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Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Introduces a New Messaging Standard: How to Use Google Messages


Samsung is changing its default messaging system starting with its flagship Galaxy S22 Plus. Instead of Samsung messages, fans can look forward to new Google messages!

9to5Google sources first noticed the change in Rich Communication Services (RCS). They pointed out that while the Galaxy S21 line comes with Samsung Messages by default, the Galaxy S22 Plus comes with Google Messages by default.

Note that Google Messages offers improved RCS messaging. This implies a big boost for Samsung Galaxy users.

What is Google Messages: is it better than Samsung Messages?

It is worth pointing out that Google Messages has always been available for download on any Samsung device. It is an application that can manage Short Message Service (SMS), Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and RCS.

For reference, SMS means text-only messages up to 150 characters. MMS stands for text with media file like images, emojis and website links. RCS stands for messages with in-call multimedia like video calls.

Since Google Messages app supports all these functions, users will have more options to express their voice and messages.

Spokesperson Jordan Guthman told The Verge that “to create the best possible messaging experience for users — with a richer, more engaging communication experience that’s consistent across all platforms — Samsung is now making Messages the default messaging app for Galaxy S22 series users worldwide, giving them even better capabilities.”

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Samsung Galaxy Google Messages New Features

YouTuber Jimmy is Promo explained some of the new features users can expect when transferring to Google Messages.

First, one of the main indicators between Google Messages and Samsung Messages users is their chat box. The first will offer a “chat message” option, while the second will offer a “text message“. Note that this also serves as an indicator of the breadth of chat features available.

A second feature to look forward to is the message reaction feature. Note that this is a commonly used feature on Facebook, WhatsApp, and other messaging platforms. This allows users to react to a message via emojis like a smiley or a thumbs up. Note that separate messages may lead to separate reactions.

The third feature is Smart Reply, which creates intuitive replies to received messages. This should help users create their replies faster by simply choosing from a list of generated posts.

A fourth feature is the chat interface, which displays three small dots each time someone replies. This feature should make it easier for senders to determine if their recipient has already received the message.

Finally, it should be pointed out that Google Messages offers many customizable functions. This means users can choose their chat box color, choose their favorite emojis, and other related functions.

As mentioned earlier, Google Messages is set by default on the Galaxy S22 Plus. Other Samsung users should wait for further updates or download the Google Messages app version to try out these new features.

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