, reliable laptops. Through the Digital Inclusion Fund, she established a unique partnership model for MOTI with Revivn (a certified public service material renovator), the Santa Clara County Office of Education, and the California Emerging Technology Fund. Pasricha used the partnership to create new income for the city, which ultimately reduced the number of students in San José without computer devices during the pandemic.

When I am asked to work on an ambiguous problem, my first instinct is to identify which principles we want to use to solve it. It comes from bringing people together around a shared vision, which I am confident to do because St. Olaf has allowed me to see equal value in different disciplines.

“We need to understand the challenges from all angles, as well as understand what motivates each stakeholder,” says Pasricha. “Some of the most powerful initiatives I’ve worked on have been collaborations between business, government, and non-profit organizations. While at MOTI, she launched an AI-powered chatbot to 1.2 million San José residents to help them access city services via the Internet or text messaging, which was a big deal. of utmost importance when ordering COVID-19 home shelters.

Pasricha is currently responsible for operations and infrastructure at Zoox, an Amazon subsidiary that will soon be bringing robot taxis to cities.

“I am a technology optimist and believe that technology can be a force for good,” she says.

Pasricha credits St. Olaf with teaching her “to think about problems holistically,” she says. She excelled in college, graduating summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science, with a concentration in media studies. She spent a year studying development economics at the University of Oxford in the UK and participated in the Mayo Innovation Scholars program at St. Olaf. She applied her knowledge in the classroom through internships at Twin Cities Public Television, the Alzheimer’s Association in Chicago, and the Minnesota Department of Health.

After graduating from St. Olaf, Pasricha spent two years as an analyst at JP Morgan Asset Management, managing $ 1.5 billion in investable assets, improving client onboarding processes and launching an effort recruitment process that has diversified the company’s workforce. She then worked in Massachusetts State Government Digitization as an Operations and Strategy Associate in the Executive Office of Technology and Security Services, also known as MassIT. Pasricha worked with the Executive Director to prepare the Governor’s business case for centralizing the technology infrastructure in the state, thereby enabling better delivery of digital services. She also led the team responsible for reforming the state’s tech talent hiring process, which resulted in high accountability, streamlined hiring practices and savings for taxpayers. Their work has been codified in law.

“My biggest takeaway from JP Morgan and MassIT was understanding how data and numbers build stories. To have an impact on organizations at the systems level, I needed to know who the stakeholders were within the system, what their needs and motivations were, and how I could unite them around a common vision ”, she says.

While earning an MBA from Harvard Business School, Pasricha was a summer partner in strategy and business development with Sidewalk Labs & Intersection Co., a Google urban innovation company that harnesses technology to make cities more sustainable and affordable. “Sidewalk got me thinking about the impact of technology on a city from the perspective of its people,” Pasricha says, noting that her time there opened her eyes to the need to create technological solutions that engage everyone, not just wealthy communities. “Vulnerable communities in a city cannot be an afterthought,” she says.

Pasricha’s passion for entrepreneurship – creating solutions that approach problems from multiple angles and engage partners across different industries – has informed every transition throughout her career, she says, and that’s what turns her on the most in her new role at Zoox.

“The way goods and services flow is an operational challenge that cities face,” says Pasricha. “I am inspired to be part of providing affordable and sustainable solutions to this challenge. “

Her liberal arts training in St. Olaf also explains how she approaches problem solving. “When I am asked to work on an ambiguous problem, my first instinct is to identify the principles we want to use to solve it,” Pasricha explains. “It stems from bringing people together around a common vision, which I am confident to do because St. Olaf has allowed me to see the same value in different disciplines. “


Without the proper local payment API, Zim’s e-commerce and fintech companies resort to workarounds



If you are South African or South Africa and want to buy something from a local ecommerce store such as Takealot, you have plenty of payment options to go to checkout. In addition to the standard Visa / MasterCard options, there are:

  • The possibility of paying locally using Visa / MasterCard. By locally I mean the transaction is settled locally in Rands. There is no need for money to leave South Africa for this to happen.
  • You can pay by instant EFT. It’s kind of a cross between ZIPIT and RTGS, except that funds are instantly transferred from your account to that of the payment provider from where they can then be transferred to the merchant’s account at will. You can choose from several payment providers:
  • You can pay with eBucks
  • You can pay with the Nedbank personal loan
  • There is Mobicred
  • You can also use MasterPass, whatever happened to the Ecobank MasterPass?
  • There is Snapscan
  • Celbux electronics voucher
  • Zap

I probably missed a few more, but the point of this exercise is to let you understand that Zimbabwean institutions are used to not sharing APIs. Look at Ecocash, even now joining the API is a tedious process. If you want to sign up quickly, you have to go through a third party like PayNow and pay a hefty fee in the process. I also want you to understand how incredulous it is that even in 2021 it is easier, even with all those pesky penalties, to integrate an international payment gateway like PayPal into your ecommerce store than if you mean accept ZIPIT or RTGS transfers.

The problem with ZIPIT and EFT

When it comes to accepting local payments for an ecommerce store, you have the following options:

  • Ecocash
  • OneMoney
  • Telecash
  • RTGS transfer
  • Local transfer
  • Payments

Now let’s see what’s wrong with each method:

  • Ecocash – is very popular and for a while it seemed to be the solution. Their integration process leaves a lot to be desired. I mean they should now have their own WooCommerce gateway and a simple sign-up page for potential merchants given the rise of ecommerce. If they’ll let you in, you’ll have to code the gateway for yourself. The easiest way is to go through a third-party fintech like ContiPay and Paynow. This was sufficient until the RBZ decided to limit transactions to 5,000 ZWL. Now you need jujitsu Ajax or some other nifty trick to collect payouts if you want to capture payouts instantly and automatically. However, this is still your best bet.
  • OneMoney – Share the same problems with Ecocash. It’s pretty much a USSD service. Unlike Ecocash, they didn’t even bother creating an app. Again, if you want an API, you have to go through some obscure process and probably physically visit someone’s desktop. Forget the WooCommerce or Shopify gateway. If you want an API, go through a third party, but they also have the ZWL 5,000 per transaction against them.
  • Telecash – has even fewer users compared to OneMoney. They were more willing to allow people to use their API, but again they have the limit of ZWL 5,000 per transaction that works against them. Again very few people use Telecash.
  • ZIPIT – this one has very generous limits and would be the perfect solution, unless you thought getting the Ecocash API was difficult, getting the ZIPIT API turned out to be pretty much impossible. When I tried to ask them, I was referred to my bank. Where to start ? The people who run the information desks at API don’t even know what an API is. Not only is it impossible to get API access from banks, but it looks like no one is even bothered or working on a solution. Instead, ZIMSWITCH is busy pushing an Ecocash / OneMoney / Mobile Money clone called ZIPIT Smart. I hear they have thousands of merchants but I don’t have to travel much as I’ve never seen it in the wild and in action.
  • RTGS – This cave man solution was never designed for the modern world. In 2021, it is still not a real-time payment method despite what its acronym says. This makes it unsuitable for real-time / automated e-commerce payments.
  • Local transfers – each bank has its own implementation. These are transfers made between accounts of the same bank. Even if a bank were to give you API access, which we have already established is not possible, it limits your customers to one bank. You should register with each bank and do the impossible each time by convincing them to give you access to their APIs
  • Payments- let’s not waste time flogging a horse that is really dead. All the information desks I have spoken to in various banks barely understand e-commerce, they don’t even know what Vpayments is.

Fintechs use workarounds

Frustrated FinTechs are now using smart workarounds to accept local payments automatically and in real time when it comes to local payments. Here are some of the tips I have seen in nature:

  • When purchasing using apps, some apps ask for phone permissions and try to initiate the ZIPIT transaction on their own.
  • In an attempt to bypass the ZWL 5,000 mobile money limit, companies like TelOne and Topup are now allowing split payments. This often involves using timed Ajax requests to test and see if each payment was successful. As a fallback, customers also have a refresh / check payment button they can click, which initiates a background process to check the status of the last payment.
  • Use of unique reference identifiers that can be authenticated against the order after payment has been made. This is a semi-automated process. The payment provider eg ContiPay gives you a unique reference to use when making your RTGS / ZIPIT / Cash deposit. Some guy somewhere enters the reference number on the payment provider’s side as soon as the money arrives in the payment provider’s account. The customer then connects and clicks on the payment confirmation button, the gateway checks if this is true based on the references in the database of the payment provider.
  • The payment provider puts their online bank line in a device plugged into their computer. The gateway scans all incoming SMS for a payment that matches recent transaction details. This is dangerous because SMS can be easily spoofed, but it can and does work. Sometimes banks do not send SMS on time or even at all for some transactions.
  • Same process but with e-mail. An analysis program looks for a unique reference and tries to validate the transaction

These are all workarounds and there are probably many more such ways out there, but it’s just plain sad. For a country that desperately wants us to accept local currency, our government has dropped the ball. The RBZ should do something about it.

Shocking stuff from DPO

So while on the issue of workarounds, I recently observed something really shocking about DPO’s SiD Secure EFT Gateway. When triggered it launches an iFrame, from the iFrame the user chooses their bank, for example FNB, then you are presented with a username and password field and you are supposed to use your Internet banking credentials.

Once you have done that, a loading spinner will appear on the screen above a transparency, under this overlay you can see the actual FNB internet banking platform, some form of script starts browsing clicking on options, goes to EFT option, fills in transaction details, paid clicks, then you are prompted to enter an OTP to confirm the transaction and immediately the overlay also requests an OTP. When you enter your OTP, the transaction is complete.

The platform does the same with other South African banking platforms. How they accomplish this feat is beyond me. Everything is done in an overlay, but such a workaround would be powerful and allow Zim Fintechs to overcome the reluctance of our local banks to solve the e-commerce problem.

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JOAN NEHMAN | News, Sports, Jobs




Joan Nehman, 89, from Lytton, IA, passed away peacefully on Monday, June 21, 2021 at Loring Hospital in Sac City, IA, surrounded by her husband and children. Joan Mae Stangl was born on February 25, 1932 in Arcadia, IA, to parents Joseph and Anna (Loneman) Stangl. On August 10, 1957, Joan united with Donald Nehman.

Joan’s memory remains to be cherished: her husband of 64 years, Don Nehman of Lytton, IA; children: Paul (Jill) Nehman from Lytton, IA, Ann Marie (John) Seprini from Carroll, IA, Norma (Rick) Hecht from Sac City, IA, Jane (Daryl) Glasnapp from Rockwell City, IA, Paula (Doug) Klocke of Rockwell City, IA; 14 grandchildren; 14 great-grandchildren and 3 other great-grandchildren on the way; Sister LaVonne O’Conner of Carroll, IA; sister-in-law Mary Jo Hauser of Milan, MO; special niece Kathy Gunderson (Chuck) of Odebolt, IA; several other nieces, nephews, extended family members and friends.

Christian Burial Mass will be held at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, June 25, 2021 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Sac City, IA. Interment will be held at Oakland Cemetery in Sac City under the direction of Farber & Otteman Funeral Home. Visitations will be held from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Thursday, June 24, 2021 at the funeral home with a vigil service from 7 p.m.

INSTEAD OF FLOWERS, memorials received will be donated to St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Lytton Fire Department and the Lytton American Legion by the family in memory of Jo.


Decision needed this week on interior reopening



The Licensed Vintners Association has called on the government to make a decision on reopening the indoor hotel business this week.

The LVA said an announcement made on July 2 would be too late if the reopening was to take place on July 5.

The LVA also called on the government to end mixed messages, with different views being expressed by Taoiseach Micheál Martin, Tánaiste Leo Varadkar, Minister of Health Stephen Donnelly and Minister Damien English in the past 48 hours. .

Over 40% of the pubs here are unable to provide outdoor service and some of them have not opened for 464 consecutive days.

The government had widely reported that domestic service would resume for pubs and other hotel businesses on July 5.

But the LVA said there is now widespread doubt about what will happen after the latest wave of mixed messages from the government.

The LVA believes that this is not a tolerable position for the hospitality sector which cannot make decisions about hiring staff, securing supplies and preparing their premises in such a short time.

“The government has to make up its mind and make a decision this week,” said Donall O’Keeffe, director general of the LVA.

“They cannot reasonably expect the entire hospitality industry to wait until July 2 for their decision and then be able to potentially reopen three days later. This is impractical and that’s not how these companies operate, ”he said. declared.

“They have to make decisions about hiring staff, ordering stocks and supplies, preparing their premises for opening. If all of this is to continue, they need to have sufficient notice,” he said. he adds.


Vaccinated? McDonald’s and DotPe will give you discounts



CHENNAI: Gurgaon-based online-to-offline commerce startup DotPe said on Wednesday it has piloted an initiative with merchant partner McDonald’s to encourage customers to get vaccinated.
Customers can now enjoy a 20% discount on orders over Rs 500 (maximum discount of Rs 250) by ordering at McDonald’s through the direct online ordering link powered by DotPe or by scanning the QR code at the point of sale.
After opening the link, customers need to add their name, number, vaccination date and downloaded vaccination certificate to get the promo code via SMS. Almost 1,200 people have already taken advantage of the offer through McDonald’s, DotPe said.
DotPe is also in talks with its other merchant partners to roll out similar offerings in the coming days.
“We are grateful to our network of over 15,000 merchants and hope more of them will join us in this fight against Covid-19,” said Shailaz Nag, co-founder and CEO of DotPe.
“Although we know that health workers are working at breakneck speed, there are still people who are reluctant to get bitten. So we decided to sweeten the deal for them by allowing their favorite restaurants to offer vaccination incentives in the form of offers and discounts. ,” he added.
DotPe started with simple metrics like contactless ordering options, offers through its banking partnerships, and customer analytics. Now, the product suite has evolved to cover all use cases such as dinner, pickup, and delivery.


Stuck at home? The 18 best “wheelchair travel” opportunities on 7 continents


As coronavirus containment turns the world inward, we still have opportunities to travel.

Not on planes. Or boats. Or one of the other usual modes of transportation as COVID-19 spreads globally.

From soundscapes of national parks to live broadcasts from the South Pole, there are many cultural institutions and tourist attractions offering their services online. Call it corona content.

You can explore ancient Pompeii or visit NASA’s Weightless Laboratories with these unique wheelchair travel opportunities.

1. Climb in Peru Machu Picchu… from the comfort of your sofa

If you don’t like altitude or have always wanted to see this wonder of the ancient world, consider taking a virtual tour of the famous Machu Picchu in Peru.

2. Finally mark this post for SXSW Short Film Festival in Austin, Texas.

Following the cancellation of SXSW, Mailchimp, Oscilloscope and SXSW have launched a Support the Shorts initiative which hosts over 70 free streaming short films available here.

3. Explore soundscapes of Rocky Mountain National Park.

From elk moose to the gurgling of a river, Rocky Mountain National Park’s Sound Library offers an array of natural sounds. They also have a bird song index as well as natural landscape sounds like “Stream Soundscape from the Black Canyon Trail”. Connect here.

4. Take a virtual safari in South Africa or Kenya.

Along with Africam and Expore.org, many large South African game reserves like Sabi Sands, Balule Nature Reserve and Kruger National Park broadcast live footage of major wildlife sites. Tune in at sunrise and sunset (South African time) for the best views.

safariLive also offers a live sunset and sunrise broadcast from the world’s most famous parks in Kenya and South Africa.

5. Assist the Berlin Philharmonic in the comfort of your own home.

All concerts and films in the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra’s digital concert hall are now available for free on their website.

6. Browse the latest in contemporary arabic art of the Barjeel Art Foundation in Sharjah.

This Mecca of modern art in the United Arab Emirates offers its entire collection online, searchable by artist, country and medium. Refresh your modern Arabic art here.

7. Visit the Louvre in Paris.

From Egyptian antiquities to the building’s original moat, the world’s most famous museum offers free virtual tours of its many rooms and galleries here.

8. Have fun with your story at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma.

In the midst of a coronavirus shutdown, this Oklahoma City museum enlisted the help of Tim Tiller, a security guard at the Cowboy Museum, to manage its social media platforms by posting images of objects from ‘exposure.

And now the 58-year-old former truck driver is an internet sensation for his sweet and hilarious content – including #HashtagTheCowboy. Check out their Instagram here.

9. Visit the south pole.

Operated by the National Science Foundation, the live broadcast from the South Pole station makes it possible to tour Antarctica from the comfort of your home. And with temperatures of -53 degrees Celsius or -64 degrees Fareheight, this is probably the best way to see Antarctica. Check out their different webcams here.

10. Walk New York’s famous High Line.

Take a virtual tour of the Big Apple’s most famous elevated park with Google Arts & Culture. This is the least crowded place you have ever seen on the West Side.

11. Watch the latest performances at NYU Abu Dhabi Arts Center Program.

NYU Abu Dhabi Arts Center’s programming goes virtual under the name Reconnect. The online platform will feature a variety of comedy, music and dance performances that have never been offered virtually before.

12. Take a walk The British Museum in London.

From African textiles to the ruins of Pompeii, the British Museum has one of the largest collections in the world. In partnership with Google, they offer the ‘Museum of the World’ experience which allows users to scroll through centuries (from 1800 AD), continents and even themes like trade and conflict or life and culture. dead. Discover the immersive experience here.

13. Showcase the best in Lebanese independent cinema.

Lebanese cinematic powerhouse Abbout Productions offers free online streaming of one video at a time on Vimeo, with English or French subtitles. From short films to feature films, they offer the best of their catalog in an effort to occupy those who stay at home. To verify their Twitter for streaming information and the current movie playing.

14. Head into space with NASA Space Center in Houston.

If you’ve always wanted to be an astronaut or experience Zero-G, here’s your chance to tour the NASA facilities in Houston. With the animated robot called Audima as your tour guide, discover ten of their laboratories, wind tunnels, and hangars here.

15. Sydney tour famous opera house.

Located in Australia, the world’s most famous opera house is open for (virtual) business on Google Arts & Culture. You can see the architectural masterpiece from inside and out here.

16. Take a Angkor Wat virtual tour… in the 13th century.

The largest religious monument in the world, Angkor Wat in Cambodia is available for virtual tours on Google Arts & Culture. With Monash University’s “Visualize Angkor Project”, they created computer simulations of what life looked like there in the 13th century. Check out both tours here.

17. Take a “seat” at 92nd Street Y in New York

Attend a reading or class at New York City’s infamous cultural institution for free or for a small fee. There is a mix of events with famous authors and luminaries, as well as workshops on topics like finding gratitude in difficult times. The full online program is available here.

17. Join a global arts club for a one-on-one session with artists or virtual events.

The Cultivist – a global arts club – brings its members top-notch cultural events from around the world. Whether it’s one-on-one sessions on topics like ancient Greek art or interactive sessions featuring home projects, they truly organize a home art experience. They will also organize virtual studio tours with artists like Patrick Martinez, Tofer Chin, Jonathan Prince. For more information on how to become a member, go here.

There are many other museum and cultural institution tours available on Google Arts & Culture – over 2,500 – so if those haven’t interested you, check out the full list here.

And if all else fails… take a look at the Beekman 1802 Baby Goat Camera in New York State. It’s as cute as you might expect.

How long should you keep your auto insurance records


It is important to know how long to keep your auto insurance records and whether it is acceptable to throw away your policy documents during the life of the insurance policy. In some cases, you can throw away documents quickly, but need to keep the other documents for a longer period. It’s easy to figure out which ones to keep and which to throw away.

Documents you need to keep

To know how long to keep auto insurance statements and how long to keep insurance policies, you need to determine why you might need them in the future. There are a number of documents that you will receive as part of your auto insurance coverage that should be kept:

  • Your automobile insurance card. This small card fits easily in a wallet or glove box and should be kept with you when driving your vehicle. You can also get access to a digital insurance card through your auto insurer, although a hard copy is useful as a backup if you forget your cell phone. In some states, you are required by law to have the card in your vehicle. If you are stopped by law enforcement, they will ask you for proof of insurance. You will also need your auto insurance card if you have an accident since it contains your policy number and other relevant information that you will need to share with the other driver.
  • The declarations page of your auto insurance policy. You will receive this page along with your other policy documents when purchasing new insurance coverage or renewing your policy. In addition to your name and address, a description of your insured vehicle (s) and your policy number, the reports page includes a summary of your policy’s coverages and deductibles and also explains the claim process. Keep this document in a safe place until you receive a new one when you renew your policy.
  • Documents relating to a complaint. If you have an open claim with your auto insurer, keep all receipts, repair invoices, and any other documents relating to the claim. These documents can be disposed of once you have received a check and the claim is officially closed.
  • Your monthly billing statement. It may be a good idea to keep a record of your tax billing statements if your insurance is business-related (if you use your car for business purposes, for example, or if you have a home office.) you are audited, you may need to show your invoices for the past seven years. Depending on your insurer, you may be able to access copies of past invoices on your business website.
  • Your premium. This information is not actually a document – it appears on your billing statement – but it is worth keeping for the long term. Staying on top of your rates over the years gives you a clear idea of ​​how often your rates change, which may cause you to consider shopping around for coverage if your rates are high. Looking at the average cost you paid in 2019 versus what you pay now can help you determine if you’re overpaying or getting a good deal.

Documents you don’t need to keep

Determining how long to keep insurance records also involves knowing what to throw away and when. Here are some things you don’t have to keep indefinitely:

  • Your main policy document. This is the multi-page document that includes all the details about your policy limits, discounts, coverage, endorsements and more. A lot of people keep these pages until they renew their policy – and that’s fine. But that’s not really necessary since many insurers offer digital access to these documents through your account on the company’s website. If your insurer does not have this feature, keep it until you receive a new policy package in the mail upon renewal. Once your policy has expired and you no longer pay it, you can also delete these documents.
  • Canceled checks for premiums paid. Many banks no longer return your canceled checks. If so, you can shred the checks once you have reconciled them to your account.

How long to keep insurance records

Bankrate has looked at how long insurance statements are kept and found that some of the more complete ones, like your actual policy documents, don’t need to be kept for more than a year. Once you have the new policy in hand, the old one can usually be abandoned if you haven’t had a claim during the life of your policy. All records of policies that are no longer in effect can also be deleted. For example, if you still have documents for a vehicle that you no longer have, you are unlikely to need to keep those documents.

You will typically receive a new set of policy documents annually, or in some cases, semi-annually. Once these are received, it is no longer necessary to keep the old ones. It should be common practice for you to file new copies at the same time as you throw away the old ones.

If for some reason you accidentally get rid of current police documents, don’t worry. Your insurer will have copies of all documents on file, and you may also be able to access them online. A quick call to your agent should be enough to get a new copy to replace the discarded one.

There is, however, one important exception to these rules. If you have an open claim related to an accident or auto accident, or if there is a possibility that a claim may be made against you by another driver, keep all insurance documents and everything related to the accident. accident, such as repair bills or towing costs, until the claim is settled. This applies even if the policy is no longer active.

Complaints can take years to resolve. For example, if you are involved in an accident that includes medical bills, it may take several years to pay off all medical bills and bills. In the meantime, you may have sold the vehicle and closed the insurance account. Keep your policy documents until you are certain that there will be no further charges applied to the claim.

How to properly dispose of old insurance policies

Identity theft is on the rise in the United States, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Your police documents may contain names and addresses, police numbers and other personal data, and an enterprising thief may use them for personal gain if your documents are found in the garbage or in a landfill. In general, you should always shred anything that has your name or identifying details on it.

A small household shredder is sufficient for this job. Some office stores offer shredding services, and local banks or businesses regularly offer free shredding days for residents of many areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best auto insurance company?

While there is no one “best” auto insurance company that works for everyone, Bankrate has identified companies that offer the best prices, the most comprehensive coverage options, and superior customer service. on our list of the best auto insurance companies for 2021. A good place to start your auto insurance research would be to get quotes from these companies.

Can I throw away old insurance policies?

When you get your new policy in the mail with each renewal, you can throw away the old one. However, keep the billing statements and returns page, and make sure you have your auto insurance card when you drive. You can shred policy documents if you close the policy, unless there is an open claim or the possibility of an open claim on the policy.

How should I store the documents that need to be backed up?

There are several options for keeping your insurance documents. If you need to store hard copies, a small, portable, fire-resistant safe is a great idea. Never store it in your basement, in case your house gets flooded. You can also consider offsite digital storage in the cloud or on a USB drive or other portable storage device. For a small fee, sites like Dropbox and iCloud will store your electronic documents securely and be accessible wherever you are or what device you use.

Former Ocean County GOP boss George Gilmore to appeal conviction again

to play

Former Ocean County GOP Chairman George R. Gilmore will appeal last week’s decision of a federal appeal board that upheld his conviction in 2019 for filing a bogus loan application and failed to pay payroll taxes, his lawyer said.

Chatham-based GIlmore’s attorney Kevin Marino said an appeal will be filed by Dec. 18 to the three-judge Third Circuit panel that upheld Gilmore’s conviction last week. The appeal will call for a hearing by the 14 judges of the Third Circuit.

Gilmore, 71, a Toms River resident, will remain on bail pending the outcome of his appeal, Marino said.

In an unprecedented decision written by Judge Thomas Hardiman for a three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit and delivered on December 4, the court dismissed four claims raised by Gilmore, according to the American lawyer Rachael A. Honig.

How we got here: Former Ocean County GOP Chairman George Gilmore loses appeal to overturn federal conviction

The appeals court agreed with the federal government that the trial judge correctly excluded testimony from a psychiatric expert that Gilmore suffered from a “hoarding disorder,” which he said had prompted him to spend lavishly on personal expenses rather than making timely payments to the IRS, Honig said.

The court also dismissed Gilmore’s challenges against the jury’s instructions and the sufficiency of evidence, Honig said.

In January, U.S. District Judge Anne E. Thompson sentenced Gilmore to one year and one day in prison – far less than the 27 to 33 months requested by federal prosecutors. Thompson allowed Gilmore to remain on bail pending his appeal.

Put aside: Conviction of former Ocean County GOP boss Gilmore delayed for psychiatric assessment

Gilmore was convicted in April 2019 of failing to pay payroll taxes and submitting a bogus loan application.

A federal jury found Gilmore not guilty of filing false income tax returns and was unable to rule on a tax evasion charge in 2013, 2014 and 2015. The tax evasion charge was dismissed when Gilmore was sentenced in January, and Marino said Gilmore paid payroll taxes.

Refuse: Hoarding expert cannot testify in trial of Ocean County GOP boss George Gilmore

Prior to sentencing in January, Thompson spoke about the specifics of the case, describing Gilmore’s extravagant spending and non-payment of taxes as bizarre and almost inexplicable behavior.

“It seemed to me that there was a pathological… peculiar and confusing avoidance of reality with this accused.… His behavior is strange for a man of his personal strength,” said Thompson.

Thompson said she decided to deviate from federal sentencing guidelines, which called for 21 months in prison, because “this sentence, I have determined, is severe punishment for a man. 70 years old “.

Marino, who argued throughout Gilmore’s trial in April 2019 that his client was mentally ill – but not a criminal – had suggested a probation sentence and needed mental health counseling.

A psychological report, written by Dr Catherine Barber, said Gilmore appears to have obsessive-compulsive disorder, a shopping addiction of which hoarding disorder is a side effect, Thompson said.

Thompson said Gilmore appears to have “a deep mental state that defies explanation.”

Following his conviction, Gilmore relinquished his law degree and resigned as chairman of the Ocean County Election Board and Chairman of the County GOP.

He remained active in politics, attending events in the county and forming a political consultancy firm with Freeholder Jack Kelly. The Toms River law firm in which he was formerly a partner, Gilmore & Monahan, has been dissolved.

The building that housed the company’s former offices at 10 Allen St. in Toms River is for sale. Gilmore’s former partner Thomas Monahan now works for the Lacey law firm of Dasti, Murphy, McGuckin, Ulaky, Koutsouris & Connors.

Jean Mikle has covered Toms River and several other towns in Ocean County, and has written on local government and politics on the Jersey Shore for almost 35 years. A 2010 Public Service Pulitzer Prize finalist, she is also passionate about the legendary Shore music scene. Contact her: @jeanmikle, 732-643-4050, [email protected]

The important role of consumer credit in the economy


Many factors have influenced the growing growth of consumer loans, but the inability of people to pay their expenses with their income is the most important. Unlike in the past, where debt was often frowned upon, borrowing money is now perfectly normal. People take out loans to buy a house or pay for school, travel or home improvement costs.

But alongside that, through banks and alternative lenders, the government is using loans to control the country’s economy. Because while loans offer consumers the opportunity to create lasting assets and significant expenses, at the same time, they improve economic well-being.

You might be surprised to learn that economic progress has been linked to the expansion of credit markets. To better understand this, we have discussed below the important role of consumer loans in the economy.

What are consumer loans?

There are different types of financing, and defining consumer credit is the first step in better understanding why and how they play such a vital role in the economy. A consumer loan is a loan or line of credit focused specifically on individual and household consumers. This means that the loan is intended for individual or family purposes.

Consumer loans can take many forms such as car loans, credit cards, student loans, or personal loans. You can use each to finance the purchase of a vehicle, daily expenses, education, or other personal purposes. With consumer loans, many people can finance their lives in different ways.

The relationship between consumer loans and the economy

Due to a persistent shortage of money, consumers are turning to loans to meet their personal and basic needs. It is no wonder that the amount owed by consumers increases with statistics. In the United States alone, consumer debt to finance household consumption climbed $ 87 billion in the third quarter of 2020.

It should be noted that debt is growing rapidly not only in the United States, but also in many developing countries. Because as income inequality and the trade deficit continue to grow, so too does the level of debt to avoid the economic slowdown and rising unemployment.

In addition, gross domestic product (GDP) is used as an indicator of economic production and one of its components is consumer spending. Thus, an increase in consumer spending directly leads to an increase in GDP. This is why consumer loans contribute significantly to economic growth as they allow people to buy more than their cash income.

The role of consumer loans in the economy

The link between consumer loans and economic growth is obvious. But to better understand it, take a look at the specific roles of consumer loans and why the government uses them to control the country’s economy.

Loans as an economic stabilizer

In each country, the government takes the initiative to help the economy achieve its goals of growth, full employment and price stability. In the United States, one of the approaches used by the government to influence economic activity is monetary policy. Through the Federal Reserve System, it uses its power to regulate money, supply and the level of interest rates.

When inflation occurs, the prices of goods and services will rise, leading to a decrease in the purchasing power of consumers. To control such situations, the government increases interest rates and decreases the money supply. Since money is tighter, the demand for goods and services will decrease with prices.

Deflation is the opposite and often signals an impending recession. To counter a recession, the government cuts interest rates and increases the money supply. Because it is cheaper to borrow money, consumers take more loans and buy more goods and services.

In both directions, loans play an important role in stabilizing the economy and tackling the threat of recession. But the effects of the loans do more than that. In the following, we have highlighted the implications of lending in the economy as investment debt and consumer debt.

Loans as consumer debt

Consumer debt includes loans that are used to finance personal or household consumption. Although it cannot grow debt money, it plays a relatively important role in promoting better economic performance.

Because households often use loans to smooth their consumer spending, GDP continues to grow and leaves room for more credit opportunities. Ultimately, this consumer spending accumulates with the investments and public spending that will lead to new economic growth.

Loans as investment debt

As consumers borrow more money and spend more, businesses must increase production to meet demand. When they are not in a position to finance such operations, they will opt for loans to sustain their activity. Thus, the returns on investment debt that will result in the production of their goods and services, which in turn contribute to the economy.

To take with

Loans are essential to help finance the needs and goals of consumers. And on top of that, it allows the economy to grow and benefits every individual in return. Through economic growth, consumers could improve their standard of living.



Lusaka ~ Tue, March 09, 2021

By Brightwell Chabusha

Terra Metals Limited and its shareholders sued Zamsort Limited seeking payment of US $ 5,889,407 in respect of their shares sold to another investor.

According to a statement filed with the Kabwe High Court, the plaintiffs, Terra Metals Limited, a mining and associated business company, and Mumena Mushinge, Brian Chisala and Katambi Bulawayo, who were shareholders, demand payment of 5 $ 889,407 or, in default of payment, full return of their 53% fully paid ordinary shares in Zamsort Limited which were granted to new shareholders.

The complainants stated that in 2015 Terra Metals held 4,950,000 shares in Zamsort Limited while Bulawayo held 50,000.

The plaintiffs said that at around the same time, Chisala held 500 shares in Terra Metals while Bulawayo and Mushinge held 200 and 4,300 respectively.

They stated that the defendant was at the material time the holder of a small-scale mining license number 8248-HQ-SML and a mining prospecting license 19906-HQ-LPL concerning a mining fund commonly known as Kalaba mine in the North West province.

The plaintiffs stated that the Kalaba mine is still of good mineralization and bankable and therefore attractive and of interest to mining investors.

The plaintiffs stated that in 2014 to 2015, the defendant encountered financial and operational challenges during which its shareholders agreed and decided to raise capital by borrowing in the financial markets or by selling their shares to potential external investors and consenting.

“Plaintiffs who are pursuing the aforementioned Defendant’s program to raise capital have asked its then chairman, Robert Penny, to identify and engage companies and individuals who would be interested in investing in the defendant through the outright purchase of shares / or the provision of lines of credit or loans. Said president in turn, among others, called on the services of a certain Fiona Penny to solicit and attract such an investment in the defendant company, ”the statement further indicates.

The plaintiffs added that around February 2015, an outside company called Ortac Resources Limited (ORL) was introduced to them as a potential investor in the defendant company.

The plaintiffs stated that by letter dated March 27, 2015, from ORL to Zamsort Limited and Terra Metals, an exclusivity agreement was reached between the parties.

“As a result of said exclusivity agreement, the defendant and ORL entered into and signed on or around March 30, 2015 a purchase option agreement under which the defendant issued guaranteed convertible loan notes in the total amount from 600,000 USD to ENT. In consideration for a loan of said sum of US $ 600,000 advanced by ORL to the defendant subject to the terms and conditions set forth therein as well as in the contained convertible loan note instrument, ”they said.

The plaintiffs added that in the second option purchase agreement, only US $ 394,000 was advanced to the defendant.

“The plaintiffs admit that the convertible loan notes were essentially a percentage of their shares in Zamsort pledged as collateral in ORL, for the repayment of the sums advanced to Zamsort,” they said.

The plaintiffs added that it was a condition of the call option agreements that upon exercise of the conversion option by ORL, the loan notes under the agreements would respectively convert to 10.7 percent and 8.6 percent of fully paid ordinary shares in the defendant company.

They further stated that the conversion would thus mean that ORL would acquire 19.34 percent of the fully paid common shares of the defendant, belonging to the plaintiffs.

The plaintiffs submit that the conversion for all practical purposes was legally and effectively a sale of said shares by them to ORL for consideration of US $ 900,000.

They further explained that due to the necessary recapitalization of the defendant company and in accordance with the exclusivity agreements, the consideration for the purchase of their shares was not paid to them but was invested in Zamsort.

“At the time, it was agreed that the said purchase consideration would be reimbursed in due course to the plaintiffs as owners of the shares which were sold and transferred to ORL, by means of convertible loan notes”, further indicates Requirement.

And the plaintiff said that a second investor, Kopara Investments Limited, had been identified and presented to the shareholders and directors of Zamsort for the purpose of buying shares or shares of the defendant company.

The plaintiffs stated that Kopara, through its entities and associates, Bay Bridge Trading, Supa Properties, AV Marketing and Distributors and Patel Arunbbai between June 21, 2015 and October 11, 2016, made various investment payments in operations and for other purposes of the defendant. company, totaling US $ 4,320,000.00.

It was stated that a third investor came on board with US $ 575,407 and due to the sale of shares by the plaintiffs a total of US $ 5,889,407.00 was paid directly to the defendant or invested in its various purposes and none of that money was paid to the plaintiffs as owners of the shares that were sold or diluted.

The plaintiffs said it was discussed and agreed with Penny that Zamsort would pay the plaintiffs all money received from investors and invested in the defendant company.

They added that they started demanding payment of the money in 2018, but the defendant did not pay them.

The plaintiffs said they asked their attorneys, GM Legal Practitioners, to demand reimbursement, which the firm did on December 10, 2019, but the defendant deliberately ignored them.

The plaintiffs said that Zamsort and its new shareholders who acquired their shares have unjustly enriched themselves.

  • The plaintiffs also demand the payment of interest on monies, interlocutory orders for the preservation of the defendants’ mineral properties, costs and any other relief that the court may deem appropriate.

With little hesitation, struggling media accept federal aid


Of all the news organizations known to have requested loans under the program, the Washington Axios site, which provides ticking coverage of the workings of government, was perhaps in the most difficult position. Last week he revealed he had received a bailout loan for “just under $ 5 million”. Then on Tuesday Axios announced that he was returning the money.

In an Axios article, Jim VandeHei, co-founder and chief executive, did not cite concerns about future coverage as the reason for the change of mind. Instead, he noted, “the program has become much more politically polarized since its inception. He added that a new source of funding had emerged, allowing Axios to return the money.

Axios, with 190 employees, was launched in 2017 with some $ 30 million from investors including WndrCo, a holding company led by Jeffrey Katzenberg, Ann Daly and Sujay Jaswa.

Two progressive magazines, The Nation and Mother Jones, have asked for the loans, the publications’ executives said. Monika Bauerlein, chief executive of the nonprofit Mother Jones, noted that news agencies have long benefited from federal spending.

“There are government programs, expenses and grants that benefit news agencies, such as postage or non-profit status, that are available to any eligible organization,” Ms. Bauerlein said. The paycheck protection program was “equivalent to these programs,” she added.

Other media executives have expressed similar sentiments.

Paul Tash, president and CEO of the Tampa Bay Times, said the $ 8.5 million loan he received from the program would help offset a 50% loss in advertising revenue.

“We requested and received these funds as part of a program accessible to all businesses, without targeting newspapers,” he said.

Chainsmokers Hamptons concert wins Cuomo $ 20,000 fine


Top line

New York is fining promoters of a Chainsmokers concert this summer in the Hamptons $ 20,000 for violating state public health restrictions, Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Wednesday after the crowded concert sparked a widespread reaction as cases of Covid-19 have increased across the US


Cuomo said promoter In the Know Experiences has been charged with violating state public health law and an executive order, after a video of the July event showed large crowds gathering in front of the event stage, apparently without social distancing.

In addition to organizing the non-essential rally, the organizers are also fined for not enforcing the wearing of the mask during the event.

Cuomo said in a Tweeter that the city of Southampton, New York, where the concert took place, will no longer be able to approve assembly permits without obtaining state approval.

Event organizers applied for a permit without revealing that there would be a “friends and family” section where attendees could congregate and masks were not needed, Cuomo’s office said in a statement.

The concert was also not staged in accordance with other safety measures that organizers said they would follow in their permit application and promotional materials, Cuomo’s office said, and attendance at the event has exceeded the number of participants authorized under the permit.

Cuomo before announcement in July that the state’s health ministry would investigate the concert as it elicited backlash, saying it was “appalled” by the apparent “gross social distancing violations” and “endangerment” illegal and reckless public health ”.

Crucial quote

“I’m not sure how the city of Southampton could have issued a permit for such an event, how they thought it was legal and that it was not an obvious threat to public health,” wrote New York Health Commissioner Howard A. Zucker on the concert. in a July letter to Jay Schneiderman, the city supervisor of Southampton, according to the New York Times.

Large number

2,150. This is the number of people that the New York Department of Health determined who attended the concert, which was billed as a “Safe and Sound” drive-thru concert and featured an opening set by Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon (billed as DJ D-Sol) before The Chainsmokers performed. Tickets for the concert, which benefited several charities, cost up to $ 25,000 each, according to multiple reports, and Fortune reports that the event ultimately raised $ 152,000 for charity.

Chief critic

The organizers have already defended the concert’s adherence to the social distancing protocol. In the Know Experiences told BuzzFeed News in July that the individual parts in the front section of the concert – where the large crowds appeared to be – were separated by dividers, among other social distancing and public health measures imposed during the concert. event, and they “worked with all state and local health officials to keep everyone safe.” The agency declined to comment Forbes on the New York charges announced Wednesday.

Key context

The Chainsmokers concert was part of a wave of big parties and gatherings that have taken place over the summer, especially in wealthier areas like the Hamptons, amid an increase in Covid cases. 19 across the country. TikTok star Bryce Hall has come under fire for throwing a big party in Los Angeles in August, for example, and the widespread influx of house parties has forced AirBnB to issue new restrictions on reservations and suspend. or remove 35 listings in New Jersey alone, including a property that hosted a house party with 700 attendees. In addition to the Chainsmokers concert, an August Smash Mouth concert in South Dakota has also been criticized for flouting social distancing guidelines. The concert was part of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which has since been linked to dozens of Covid-19 cases and one study suggested it could be a large-scale super-spreader event.

Further reading

All about the Chainsmokers Hamptons Concert (GQ)

People who attended Massive Chainsmokers’ Drive-In concert swear it was safe and profitable (BuzzFeed)

Celebrities and affluent neighborhoods won’t stop throwing massive mansion parties (Forbes)

TikTok influencers converge for Star Bryce Hall’s health rules and flout. Online backlash followed. (Forbes)

Comprehensive coverage and live updates on the coronavirus

Lower East Side Affordable Housing Project Secures $ 162 Million Loan


Gotham Organization CEO David Picket and a render of the Broome Street development complex (Gotham; Community at Broome)

UPDATE, December 28, 2020, 3:20 p.m.: A mixed-use building under construction on the Lower East Side has secured a $ 162.4 million construction loan from Wells Fargo and the US Bank.

The loan is for 55 Suffolk Street, part of the two-building Broome Street Development complex (which also includes 64 Norfolk Street), run by a joint venture between the Gotham Organization and the Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group, Commercial Observer reported. .

In total, the 400,000-square-foot project – which was one of the largest new real estate projects filed this year – will feature approximately 500 rental apartments, including 209 affordable units and 115 senior-only units. The Chinese American Planning Council, a nonprofit organization providing educational, social and community services to Asian Americans, will also be headquartered in the complex, occupying 40,000 square feet at 55 Suffolk Street.

The project has been in the works for several years, following a fire that ravaged the Beth Hamedrash Hagadol synagogue, which previously stood on the site. A new synagogue with a cultural heritage center will occupy part of the Norfolk Street building.

In addition to the construction debt, the Suffolk Street building, which is the first phase of the project, has secured an equity commitment of $ 70 million. The second phase of the project at 64 Norfolk Street secured $ 3 million in federal low-income housing tax credit on the second phase of development, sources told Commercial Observer. [CO] – Akiko Matsuda

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story stated that the $ 162 million loan was for the entire resort. It’s just for the building at 55 Suffolk Street.

What is the difference? – Councilor Forbes


Editorial Note: Forbes Advisor may earn a commission on sales made from partner links on this page, but this does not affect the opinions or ratings of our editors.

Principal and mortgage interest are the two key components of your monthly mortgage payment when you borrow money to buy a home. Your principal payment is what allows you to get out of debt. Your interest payment is what allows you to borrow money. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how mortgage interest and principal works and how it’s calculated.

What is mortgage capital?

Mortgage principal is the amount you borrow from a lender to buy a home. A portion of each monthly payment you send will go toward reducing your mortgage principal.

You may already be familiar with the concept of capital from another type of loan you have taken out. If you borrowed money to pay for your education, that amount was the principal of your student loan. If you took out a loan to buy your car, the price of the car minus your down payment is your car loan principal.

What is mortgage interest?

Mortgage interest is the price you pay a lender to borrow the capital to buy your home. Each month, a portion of your payment will be used to pay interest. Look at your mortgage statements to see how much of your most recent payment was for interest and how much for principal.

Most people claim the standard deduction on their tax return. However, a small percentage of homeowners save more money by itemizing their deductions and claiming the mortgage interest deduction.

Mortgage interest on mortgage debt of up to $ 750,000 is an expense that you can itemize as long as you have incurred the debt to build, buy, or significantly improve the home. Combining this expense with charitable donations and property taxes can cause you to exceed the standard deduction threshold, which is $ 12,200 for single tax filers and $ 24,400 for married tax filers in 2020.

Example of principal and interest

Suppose you buy a house that costs $ 250,000. You put in 20%, or $ 50,000. The principal amount of your mortgage is the price of the house less the down payment, or $ 200,000.

Say you want to pay off the $ 200,000 in principal over 30 years. To lend you this money, the lender needs an incentive: the ability to earn interest at a fixed rate of 3% per annum for 30 years.

Using an online mortgage principal and interest calculator (also known as just a mortgage calculator), you can see how much 3% interest on your loan balance over 30 years will cost: $ 843 per month in principal and interest. Check the calculator’s amortization schedule and scroll to the repayment date. It will show that you will pay $ 103,601.28 in interest over 30 years to borrow $ 200,000 in principal.

Understanding mortgage amortization

Amortization of the loan is the split of the principal and interest that you owe over a predetermined period. In the case of a 30-year mortgage, this period is 360 months. If you get a 15-year mortgage, that period is 180 months.

Auto loans and student loans are also amortized. Before taking out an amortized loan, you can use a calculator to find out its amortization schedule. This calendar shows you exactly how much of your fixed monthly payment will go to principal and interest each month.

How do you calculate the principal and the interest?

You can use a mortgage calculator to show you how much principal and interest you’ll pay over the life of your mortgage, and you can use an amortization calculator to see how much principal and interest you’ll pay each month. It can be helpful to know the math behind the calculator to understand where your money is going.

Your first mortgage payment

In the first month, you owe your lender $ 200,000, the total amount you borrowed. Your interest rate is 3% per year, which means it’s 0.0025% per month (3% divided by 12). In one month, you accumulate $ 500 in interest.

Interest accrues over the month. So by the time you make your first mortgage payment, you will have been on your loan for at least a month. If you’ve had it longer, say you closed your loan on the 15th, you’ll have prepaid a few weeks of interest as part of your mortgage closing costs.

So you pay $ 500 interest in the first month. We determined earlier that your monthly payment will be $ 843. Why this amount? This is the amount that amortization calculations show you have to pay each month to pay off your loan after making 360 payments. This means that the remaining $ 343 of your first monthly payment will go towards paying off your mortgage principal.

Pay more principal, less interest over time

In the second month, you owe your lender $ 199,657 (that’s $ 200,000 minus $ 343). At 0.0025% monthly interest, $ 499.14 of your next mortgage payment will be interest and $ 343.86 will be principal.

And for each month to come until you pay off your loan, two things will happen:

  • The amount of your payment going towards the principal will increase slightly.
  • The amount of your payment that goes towards interest will decrease slightly.

As you pay off your mortgage principal, you have a smaller balance to earn interest on. Since your monthly payment stays the same every month, the lender allocates more of your principal payment because you don’t owe so much interest.

This way, you will be able to pay off your mortgage on a regular basis over 30 years. Your 359th payment will be split at $ 838.50 in principal and $ 4.50 in interest. Your 360th payment will be a little larger, at $ 964.28, to eliminate the remaining balance; $ 961.88 will go to principal and $ 2.40 will go to interest.

How Taxes and Insurance Factor in Your Mortgage Payment

Property taxes and home insurance may be included in your mortgage payment if your lender requires you to escrow these payments. Your lender may require a mortgage escrow account if you deposit less than 20%, and it is required if you get an FHA or USDA loan.

Let’s say your property taxes are $ 2,500 per year and your home insurance is $ 1,000 per year. Your lender will divide each amount by 12 so that you pay your taxes and insurance gradually over the year.

The lender holds this money in your escrow account and then sends the money to your local collector and insurer when payments are due. Your monthly mortgage payment would be $ 1,134.67 after adding the $ 291.67 per month for taxes and insurance to your principal and interest payment of $ 843.

If you have to pay for private mortgage insurance or flood insurance, your lender will also block these amounts.

How to pay off your mortgage faster

You can pay off your mortgage faster by making additional principal payments. The key for this strategy to work is that you need to specify that the extra money you are sending is an additional principal payment. If you don’t, your mortgage agent might apply it to your next monthly payment, which won’t give you the result you’re looking for.

Do you receive an annual bonus, do you have irregular income or do you benefit from a large tax refund? One way to pay off your mortgage faster is to make an extra payment per year when that extra income arrives. On a 30-year mortgage where you make an additional principal payment per year, you will pay off your mortgage approximately 3.5 years sooner. In our example of a $ 200,000 mortgage at 3% interest, you would save just over $ 14,000 in interest by using this strategy to pay off your mortgage sooner.

Are your income stable throughout the year? In this case, you may want to pay additional principal with each monthly payment. You may be able to set up this arrangement through your provider’s website so that it happens automatically every month.

Army accounts for 7% of virus cases in Hawaii


HONOLULU – The head of the U.S. Army’s Indo-Pacific Command has said military personnel and their families account for about 7% of coronavirus cases in Hawaii.

Admiral Phil Davidson released the infection figures in a note to the commanders of the Indo-Pacific service components, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported on Tuesday.

The memo cites the figure of 7%, which translates to about 204 military personnel among the 2,914 people in Hawaii who had been infected with the virus when Davidson posted his post.

Approximately 43,000 active-duty military personnel, 9,600 National Guardsmen and Reserves, 60,000 dependents and 20,000 military personnel live and work in Hawaii.

The U.S. Department of Defense does not normally report the total number of COVID-19 cases among service members of individual fighter units, bases, or commands due to security concerns.

All military commands in Hawaii were operating under Charlie Health Protection, a high risk of sustained community transmission, said Davidson, who is based at Camp HM Smith in Oahu.

A 14-day “movement restriction” remains in effect for military personnel arriving on the island, Davidson said.

A day after the release of Davidson’s memo, Major General Kenneth Hara, director of emergency management for Hawaii, said that a 14-day self-quarantine exemption previously granted to family members soldiers arriving on “permanent change of post” orders had been revoked. .

For most people, the coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough, which go away within two to three weeks. For some, especially the elderly and people with existing health problems, it can cause more serious illnesses, including pneumonia and death.

The number of infections is believed to be much higher because many people have not been tested, and studies suggest that people can get infected with the virus without feeling sick.

“People Need Relief Now” And Online Donors Are Getting It


“Younger people especially seem to want to be more involved with their giving, to see the results, to see the personal connection,” said Alan J. Abramson, director of the Center for Nonprofit Management, Philanthropy and Policy at George Mason University. “The need is concrete: to pay an invoice. You feel like you can even make a difference if it’s a limited amount that needs to be raised, as opposed to the important work other nonprofits are doing to tackle poverty over and over again. large scale.

Mr Serrano, 38, grew up in southern San Antonio, with his father driving a bus to town and his mother working in a convenience store. He ended up in Houston as a college science teacher, explaining cell structure and the periodic table to eighth graders. His wife was also a teacher, and they made a fairly comfortable living on their two salaries until she gave birth to twins and had to stop working after medical complications.

“All of a sudden, that’s one person making $ 42,000 a year for four people,” Mr. Serrano said. Housing and car expenses made up $ 2,000 of the $ 2,200 he brought home each month. Everything else was a fuss, including writing blog posts overnight for just $ 20 each.

He landed a job on the Grantland website, since shut down by his parent company, ESPN, which allowed him to quit his teaching job and start growing his fan base.

Mr Serrano’s Twitter feed is very personal, with photos of his wife and three children, articles on the ups and downs of his beloved San Antonio Spurs, and observations on his favorite TV shows.

He has included charitable donation campaigns on his Twitter feed for quite some time, whether for a local nonprofit, to help hurricane victims, or just to help people in need of cash for their lives. buy Christmas gifts for their children. When Mr. Serrano started sending money last week, he quickly hit Venmo’s daily transfer limit of $ 3,000. A contact at PayPal, which owns Venmo, helped him get an exemption, he said.

In a statement, the company said it was “inspired by how our Venmo community is helping each other during this time.” He added, “We encourage you to continue to be careful when transacting with Venmo, including who you send money to and who you accept money from.”

A sick prisoner should have been checked more often by prison staff


An inmate found dead in his cell at Wheatfield Prison should have been subject to more intensive checks as he was under special medical observation.

A report by the Office of the Prison Inspector (OIP) found that instead of being checked every 15 minutes, the inmate, known as MD, was not checked for an hour 40 minutes in the evening. of February 4, 2018.

It is understood that Mr. D was Samuel Jennings, who was sentenced to life in prison on November 7, 2006, for the murder of Mary “Grandma” Walsh, 54, a mother of two.

She had died of serious head injuries and her body was found in the trunk of her car on August 31, 2004. During the murder trial in 2006, the court heard that Ms. Walsh, an agent for a company loan, had been killed for the money she had to lodge in the bank.

According to the inspection report, MD, 72, was housed alone in a single cell on East Tier 1 of Wheatfield Prison. Efforts to contact his relatives have been unsuccessful and records show he did not make phone calls during his last two years in prison and had a pastoral visit.

The report stated that MD was originally from overseas and lived in the Southeast prior to his incarceration. Mr Jennings, who was 61 when sentenced, was from Scotland and had lived in Kilmacthomas in County Waterford.

The report said he was diagnosed with cancer, had surgery, and made regular hospital visits throughout 2017. Another inmate said MD told him that “he had refused any other treatment in the hospital”.

According to the report, MD was under special observation “for medical purposes”, but he was not housed in a special observation cell.

“In accordance with IPS standard operating procedures in place at the time, a special observation detainee should have been checked every 15 minutes by operational staff and every two hours by nursing staff,” he said. declared. “The CCTV footage viewed showed that Mr. D’s cell was locked at 7:20:55 p.m. and his cell’s next check was at 9:00:55 p.m. There was a one-hour period. and 40 minutes from the time Mr. D the cell was locked as master until the next check. “

He was found unconscious in his cell at 9:05 p.m.

The OIP made four recommendations stemming from the case, all accepted by the IPS, including that “IPS management should ensure that the surveillance staff supervise all required tasks, such as checking prisoners. , to ensure that these tasks are performed correctly in accordance with IPS policy. and standard operating procedures and detailed records are recorded in the relevant logs “.

The inspector also said that an operational report submitted by an officer lacked details and that he submitted a written request for factual information.

The officer responded “by informing that after receiving advice to help them cope with the immense trauma they suffered that night, the incident is no longer in my memory data.”

“The agent also said he was unsure if he” might face pressure from your department. [referring to the Office of the Inspector of Prisons] forcing me to remember this absolutely horrible experience as if it was (sic) like reliving a nightmare.

Bitcoin and Crypto trading tips from world poker champion Annie Duke


It is essential for anyone trading crypto to have the best research and information at their fingertips. However, this is not enough. You also need to be disciplined and thoughtful when it comes to trading, especially when the stakes are rising or the market is experiencing some volatility.

Few people in the world are more proficient in this area than World Series Of Poker champion Annie Duke. In addition to holding one of the coveted gold bracelets awarded to winners each year, she also won the 2004 World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions and the National Heads-Up Poker Championship in 2010.

Duke is also a much sought-after speaker and consultant in the area of ​​investor risk management. Over her two decades of experience in this field, she has created a framework that can help everyone from quantitative hedge funds to passive investors understand the risk of investing in volatile industries such as crypto. and make tactical decisions without losing their long-term perspective. . She also shares some great tips for deciding when to strategically press or close a position.

Extract of Forbes CryptoAsset & Blockchain Advisor. Subscribe now and save $ 300.

Forbes: Welcome Annie. Most people know you as one of the most famous poker champions of all time. However, many are unaware of your prestigious university education or your years of experience as an advisor to some of the most successful investors in the world. Could you please share with us how you got into this industry?

Annie Duke: I started my adult life at the University of Pennsylvania, doing five years of doctoral studies. work in cognitive science. The only reason I didn’t become a teacher was because I got sick, right at the end. I needed to take a gap year, and it was during that gap year that I started playing poker. I fell in love with the game and did it quite exclusively for about eight years. But in 2002, a hedge fund asked me to talk to their traders about how poker could influence their perception of risk. I had implicitly thought of this connection, but this was the first time I had explicitly thought of the connection between cognitive science, behavioral psychology, behavioral economics, and poker, which is a very real, quick, and instantiation. high stakes of the problems that these disciplines attempt to solve. I ended up being referred from this initial engagement in 2002 and started lecturing extensively, started consulting, and wrote several books on poker, behavioral economics, and the taking. decision making. Finally, in 2012, I quit poker and put the consultant to work a lot more full time and continued to write. Today I’m back at Penn to do some research, so I’ve kind of come full circle in academics.

Forbes: How accurately do you think people assess their investment prowess? What are the biggest mental traps that you have seen in your career and in your research?

Duke: A lot of people don’t rate themselves precisely, and when you look at most of the major cognitive biases, most of them fall into the category of over-optimism. As soon as you get into something that people feel they know how to do and obviously would be true of investors, most people get overconfident. There is something called a better than average effect. For example, if you ask people how good they think they are compared to the population, about 90% of people place themselves in the top half. It’s the same with investors, most of whom will price themselves higher than they should. You also get the illusion where people think they have more control over their results than they have.

The problem with both investing and poker is that there is a lot of uncertainty. The world is stochastic, it’s a problem, it’s that there is luck. And the other is that there is information hidden. Information can also be revealed after the fact. Sometimes there is information that never comes to light. This helps to separate the results from the actual skill that went into the decision. The point is, I can win, even if I do everything wrong. And I can lose, even if I do everything right. This creates a really huge problem, at least in the short term. It can become especially dangerous when we attribute our good fortune entirely to skill, disregarding luck.

Forbes: What are some of the best practices you recommend for investors to structure the decision-making process in a regulated way? Can you share anything particularly relevant to crypto investors, which can be particularly volatile?

Duke: That’s a really great question. Basically, you want to do the work beforehand. Let’s say I have someone who is interested in bitcoin. When I make this investment I want to understand why I think the investment is good and make it explicit. When it comes to investing in something very volatile, like crypto, it becomes really, really important. You need to be able to separate what was due to luck and the assumptions you left with so that you can come back to it later. You also need to take a second step, which is to determine the terms under which you would like to sell. In other words, what would it take to tell you that your assumptions were wrong or that it is no longer a good investment.

Forbes: Going more directly into crypto, whatever models we build and what metrics we use, there will always be a degree of uncertainty. As much as we try, it’s impossible to know everything. What is your advice for finding ways to feel comfortable in this position?

Duke: Right now we know less about crypto than about something like tech stocks. But just to be clear, we also know less about tech stocks than we think. This is the first thing you need to understand. The second thing you need to understand is that the higher the degree of uncertainty, the less likely it is that your model will be perfectly accurate.

In these circumstances, you need to think about mitigating the negative effects. This is essential because when you have less precision in your prediction models, there is a higher probability of receiving an unpleasant result. This first way is to make sure that you have a very good strategy for quitting smoking. So what do I mean by that? The higher the uncertainty, the more you should value liquidity. Stop-losses are another valuable tool.

On the other hand, you might want to change your mind in either direction which means under different circumstances you might want to press your position. Another useful strategy is to spread your bets, in order to mitigate the risk of making a mistake on a single investment.

Forbes: To anchor this discussion for readers, can you walk us through the process of setting up and testing an investment hypothesis regarding crypto?

Duc: Of course. There are things going on at the Fed regarding interest rates that might cause you to change what you want to do. If I buy bitcoin as an inflation hedge, what I need to clarify is that I think inflation is imminent. What it does is ask you to see if inflation is really on the short-term horizon or in the period where I say it should occur. Moreover, once I make this assumption explicit, I can also ask, what should happen in the world in the future that would make me want to change this assumption? Overall, if you think inflation is going to rise over the next eight years to a level that justifies investing in bitcoin as a hedge, then you should also be asking yourself what are the signals that might cause me to change d notice and don’t think inflation was imminent or was occurring at a level high enough to warrant investing in bitcoin for that reason alone?

By questioning your assumptions, it prompts you to look for signs in the future. And if bitcoin explodes and inflation remains low, it keeps you from taking the credit for it. You should want to do this because it means bitcoin won for a different reason than you thought.

Forbes: Since the pandemic hit, there has been an explosion in e-commerce in the retail industry, which can be very addicting. While it is important to stay on top of what is happening in the market, everyone needs to find a balance not to get overwhelmed and make emotional trading decisions that could turn out to be wrong. Do you have any suggestions for readers?

Duke: The best investors actually reduce their attention to the short term, and the reason is that the way we make decisions is pretty much about the past. So when you watch the ticker, what you would call checking the price all the time, you’re going to feel those momentary highs and lows. They will skew the decisions you make in a pretty bad way. In poker, we call this a tilt. Now, of course, in poker you can’t help but see your chips go down. But by investing, you can because you just can’t verify it. This is important because we know there are going to be natural deviations and people tend to make better decisions when they don’t check them every day. A better plan would be to decide what to do if certain things happen in the world, like a development at the Fed or a price barrier hit up or down. If these things don’t happen, don’t even look at the price. Because it’s going to mess up your decision making, there won’t be anything good that comes out of it. I promise you.

Forbes: A final thought for the readers?

Duke: I would say generally, sort of at the start of the conversation, it’s really easy to fool ourselves into thinking that we know something more than we know. You should also actively seek out information that proves you are wrong. It is easy to find people who are willing to invest in bitcoin as a hedge against future inflation. What you should do is find the smartest people you can find who say that’s not true. This does not mean that investing in crypto is not a good idea, even if an assumption is not true. But you should want to find out because it’s what will help you be a better decision maker. The more you approach your ideas about investment decisions from the perspective of why things are wrong, the better off you will be.

Forbes: Thanks.

Missoula County signs contract for energy audit for carbon neutrality ~ Missoula Current

The deal with McKinstry Essention LLC will include a review of the county’s detention center and courthouse, and offer recommendations for savings and improvements. (Current Missoula file)

With the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2035, Missoula County is preparing to conduct an energy audit of its two largest facilities and has approved a $ 75,000 contract with a national consultant to complete the work.

The deal with McKinstry Essention LLC will include a review of the county’s detention center and courthouse, and offer recommendations for savings and improvements.

“The biggest contributor to the county’s greenhouse gas emissions are our buildings and facilities,” said Diana Maneta, the county’s conservation and energy coordinator. “Achieving this goal will certainly require more efficient use of energy in these buildings and facilities. “

Both the city and county of Missoula have signed a resolution indicating their intention to achieve carbon neutrality in government operations by a certain year. They also carried out an inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, which was necessary to establish a baseline measurement as they work to reduce their emissions.

The county’s study found that its operations emitted more than 7,500 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2016. Reducing that number to zero will take time and investment.

“The first step is an investment quality audit, that is to say an in-depth energy audit of buildings to identify the measures to potentially be included in a performance contract, as well as the savings that would accompany these costs,” said Maneta. .

An energy performance contract represents what Maneta described as “a tool in the toolbox”, authorized by the state. It allows local governments to contract with an energy service company, like McKinstry, to improve efficiency.

The tool also allows the local government to reimburse the cost of these improvements over time through savings on their utility bill. These savings are guaranteed by the energy service company.

“This is a very good thing from an energy efficiency point of view, but also from a fiscal responsibility point of view,” said Commissioner Josh Slotnick. “The cost of the improvements we make is offset by the savings they generate, and they are guaranteed. It’s such a good deal for us. It really moves us forward towards achieving our goals.

After completing the energy audit, McKinstry will provide the county with an energy performance contract, which would include a list of recommended actions the county could take to save energy and reduce emissions.

If the county decides to go ahead with the performance contract, the energy audit cost of $ 75,000 would be built into the contract and funded. If the county decides not to proceed, it will pay McKinstry the full cost of the audit all at once.

“At that point, we can do a financial analysis and see if it’s cheaper for us to borrow on a tax-exempt basis, and then build the energy quality audit into our own financing, or we have the alternative of letting (McKinstry) fund it. and pay it off with Guaranteed Savings, ”said Andrew Czorny, county finance director.

The energy audit marks the county’s latest move to pursue its carbon neutrality goals.

With parallel goals of tackling the climate crisis and reducing carbon emissions, the city and county of Missoula, along with the towns of Bozeman and Helena, formally adopted a joint agreement last month to work with NorthWestern Energy on the development of a green tariff.

Together, they contracted Energy Strategies in Salt Lake City to facilitate the process.

“The government is often criticized for doing a lot of planning and not so much implementation,” said Commissioner Dave Strohmaier. “This (energy audit) is a step towards effectively implementing tangible work on the ground that will advance our goals of energy conservation and sustainability. “

Trifecta: Missoula, Bozeman and Helena team up for a green tariff

Islanders Oliver Wahlstrom on their way to the United States with an AIK loan


New York Islanders prospect Oliver Wahlstrom has been recalled from his loan in Sweden and is on his way back to America to begin preparations for the 20-21 season.

New York Islanders first-round pick (eleventh overall) in 2018 Draft Oliver Wahlstrom returns to America after a two-month loan from AIK in the Swedish Allsvenskan Division.

AIK and Wahlstrom both shared the news on Instagram on Monday.

Wahlstrom ends a fairly successful loan spell with AIK. In ten games in the Swedish Second Division, Wahlstrom scored eight points and finished third on the team in scoring. His loan was cut short after he crashed onto the boards in late October and missed a few weeks.

He is now returning to North America to begin training camp preparations and a chance to be part of the Islanders’ opening night squad in the 20-21 season.

The words of his coach

The Islanders need two things in 20-21; they have to bring a goalscorer and do it under the strict NHL salary cap. Oliver Wahlstrom could very well offer both options to the Islanders.

The reason Wahlstrom finished eleventh overall in 2018 was his keen eye for goals. Wahlstrom scored 77 goals in 95 games in all competitions during his draft year. The child can score goals.

Speaking with Wahlstrom’s coach a month ago, he told me that while Wahlstrom can improve his defensive game, he is a good offensive player who could be even more productive than we think.

With his loan to Sweden, Wahlstrom has a huge advantage as he prepares for Islanders training camp. Unlike most of the players who will make up the rest of the camp’s roster, Wahlstrom has trained with a team and played competitive games for the past several months. This should give him a leg up on some of the other players hoping to make the squad in 20-21.

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The right-handed forward has a low cap of $ 894,167. Wahlstrom could very well be what the Islanders need in 20-21. He will have to prove to Barry Trotz that he can give them the attack they need and play in the Island System.

La Jolla News Nuggets: Blood drive for the teacher; Barbara Bry podcast; La Jolla Innovation Center; After


La Jolla teacher still needs rare blood type

The San Diego Blood Bank was still looking for a game this week for Stacie Buechel, a La Jolla teacher and mother of three who needs a rare blood type to fight bone cancer. More than 600 people have donated blood on his behalf, according to the blood bank.

Buechel, 47, needs about a pint a week of rare blood for transfusions as part of his treatment. It needs type A +, O- or O + which does not have a protein called Kpb. Less than 1% of the American population has this type of blood, the blood bank said.

In an article published on February 2 on her family’s Meal Train webpage, Buechel – a Montessori teacher and founder of the Essbee Learning Center in La Jolla – wrote that “my photo is a little darker than we thought it was. ‘origin’. But she added that “we cannot give up hope. … There are not enough words to describe what so many of you have done for me and my family.

To donate blood on Buechel’s behalf, visit any San Diego Blood Bank or mobile blood donor point and include the code “ESSB” when registering. For more information and to make an appointment, visit sandiegobloodbank.org or dial (619) 400-8251.

Barbara Bry launches podcast after mayoral race

Following her tenure as District 1 representative (which includes La Jolla) on San Diego City Council and an unsuccessful run for mayor, La Jolla resident Barbara Bry started a podcast with her husband, San Diego Union-Tribune business columnist Neil Senturia.

The podcast, titled “I’m here for you baby! The Entrepreneur’s Guide to the Galaxy ”, broadcast on Spotify and on anchor.fm/itfyb.

Barbara Bry and her husband Neil Senturia prepare to cast their ballots at La Jolla / Riford Library on Election Day on November 3.

(Elisabeth Frausto)

“The theme of our show is that today everyone should think like an entrepreneur, whether in their own business, a large organization or a non-profit organization,” Bry wrote in a message to supporters. . “Among our guests was the head of the largest group of angel investors in the United States, an entrepreneur who started a natural fertilizer business combining [expletive] and Garbage, the head of the Hispanic Chamber of Electronic Commerce, a leader in the cannabis industry and the CEO of Goodwill of San Diego County.

A draft environmental impact report for the future La Jolla innovation center is available for public comment until March 22. The proposed 110,000 square foot, seven story building would be located on the southwest corner of Villa La Jolla Drive and La Jolla Village Drive, where Rock Bottom Brewery once operated.

The facility would house several programs at UC San Diego Health, UCSD School of Medicine, and UCSD Extension and would include office and educational space, a ground floor cafe accessible to the public, and approximately 275 parking spaces.

The entire property is currently a 7 acre commercial complex from which UCSD has leased approximately 90,000 square feet for decades. The university would acquire the land and seek to redevelop an acre. Following approval from University of California regents, which is expected in May, the project could begin construction and be open at the end of 2023.

An online public hearing on the environment will take place at 6 p.m. on Thursday, February 25. For more information and the REI project, visitblink.ucsd.edu/facilities/real-estate/ljic.html.

Church’s White Elephant Sale is a virtual fundraiser this year

The 89th Annual White Elephant Sale at St. James by-the-Sea Episcopal Church in La Jolla will be a virtual fundraiser this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The event raises money to fund grants for people in need.

With no in-person sale this year, donors are asked to send a check payable to Women of St. James (with “WES” in the memo section) to St. James’s Episcopal Church by- the-Sea, 743 Prospect Street. , La Jolla, CA 92037, or pay on the St. James website, SJBTS.org. The goal is to raise $ 50,000. Donations are tax deductible.

A “Zoom to Remember” event is scheduled from 5 pm to 6 pm on Friday, February 19, via the church’s website, featuring past volunteers, buyers, photos and a toast to beneficiaries.

LaCava congratulates Bishop’s students who founded Operation Nourish

La Jolla resident and San Diego city councilor Joe LaCava bestowed his first commendation in office on the students of Bishop’s School and Operation Nourish, Bela and Mira Gowda founders, whom he called ” two brilliant young innovators ”. Their non-profit organization supports the community’s healthcare and foodservice sectors by purchasing meals in bulk at local restaurants and donating them to nearby medical facilities.

“Since its inception, Bela and Mira have provided more than 1,000 meals in heavily impacted restaurants to healthcare workers at six area hospitals,” LaCava wrote. “Thank you both for your commitment to the community and your creativity. Keep up the good work! “

La Jolla club helps students help Vietnamese village

The Rotary Club of La Jolla Golden Triangle contributed $ 500 to an initiative of UCHS Interact, a student-run organization at
University City High School, in partnership with the non-profit organization Gravity Water to build rainwater collection and filtration systems to provide safe drinking water in needy areas.

UCHS Interact has “adopted” the primary and secondary school of Ban Lien in the village of Bac Ha in Lao Cai, Vietnam. Students are working to raise a total of $ 2,500 by March 1 so they can complete the project in June.

For more information or to donate, visit Gravitywater.org/university-city-high-school.html.

MCASD Announces First Special Exhibition for Renovated La Jolla Campus

The Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego has announced that its first special exhibition on the La Jolla campus in spring 2022 will be “Niki de Saint Phalle in the 1960s”. The Prospect Street Museum is currently undergoing a major renovation and expansion that will quadruple its gallery space. It should open later this year.

The exhibition will explore a period of transformation of 10 years in the work of Saint Phalle, when she embarked on two of her most important series, “Tirs”, or “drawing paintings”, and “Nanas”, according to a press release.

The French-born sculptor, painter and filmmaker moved to La Jolla in the 1990s. She died in 2002.

Scripps Oceanography Continues Collaboration With SDG & E To Study Effects Of Climate Change

Utility company San Diego Gas & Electric and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego in La Jolla have signed a memorandum of understanding to conduct research on the effects of climate risks on the San Diego area.

The collaboration will assess the risks posed by coastal flooding, extreme variability in precipitation, sea level rise and forest fires to SDG & E’s operations, infrastructure and clients, with a focus on creating of a coastal flood early warning model.

The MOU is the continuation of a collaboration between SIO and SDG & E. In 2018, the company and the Scripps’ Center for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation set up an ongoing project using an observational network of bay-wide pressure sensors and gauges to improve understanding of extremes in current and future water level, wave energy and potential flooding. In 2019, the contract was extended for three years and extended to include the Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes and other Scripps researchers.

Cherry Sweig will be performing live demonstrations with other artists at the Perry Gallery in La Jolla Shores until February.

Cherry Sweig, whose work is on display at the Perry Gallery in La Jolla Shores, will be doing live demonstrations with other artists in the gallery throughout February.


The Perry Gallery at 2218 Avenida de la Playa in La Jolla Shores offers live painting events through February on its front patio, with local artists demonstrating their techniques and explaining their inspirations.

Participating artists are Dana Levine on Friday, Cherry Sweig on Saturday, and Dottie Stanley and Mona Ray on Sunday. All demonstrations are from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information, visit theperrygallery.com.

Local author publishes latest children’s book in series

La Jolla Realtor Janet Lawless Christ has published her second book, “Bizzie: The Beat-Loving Bumbling Bee”, through the publishing arm of her company JoyWorks Networks Inc. “Bizzie” aims to promote the power of music to children and is the second in a series.

The book is based on a true story of bees displaced from the Rancho Santa Fe Inn. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book will go to Guitars in the Classroom, a national non-profit organization that trains and equips teachers. and school staff to integrate music into school education and socio-emotional development.

Lawless Christ’s first book, “Nugget the Nomad,” was published in October to teach children how to cope with difficult situations.

“Bizzie” is priced at $ 12.95 and is available at bit.ly/bizziebook.

La Jollan is Chairman of the Board of the New Hebrew Free Loan

Hebrew Free Loan of San Diego, whose chairman of the board is La Jolla resident Selwyn Isakow, has appointed Encinitas resident Mindi Frankel as the first executive director to help develop the new free lending institution. Interest Nonprofit, a member agency of the International Association of Jews Free Loan.

To learn more, visit hflsd.org.

– Compiled by the staff of La Jolla Light

Charles Koch of Koch Brothers fame expresses regret after decades of partisanship


President Donald Trump, pictured at Robert Wilkie’s swearing-in ceremony as Veterans Affairs Secretary on July 31, 2018, chided the influential and conservative Koch brothers on Twitter as being “overdone”, saying that ‘he had “beaten them every turn.”

Saul Loeb / Agence France-Presse / Getty Images

Four days before this year’s presidential election, Charles Koch – the talkative Kansas billionaire who spent a fortune to inject his particular brand of prairie libertarianism into the American political debate – stops at the other end of the line when asked if he will vote for Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

“This is a very divisive question, because whatever the answer is, it’s going to upset a lot of people,” he says. “That’s why there is a secret ballot.

Notice: Biden must heal divisions, but Republicans will have to meet him halfway

Koch, who Forbes calls America’s 15th richest man, says he’s not interested in more division. At 85, he says, he focuses on building bridges between partisan divisions to find answers to sprawling social issues such as poverty, drug addiction, recidivism, gang violence and homelessness. His critics are skeptical, noting that his fierce Republican partisanship over the years has blown up many bridges.

His new book is the last step in a multi-year rebranding process (a word he doesn’t like). Charles Koch, it seems, does not want to be known as a staunch supporter forever.

Koch has written a new book with Brian Hooks, “Believe in People: Bottom-Up Solutions for a Top-Down World,” which is scheduled for release on November 17th. It is partly mea culpa, partly self-help. guide and partial roadmap towards a libertarian America. Along the way, the book traces the life of Koch, from stubborn teenager to student, engineer, industrialist, tycoon and political mastermind. The book suggests that he wishes to add one last act: philosopher and, he hopes, unifier.

The key to successful and lasting movements? “Uniting a diversity of people behind a common goal,” says Koch. “This is our approach today.

An extended version of this report appears on WSJ.com.

Trends on WSJ.com:

Biden and Harris give victory speeches in Wilmington, Del., After presidential election is called

McConnell and other Republicans engage in Trump’s questioning of election results

Interest-free loan scheme to help struggling Britons pay off debts to be launched Rishi Sunak’s budget documents reveal


THE government will pilot an interest-free loan program to help low-income households repay their unscheduled debts.

He pledged £ 3.8million to the pilot program to keep vulnerable Britons from taking on more debt.

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The government has pledged £ 3.8million for the pilot programCredit: PA: Press Association

Although the Chancellor did not address the project in the Commons this afternoon, the details were buried in the budget documents.

The government said short-term loans would be given to help cover unforeseen costs, such as late rent due to lost income.

The loans would support vulnerable clients who would otherwise have to rely on high cost credit to get them through.

Borrowers who have turned away from traditional lenders, for example because they have a bad credit history, often turn to creditors like home lenders, who charge exorbitant interest rates.

How to reduce the cost of your debt

IF you are in debt it can be very worrying. Here are some tips from Citizens Advice on how you can take action.

Check your bank balance regularly – knowing your spending habits is the first step in managing your money

Calculate your budget – by writing down your income and removing your essential bills such as food and transportation
If you have money left over, plan ahead what to spend or save. If you don’t, look for ways to cut your costs.

Repay more than the minimum – If you have credit card debt, try to pay off more than your minimum credit card amount each month to lower your bill faster.

Pay your most expensive credit card sooner – If you have multiple credit cards and can’t pay them off in full each month, go for the more expensive card (the one with the highest interest rate)

Prioritize your debts – If you have several debts and you cannot afford to pay them all, it is important to prioritize them

Your rent, mortgage, council tax and energy bills must be paid first as the consequences can be more serious if you don’t pay

Take advice – If you are struggling to pay off your debts month after month, it is important that you get advice as early as possible, before it accumulates even more

Groups like Citizens Advice and National Debtline can help you prioritize and negotiate with your creditors for more affordable repayment plans.

Additional charges can often push households into more debt.

that of the sun Stop the credit scam The campaign calls on regulators to cap the total amount payable to home lenders.

A government-funded interest-free loan would reduce the risk that borrowers would struggle to meet interest charges.

This would mean that the British would only have to pay back what they borrowed.

Wales already offers a program similar to tenants in arrears of rent Due to coronavirus crisis.

Customers can already get help from private companies like Mom and Dad Bank, which offers 0% loans up to £ 1,000.

The government has yet to release more details on the program, such as who is eligible, how much the loans are worth and how long borrowers will need to repay it.

The program was first launched in 2019 by then-Chancellor Philip Hammond, but the Treasury is slow to get started.

Debt charity StepChange, which has campaigned for the program, said while the commitment is positive, the government needs to “expand the concept as a matter of urgency.”

Richard Lane, director of external affairs for the charity, added: “In particular, we need the government to create a system of grants and interest-free loans that will allow tenants to safely manage the arrears accumulated over the course of of the pandemic.

“Without these types of support, the government risks hampering the Chancellor’s ambitious plans for economic recovery.”

People with universal credit can get additional help through a budgeting for a loan or down payment.

Today the Chancellor announced he will extend the universal credit increase of £ 20 per week for six months.

Universal credit of £ 20 per week is extended for six months in today’s budget

Leader says she has no idea who approved BxB loans


Thursday’s cabinet meeting provided more questions than answers about the illegal subsidies to BxB. Conservative adviser Robert Ward (bottom right) posed the question to Hamida Ali (center, bottom row), twice. He never got an answer

BELIEF IN CRISIS: The £ 224million in unpaid loans and interest owed to the council by Brick by Brick may have violated EU and UK state aid and competition laws. But after nearly six months in her job, Hamida Ali says she has no idea who authorized the payments.
By WALTER CRONXITE, Political Writer

Despite being a trusted member of Tony Newman’s cabinet for nearly five years, Hamida Ali, the new Croydon Council leader, says she has no idea who authorized the massive loans. to the failing homebuilder, Brick by Brick.

“If anyone wanted an example of ‘corporate blindness’ that the board was accused of having by its listeners, then this was it,” a Katharine Street source said after seeing the non-response from Ali at Thursday’s cabinet meeting.

“The head of the council can’t seriously expect people to think she doesn’t know. Because if it’s true, then she’s not fit to be in that position.

Ali succeeded Newman as head of the council last October, elected to the post by fellow Labor advisers (who included Newman and members of his “inner circle”) just a day before the council was rocked by The Public Interest Report bomb of Grant Thornton, which pointed to the board’s many flaws under Newman.

Brick by Brick has been proven to be good at producing scribble drawings like children, but much less good at building houses or generating a profit.

At the top of that list of errors were the hundreds of millions of pounds loaned to The Brick by The Brick by city council, never receiving a single penny in loan, interest, or profit repayments.

Yet despite having been in charge of the council for almost six months and Croydon’s financial meltdown has been at the forefront of town hall affairs since last May, Ali told the cabinet meeting that she was “not involved in these discussions” around Brick by Brick.

Management consultants PwC discovered that The Brick by The Brick owed the board £ 224million in loans and unpaid interest payments.

It was the ‘risk’ that the £ 36million loan and interest repayments by The Brick by The Brick will not materialize this was given as the main reason when the board issued a Section 114 notice in November, admitting it couldn’t balance its budget for this year and was indeed bankrupt.

Both Grant Thornton auditors and now the board’s review panel have raised the possibility that the amount of the Brick loans given by The Brick may have been illegal, violating EU state aid rules and what is now in UK competition laws. They also significantly increased the risk for the board.

Hamida Ali with her political boss, Tony Newman: is she too close to her bankrupt regime?

As explained in the report in the public interest, “the original business case [for Brick by Brick] approved by the cabinet in March 2015 included the recommendation that key legal and structural elements of the business will not be more than 50 percent funded by the board.

“In the 2017-2018 business plan, the financing mechanism was 75% borrowings and 25% equity.

But as Conservative adviser Robert Ward noted in his question to Ali in cabinet on Thursday, “The 25 percent equity, 75 percent loan was in every document approved by the board.”

“Yet it has always been ignored.

“Each time, it was 100 percent financed by a loan. Who made the decision and under what authority? Ward asked Ali.

Ali did not want to answer. She gave a hospital pass to Chris Buss, the outside consultant who worked with PwC to try to unravel the Brick by Brick mess.

Buss wasn’t going to answer the question either. “The mission I had was to solve problems in the future, not to undertake an autopsy,” said Buss, who has a well-established method of deflecting embarrassing questions.

“I was not asked to examine it and I did not examine it.”

Ward thanked Buss for his non-response. “I was really asking the chef,” said Ward, vice chairman of the review committee. “She was a member of the cabinet. Surely the chef must have known something about it and done something about it? “

Newman and his former Finance cabinet member having been suspended by the Labor Party last week, Ward made his question clear to Ali: “I suspect those responsible are on his bench.”

Hamida Ali was first elected to the board in 2014, as a councilor in the Woodside neighborhood alongside Newman, who quickly brought her into her cabinet. Ali, it seemed, was destined for greatness – or at least what passes for greatness in Croydon Council, as she was groomed by her Blairite boss as a possible future Labor MP.

Anyone who witnessed his ill-fated and awkward performance on Thursday will wonder if Ali even has a future as Croydon’s adviser.

His face belied his anger that Ward insisted on getting an answer. She did her best to avoid giving one.

Stonewall: Not wanting to answer questions about Brick by Brick funding, a worried-looking Ali (bottom right) tried to get Chris Buss (bottom left) to replace her

“I am not in a position to give you an answer to that question,” Ali told Ward.

“I was not involved in these discussions. I am aware that this was a recommendation in the report in the public interest and I think given the current situation and what we know now, I think the 100% debt model is far better considering given all of our concerns… uh… about… ummm… how the investment of… ummm… uh… the investment of the public… ”.

Ali fell silent and sought to hide from any further charges by calling a question from another Tory adviser.

Tony McArdle, the chairman of the government-appointed improvement board to oversee the “takeover” of Croydon, and whom Ali had welcomed to the meeting earlier as an observer, was not impressed.

Granted, Croydon Tories deputy chief Jason Cummings was not happy with the non-response provided by the board chief.

“It is disappointing but not surprising that Councilor Ali continues to protect her colleagues who caused Croydon’s financial crisis,” said Cummings, clearly exasperated by Ali’s obfuscation.

“Workers’ failure to follow their own policies cannot be excused and Councilor Ali must keep her promises of openness and transparency.”

  • In case you haven’t heard it before and want to get a feel for Hamida Ali’s performance by answering questions, here’s a recording of her appearance on BBC Radio London’s Vanessa Feltz last November.

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Simple bank made it easy to combine finances with my boyfriend


Personal Finance Insider writes about products, strategies, and tips to help you make informed decisions with your money. We may receive a small commission from our partners, such as American Express, but our reports and recommendations are always independent and objective.

  • When my boyfriend and I moved in together in 2018, neither of us had lived with a partner before, so we felt free to create a money model that worked for us.
  • We decided to keep separate bank accounts, but to transfer a fixed amount of money to a shared account to pay some bills.
  • Simple Bank has made this easy with its shared checking account, allowing us to open our own accounts (including savings accounts) and a set.
  • Editor’s Note: January 7, 2021, Simple announced its closure and move existing accounts to owner BBVA. If you’re still looking for the right tool to manage your money, check out Personal Finance Insider’s guide to the best online banks.
  • Reduce your monthly bills and stay on top of your financial life with TrueBill »

As my boyfriend and I got ready to move in together in October 2018, money was a fairly constant topic of conversation. How much would we save, what would we each pay in rent, and more importantly, would we combine finances?

These would be our first two experiences of living with a partner, so without a model to work from, we felt free to create our own. Through many conversations, calculations and even a writing cohabitation agreement, we went with a plan that works for us. Some accounts are combined for convenience, while others are separate to maintain our financial independence.

It’s a balance that has evolved over time and will likely continue to do so as (and if!) Our relationship progresses. Especially since we find ourselves faced with larger purchases, career changes, loans or potentially a marriage. But here’s how we got to where we are now.

How we started the conversation about combining finances

Armed with the knowledge that the money is the problem number one as couples argue, I was determined to bypass the odds. From our first days of dating, I spoke openly and unabashedly about my rent (high embarrassment), income (low embarrassment), and spending habits (quite well), and was delighted to find that my boyfriend was doing the same.

With a big disparity in our income – he was a data scientist and I was a freelance writer and bartender – there was a lot of potential for friction. And indeed, there were some uncomfortable conversations at the beginning. But we pushed through them, allowing me to detect a pattern. The unifying factor in these times was my own insecurity: I was afraid my partner would judge me based on my income or how I chose to spend my money.

He wasn’t, as it turns out, but my reaction was popping up anyway. Which suggested that I was feeling some of that judgment towards myself.

Fortunately, the year of dating before we moved in gave me plenty of time to work with myself. (And in therapy, naturally.) So when it came time for us to sign our names on the lease, I not only had a lot of practice dealing with the discomfort, but I knew the types of situations that might trigger it. Read: any case that seemed fraught with injustice, which I feared could make my boyfriend hate me down the line.

Also read: I have never heard anything like it come out of his mouth. It was my own emotional and financial baggage that I brought to the relationship. Which is a big part of why it was so important for me to take it seriously.

The configuration we agreed

The idea of ​​putting all our money in a big pile and going from there was definitely going to run into my baggage; I knew that I would always be hyper aware of the exact amount I had brought and that I would limit myself to spending only that. So I didn’t see much.

Instead, I pitched the idea of ​​a joint account to which we each contributed a fixed and equal amount each month. We were using this account to pay for monthly fees like tenant insurance, utilities, and streaming services – things we both enjoyed in the same way. Then we each kept separate accounts for our individual expenses. (In this case, the rent would actually fall into this second category; we proposed a split that saved us both the same amount of our previous accommodation, although we paid different amounts.)

If we wanted to save for a common purchase like furniture, a good meal or a trip, we could increase the amount of our monthly contribution. Or one of us might still insist on treating the other. But anyway, I could rest easy knowing that everything was fair and just in the universe and that no one was being judged or abused.

We have found the right tool for us from simple banking

Once my boyfriend registered on my location, we went looking for a setup that met our needs and found it at Simple. Of the society Simple shared current account was designed for shared-cost couples, whether romantic or not, and its tagline was exactly what I was looking for: “A simple shared account allows you to share as much money as you want.” “

Signing up gave us a shared account and two individual accounts, the latter having a high yield savings account option called Protected objectives which I have used a lot over the years. I think we each put a few hundred dollars into our shared account to start with and then set up an automatic monthly withdrawal of $ 50 going forward. At first we used it to pay for our cable, internet, electricity and insurance, and we’ll probably use it to pay for gas as well, now that we have a car.

Almost everything else, however, we pay separately, even two years after moving in. (We now have an equal rent split, after a move across the country, multiple career changes, a layoff, and a global pandemic brought our incomes to very similar levels.)

The grocery store might seem like an intuitive division, but we didn’t take that leap – I think because I do most of the cooking, so when we tried to split the costs, I felt the need to justify my purchases and reduce revenue. This has turned out to be a pretty solid way for me to take all the fun of cooking for myself, so now we’re just doing what feels good with the groceries, feeling it for the sake of fairness in case. per case, and he pays to take out.

At the end of the day, I just don’t work well with the idea of ​​someone looking over my shoulder and telling me how to spend our money, even though that person is me, and it’s all in my head. My brain and my bank account both work best when I’m just responsible for myself, and I’m lucky my partner is similar. We are both fairly responsible and open about our finances, which has helped build a solid foundation of trust, but no tendency to complicate the situation for ourselves.

We both know that each other’s resources are available to us when needed. But combining them by default just isn’t the right thing for us, at least right now, and I couldn’t be happier with the decision.

Queen’s Park Rangers loan star Liam Kelly “wouldn’t say no” to extended stay of Motherwell


Motherwell goalkeeper Liam Kelly admits he would like to extend his time at Fir Park – but admits parent club QPR holds all the cards with two and a half years remaining on his contract at the London club.

The 25-year-old former Glasgow Rangers player was brought to the Queen’s Park Rangers by former Ibrox boss Mark Warburton in June 2019 but fell out of favor at Loftus Road and returned to the north in the January transfer window.

Since his loan transfer to the Steelmen, Kelly has loved being back home and admits he would like to extend his stay after the season ends.

Motherwell scored a fine victory over Livingston at Fir Park

Kelly has produced beautiful posters since arriving, solving club problems between the sticks.

Northern Ireland international Trevor Carson and former Celtic shooter Scott Fox were excluded with injury earlier in the campaign, while Jordan Archer moved to Middlesborough and Aaron Chapman was unconvincing in his seven outings this trimester.

So Steelmen supporters would love to see him stay – and that feeling was returned by Kelly afterwards Saturday’s 3-1 victory over Livingston which removed them by 10 points on the lower side of Kilmarnock.

He said, “I love it here in Motherwell. It’s something I wouldn’t say no to. [staying], but I still have 2 and a half years left so the power is not in my hands, but I will push to play.

“The guardian of QPR [Seny Dieng] is doing very well right now so it can be difficult but things can change in football.

“I’m their player, but I love my time at Motherwell to be honest.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m a QPR player first and foremost and I have to respect that. Anything they say will probably be fine, but if I don’t play QPR I’ll try to go somewhere and I won’t say not no to Mothwerwell.

More sport across Lanarkshire

“I love to play games, I am grateful to Motherwell for giving me the opportunity and I love working under the gaffer here. It has been brilliant, has been a great loan so far and continues to do so. long time.

“I got better being in the south, my game management and I’m more relaxed. Nothing is really dramatic, I am more relaxed. As much as I talk all the time, I don’t talk for fun.

“I’ve always talked and talked a lot, maybe when I was younger I talked a lot of nonsense for fun, now I’m just talking to help the players get in the best position.

“Everyone is close to the club, I like this family atmosphere.

“I’m from Renfrew so I’m not far, this is my home. I love it and it couldn’t be better right now.”

Saturday’s win gave Motherwell back-to-back wins and it is the first time in 15 months that the club have gone undefeated.

Hopes for a top-six spot have long since vanished after the recent losses to Hamilton and St Johnstone, but the Steelmen will be desperate to get as many points on the board as possible and make sure there aren’t any. has no end-of-season drama.

Motherwell won’t be back in action until March 20 when they travel to Kilmarnock in their last game before the Premiership split and Kelly added: “We can’t be in the top six now, so that’s important for our own pride and the rest of the season we do.

“We have a lot of fans watching us so everyone has something to play.

“When we play Kilmarnock in a few weeks, they will be fighting for their lives.”

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Fraudsters break into Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s loan fund


REVEALED: Fraudsters raid Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s loan fund – investigation reveals criminal gangs exploit loopholes in £ 35bn business rebound program

  • Taxpayers Could Be Affected by Huge Time Bomb Fraud
  • Over 1.15 million businesses have borrowed up to £ 50,000 each under the flagship program

Taxpayers could be hit by a huge time bomb fraudulent from Rishi Sunak’s £ 35 billion loans, according to a Mail on Sunday investigation.

Over 1.15 million businesses have borrowed up to £ 50,000 each under the flagship program to get back on their feet.

But The Mail on Sunday can reveal that the loans are exploited by greedy business owners, rogue owners and criminal gangs.

Exploitation: Taxpayers could be hit by huge fraudulent time bomb from Rishi Sunak’s £ 35bn rebound loans

Our investigation revealed:

  • Scammers use classified ads to solicit people to help them illegally obtain bounce loans;
  • Supercar dealer caught fraudster trying to use taxpayer-guaranteed loan to buy Porsche Cayman worth £ 41,000;
  • The banks are so concerned about the abuse of the program that they have started asking those applying for rental mortgages if they have taken out any bounce loans;
  • The expenditure watchdog, the National Audit Office, has launched an investigation into the “value for money” of the program, fearing that the taxpayer will be left behind for loans to crooks that will never be repaid.

The Cabinet Office would scramble to devise a strategy to crack down on the abuses.

Its officials have been warned that banks distribute funds with only “minimal” checks. This allows crooks to apply using the names of fake companies or dormant companies.

The extent of the problem may not become clear until the loans are repaid next April.

Sunak’s loan program was launched in May after banks were criticized for taking too long to help businesses during the height of the pandemic.

The idea was to distribute loans of up to £ 50,000 very quickly, with the government promising to cover 100% of the losses suffered by the banks.

But sources said intelligence shared with Cabinet Office officials shows fraudsters are using inactive companies to illegally obtain program funds.

They said the criminals evaded detection by hiring a “clean” manager for a company to apply for a loan. They pre-date the individual’s appointment to avoid suspicion. Businesses apply for loans from multiple banks to maximize their payments.

Scammers may only get away with a small proportion of the total, but a small percentage of that amount will be a huge sum – Michael Levi

The stolen funds can then be transferred to a number of bank accounts to make them untraceable.

Michael Levi, professor of criminology at Cardiff University, said: “It’s when you try to get it back that you see the problems. It is only in April that we will be able to assess the extent of the missing money.

“Fraudsters may only get away with a small proportion of the total, but a small percentage of that amount will be a huge amount.”

Experts said advertisers were recruiting so-called mules to hide the proceeds of the bounce loan fraud in exchange for a share of the proceeds.

One article said, “I basically need someone to help me open an account so that I can apply for a bounce loan.

“I am eligible for the entire £ 50,000 and will share a small percentage with someone who can help me get the loan.”

Stephen Brogan, a car dealership near Glasgow, discovered that a con artist had used his business details to apply for a loan of £ 40,000.

He said someone called him to buy a Porsche and asked for his bank details to send the payment. The scammer applied for a bounce loan and claimed the borrowed money was the payment for the car when it landed in Brogan’s account.

He only found out that a loan had been requested on behalf of his company after checking with the Bank of Scotland.

Brogan said, “The bank did not do any due diligence on the loan. They completely let us down. It took three days for their fraud division to respond to us. They said their department has never been so busy.

David Clarke, chairman of the Fraud Advisory Panel charity, said: “It is essential that all banks apply proper controls to prevent fraudsters from receiving multiple bounce loans from different lenders that will never be repaid. It is not too late to collect the money.

UK Finance banking organization said lenders have a system to “detect and prevent fraudulent activity” that checks for duplicate claims.

He added: “Under the program rules established by the government, companies applying for a rebound loan must self-certify that they are using the loan for business purposes.”

The Treasury would be convinced that the banks’ precautions are sufficient.


Joel Osteen slammed after his Houston mega-church received $ 4.4 million PPP loan


(Photo by Cindy Ord / Getty Images)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be out of date. Please look at the history’s timestamp to see when it was last updated.

HOUSTON (KXAN– Pastor Joel Osteen and his Lakewood Church in Houston take heat after it was revealed his mega-church received a $ 4.4 million Paycheck Protection Program loan as part of of the federal CARES law.

Federal loans have been made to help employers pay workers and cover day-to-day operations as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact businesses, but the Lakewood loan, according to the Houston Chronicle, this is the first time that a church has received financial assistance from the government.

The hill reports that Lakewood Church received the third largest loan in the Houston area, which a church spokesperson told the Houston Business Journal was used to pay 368 full-time and part-time employees.

Spokesman Donald Iloff also said that since the closure of services from March 15 to October 18, the church has lost substantial donations.

“Believing the shutdown would only last a few weeks, Lakewood initially did not seek PPP assistance during the first half of the program,” Iloff said in a statement. “However, as the shutdown persisted month after month, given the economic uncertainty, Lakewood eventually applied for the P3 loan and was able to provide full salaries and benefits, including insurance coverage. disease to all its employees and their families. “

Iloff also pointed out that neither Joel nor his wife Victoria, who is also active in the church, received salaries from Lakewood and that the P3 loans did not “bring them any personal financial benefit.”

More than 1,000 religious groups applied for PPP loans over the summer, according to the Chronicle.

The acceptance of federal loans raised eyebrows in many in the religious community and elsewhere, all asking the question: Should churches, which do not pay taxes, accept government assistance?

After the news broke online, #TaxTheChurches appeared on Twitter’s trending chart.

Additionally, many on social media have disputed that Osteen does not help pay his own employees, as the pastor is well known to be wealthy due to his various media ventures.

This isn’t the first time Osteen and Lakewood have faced backlash. In 2017, the two were criticized for not initially opening the doors of the church to Houstonians seeking refuge during Hurricane Harvey. As the church finally opened, mixed messages about why not immediately angered many countries.

The Hill contacted Lakewood Church but did not receive a response.

AfDB, India Sign $ 50 Million Loan to Boost Bengal Financial Management Reforms


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the central government signed a political loan of $ 50 million to improve financial management procedures and operational efficiency aimed at achieving more budget savings, promoting informed decision-making and improve service delivery in West Bengal.

The signatories of the West Bengal Public Financial Management Investment Program were CS Mohapatra, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Economic Affairs of the Ministry of Finance and Takeo Konishi, Country Director of the AfDB Resident Mission in India.

Mohapatra said integrating the state’s financial and information systems through the whole-of-government approach to the program will help improve public service delivery and generate tax savings that could help the state increase funding. development promoting growth.

Konishi said that by supporting interoperable e-government platforms, the program will ensure the streamlining of social protection benefits such as pension and provident funds, facilitate gender-disaggregated data, tax payments and revenue collection.

Development projects could be better monitored and controlled with the help of a new module within the integrated financial management system leading to better project management.

Public finance reform

A Center for Tax Policy and Public Finance will be established to strengthen the capacity of state government officials in public financial management, while developing an online complaints resolution system for transport companies and public transport companies. Local urban organizations will provide a credible citizen-government interface, a release said.

The loan builds on previous AfDB policy-based programs in 2012 and 2017, supporting the government of West Bengal in sustainable public financial management reforms. These programs have helped develop and implement an IFMS, establish effective e-governance systems for better revenue administration, take expenditure rationalization measures, and promote private sector participation in service delivery. .

The loan should be complemented by a technical assistance grant of $ 3,50,000 for capacity building, monitoring of IFMS reforms and strengthening the integration of social and gender aspects in reform areas, added the Minister. communicated.

The sins that cry out to heaven | Eduardo Andino


TChristian tradition speaks of four peccata clamantia, or sins that cry vengeance in heaven: murder, sodomy, oppression of the poor, and swindling workers of their wages. The list comes from passages of Scripture. Abel’s blood cries out to God from the ground after Cain murdered his brother. Before God destroys Sodom and Gomorrah, he sends angels to investigate the clamor that has reached the sky from the cities of the plain. When the Egyptians oppress the Hebrews, God answers the cry of his people. There are passages in the scriptures that reinforce the Psalm that “God hears the cry of the poor.”

It is not an arbitrary collection of sins. Although Scripture reveals that the four peccata clamantia “Cry to heaven”, Aristotelian philosophy also explains what connects them: they are all sins against nature. Aristotle identifies man as a social animal which naturally forms a number of communities, including the family and political society. Murder is extreme anti-social behavior, a negation of man’s natural tendency to collaborate with others in the interest of achieving the common good. Sodomy, or more broadly perverse sexual activity, is a violation of the natural order of procreation, because it renders the natural fertility of humanity sterile.

Aristotle rejected usury, or the profit of a loan of money. Money, as a medium of exchange, is inherently sterile. It is therefore not natural, according to Aristotle, to make it multiply and become “fruitful” without any productive work. While sources as old as Roman law recognize the justice of charging interest, defined as compensation for a loss on reasonable expenses – paying bank employees, legal fees, and rent, for example – making a profit on a loan violates the idea of ​​a fair exchange. Giving one hundred drachmas and receiving one hundred and twenty-five without just cause violates proportionality in commutative justice, justice between individuals. Interest rates in ancient Athens soared to 9,000 percent; it is not surprising that Aristotle saw usury as a violation of natural and fair exchange rates. Since it is usually the poor who need loans, usury benefits those who already do not have enough.

Defrauding workers from their wages also violates the idea of ​​fair trade. A worker has a right to the fruits of his labor. When he works the land to produce a crop, the use of grain is his natural due because of his labor. Therefore, defrauding workers of their wages, or paying less than what their work deserves, is also a violation of the nature of commutative justice.

Murder, sodomy, oppression of the poor and fraud of workers on their wages are sins against nature and against the brotherly justice required for a human society to function harmoniously. These four injustices are at the heart of the challenges of contemporary American society. Abortion kills millions of innocent people every year and is all the more serious because it is practiced within the natural family. Kinky sexual activity and deliberate sterility are promoted by the rich and powerful, from the media to the nonprofit sector and the corporate world. As family life evaporates, politics becomes more and more extreme and violent.

We also have a particularly advanced usury regime in the United States. In the past, most companies left the minting of coins in the hands of government authorities. But today we allow banks to create money in trust for the sake of lending. Through this system, banks increase debt, cause inflation, and undermine the value of the economy by collecting interest from millions of Americans on the money bankers have created out of thin air.

A well-paid workforce keeps the economy moving, as money flows between those with the capacity to spend and those with services and goods to provide. In contrast, today’s conventional economic wisdom tells us to find the cheapest labor possible. We are swindling the wages of workers and gradually stifling the purchasing power of what should be a vibrant market economy. A lifetime of usurious interest on mortgages, credit cards and student debt adds insult to injury to low wages.

To solve our national challenges, we must recognize that these four problems go hand in hand. While Christian conservatives have attempted various forms of legal theorizing based on natural law, their efforts have largely failed, in part because they have generally ignored the broader demands of nature. It is in red states like Utah, after all, that anti-usury laws have most completely disappeared. The politician who can recognize this and form a consensus “for nature” and against the four vengeance sins in heaven holds the key to a just future and a common American good.

Eduardo Andino is Director of Development of the Institute on Religion and Public Life.

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UPDATE: Here are the guidelines for applying for a Fort Bend County COVID-19 Small Business Grant


Keri Schmidt, President and CEO of the Fort Bend County Chamber of Commerce, was the first of four public speakers who discussed the small business grant program at the regular meeting of the Fort Bend County Board of Commissioners June 9. (Screen capture courtesy of Fort Bend County)

Updated at 1:45 p.m. on June 12:

Applications to receive a grant from the Fort Bend County COVID-19 Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant program will open at 8 a.m. on June 15.

The application can be submitted online on the Fort Bend County website, according to a June 10 webinar on the program’s application process.

The county has allocated $ 22 million to qualifying small businesses out of the $ 134.3 million in federal funds from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act.

“The $ 22 million is expected to help approximately 2,200 businesses,” Jeffrey C. Wiley, president and CEO of the Fort Bend County Economic Development Board, said during the webinar. “We know that there is [10,000] to 15,000 businesses operating in Fort Bend County, so we know it’s going to be oversubscribed. “

Along with the other webinar speakers, Wiley encouraged all companies to apply even if they are not initially eligible for funds.

“This will give us a good benchmark for people to go back to Commissioners ‘Tribunal and say,’ We’re overwhelmed,” Wiley said. “We’re going to argue our case… to get back to Commissioners Tribunal as more and more funds will be available to be reallocated to make it a priority. ”

County Judge KP George told the webinar that the county is considering adding an additional $ 4 million to the grant program.

More information on the application process is available in the recorded webinar available here on Youtube.


Updated at 8:04 am on June 10:

Starting June 15, small businesses in Fort Bend County can apply for a grant to help them recover from the coronavirus pandemic, according to the regular meeting of the tribunal of commissioners on June 9.

At the meeting, the court approved by a 4-1 vote the adoption of guidelines for which businesses can apply for and receive grants for the Small Business Emergency Grants Program. District 3 Commissioner Andy Meyers voted against the point, saying during the discussion that he believed the guidelines were not fair to all businesses affected by the pandemic.

Fort Bend County has allocated a total of $ 22 million for this grant program over $ 134.3 million in federal funds from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act.

Additional details on the guidelines and how to apply for a single grant of up to $ 10,000 will be provided in a 10 a.m. June 10 webinar hosted by the county, according to a press release. The webinar will be recorded.

Grant guidelines

In the first two weeks, the County Grants Program will prioritize businesses that have applied for the Small Business Association’s Paycheck Protection Program, Economic Disaster Loans, and Economic Disaster Grants. , but who were refused or could not receive funding because SBA programs no longer had funding available. , according to the draft guidelines on the agenda for the June 9 meeting.

At the end of the two weeks, other eligible companies can apply.

Companies can apply for a one-time grant of up to $ 10,000 if they meet the following criteria, in accordance with the guidelines:

  • are located in Fort Bend County;
  • suffered a loss of income of 25% or more as a direct result of COVID-19;
  • were operational on February 15 and are not permanently closed;
  • have an annual income of between $ 100,000 and $ 2 million based on income for 2019 or the last three months prior to April 3 if the business has not been open for a full 12 months in 2019;
  • employ one to ten full-time employees; and
  • be in good standing with the State and their respective city.

Documentation must be provided with the application to show that the companies meet these requirements.

Companies must also provide a description of how they will spend the funds in their application. They will need to provide receipts and documentation for verification. Uses of the fund include the following:

  • individual protection equipment;
  • reopening of supplies, equipment and renovations;
  • inventory;
  • public services;
  • telecommuting costs; and
  • leases / mortgage assistance.

These expenses must have been incurred by April 3, in accordance with guidelines which also state that the county expects the business to remain operational in Fort Bend County for at least a year or until December 30.

The guidelines were developed by a subcommittee of local chambers of commerce and economic development organizations led by Jeffrey C. Wiley, president and CEO of the Fort Bend County Economic Development Board.

“I think the $ 22 million is a good number, but it needs to be increased over time, and I hope the tribunal of commissioners will reflect on those increases,” he said. “We need to get the business back as quickly as possible, or everyone’s source of income – businesses, city government, everyone -[will] suffer because of it. “

In addition, $ 1 million will be allocated to contracting consulting services for a future minority business assistance program, according to the motion of District 2 Commissioner Grady Prestage.


Ulta Beauty to Double Black-Owned Brands in Its Stores and Invest $ 25 Million in Diversity Initiatives


Ulta Beauty, the largest makeup and skincare retailer in the United States, announced on Tuesday that it will invest more than $ 25 million to improve the company’s diversity and inclusiveness by incorporating more diverse beauty brands and advertisements into its campaigns.

To usher in a more inclusive environment and initiatives, Ulta management has also added actress and entrepreneur Tracee Ellis Ross as new Diversity and Inclusion Advisor.

“As the nation’s leading beauty retailer, we believe we have the power to shape the way the world views beauty and, as such, we have a responsibility to inspire positive change and foster greater diversity, inclusiveness and equity ” mentionned Mary Dillon, CEO of Ultra Beauty. “We are deeply committed to deliberately leading with and for the under-represented voices in retail and beauty on our [diversity and inclusion] trip.”


Church donates $ 500,000 IN REPAIR FOR SLAVERY



The majority of the money, around $ 20 million, will be used to invest in more diverse media to focus on its black, Latino and other under-represented clients.

Ulta is also committed to increasing the volume of products owned and created by black entrepreneurs, with the goal of doubling the number of black-owned beauty brands it offers by the end of 2021.

The remaining $ 4 million will be specifically dedicated to marketing black-owned brands exclusively within the company’s portfolio to support the economic growth of small businesses.

“I look forward to formalizing an already existing dialogue and partnership around diversity and inclusion with Mary Dillon and the Ulta Beauty team,” said Ross. “This work requires the commitment and responsibility of Ultra Beauty to ensure that measurable goals are met. I have high hopes and hope that our work together will create fundamental change. “

Ulta Beauty is yet another company to review its business practices to become more diverse and inclusive. The renewed Black Lives Matter movement that swept across the United States last year not only addressed systemic violence against black Americans, but also called for tangible change in all institutions – including the beauty industry. who has historically neglected people of color and perpetuated exclusivity in consumer cosmetics.

Other big brands, ranging from Adidas to Amazon, Nike to Microsoft, have promised to improve their hiring practices and employee compensation as activists chided their silence despite taking advantage of black creativity, culture and work.

To maintain its goals, Ulta is following suit and launching enhanced diversity and inclusion training for all associates and employees and implementing annual performance reviews to ensure their diversity goals are met.





Alabama basketball ends sweep against Auburn – Yellowhammer News


U.S. Representative Barry Moore (R-Enterprise) has joined a bill led by fellow freshman U.S. Representative Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) To censor President Joe Biden.

According to a statement, the aim is to hold him responsible for his “dereliction of duty” at the US-Mexico border.

Moore revealed his support at a press conference led by Boebert to announce the resolution.

Targeting student loan relief to meet urgent social and financial needs


Michael J. Petrilli

It is not surprising that most of the arguments against the widespread cancellation of student loans come from the political right, given that the idea itself arose out of the 2020 presidential campaigns in Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. But perhaps the strongest reasons for shouting “Stop” should come from the left, because of the negative impact such a measure would have on our most vulnerable families and communities.

For the Conservatives, a blanket, unconditional student loan forgiveness is clearly a bad idea. It is extremely expensive – the version sponsored by Warren and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer waive up to $ 50,000 in student loan debt per person – would cost more than 1000 billion dollars. This would run counter to deeply held principles of personal responsibility and fairness, especially since most college graduates – let alone professional degree holders – are relatively wealthy. And that would create expectations for more such deals in the future, encouraging future generations to over-borrow and encouraging college bureaucrats to overspend and raise tuition fees further.

Progressives should rethink their point of view

It’s unclear if the slim Democratic Senate majority would endorse something like the Warren-Schumer plan, or even President Joe Biden’s more limited plan. waiver proposal up to $ 10,000 per person. This is why a coalition of more than 200 progressive groups calls on Biden to take action unilaterally, ordering his secretary of education to use discretion under the Higher Education Act to “minimize the damage to the next generation and help narrow the gaps in racial and sexual wealth ”.

But progressives should dampen their enthusiasm, because an untargeted loan forgiveness could actually hurt the very people they claim to stand up for: the most disadvantaged Americans, including children growing up in poverty.

The reasons are twofold. First, the immense cost would drain federal resources that could otherwise be used for poverty reduction efforts. Imagine the good that $ 1 trillion could do if it were invested in Americans most in need, rather than in relatively well-off students. For example, a National Academies Commission estimates that we could reduce child poverty by 50% with an additional investment of $ 90-110 billion per year in the earned income tax credit, housing vouchers and SNAP benefits.

So for $ 1 trillion, we could halve child poverty for an entire decade. Not only would this alleviate the suffering of millions of people, but it would also bring downstream benefits in terms of improved educational outcomes, stronger families, and multigenerational poverty reduction.

It is complicated:How the government can help people pay off student loans and be fair about it

Second, canceling student debt without asking for anything in return would wreak havoc in many forgiveness programs already in the books. These encourage teachers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, and others to serve in areas of dire need, or young Americans to opt for public service, including the military. Many of these programs need reforms, and Biden promised to do them. But, for example, if new teachers can have their loans canceled, no matter where they work, we will lose an important tool to recruit them from urban schools, Indian reservations and other places where they are needed most.

Targeting Debt Relief to Meet Social Needs

Targeted programs are smart ways to tackle social programs, provide relief to borrowers, and support the notion of mutual obligation. So let’s have more. Considering the massive learning loss suffered by so many students during this terrible pandemic, especially black and brown children and those growing up in poverty, our schools desperately need millions of tutors to help children catch up. The federal government could create a loan forgiveness program for adults wishing to participate in such an initiative.

We also have critical needs in other areas. For example, some have suggested that the heroes who volunteer to be kidney donors could benefit from a loan discount. (This one is hitting near me because my family suffers from an inherited kidney disease that can only be cured with transplants.)

Defense against disinformation:Fair or not, we need free college and student loan forgiveness – just like democracy

The massive over-indebtedness of student debt is no joke. Millions are struggling to pay get back what they borrowed for college. As tuition has skyrocketed and two punitive recessions weighed on wages and employment, some students are facing real pressure. But outright debt cancellation, especially on a large scale, would represent a huge lost opportunity. We can find ways to provide relief to those who need it most while working to solve some of America’s most difficult social problems. This is the kind of “jubilee” that deserves to be celebrated.

Michael J. Petrilli is President of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute and Visiting Fellow at the Hoover Institution. Follow him on Twitter: @MichaelPetrilli

Citizen of Tribeca | In the news: Roxy and Soho Grand owner throws in the towel


In the news: Roxy and Soho Grand owner throws in the towel

Real Deal reports that the owner of the Soho Grand and The Roxy hotels hand over the keys to both hotels to the lender, according to the notes on the hotels securitized loan. I don’t think I need to stress that this is bad news for the neighborhood. Both hotels have been settled here for more than two decades, creating a certain buzz but more importantly, adding life and light to the streetscape.

Hartz Mountain Industries of billionaire Leonard Stern “” no longer wants to finance losses “in properties, and has asked to transfer the hotels to the special department on the $ 110 million loan via a deed in lieu of foreclosure, according to a list of January note, ”the story says.“ Hartz Mountain has not missed any payments on the interest-only loan and is up to date through January, according to notes on Trepp [the company that provides data on the financial industry]. But the hotel’s finances have been severely affected by the Covid-19 shutdown, and its ability to service its debt has declined dramatically. “

The Roxy opened as the Tribeca Grand in 2000, four years after the Soho Grand opened just north of Canal on West Broadway. The Tribeca Grand was renamed in 2015 to The Roxy Hotel Tribeca and received a makeover meant to invoke both the 1920s and the 90s – the Roxy Cinema and the Roxy Dance Club. It was then that Paul’s Cocktail Lounge, Django Jazz Club and Blackstones Lounge opened, as well as the movie theater. When the 352-room Soho Grand opened in 1996, it was the neighborhood’s first boutique hotel.

We have already seen the closure of three hotels in Fidi, including AKA Wall Street, and AKA Tribeca on Chambers shows no signs of opening up (I have been in contact with the PR firm and they said they have no word. )

From The Real Deal: “In the fall, 80% of New York City hotels backed by $ 4 billion in securitized mortgages were showing signs of distress. New York City Hotel Association CEO Vijay Dandapani said at the time it would be an “excellent” result if half of the city’s 640 hotels survived the pandemic. “

Best auto credit rates of June 2021

Credit score Average APR

(New car)
Average APR

(Used car)
781-850 3.24% 4.08%
661-780 4.21% 6.05%
601-660 7.14% 11.41%
501-600 11.33% 17.78%
300-500 14.97% 20.67%

Source: Experian: State of the Auto Finance Market Q2 2020


How do auto loans work?

Auto loans are secured loans. The loan is repaid in equal installments over a predetermined period of time. Usually, the vehicle you buy is used as a collateral, which means that the lender can seize the car if you don’t pay back the loan.

What should you consider when choosing an auto loan?

There is a lot to consider when choosing an auto loan. Your credit score, for example, has a major impact on the rates you get. The best rates usually go to those with excellent credit. At the end of the second quarter of 2020, the average credit score was 721 for a new car loan and 657 for a used car loan, according to an Experian report.

The borrowers who received the lowest rates scored 781 or higher. These borrowers, also called blue chip borrowers, received an average APR of 3.24% for new cars and 4.08% for used cars. Primary borrowers with a credit score between 661 and 780 received an average APR of 4.21% for new loans and 6.05% for used loans, while non-senior borrowers with credit scores between 601 and 660 received an average APR of 7.14% for new auto loans and 11.41% for used.

It is also important to consider which term matches your financial situation. Longer terms usually have lower payments, but cost more over the life of the loan.

How to get a car loan?

Some consumers can pay cash for a new vehicle, but most use financing from a bank, credit union, non-bank auto lender, or dealership. Here are the steps to follow to obtain a car loan:

  1. Check your credit report and correct all errors. Your credit score determines the interest rate you will receive.
  2. Shop around for several lenders, including major banks, community banks, credit unions, and online lenders. Compare rates, terms, credit score requirements, and other factors.
  3. Apply and get pre-approved for a loan from multiple lenders to see which offer is the best. Keep in mind that any credit application made within 14-45 days only counts as one credit application, so it’s best to do all your loan purchases within a short period of time.
  4. Find your vehicle and compare the dealership’s financing offer to your pre-approval offer.
  5. Finalize the offer with your lender, follow the instructions and complete the documents to complete the loan transaction. Make sure the loan is what you agreed to. Check the APR, the amount financed and finance charges before signing the loan.

Should you get a car loan from a bank or dealership?

It is worth shopping around at banks and dealerships for a car loan. New car dealers and manufacturers, as well as banks, can offer attractive loan products. Depending on the borrower’s credit rating and market circumstances, the interest rate offered by a car dealership can be as low as zero percent or lower than the going rates offered by banks.

It’s important to keep dealer financing as an option, but be sure to research auto financing before deciding where to buy a car. Know your credit score and search online for rates from banks and other lenders. This should give you an overview of what to expect in the open market and help you determine if seller financing is a better deal for you.

What is the term of auto loans?

It is common to see auto loans of 24, 36, 48, 60 and 72 months. The terms can be up to 84 months.

The most common terms for a new car loan in Q2 2020 were 61 to 72 months, accounting for 39.9% of new card loans.

Can You Refinance a Car Loan?

Yes, there are many lenders who offer auto loan refinancing opportunities, and several promise to make the process quick and easy.

There are a number of different circumstances that can pay off to refinance your loan. For example, you might be able to improve your rate and monthly payment, shorten your loan repayment term, or extend the term if you’re having trouble making your payments.

Can you sell a car with a loan?

Selling a vehicle while you still have a loan is possible, but it adds a few extra steps. There are a few different options in this situation.

One option is to repay the loan in full before attempting to sell the vehicle. This involves contacting your lender to determine your repayment amount. After repaying the loan, your lender will release the privilege.

You can sell a financed vehicle without paying it back by selling it to a private buyer or trading it in with a dealership.

What is the difference between an auto loan and a personal loan?

It is possible to use a personal loan or an auto loan to finance a vehicle, but the two differ in some important points:

  • Purpose: Personal loans are unsecured or unsecured and can be used for many different purposes, including financing a vehicle, paying for vacations, or making improvements to a home. However, auto loans are used strictly to finance a vehicle and are secured by the vehicle you purchase. The vehicle serves as a guarantee.
  • Interest Rates: Because auto loans are secured, auto loan rates are generally lower than personal loan rates.
  • Availability: Auto loans are generally easier to obtain than personal loans, especially for those with bad credit history.


To select the lenders on this list, we evaluated loan offers from 25 different auto lenders using several criteria.

First, we looked at auto loan rates, especially the APR, and the loan options available to borrowers. We also took into account loan amount ranges, types of loans offered, repayment term options, and credit score requirements. Only companies with a solid reputation were considered. Finally, we looked at customer service satisfaction and the national reach of each lender.

No room for industry, taxpayers ignored: industrialists on the Punjab budget


“THIS IS a budget to please farmers and farm workers while the taxpayer section has once again been ignored.” This was the immediate reaction of the Punjab industry after the presentation of the state budget by the Minister of Finance Manpreet Badal. The industrialists were not satisfied with the allocation of just Rs 150 crore as an innovation fund, adding that the subsidy for the electricity department was also insufficient, due to which Rs 5 per unit of power supply might not be fulfilled in letter and spirit.

Talk to Indian express, Upkar Singh Ahuja, President of the Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Enterprises (CICU), said: “The industry has been completely ignored. This budget appears to be an election budget designed to appeal to farmers. Only Rs 150 crore has been allocated to the innovation fund, also for early stage start-ups, which is very symbolic.

Pankaj Sharma, Secretary General, said: “The industry has sent repeated representations for the improvement of the infrastructure to the focal points, but no additional funds have been allocated for the same. We asked for new industrial zones and new focal points, but this was totally ignored. The Single Settlement Policy (OTS) for defaults was very necessary, but the one announced by the Minister of Finance comes with many riders. It seems to be just eye drops.

Ahuja added, “The Minister of Finance kept in mind various sections like women, children, doubled old age pension, even allocated funds for religious places, but chose to ignore the whole thing completely. industry. The industry is under the financial burden of Covid and was looking for a break in the budget. The budget deficit grows every year and drastic measures are required by the government to come out of the financial mess. “

Badish Jindal, president of the All Industries and Trade Forum (AITF), said: “In the post-Covid budget, no relief has been announced by the government. The industry expected significant relief, however. The whole budget is full of false statements. Even the government announced a GSDP rate of 10.43% from 2017-18 to 2019-2020, which is irrelevant to the state’s economic situation.

He added: “A subsidy of Rs 1,928 crore is not enough to provide electricity to industries at Rs 5 per unit. The government has promised to provide electricity to industries at Rs 5 per unit according to their manifesto, but the industry pays from Rs 7 per unit. unit at Rs 18 per unit due to fixed charge on power.

Jindal said: “Most of the issues addressed in the budget are either previously announced policies that have nothing to do with the budget speech. Announcements such as the alleged approvals and the single settlement have already been announced by the government. The government announced an investment of Rs 71,262 crore in the budget, but maintained the provision of Rs 50 crore only in grants against investment proposals. “

Bobby Jindal, secretary general of the Punjab Dyers Association, said: “They announced a loan waiver for farm workers, considering the current turmoil among farmers, they only kept farmers in mind. and farm workers. We don’t appear to be their favorite vote bank and therefore budget priorities could be judged. “

Gurmeet Singh Kular, President of the Federation of Industrial and Commercial Organizations (FICO), said: “Like the previous four budgets, this budget is also a fictitious budget and has nothing for the industry. The industry has been hit hard by the Covid pandemic and we were waiting for help from the government, but we are totally disappointed. Harjot Singh Sondh, Co-Chairman of FICO, said: “No special package for the bicycle industry has been announced as India is the world’s second largest manufacturer after China. The Punjab is the hub of the country’s bicycle industry, so this industry needs a boost from the state.

Manjinder Singh Sachdeva, senior vice president of FICO, said the government had no programs in place to encourage the use of electric vehicles in the state. The use of electric vehicles is how fuel prices rise. It can also help improve air quality. The government could offer an interest rebate on the purchase of these vehicles or offer an incentive in the form of a rebate of the GST and exemption from registration fees for these vehicles. But nothing was done.

Royals Rumblings – News of March 9, 2021


Royals Rumblings – News of March 9, 2021

Lynn Worthy notes that Brady Singer rebounded well after a rough start on Monday.

“I feel like I handled the situation well,” Singer said. “The first run was pretty awful. I think I threw 30 pitches, hit two and walked two, so to come back and refine those last two innings, work on some things and figure out a lot of things there, it kind of turned into a good better exit than it seemed like in the first.

For the outing, he allowed one run, one hit, two walks, two hitters on hits and five strikeouts in three innings. The singer hit the side to end his last inning.

“I felt extremely uncomfortable with (the change) the first run,” Singer said. “I felt better in the second run with that. The third round, I felt really comfortable with it. So I’ll take this and run.

He also has written about the strange offseason by Hanser Alberto.

“This offseason has been slow and weird,” Alberto said on Sunday. “I’m not going to lie. It surprised me a bit because the last two years I’ve played really well. I couldn’t find an MLB deal. I had a lot of teams calling me and offering me minor leagues and a lot of things like that.

“Here in this organization I think it’s a good choice for me. We have a lot of young talent. We have veterans, but they are still young.

This house run by Bobby Witt, Jr. has traveled 484 feet.

Anne Roger written on the bomb.

“It was all the wind,” Matheny said, with a slight smile slipping through. “That’s what I told Bobby.”

Matheny continues a few seconds later: “Yeah, he found the barrel. There is no doubt about it. “

Speaking of Bobby, Alec Lewis writes about how the prospect trained with the trainer of Patrick Mahomes.

Witt’s recent play also caught the attention of others in the camp. Mike Matheny recently touched on Witt’s evolving athletics. “There are just a lot of things he does in a deceptive way,” said the Royals manager. “We were running timed sprints the other day. I think (Adalberto Mondesi) was the only one who had a better time than him. Bobby seems to be running fast, but it’s very fast.

Joe posnanski presents the Royals for The Athletic.

Yes, there is hope that Taylor can play excellent defense down the middle, that Davis can return to old form now that he’s freed from Colorado lightweight airs, that Dyson can use his speed and defensive versatility. to be useful. And the Royals already have an All-Star receiver and beloved legend in Pérez and the excellent and seemingly indestructible Merrifield and the ultra-talented Adalberto Mondesi. They have talented young pitchers and more are on the way.


Every Royals fan, I imagine, knows that each of these things I just wrote might not happen. I don’t think I need to stress the fact that while, yes, hope is supposed to be at the heart of baseball, more often than not hope is dashed, prospects burst, end-of-inning rallies are canceled, Mighty Casey strikes. But I like this team to try. Baseball would be better if everyone did.

David Lesky looks at the crisis of the 40-man list.

Craig brown gives his thoughts on the camp so far.

Former Royals slugger Billy Butler is hired as a batting coach for the Idaho Falls Chukars, now in an MLB Partner League.

Alec lewis joined the Royals Farm Report podcast.

David Scharff at Kings of Kauffman watches a Mike Minor’s season rebound potential.

The Mets and the Orioles would be interested in former Royals third baseman Maikel Franco.

Dodgers pitcher David Price is open to pitching out of the bullpen.

Wrigley Field will be open to Cubs fans in limited capacity on opening day.

A pitcher Trevor Rosenthal has groin strain.

MLB is bring back revenue sharing this year, but through a loan program that large market club teams may have to reimburse them.

Former left-hander Rheal Cormier dies at 53 from cancer.

David Ortiz has a son who wants to follow his career path.

The players in baseball history who kicked off a shutout in their only early career.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts denounces violence against Asian Americans.

Cowboys sign Dak Prescott to a $ 160 million four-year contract.

How Nick Saban avoided how other coaches fail.

Sea slugs that decapitate themselves and grow new bodies.

what MasterClass actually sells?

Inside of manufacture of Coming 2 America.

Your song of the day is Beastie Boys with Hold It Now, Hit It.