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Vaccinated? McDonald’s and DotPe will give you discounts


CHENNAI: Gurgaon-based online-to-offline commerce startup DotPe said on Wednesday it has piloted an initiative with merchant partner McDonald’s to encourage customers to get vaccinated.
Customers can now enjoy a 20% discount on orders over Rs 500 (maximum discount of Rs 250) by ordering at McDonald’s through the direct online ordering link powered by DotPe or by scanning the QR code at the point of sale.
After opening the link, customers need to add their name, number, vaccination date and downloaded vaccination certificate to get the promo code via SMS. Almost 1,200 people have already taken advantage of the offer through McDonald’s, DotPe said.
DotPe is also in talks with its other merchant partners to roll out similar offerings in the coming days.
“We are grateful to our network of over 15,000 merchants and hope more of them will join us in this fight against Covid-19,” said Shailaz Nag, co-founder and CEO of DotPe.
“Although we know that health workers are working at breakneck speed, there are still people who are reluctant to get bitten. So we decided to sweeten the deal for them by allowing their favorite restaurants to offer vaccination incentives in the form of offers and discounts. ,” he added.
DotPe started with simple metrics like contactless ordering options, offers through its banking partnerships, and customer analytics. Now, the product suite has evolved to cover all use cases such as dinner, pickup, and delivery.


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