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Verse.io launches trustContact â„¢ to ensure businesses receive their calls and texts to customers


Departure October 1, 2021, calls or text messages that do not comply with the new regulations may be filtered or tagged as spam. The new confidence of VerseContactâ„¢ The services will help businesses stay in touch with potential customers by complying with new messaging regulations.

Consumers send and receive SMS via P2P or person-to-person messaging. Business SMS is considered application-to-person (A2P) messaging and different rules apply. A2P texts can be sent from an app or platform such as Verse. One of the cheapest ways to send A2P messages is by using a 10-digit long code or 10DLC numbers, which allow businesses to send up to 15 messages per second.

As of October 2021, most US businesses that use 10DLC to reach their customers will need to complete the A2P 10DLC registration. The regulations apply to businesses that send more than 3,000 messages per day or use more than five 10DLC numbers for messaging. A2P 10DLC record verifies your number for operators, so your messages are not marked as spam.

“Ever-evolving changes in FCC regulations and carrier requirements create an additional compliance burden for businesses,” said David tal, founder of Verse and co-CEO. “We are experts in optimizing SMS and phone contacts for our customers, so it made sense for Verse to add trustContactMT to our range of included services to ensure that our partners remain at the forefront. ”

Consumers will see the benefits of the new regulations with a decrease in unwanted text messages. However, businesses can experience a significant drop in deliverability if they don’t register. Thus, Verse.io took care of the A2P 10DLP registration of all its customers at no additional cost. Current customers can simply visit https://verse.io/trustContact/ and complete the company profile form. The verse will do the rest.

TrustContactâ„¢ service offers more than A2P 10DLC registration. With this new product, Verse provides SHAKE / SHAKE registration to verify phone numbers to call prospects. The SHAKEN / STIR record, which Verse also includes with all contracts, prevents phone calls from being labeled as “likely to be scammed” or “likely to spam.”

See you soon, trustContactâ„¢ from Verse.io will also include CNAM (Caller Name Delivery), which labels business calls with the company name and a green check mark to show the caller is verified. And, for a step forward in caller ID, Verse will soon be launching a branded callout product that will display the company logo and a short commercial slogan on customers’ phones.

To find out more about trustContactâ„¢, visit https://verse.io/trustContact/.

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Verse.io is a lead conversion platform that uses cutting edge AI technology combined with human concierge services to help businesses engage and qualify leads efficiently and at scale. Since its founding in 2015 (initially called Agentology), Verse has qualified millions of leads for real estate, solar power, mortgage, home services and other industries.

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