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Porting the mobile number is very simple, change your SIM card with an SMS, just follow these simple steps

technical information office There may be many Airtel, Vi or any other companies in your phone, but if the network is not working properly, users are tired of the company’s service. Or even if the cost of the plan is high, you start to worry. In such a situation, they have only one option and that is to transfer the phone number. But users don’t know how to transfer their phone numbers. In such a situation, if you want to change your telecom operator and you don’t know their process, today we will tell you how to do it, which will be a better option for you. Explain that if the port is made in the same telecom circle, the number is activated within 3 days after successful validation. If you transfer a number outside the telecom circle, it takes 5 days for the number to become active. But it takes 15 working days to transfer customer numbers from J&K, Assam and North East. During this time, your services will not be stopped and you can use your old SIM card until the process is complete.

To get the SIM port, users will need to text 1900 from their existing number. For example, writing a message to PORT 9811111111, send it to 1900. After that, your mobile number carrier will send an 8-digit UPC (unique porting code) to your registered mobile number. This code number will be valid for 15 days. With this code number, visit the retail store of your telecommunications operator nearest to the company whose services you wish to benefit from. Ask the staff to carry the SIM card. When carrying, you will need to bring your photo ID and a copy of the ID. Once the paper verification is completed, the existing SIM card will be deactivated and a new SIM card will be provided by the new company. This whole process can take up to a week. Once your request is accepted, the new operator will send you a message with the time and date of the mobile SIM port process. Your phone services will be cut off for approximately 2 hours during the porting process. After that, you need to insert a new SIM card into the phone. After that, you can enjoy the new service.