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Rutgers fan can’t wait to see Wimsatt, quarterback competition in Scarlet-White game


April showers bring Mayflowers and more Gavin Wimsatt talk fans of the Rutgers quarterback can’t wait to see.

Hours before the Scarlet-White game kicked off on Friday, fans expressed their excitement to see the budding freshman quarterback and how the caller’s situation is developing ahead of the season opener. Rutgers at Boston College on September 3.

“I would love to see what it has to offer,” said Marc Kollar, one of the mainstays of the Knight Jitney tailgate, which is moving into the Scarlet Lot. ” It is a work in progress. I’m not looking for Tom Brady. Let’s put it this way.

“I want to see consistent growth,” added Kollar.

The quarter hall until spring training remains a three-way race. After starting the last two seasons, Noah Vedral returns as the starter while Wimsatt and second Evan Simon have separate reps. Coach Greg Schiano said the group “did a good job” and all quarterbacks “improved” in spring training.

Wimsatt signed to Rutgers earlier than expected last season. The Kentucky native played in four games but made no appearances at SHI Stadium. Fans will get their first in-person glimpse of Rutgers’ highest-ranked quarterback rookie in school history tonight.

Asked about his preference behind centre, Yefim Vexler said Wimsatt “should be the call”.

“They’re going to do all the smoke and mirrors all offseason, but purely from a talent standpoint, I think he (Wimsatt) has to be the call,” said Vexler, 30, and a Rutgers alum.

His friend Frank Virgili, 31, agreed.

“I agree that Gavin should be the pick and will be the pick, but they’re going to dance with the quarterback situation,” Virgili said. “And that’s what they should be doing. Why would you show your hand so soon?

When the Scarlet-White match begins, Vedral will play for both teams. Wimsatt will play for the Scarlet team. Simon will be on the White side. Will any of the three do enough to make a first impression on fans?

Derek Lynn provided his pre-kickoff assessment?

“We kind of know what Vedral can do,” Lynn said. “He seems to like a good type of locker room and leader. I think Wimsatt has more talent and can be a good double threat, that’s what we need. I can’t wait to see what he can do. »

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