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Truecaller update brings new features including urgent messages, shareable smart cards


Truecaller has introduced an update to its app with new messaging features. These features include urgent messages, smart card sharing, revamped smart texting, the ability to edit sent chat messages, and set a default view. The features are aimed at solving users’ messaging problems and saving them time.

According to Truecaller, all message processing required for these features is done locally on the users’ device. The company claims that it does not prepare any user’s messages and that the messages do not leave the user’s device as part of processing.

Urgent Messages features allow users to make their critical and urgent messages more visible by also sending a personalized notification along with them. This high-visibility message will appear on the recipient’s screen even if another application is open and will not disappear until the recipient has read it.

(LR) Sending urgent messages, message notification for recipient and replying to urgent messages. (Image credit: Truecaller)

Smartcards on Truecaller will extract important information from complex data and present it in the form of an easy-to-read card. This will happen when you receive important SMS such as transaction data, tickets, OTPs, etc. These smart cards can be shared as an image on any platform instead of sharing the full text of the SMS.

Smart SMS updates aim to help users organize thousands of text messages. The feature has smart filters for transactions, deliveries, trips, invoices, and more. and these have been revamped based on user feedback. The app presents all important messages in chronological order because most of them are one-way incoming messages for most people.

With the number of messages people send daily, it’s not uncommon to make typos and other mistakes. With the new Truecaller update, users can now edit and make changes to chat messages even after the recipient has viewed them.

(LR) The option to edit messages, editing a message, and how edited messages are displayed in chat. (Image credit: Truecaller)

Truecaller users can now choose the app’s default appearance when first launched. By long pressing on the Calls or Messages tab, it can be set as the default tab. The next time the app is opened, it will automatically open to this tab.