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Protect yourself from scammers – Forbes Advisor Australia


There was one increase in scam reports mentioning the coronavirus. Scammers hope you’ve let your guard down and often phishing for personal information, banking or pension details.

The scammers may also claim to be related to you, so it’s important that you check that a recent text message that seems strange was indeed sent by the person they claim to be.

Optus hack exposed customer names; Date of Birth; phone number; email addresses; residential address; and identity documents, such as driver’s license, health insurance numbers and passport details.

The hack was so big that the government stepped in to minimize the impact to customers, launching an investigation to figure out how the breach happened.

A few weeks later, the Medibank Private breach gave hackers access to names and addresses, date of birth, health insurance numbers, policy numbers, phone numbers and some complaint.

Scamwatch warns that other common scams include fraudulent text messages about missed calls, voicemails, deliveries and photo uploads. The message asks the recipient to tap a link to download or access something, which will download malware to your device. The government organization encourages people to learn how to identify scams and take the time to check if an offer or contact is genuine before taking action.

As scammers develop new ways to catch people, increasing our vigilance in this way can alert us that something is a scam.